Monday, September 24, 2007

Hillary Is A Genius!

This Sunday America's Smartest Woman was on all the Sunday talk shows talking, talking, talking. Bill was TV magic, she is as dull as you can get. We can only hope her health plan will cover verbal diarrhea. Thanks to the state legislatures jockeying for who can have the most influential primary we're in for more than a year of this. And always the first blah,blah endless talking point is how us poor, misguided victims need her guidance to the promised land of government health care. After all, she has experience in health care reform that points the way to a brighter new tomorrow.
In the mid-nineties there were twenty seven companies producing vaccine in this country and plenty of vaccine available whenever it was needed. Public health agencies immunized, for free, anyone not able to pay. But Hillary, sensing that America's children were at risk, created a 'Central Vaccine Warehouse' and 'reformed' the regulations governing the manufacture of vaccines. The warehouse they obtained was not refrigerated and the giant stockpile of vaccines spoiled. There are now three companies producing vaccines and many vital vaccines are produced by only one company. Supplies are much less available. The whole thing was a gigantic waste of time and money a created a problem where there wasnt one before. Now this genius wants to apply this same level of expertise to the entire medical care industry. Yelling the word "FREE" will probably make the swing-voter lemmings go mad with ecstasy and take us all over the cliff.

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