Monday, December 31, 2007

Republican Standoff

Here the three questionable conservatives are, tearing each other apart. McLame is disliked and distrusted in the party and will not survive beyond these quirky opening contests, but he's well-known and well-funded enough to damage Mutt Romney. Mutt is well-funded and is directing his ire towards Huckster-Bee , successfully painting him as a sanctimonious liberal and Huckster-Bee is firing back at Mutt in tandem with McLame pointing out what a four-flusher Mutt is when it comes to being a conservative. Its hard to imagine any of these guys emerging from this with any 'momentum'.
So the question is, can Rudy, dogged by almost daily hit pieces in the NYT and other terrorist-friendly media outlets come up with some kind of rousing theme that will capture the imagination of the primary voters?
Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who Are They?

I want to see them! Talk to them! Ask them what went so terribly wrong to make them so confused! Who am I talking about? Republicans who are thinking of voting for John McLame. Today I was on a thread with some people who were willing to overlook McLame's liberal record and the fact that he betrayed us so many times.

skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 12:26 PM
This Lib Is A Mirage
The media and a few inbred crackpots in a tiny isolated state are creating a frenzy for this dead-on-arrival candidacy. How many times has this moron betrayed us? I was watching CSPAN yesterday and there he was at some town meeting promising to "sit down with Harry Reid and work out our differences". What differences? They both support amnesty, high taxes, Federal Health Care, liberal judges, government control of the media, terrorists legal rights...two libs working together to destroy this country. This is a candidate for people who feel the W hasnt compromised enough with the libs. If there's a hot race that emerges coming out of Iowa all the rattle-brained Independents that McLame is counting on will vote in the Democraptic Primary and he will get the one or two percent of actual Republicans that are deluded enough to support him.
ex-Wyomingite writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 12:45 PM
oh, skeppy, baby
I live in the same "isolated" state and in the same "inbred" town as you do! If I had known you were this grumpy this morning, I would have not bothered to post my humorous little note Jeez Louise. I'm just saying that I could swallow McCain before I could stomach Huckabee for God's sakes. Lighten up!
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 1:04 PM
Sorry Ex-Wyomingite
I dont think I've been so outraged in a long time (since the Gang Of Fourteen,perhaps?) that any Republican would even consider giving this jerk the time of day after his long list of betrayals. Have you been watching CSPAN and listening to the crap this guy says on the stump? At least Huckster-Bee is trying to pretend he's a conservative once in a while. McLame is the most inside-the-beltway liberal on the Republican side, no doubt about it.
Manx writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 1:35 PM
McCain is a liberal? Come on, anyone who knows anthing about political science and McCain knows he is a conservative. Now, he isn't an ultra conservative, but he is conservative. Let's look at his positions:

Abortion: strongly against it, though (like a large majority of Americans) favor embryonic stem cell research - conservative

Affirmative action: generally opposes - conservative

Gun control: opposes (not to the extreme that the NRA does, but he does most gun control laws)

Gay marriage: opposes (He does opppose the Federal Marriage amendment, but I would argue that is more conservative because he doesn't want the federal government to interfere).

Death penalty: Favors - conservative

Three strikes and you are out laws: favors - conservative

Health care - favors some government involvement, but opposes universal health care, which is moderate for America, but conservative compared to the rest of the Western countries)

Social Security - strongly favors partial privatization - conservative

Free Trade - strongly favors (rated 100% by the libertarian CATO Institute) - very conservative

Immigration - favors and supports amnesty (or pathway to citizenship, whatever floats one's boat). - liberal

Taxes and spending - unquestionable strong anti-pork barreler, but hasn't favored all tax cuts.

Foreign policy - very conservative

Patriot act - supports - conservative

Environment - favors more action than conservatives but less than liberals - moderate

Drug War - favors - conservative

So there we have it: 11 conservatives or very conservatives, 3 moderates, and l liberal. And of course, this is American standards, which is more conservative than the rest of the world. But of course, since this is America, I used American standards of politics.

skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 4:05 PM
Manx response pt 1
Some of your points are directly contradicted by the CSPAN townhall meeting I saw McLame at yesterday (I think it had been recorded on Thursday).

