Saturday, September 1, 2007

Is This A Free Country

Recently there have been generic TV ads by some left-wing foundation demanding that the California Legislature 'Do Something' about the health-care 'crisis'. I guess by crisis they mean that poor people are stuck getting free but less-than-the-best service from overpressed county authorities while the majority of insured middle-class people have much shorter wait times and access to a wider variety of services. Asking the confused Marxist hippies and rabid Mexican nationalists who compose the California Legislature to stick their noses into running the state's health care system is to sneer in the face of death. These idiots will kill us in the name of Fairness.
Today there was an article on Townhall about the Canadian system, and the many Canuks who come south for medical care that is readily available here. The ongoing collapse of all these panacea free health care systems is as certain as it is predictable. Nationalizing industries never works.
Here's my comment:

Is This A Free Country? If this is a free country then where's all my free stuff? Or, to put it in the words of one of our local TV newscasters during the HillaryCare debate in the mid-90's, "Free Healthcare, how much will it cost?"
We've now had a century of governments nationalizing industries in the name of fairness and the results are always the same; scarcity, much higher costs, preferred access for the well-connected, and an end to innovation. Anyone who can look at the results of the many national-government health systems around the world and still be in favor of nationalization is a fool. Unfortunately if you attach the word 'free' to anything these days the hogs will come arunnin. This debate is just the Democrats yelling, "Sooooey!" and banging on the swill bucket. Reasoned arguments will have no effect, after all, its a Free Country, isnt it?

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