Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drop Dead Fred

So Fred Thompson made his big announcement last night. Mary Kay Hamm on Townhall talked about the color scheme of the set he was on. I guess that says it all. There is no there there. He's like Cunegonde in 'Candide', by the time he's ready to say yes he's too old and ugly for it to matter. This country should be sick of posers trying to emote their way into the presidency. The Dems have the worst batch but only a few of the Repubs have any gravity or accomplishment. Giuliani foremost, but McCain has a long, solid record (a liberal one but its there); even Duncan Hunter has stood up for his principles in a rational way, as has Tancredo (although neither of these two has much of a record of accomplishment or leadership); the rest are a bunch of schleppers, posing and preening and pandering. We cant gamble on an unknown against the Clintons.
Anyway, since Thompson has a TV candidacy I reviewed him like a TV critic:

If we're going to play TV critic games (and we might as well with a candidate with no administrative or substantial political experience like this one) than lets act like a casting director after an audition.
"Hmmm. Style's ok but he's too ugly." If I want a liberal pretending to be conservative I would cast KenDoll Mitt Romney for the role of 'exciting new face on a presidential candidate'. Fred looks like an old frog. I keep thinking of 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou', "Them sireens turned Pete into a toad!" when I see this guy. Dumping the debate for Leno underlined what a lightweight he is. Up against Dragon Lady, day after day in this endless campaign, he will turn off every swing voter in the country with his baggy eyes, barrel-like physique and infundibulum jowls. Fred had his boomlet but then wasnt able to turn himself into a brand people trust and want to choose over the others. Partly its just his sheer lack of any political accomplishment or substance but also that he doesnt have a theme people can rally to. His entry in the debate last night-- a stiff, formless and forgettable paid spot gave him a presence that accented his inability to get on the playing field. If the ad had attacked Hillary Clinton's Chicom cash and reminded us how high the stakes were and saluted the other debaters it might have worked but it turned out to be a big,fat nothing. I hope he hasnt burned his bridges at 'Law And Order'.

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