On all the social conservative issues that you mention (affirmative action, abortion, gun control, death penalty, three strikes) McLame takes the usual Lib line, he parrots the popular conservative position and then supports liberal judges (all of these issues are being decided by judges, not legislatures) who will look into our Living Constitution and find liberal solutions to all these problems without McLame receiving the anger from the base. Did the Gang Of Fourteen BETRAYAL mean nothing to you?

Is one of the most vocal Republicans in favor of using Global Warming baloney as an excuse to pile more regulations on the economy while opposing oil drilling in ANWAR and offshore and opposing nuclear power.
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 4:05 PM
Manx pt2

Taxes-- saw him on Hannity and Colmes last week when Rich Lowry asked him if he would still oppose Bush's tax cuts. After a Clinton-like rambling monologue the answer was YES.

Patriot Act- Supports ACLU lawyers for the ununiformed terrorist maggots in Club Gitmo and is outraged that we splashed water on Khalid Sheik Mohammed's face to get information from him.

This guy is a big lib. He has betrayed us again and again by making our former majority unworkable and preventing conservative bills from passing through the Senate.

His co-operation with Ted Kennedy and La Raza to hand illegal aliens welfare-state goody bags as they cross our ungaurded border is well known and needs no further comment.

Federal Health Care- Some toothless old fool asked a whining, sniveling healthcare question at that townhall meeting and McLame was happy to assure him that he would be reaching into everybody else's pockets to pay for whatever was necessary to create a government health monopoly, "we'll have to look at whether we'll have to make it manditory.."is a direct quote. LIBERAL TO THE MAX!

W's attempts to compromise with the Dems were bad enough. Let's not go with someone worse.
SteveL writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 6:47 PM
for skep41
skep41 writes: "This is a candidate for people who feel the W hasnt compromised enough with the libs. "

Well, *some* compromise would be necessary, since the Democrats will still control the Senate, and quite probably the House as well.

Even if the GOP hangs on to the White House, they will have to deal with a Democrat controlled Congress. Any hard-right Presidential proposal will be dead on arrival.
Manx writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:01 PM
I too saw him on Hannity and Colmes. I think he had a good anwser. He was saying that he has nothing against tax cuts, but he does have a problem continuing to increase spending not seen since the LBJ years. And I mentioned, McCain has always fought hard against wasteful spending, which a lot conservatives don't seem care about in a candidate (Bush comes to mind).

Global warming and immigration - I already said he wasn't conservative on these issues.

As far the health care quote, I assume it is accurate and say that McCain wasn't referring to a government monopoly or program. It sounds like he was referring to possibly making private health insurance a requirement (like car insurance), which is Romney's stance. That idea, again, is not the same as a government run program, unless you consider mandatory car insurance a government program.

And as far judges and justices, McCain has voted for Bush's nominees: Alito, Roberts, Griffith, Brown, Pryor, Griffin, McKeague, Owen. He also voted for Gonzales, Ashcroft, Chertoff, Negroponte, and BOLTON.

Gitmo - I certainly respect McCain's position on torture. This is a man who was tortured for years in Vietnam. So if there is anyone who has earned the right to object to waterboarding and other acts that some describe as torture. It is John McCain! He would know what torture is!
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:05 PM
If there is a national campaign and the Republicans make the case that there are no Democratic moderates, that a vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for higher taxes,for total Federal control of schools and hospitals and defeat and retreat in the War On Terror than we could regain control of both houses of Congress. We cant win in a district by district fight but a national theme of conservatism would win the day. I live in California and you should have seen it when Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.This supposedly liberal state rose up and threw him out with no help from the Republican Party! Barbara Boxer could be beaten the same way if the Republicans had any guts or imagination and would stop yammering about guns and abortion. Low taxes and failed government are what people want to hear and we should be shouting it loudly.
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:14 PM
Making health insurance mandatory creates a huge beurocracy to monitor compliance...big savings there. And with all nationalizations its just the first step. Its the government assuming responsibility to make decisions that were formerly made by individuals. I have lived in a country were the government made all health care decisions (UK) and believe me it is a nightmare. The federal government will do the same thing to the health care system that they've done to the public school system; a long series of small steps will rob localities of any choices and put effective decision-making into the hands of the central government. Look at the schools. Were they made better by federal intervention. That is why McLame is a liberal...he believes in Big Government.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let's Sit Down And Solve This Together!

