Sunday, September 23, 2007

Send In The Clowns

It turns out that Ahmadinejadh is still scheduled to visit ground zero at 10am tomorrow morning. Why is this being allowed to happen?
In Mel Brook's movie 'Young Frankenstein' the Chief of Police says, "A riot is a terrible thing, and its about time we had one!"Where are the idiots that are supposedly running this country? We tolerate this vermin's presence on our soil so he can slander us at the UN but surely his diplomatic rights end there. The sawed-off runt of a liberal mayor can announce that the police will actively bar him from the site. The feckless, politically tin-eared occupant of the White House could stand up and say that as long as he is murdering our troops in Iraq and his own people at home he will not be allowed to mock the dead his Islamonazi brothers murdered on 9/11. The entire Manhattan Congressional delegation and New York's two disgusting Senators will be in the cheering section at Columbia so they're worse than useless but surely any Republican presidential candidate with his ear to the ground will show some leadership and be there. But if our leaders are so stupid, hopefully our people have more sense. I live 3000 miles away but if it was a hundred miles away I would go and be part of a crowd to stop this creep from spitting on the graves of 3000 of our fellow citizens and honoring their murderes. This is important and it shows what a bunch of buffoons, one and all, are running this country.

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