Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Have We Got To Lose?

Well it looks like Congress is looking for a showdown with the President by sending him a pork-laden omnibus budget bill that is $23 billion higher than what he asked for ($23 billion is less than one tenth of one percent of the total budget anyway, so this is only about politics, not fiscal discipline). He has threatened a veto, which is making everyone think of the Clinton government shutdown in the nineties. This is what President Bush gets for never standing up to the Dems in the first place. The Dems, however, are making a serious mistake. Clinton won the last time because of his political skills, which included a very disciplined political team that had been tried and tested in the almost constant warfare waged between the White House and Congress. The pack of hapless schmoes 'leading' the Democrats today have proven how ineffective and stupid they are. But if they want to defend their earmark-laden pork rissole of a budget by attacking Bush, the better for us. They can drag him over the cliff as long as they topple off with him ; he's never listened to us stupid 'citizens' before when we were yelling about overspending so why should we care now that he's gotten himself into this mess? Our Presidential candidates can stand on the sidelines and score points against those dummies that the new media will transmit very nicely. Condemning pork isnt a bad political position at all and defending it will make the Dems look at their eleven percent approval rating as a high-water mark of their popularity.

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