Today Chris Dodd couldnt take it any more. The moronic statements of his fellow Dems running for the presidency concerning the Bhutto assassination presented too tempting a target. The best was Bill Richardson, who calls for the removal of Musharraf (as though he was some hired flunky with less tenure than a unionized elementary school teacher) and the formation of a 'Unity Government'. Oh, how groovy and wonderful! Of course the leaders of the mobs of the psychotic, unemployed young hooligans who are currently raging in the streets and tearing the country to pieces and the turbaned Imams that regularly send deluded psychopaths to set off bombs in crowds of innocent civilians will not be invited. NICE PEOPLE ONLY! Just like we're only inviting the NICE Palestinians to the Peace Conference over there. You see, among nice people diplomacy always works according to the Liberal Code enacted by the UN Council On Niceness in their Niceness Protocols.
So we've been subjected to one stupid statement after another from this pack of Dem idiots which has amply demonstrated their total unfitness for office. Her Thighness once attended a conference and breifly met Bhutto so we should bow down to her mighty EXPERIENCE!
Dodd is actually the most capable candidate running on the Dem side. Of course, as a life-long lib he's been on the wrong side of just about every issue but he's not dumb enough to believe that the homicidal maniacs in Al Qaeda are going to sit back while some US-sponsored unity government squabbles over cabinet posts. All these dimwitted Dems have been saying that there is no War On Terror, that its just a bumper sticker for the neo-cons to scare everybody. SURPRISE!
Neo-lib Condi and the panty-waists at the State Department leaned on Musharraf to make some kind of deal with an incompetent socialist woman (in a Muslim country,oh how modern!) and the Pakistanis were just going to get the news when their copies of the New York Times were delivered at the madrassah. Pakistan is a showcase for failed attempts at Democracy. The country is inhabited by mobs of poverty-stricken, angry, young bloodthirsty thugs, drunk on Koranic calls to violence. Primative savagery is the order of the day. But this is the liberal MO; pretend things are the way you think they should be and then react with shock and surprise when it blows up in your face. Eight years of the Clinton foreign policy paved the way. Talk, talk, talk and talk some more... but only with the Right People.
I cant believe that anyone would vote to entrust our national security to any member of these Liberal Loser Posse.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Eve Of Destruction

Look back a century to the British Empire. Well-run, well-ordered, everybody behaving nicely. The emerging disease of Socialism, championed by upper-class egalitarians and genius professors at Cambridge and Oxford did away with the 'horrors' of colonialism and promoted the idea of self-determination. The naive sons of the tribal chieftains were shipped off to a European education in determinist, utopian ideals and returned to take over leadership of their countries in the Euro-Bug Out from the colonies that occurred in the forties, fifties and sixties.Since then the former well-run European colonies have been plunged into a nightmarish bloodbath of chaos and repression that would have been unimaginable a century ago. Every few years we're treated to a Rwanda-type massacre perpetrated by a pack of angry savages, freed from any civilized restraint, on their helpless neighbors. Uganda, Zimbabwe,Somalia, Tadjikistan, Indochina ... the list is endless.
Now its Pakistan that we will add to the list; a supposedly more modern nation, one with nuclear weapons. But down in the streets the ignorant, violent crowds, drunk on Koranic suras, urging blood and vengeance and egged on by their verminous power-mad imams are unleashing anarchy and destruction. Its hard not to wish a Taliban-like regime on these primitive savages, with all the mass starvation and horror that would certainly bring; indeed how can we apply our purely subjective Western values to the quaint native customs of butchery and mayhem?
Can we now start building nuclear power plants and drilling for oil domestically so we're not so dependent on this unstable region for oil? Can we start criticizing the murderous leaders of the ISLAMIC mobs, and get a lot more trenchant with our criticisms of Islam in general?
If we dont dump the totally erroneous idea that all religions and ethnic customs are subjective and beyond serious scrutiny we will be defeated by the monsters that are happy to list and exaggerate our faults and call for our destruction. As Pakistan crumbles into chaos our position in Afghanistan will become untenable, condemning those poor people to a returning Taliban, eager for vengeance. As Pakistan crumbles millions of Pakistanis will die of brutality or starvation in a Somalia-like anarchy. As Pakistan crumbles nuclear weapons will fall into the hands of our sworn enemies, enemies who have shown contempt for their own lives and the lives of their people. I dont see India sitting still for that, or China letting India take action without responding. Iran will feel the immediate need to nuke up to protect itself from the crazies next door. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a fool mislead to her destruction by her rave reviews in the Western media and her assurances by the always lame and misguided Condi that the US was dumping Musharraf (our only reliable friend) and would assist her in her grab for power (a worse mistake than demanding that the Venezuelan military release Hugo Chavez and stand down in their 2001 coup attempt).
This has the potential to be another 1914-style debacle.

Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away
There’ll be no one to save, with the world in a grave
[Take a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy]

And you tell me
Over and over and over again, my friend
Ah, you don’t believe
We’re on the eve
of destruction.
(Barry McGuire)

Hillary Nixon Clinton

So the headline on Drudge this morning is an LA Times piece about how Madame Hillary and Co. are blowing through their Iowa appearances without allowing questions from reporters or the Great Unwashed. It must be really bad if the LA Times is complaining, they are usually the most compliant Clinton stooges in the media. In fact, a sardonic comment I attempted to post on the comment board was refused (insufficiently reverent, I suppose).
But of course she wont answer questions. The last time she tried to answer a question in the Philadelphia debate marked the beginning of a terrifying (to her) slide in the polls, from which she has not recovered. Mrs. Clinton can only win if certain questions are never asked; immigration, her documents from the White House years, any specifics about her Amazing Snake-Oil Health Care Miracle, the giant tax increases she has in store, Chicom bundled donations... there's no telling what people will ask if you give them the chance. The last thing she wants to do is turn into Richard Nixon in drag as Phyllis Diller like she did in Philly. So let's stick to the soothing platitudes, blame everything on George Bush and KEEP SMILING!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Disaster In Pakistan

Benezir Bhutto's assassination yesterday was a forseeable disaster. The Islamic radicals were not only outraged by her gender, and the message that she sent to Pakistani women, but by her class; this was the struggle between modernity and tradition writ large. Why did she chose to return to Pakistan and put herself in such danger? Several Al Qaeda worlords in Waziristan had threatened her life. Was the weakness of Musharraf so profound that it exerted an irresistable tidal pull on this ambitious politician? We probably will know a lot more in a couple of years.
Now, however, we have to live with the aftermath. Pakistan's co-operation is absolutely vital in the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Instability and chaos benefit the Islamonazis greatly. Pakistan falling into the hands of a hostile government would be the defeat of our efforts and would lead to the reimposition of the nightmare rule of the Taliban on the long-suffering Afghans. It could lead to the radicalization of Pakistan which would be a menace to our ally India and also cause our enemy Iran to acquire nukes quickly as a defence against militant Sunnis with nukes. The region will have moved much closer to nuclear war. Thats the worst-case scenario. Lets see who gets blamed for this and what the political results will be.
The obvious culprits are the Islamofascists but there is another player who benefits mightily from this horrible deed...Nawaz Sharif. He was the one that sanctioned the Pakistani nuke program and was a mentor of AQ Khan, who helped get the North Korean and Iranian nuke programs up and running in the 90's. Musharraf took power after Sharif tried to kill him by refusing an airplane with a couple of hundred passengers (one of which was Musharraf) permission to land. He is a conniving, corrupt and devious man and he is a long step closer to regaining power with Ms. Bhutto's death. Sharif is capable of having made some kind of deal with the Islamocrazies to further that end.
I dont have any way to support this speculation with evidence. It is based on past actions and the fact that Sharif will use this incident to seize power and thus is its greatest beneficiary.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Down To The Wire!

So Iowa is encased in ice and howling with wind. One of the Republicans should take out ads with lots of palm trees promising the freezing residents of Iowa that he'll build more coal-fired power plants so that Global Warming will make that frozen chunk of prairie habitable in the winter. If the blizzardly conditions exist on the evening of the Hawk-Eye Caucii that will make all of these months of polling and solemn wisdom from the media mean nothing. The only people looney enough to go out in weather like that will be Kook-Sin-Itch and Fascist Paul supporters, giving a result that will make the media go bananas. Most likely nothing even remotely that cool is going to happen. But it does leave us to analyze, with what we know, who has the best shot of the people considered 'serious' candidates.

