Monday, September 3, 2007

Ginko Baloba

I wrote this to comment on an article by Salene Zito titled, "Ex-Adviser To McCain Says He Deserves A Second Look From Voters'. That was followed by a column filled with inside-the-organization gossip and not one reason why any conservative (aka Republican base voter) should give this guy a second look. The failure of George W. Bush and guys like McCain to advocate and produce any results on a myriad of issues important to conservatives has pointed out the necessity of remembering actions and not listening the campaign jive. If important Republicans dont start standing up for our principles then forget it, the party is going to die and this country will continue its slide towards Euro-feebleness.
My Comment:

Ginko Baloba
Its a miracle root, one that people use when their memory starts to fail. You know, when you cant remember how this guy SCREWED us with the 'Gang Of Fourteen'. Remember, Republicans had a majority in the Senate for four years and I dont recall us Republican primary voters getting a single thing that we elected these guys for,in many instances because this 'maverick' stood in the way. Casting one's mind back I seem to remember Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the guy who planned and organized 911, who Senator McCain, if memory serves me right, wants to give an ACLU lawyer to so his Islamonazi mug wont have to answer any rudely-phrased questions about his associates. Cant you remember things like McCain-Kennedy (letting LaRaza And MALDEF write our immigration laws) and McCain-Feingold's partial repeal of the First Amendment? Salena, you should take this miracle root, available at most health-food stores, so you will remember the most important thing, THIS GUYS A LIBERAL!

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