Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sliming The Clintons

This is an except from a e-mail to Dean Barnett at

"It was the Right that resorted to unbelievable vitriol and sliming in the Clinton administration and haven't stopped since. How different is the MoveOn ad from The Swift Boat campaign against Kerry? And have you heard Ann Coulter lately? I mean if you strip away the content, the insulting, demeaning and ad hominem attacks are certainly not limited to the left. But because we have no voice in the media (yeah, yeah, I know, but the MSM is actually very mainstream and resolutely corporate and representative of those interests) our tactics need to respond accordingly. Such is that way of a robust democracy, which thank goodness we still are."

This is delusional. The Swift Boat ads were completely accurate. The vast majority of the men in the company that Kerry served in supported them. He received three Purple Hearts and didnt spend one day in the hospital. No one, American or VC, was killed or wounded in these 'battles'. Kerry was apparently the only casualty. After his tour of duty was cut short by his three Purple Hearts he returned to testify to the Senate about the bloodthirsty animals, reminding one of Genghis Khan! that he was forced to serve with. Senator Kerry has never responded to the charges made and refuses to release his military records.
General Petraeus is not a traitor as alleged in the ad ; the Swift Boat ads were accurate and MoveOn.Org's canard against the leader of our army on the field of battle is a vicious lie.
The Right never called Clinton a Nazi or a retard or any of the thousand other epithets that are daily hurled at President Bush. Happening to notice Bill Clinton's many departures from the truth, his association with criminals and foreign intelligence services, the fact that he committed perjury under oath on national TV in an especially disgusting sexual harassment case ( where the complainant was described by minion James Carville as "What you get when you drag a twenty-dollar bill through a trailer park on the end of a fishline.") and disagreeing with his big government philosophy are not sliming or vitriol. There is no 'Right Wing' War Room, that concept was invented by the Clintons. The idea that they are helpless victims of irrational anger, and that the left has no voice in the national media when they ARE the national media is laughable. The Clinton's have used their close association and ideological brotherhood with the media to avoid answering any questions about their activities.
Poor James Carville, Lonnie Davis and Sid Blumenthal. Such nice people and those vicious Right-Wingers made up such terrible things about them. History will show the honesty, sincerity and dignity of the Clinton Administration. While us hate-filled ideologues were wringing slime and insults from our fevered brows the other side was turning the other cheek, with a tear in their eye for their misguided brethren. Yes, the left did offer some helpful, mild and constructive criticism of President Bush but if paranoid neocons want to take helpful terms such as Nazi lying babykiller fascist pig murderer as negative than what can a rational person do? An 'effective' full-page ad calling the leader, successful leader, of our troops in the field against a dangerous enemy a traitor was only to help make him a better general.
Sometimes I prefer the left to foam with invective. Its more true to who they are. They are trying to destroy this country. The Clinton Administration was the most corrupt in American history. Although they weren't the most incompetent its only because they had a Republican congress to turn aside their most errant follies. In foreign policy they were a total disaster.
Now someone from a website which has been proud to run the most vile anti-semitic slurs and actually advocates policies that would lead to the death of millions of Jews in Israel is presenting himself and his ilk as ill-used victims. He denies that they are anti-capitalist (or does he?) and states that they're just plain folks. Fine. So are we.

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