McLame will NEVER be the Republican nominee. He might save face with a miracle 30% in a New Hampshire Primary where Independents can cross the line ( way less likely if the Dem race is hot) but he betrayed the base too many times to ever be popular.

Huckster-Bee has a lot of baggage... not the least being that no one relishes voting for a Man From Hope, at least on the Rep side. He is also dogged by a liberal record of governance and an excessive reliance on religion, which makes a lot of people nervous and locks him out in every blue state. However, he does have that gift of the gab that former governors of Arkansas seem to be blessed with and has to be considered a player until he hits a reef, which I think he will do.

Mutt Romney suffers from that annoying, smug, pasted-on smile and a tendency to say really stupid things ("My son served his country by working on my campaign"...). His liberal past is a big drawback. He's now been hard at it for months and has very visibly NOT caught fire. Why would anyone vote for this guy? His fifteen minutes are just about up.

So if those three are peaking right now what is left? Rudy and Fred.

Rudy has a long record of conservative governance and standing up for conservative issues in the public arena but is distrusted and disliked by the flyover country red-staters as a fast-talking, pro-abortion New York City dude. He's rolled the dice that no one will emerge from the first bouts with any momentum and that big victories amongst blue-state Republicans can put him across. He has more appeal to swing voters than any other Republican and even a state like California could be in play in a Rudy candidacy.

Quiet Old Fred. A very likeable place for Stop Rudy votes later in the process...or stop whoever it is that's ahead. He's everybody's second choice. Can you win with that?

I think Giuliani has the winning strategy. Of course it goes without saying that I will support whichever of these guys gets the nomination. Even if Obama is not as much of an immediate menace as the Clinton Crime Family the results of either of their misguided policies would be national disaster.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The wave of publicity in the last week or two has been so strong in favor of Huckster-Bee that one would think that there was some big tidal wave of love for this unknown Baptist ex-governor of everybody's second favorite state. Did you know that a guy that is so smart that he can manipute the weather once described another former governor of Arkansas as , "The greatest President ever to serve our nation." That's the granite from which former governors of Arkansas are carved. To say that you're a former governor of Arkansas means something to every conservative. Could we feel comfortable voting in an election between a former governor of Arkansas and the wife of a former governor of Arkansas?
Even the curious absence, well scarcity, of pro-Huckster-Bee supporters on conservative blogs didnt really mean much, although strangely many of the people who identify themselves as Christians were still posting and were not raging Huck fans by any means.
Still the media hoopla (accompanied by narrowly taken polls where the margin of error made them absolutely meaningless) makes the guy look like a player.
The Huckster just narrowed his own chances, however, by sending his people out to pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh. I was listening to Rush Friday morning and was soon smiling broadly. It seems that The Huck has hired Ed Rollins, a notorious idiot, and that Rollins and some unidentified person were spreading canards attacking Rush. This was utterly stupid. Most conservatives had only vaguely heard of Huckster-Bee for a few weeks and some even blame Rollins for being a part of the Perot fiasco that elected BJ and the Gang, but we all know Rush VERY,VERY well. If the Huck-man and his paid stooges were conservatives they would know this. Bye-bye Huckster-Bee. You had the chance to make the sale but now you have a cogent, passionate conservative (the voice of conservatism) who has made the case that you are not one of us, but a sleazy, Perot-like liberal former governor of Arkansas. You cannot win the Republican nomination after what Rush said about you. He went straight to the overwhelming feeling in the Grass Roots; no more lying crooks, no more phony conservatives. The stakes are too high.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Memory Lane

Cast your mind back....
How many times in the Golden Decade (the real gay Nineties!) did we think the Clintons were finished. Bimbos Erupted, Chicoms were scurrying across the White House threshold with baskets of cash and leaving with missle technology tucked in their Mao jackets, billing records were found where they shouldnt be, land fraud, looting an S&L, trumped-up travel office charges; these guys made Al Capone look like a legal neophyte with their successful cover-ups and evasions. They survived it all. They repeated every lie so loudly and through so many pet media outlets that their easily confused constituents retreated from politics and enjoyed Newt Gingrich's fiscal policies (aka The Clinton Legacy).
But all those frustrating arguments that we all had with our liberal friends are now bearing fruit. Women who were forced to defend a 56 yr old boss having sex with a 22 yr old intern and then siccing his wife's Bimbo Eruptions team on her were on board for the agenda but they knew the truth deep down. I think every decent Democrat knew... they just disliked the Republicans more. Now they can choose to turn to the 800 pound gorilla in the room and say,"Go!" I think they will. Thank God.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taxpayers Are Bison

