Saturday, September 8, 2007

That's Sick Larry!

I was ready to give Larry Craig the benefit of the doubt on that airport stuff but now it comes out in a column by Bob Novak today that he helped make Arlen Spectacle (described by Novak as a 'moderate') the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. What a sick, perverted thing to do. Because of his selfish, twisted actions small businesses will be destroyed by trial lawyers and out-of-control regulators, criminals will be set free on technicalities to harm innocent citizens, terrorists will be given ACLU lawyers and our West Coast ports will become burdened with ships loaded to the gunwales with Chicom cash for the Clinton Campaign. Thanks a bunch Larry. You're a great American. But hey lets give Novak a break! The guy's getting old. When he identified Arlen as a 'moderate' in today's column he meant to write 'moderatly crazy left-wing activist friend of the Democratic pro-terror lobby' but his arthritis kicked in.

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