Sunday, September 16, 2007

Social Security- Easy Fix

The Right Wingers on Townhall are at it again, stirring up unrest by predicting that Mrs. Clinton's statement to the Democratic Party auxiliary at AARP, where she states that there will be absolutely no change in the Social Security benefit structure, leaves no other option than a giant middle-class tax increase. There is another way.
If 50% or more of Americans vote Hillary Clinton into the White House (and presumably a Democratic Senate and House as well) that will show that a majority of Americans have become political morons, unable to judge cause and effect and are just waiting eagerly for the free goodies that are theirs BY RIGHT! Ask any successful con-man (aka Clinton contributor) what is the first step to fleecing a chump and he will reply, "Offer them something for free." Now HRC knows there's not anywhere near enough money for Social Security at the present level plus a giant new 'right' to unlimited free health-care and that raising taxes too much will crush the economy, not a scenario that these legacy-obsessed narcissists want to contemplate. There is, however, an easy fix, one that also works to confiscate the 401k wealth of the upper middle class; inflation after the indexes have been rigged not to reflect it. Print money. To a clique steeped in fraud and dishonesty a policy that compromises 'integrity', especially of something as abstract as the currency, is something that can easily be justified. After all, integrity isnt a concept they use in their daily lives, why should the rest of the country need it? Of course at some point the hogs at the trough will notice that the swill is mixed with sawdust but then you can always blame Rush Limbaugh.

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