Bison would continue grazing and munching their cud while a few yards away hunters were blithely killing their herd-mates. Thats the mentality of people voting for Democrats, hoping they'll tax someone else into bankruptcy. How stupid do you have to be? People in places like New Jersey and New York havent yet figured out that their states are being devastated and depopulated by these Socialist creeps. California (my home state) isnt that bad YET but its getting there. Are we all living so much better since the government takes so much more? Actually the headline in the LA Times usually reads BUDGET SHORTFALL REQUIRES DEEP CUTS IN SERVICES AND TAX HIKES. I'll bet New Jerseyites have read that one before, too. Now states like Nevada and Virginia are plagued with morons fleeing high taxes who move to low tax states and vote Democrat. If the Republicans made some noise and attempted to link voting for Democrats with your taxes going up instead of trying to match the Dems' giveaway programs with ones of their own we might win a few elections. Has the feckless bi-partisanship of W so debilitated the party that they are unable to step back from the 'targeted district' strategy that they cant run on a national theme? When Tip O'neill said that 'all politics are local' he was talking about the strategy that put the current system in place. A change means that politics have to be made national. Vision, taking some risks, leadership...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Not So Intelligent

After several years of the Iranians bragging about their bomb program, stonewalling the European negotiators and suffering sanctions as a result it doesnt make any sense to think that they werent developing nukes all along. This is what the Soviets used to call Disinformation. Fathead fellow travelers are fed false information that is released as though it was independently arrived at. The current liberal calf-love for Islamic extremists make this NIE (written by three anti-war liberals in the State Department)a clear candidate for the 'disinformation' label. Why are we deluding ourselves? The Bush Administration's timid intimations that they are going to take some active measures are about as believable as this intelligence estimate. Why arent they calling for free elections and human rights in Iran and supporting the opposition? We should be actively drilling for oil (offshore and ANWAR) and building nuclear power plants to lower the price of petroleum and undermine this regime and also Putin and Chavez.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Channeling Jesus

At about that moment, a female guard with a drawn handgun turned a corner and walked toward the gunman and yelled "Surrender!" Bourbonnais said.

The gunman pointed a handgun at the woman and fired three shots, Bourbonnais said. She returned fire and just kept walking toward the gunman pressing off round after round.

The female guard fired off about a dozen shots.

After the gunman went down, Bourbonnais asked the woman, who has only been identified as a volunteer security guard with the church, how she remained so calm and focused.

Bourbonnais said she replied:

"I was asking the Holy Spirit to guide me the entire time."

I'll fess up. I live in Los Angeles and work in the film industry. I've only ever been inside of a church during a wedding or a tour of Europe. I dont really know anybody who goes to church. The general impression held by the people around me about Flyover Country Christians is that they go to church heavily-armed praying for a chance to 'Get In Touch With The Holy Spirit' and empty a full magazine into one or more of their fellow Christians. The tragedy of this is that it occurred during the Writers Strike and the forced hiatus of the Daily Show. But dont worry, the stereotype of the nutty well-armed Christian will emerge to stalk the national stage in spades if someone like Huckabee wins the nomination. If he got it there would be an immediate flood of cartoon caricatures of Christians in the media (this one just writes itself).
It turns out that the crazed shooter was so nutty that he had been kicked out of several Christian youth groups and had developed a raging hatred for the people who had rejected him.
Also, what kind of a gun did Jeanne Assam bring to guard a suburban church? Twelve shots?
Regular handguns dont have twelve shots in their clip. Was she packing an Uzi or a Tech-9?
What kind of a church was this? The pastor was involved in cocaine trafficking with the local band of Crips so that he needed some major security with some real firepower? Like I said, I dont go to church but I went to a friend's daughter's confirmation a couple of years ago and didnt notice any well-armed security guards. Is it normal to have them?
Whatever it was, you can expect a flood of cartoon caricatures of gun-totin' Christian zealots if religion stays on the front-burner in the Republican discourse. This Robo-Cop Jesus Version is good enough to scare the shit out of the anti-gun Oprah-worshiping soccer broads in the general election if Huckster-Bee pulls it off.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Al Qaeda Democrats

