Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Clintoon Network

You dont really believe that the self-obsessed narcissists we know and love as The Clintons are ever going to leave the national spotlight just because the entire country has turned their backs on them? If you cant win one way, win another. Liberals do well in politics and MEDIA!

Yes, its the Clintoon Network! Its about time we had a cable channel totally devoted to the Clintons, besides CNN, which is soon going to be devoted to the Twelfth Imam Obamassiah anyway. There's a whole lineup of swell new shows for you and the, maybe you might want to let the kids watch 'Lion King' on the DVD players in their rooms, if you can get them to stop making dates with middle-aged psychopaths on the internet long enough to watch some TV. Whats happening to kids these days? In my day we used to spend days parked mindlessly in front of the flickering tube but can these little brats stay still long enough to absorb some of the great reruns? No, they're too busy blogging and texting and playing 'Grand Theft Auto'. We had to watch 'Lucy' reruns in BLACK AND WHITE you little punks! The country's going soft.
But the Clintoon Network will do its best to stiffen the country up!

Here's a little taste of the fall lineup!

A whole lot of squawking pipsqueeks and their strong-headed female leader in a Smurfy town filled with anger and intrigue.

Well, he's still a former president, so people are going to just give a hearty chuckle and look the other way! Our hidden cameras follow the Legacy Boy on his worldwide hunt for more trophies. Age, weight and twisted visage are never a drawback when this guy's in town! He'll grope his way into your heart and you'll cheer as he evades boyfriends, husbands and law enforcement officials with aplomb! Special political guests like Larry Craig (you havent been in the Minneapolis Airport till you've cruised with Bill and Larry, they've got ALL the bathrooms covered!) will rocket this offering to top spot in the lineup.

An old favorite with a new twist. The crown and the goodies are awarded to the politician with the most heart-rending, pathetic, sob-inducing tale of political betrayal by an ungrateful nation, an unfaithful husband and an unappreciative party. You'll never guess who wins. Every Day.

This is no band of wussy Australian ponces hopping around singing kiddy songs. This is Bill Clinton raw, live and how you like him-- served HOT!! Bill's Cigar Corner is a real hoot! Let those weirdos that think an ex-president ought to conduct himself with dignity go sulk in the corner while we go microwave some popcorn, crack a brew and wait for one of those wardrobes to malfunction!

This kid knows about dysfunctional families! You'll see them fighting it out on stage as Mom goes for the bimbos and tosses lamps , everybody just has a high ol' time!

So fluff up those sofa cushions, lock the kids in the basement and settle down for some rollicking good times!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barry!Yer Mom's Comin an She Looks Mad!

I think The Obamassiah should get some kind of protection order against the 'Fatal Attraction' candidate. I really thought she was going to smack him. What a performance! Three martinis and a couple of lines of good Peruvian coke provided by one of the Clinton Lie-berry and Massage Parlor's most esteeemed contributors (those slow-moving paper-shufflers in the Clinton Archives...and W Bushy it seems! cant seem to get that donor list public or we would have the name of this paragon) and, in a Hunter S Thompsonesque way Miz Hilly tromped out on stage to Kick Some Butt. She filibustered, she bragged, she sniveled and complained. She was condescending, she was aggressive, her anger, not only at The Obamassiah but at Williams and Russert, was palpable, all under that bug-eyed botoxed face that you could bounce a quarter off of. And that weird smile with the upper teeth protruding like some pre-historic rodent.
The Obamassiah just sat there. I'm sure it reminded him of being back in the hood at the community center when a gang of drunken Crips would drop by. Like, just dont do anything to set her off, man, be cool. I havent seen a woman's face so contorted with hatred since those two mercedes-driving women were fighting about a parking space in Trader Joe's parking lot in Encino (I dare the drunken Crips to try to park there). So he just let her do her thing. Oh to have been a fly on whatever wall contained Mark Penn and Maggie Williams. I'll bet when they looked up from preparing their resumes they made some interesting remarks.
My favorite question was asked by Tim Russert. Remember, after the Philly debate the still evident Clinton Sock-Puppets (where are they these days by the way?) were keening and howling about what a vicious attack dog Russert was and how Wolf had better behave himself in the next debate? That must have caused a bit of upset with old Tim because last night he got her back GOOD with that tax return business. In the setup he made sure to define lack of tax return transparency as an admission of guilty associations. After a minute or two of talking about something entirely different HRC allowed that she was, "moving toward releasing our tax returns." How many Saudi Dinars do you think will turn up in the 'capital gains' column?
Its sad. I've had fun with the Clints. This is the end of an era. As soon as The Obamassiah disposes of the demented warthog nominated by the establishment of the Republican Party (aka Leaders Without Followers) the fun will begin and the New Socialist Age will dawn.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Picture, So What?