We've been hearing a mass snivel from the liberals in Congress and the media for two years now about the dastardly plot to reveal Valarie Plame's identity as a 'CIA Agent' that has been hatched in the bowels of the evil Bush Administration. No facts have been allowed to intervene. That the whining skank Plame and her half-wit leftist husband were liars on the scale of the Clintons (!) didnt make any difference. The fact that Plame wasnt a covert agent didnt matter. The fact that the slimey couple came to public attention during a ham-handed attempt to undermine US policy with lies didnt matter. The fact that the leaker was linked to Colin Powell, who is nursing a grudge that he was 'forced' to go along with the invasion of Iraq and had no connection with the administration didnt matter. No, for two years we were treated to the mantra, "A Covert Agent Put In Jeopardy By Dick Cheney! Bush Lied! Bush Lied!" The concern for the secrecy of covert agents dripped from the libs, even as they published detailed information about top-secret covert operations against the terrorists on the front pages of The New York Slimes and the Washington ComPost and other terrorist-friendly newspapers.
Now, however, the Doublethink Worm has turned. The same libs that were valiant in the defense of Valerie Plame want the videotapes of interrogations of fine upstanding members of the world community like Khalid Sheik Mohammed so they can leak them onto You-Tube and publish the names of the actual covert agents that conducted the interrogations in Time Magazine. Little Dick 'Our troops are no better than Nazis or the Khmer Rouge' Durban is leading the charge. These losers want to help their terrorist allies again with names and images to be trumpeted in Al Jezeera and MSNBC and other terrorist media outlets. Oh, the sorrowful look on Keith Overbite's face as he opines against the brutality of the Bushlied Criminals, violating the rights of these poor, innocent souls.
Now, the fact is that Al ACLU is taking the terrorists' attack to the enemy in the form of a case presented to the senile half-wits (the liberal side) of the Supreme Court. These geniuses are well-protected by security police so they feel comfortable gambling with the safety of the insect-like citizenry that scurries past their exalted legal selves every day. Is the safety of the nation and the security of its citizens a Constitutional point? Well, lets see, they put it in the Preamble, before everything else, as a defining principle that guided the whole rest of the Constitution but obviously there's an Emanation Of A Penumbra in our Living Constitution that entitles our bloodthirsty enemies to be treated with the same legal rights as a shoplifter at WalMart.
But back to the whining, sniveling Senators; every one on the Democratic side with a long history of stabbing our foreign policy and our troops in the back. They are facilitated in doing so by a President who seems so averse to confrontation that he has abandoned every principle of conservatism in the name of comity; a fake comity with people who daily attack his policies and person. If the Republicans can pull an electoral victory out of their hat next November it will only be because the megaphone has been seized from the Traitorcrats and used against them.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oprah Makes The Sale!

Oprah is everything Hillary Clinton is not; she's smart, she's relatively honest, she has a warm personality that people connect with and she can answer unscripted questions. And now she's hawking Obama to her credulous millions. Hillary's response to this electoral disaster, to dragoon her long-suffering daughter and her aged mother to join her in a photo tableau that snarls family values like a Rottweiler, lacks a certain, shall we say, sincerity. Where's Bill, one might ask?
Oh Oprah, rid us of these pestilential Clintons and I'll take back every, snidey mean thing I ever said about the vacuous half-wits who follow you into throes of uterine hysteria. I'll be on the commission that builds your monument. Let Her Thighness sit stewing in her townhouse as she watches Obama campaign this summer and fall, a forgotten Junior Senator from New York.
What a lovely image!

On The Plantation

In a media interview posted online, Young also quipped that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has her husband behind her, and that "Bill is every bit as black as Barack."
"He's probably gone with more black women than Barack," Young said of former President Clinton, drawing laughter from a live television audience.

This is why Andrew Young was so fond of Strom Thurman, Strom actually sired a couple of black children, which makes him what? Blacker than Clinton? Her husband is behind her? What a picture of sleaze and greed for power this paints. Andrew is so danged proud that Billy Goat doesnt discriminate when he orders his security detail to pluck some babe out of the audience he's bustin his buttons! We're all happy slaves on the Clinton Plantation and us lowly servants can chuckle amongst ourselves that Massah Bill cant keep his pants zipped.
What an appalling thought, that people are dumb enough to ignore this moral decrepitude that has embraced our political system. Its not the politicians who are responsible. When the Clints and their foul Posse of liars turned the Impeachment debate from Obstruction Of Justice to Oral Sex the country just shrugged its shoulders, no problem there. But have you ever thought why the Clints can issue 1000-page ghost-written tomes, speak almost non-stop for thirty years and in the end have absolutely nothing to say? No quotes emerge except, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." or "I do not know how the billing records came to be found in my office". Its because they are empty appetite, the political version of the four-hundred pound fatty that cant stop eating. More and more a reflection of our mentally obese society...Dont wait, dont think of the future consequences, GRAB IT NOW!
Now the political version of Stepin Fetchit, Andrew Young, says Bill is more black than Obama because he likes to screw black women. Yassah! Civil Rights and Feminism rolled into one. And the white upper middle class Dem voters will smile and lap it up until the day the Bush tax cuts expire and the Rangel tax bill hits and they realize that their incomes have been effectively confiscated.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Liberals Win!

When fervid Born-Again Christians run on the social issues the Democrats win. Huckster-Bee's skin-crawling religious maneuvers might appeal to the anti-Mormon intolerance of hard-core Christian voters but there is another, bigger intolerance that stalks the land, one which I and many other fiscal, national defence and foreign policy Republicans share; an intolerance for excessive Bible-banging by political hacks to garner votes. In California (my home state) the hard-core zealots, by making issues like abortion, Creationism and the right to own a houseful of machine guns the front burner issues have turned this formerly Republican state into a clone of Oregon or Massachusetts. When The Governator put four ballot referendums up for a vote that would have hamstrung the liberals and changed the face of politics in this state the Bible crowd and the Border Psychotics stayed home nursing their one-issue grudges and showed Arnold that he had to move to the left to get re-elected. Huckster-Bee or Mutt Romney (with all their fake piety) at the head of the ticket will be an electoral disaster for Republicans all over the country. The Bible-Bangers will get the Stalinist Supreme Court and public funding for abortion that they deserve.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yer Busted, Obama!

I think its about time we started talking about Obama's Kindergarten Manifesto, that Mein Kampf of power-mad megalomania. And now we find, from impeccable sources who requested anonymity, the Third Grade declaration of his presidential candidacy, which makes every penny he's earned since then a violation of campaign finance regulations. Thank God, er I mean Goddess, that someone as wise as The Smartest Woman In The World has access to everyone's files so She can make us aware of the scheming cockroaches that seek to take away the Anointed Presidency that belongs to Her By Right. Who else could have dealt with the hostage situation in NH as masterfully as She did? She watched it on TV even while the Chinese food delivery boy donated $2500 to her campaign. That she could remain calm while expendable campaign workers were menaced by a psychopath hundreds of miles away shows Her ability to deal with Iran. Ahmadinajad was quoted as saying, "After New Hampshire we must recognize a powerful new America!" Thank You Hillary.

Monday, December 3, 2007

All Democrats Hate Christianity

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 4 will again hear a challenge by Michael Newdow to the Pledge of Allegiance and its phrase "under God." Newdow won his prior lawsuit against the pledge until the Supreme Court, perhaps to avoid public outrage in the 2004 presidential election year, tossed out his case on a procedural technicality.

Hillary might make a big fuss about her spiritual journey but her judicial appointments and membership in the ACLU speak the truth. The truth is that a vote for ANY democrat in ANY election is a vote to make Christianity illegal. The Dems pretend to be religious the way they pretend to support capital punishment; as soon as they get the chance they nominate judges that will legislate their true agenda from the bench. Do you think Newdow and his ilk are going to stop at getting the word 'God' taken from the pledge? Someday he'll be driving down the street and his poor little child will be terrorized by the sight of that ugly, menacing CROSS on the top of that church right there on the street. To protect our children can we do anything less than remove that threatening eyesore? Remember, the most moderate, conservative-sounding Dem politicians vote to approve these judges so dont tell me that Jim 'Mellon-Head' Webb (VA) or Ben-lyin Nelson (NB) are different than Leahy or Schumer, because they're not.