So the Clinton Crime Family came up with a photo of The Obamassiah in Africa dressed up like a terrorist on graduation night at the training camp. Big Deal. After telling us since Sept 12, 2001 that we just need to understand and get along with our Muslim buddies so they wont hate us and try to put bombs on airplanes full of innocent civilians and that Islam is the Religion Of Peace, the Compassion Crowd down at Clinton Campaign Headquarters is using any contact with Islam to demonstrate that The Obamassiah is just a mole sent by Osama Bin Laden to turn over the keys to our nuclear arsenal to the Islamofascists and then institute Sharia Law. Well, he will close Club Gitmo and return the plastic explosives confiscated from the inmates when they were seized by the Horrible Bushy Fascists but so will Her Thighness, and for that matter so will McLame. Pretty thin stuff from the Clinton Crime Family, but its the fourth quarter, the clock is ticking and they're fifteen points down. Could it be that the Clints have spent the last seven years taking tens of millions from the sheiks who bankroll the terrorists and most people think that thats worse than putting on a costume when you visit your father's native country? Nah, most people dont give a crap either way. Its just that the antidote to "I'm going to begin a new era of hope and bring our country together" is not to yell at the top of your lungs "this guy's a Muslim Terrorist!". Its almost like that line spoken by Governor Lepetomane in Blazing Saddles, "Cant you see this guy's a ni..."
Actually The Obamassiah is very well traveled and often dons the quaint native costumes of the people that he is visiting. Just last year he tripped over to PyongYang to recieve the Socialist Of the Month Club's Special Achievement In Propaganda Award. Now these dudes hand out medals like one of those Ferret Shows where they have more medals on offer than they have ferrets entered in the competition but that doesnt take away from The Obamassiah's achievement. He has figured out a way to add a spoonful of sugar to the radical dose of Big Government Brand castor oil he intends to administer to the Hopeful Mob, once he gladhands his way into power. So again the last ditch political smear campaign of the Clinton crime Family bounces harmlessly off The Obamassiah's ideological armor as her poll numbers drop in Texas and Ohio and we ready ourselves for the Big Day when a weeping Hillary, standing next to a red-faced BJ, surrounded by the moldering remnants of the Golden Nineties and a secretly smiling Chelsea, bows out of the race.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

He Who Laffers Last

Here in California we set the trends. We're hip, we're cool. You bumpkins in other states are going to have to try pretty darned hard to get the jump on us. We've elected a State Senate and a State Legislature packed with geniuses and a Governator that made his name offing Cyborgs! And if thats not good enough, if that star-packed Sacramento Crewe cant get the job done, then we have a referendum system where any advocacy group, no matter how extreme, can put a law on the ballot and we, the voters, the citizens, the people, dont have to wait for the sluggish legislative process to work its magic, we can just up and vote it into law. And what great legislation this has led to! The noble mountain lion, persecuted by right-wing gun nuts and greedy developers has been protected to the extent that its better to be charged with shooting the owner of an urban liquor store during a robbery than to turn up in court charged with mayhem against the much beloved Puma. The mountain cats, in the spirit of all over-anthropomorphized critters has responded to this gesture of interspecies friendship by adding Basset Hounds and the occasional unwary jogger to its menu. I could go on but, thats not the point.
In many of these referendums and in much of the legislation that the overaged hippies and Mexican Nationalists that compose our State Senate and Legislature in their wisdom propose there arises the question, Who Pays? Now the six or eight million illegal aliens in this state have already gone broke buying lottery tickets so they've done their fair share. We could squeeze the working class chumps that live here legally but there's the danger that they might get mad enough to stop caring about abortion and gun control and start voting for Republicans who at some point might drop their anti-abortion and legalize machine-gun rhetoric and start trolling for votes on a low-tax platform; not likely but it could happen. The upper middle class? The contributors to the Dem's party pile? Maybe some index creep and a few user and license fees but nothing too salty. So who's left. Lemme think....
OH YEAH! I've got an idea, LETS TAX THE RICH! They stole their ill-gotten capital gains anyway so let's just stick it to them till it hurts! If we get ten billion by taxing the loot they rip from the mouths of the workers children at 10% we can raise that to 15% so we'll get fifteen billion, am I right? (graduates of California public schools will have to take their shoes off to do the math but trust me dudes, its been worked out by budgetary geniuses in Sacramento so it must be right).
But something strange happened. The rich didnt stick around to dutifully hand their stolen billions over to the Tribunes Of Compassion and instead split the scene! Bummer. In many cases they also took the high-tech businesses that were the source of their swag out of the state with them! Now the laws and subsidies and pay raises and boondoggles and gravy that were supposed to be funded by these multi-millionaires are going begging. There's a fourteen billion dollar budget shortfall and a constitutional amendment that the budget has to be balanced (passed by a ballot measure in the bad old Pete Wilson days). More than half of that shortfall is the result of CAPITAL FLIGHT! Now there's a whole range of cutbacks and a whole lot of moaning. The state's economy continues to slide.
But there's good news on the horizon! We're on the cusp of REAL CHANGE! says the Obamassiah. He's gonna do all those things us Americans have been yearning for but have been denied because of the evil Bush Tax Cuts. The math is simple, if we raise taxes 50% on the rich and the evil corporations and also squeeze those horrible hedge fund managers we should get 50% more revenue, am I right? Capital flight is a myth. The Era Of Hope will stop that nonsense, wont it? Now those hungry children in The Other America will have some hope. Thats dandy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Senator and the Lobbyist

"Oh John, your hand is on my knee!" exclaimed the startled lobbyist as the Senator's wrinkled paw stroked the diaphanous silk that molded the curve of her exquisite thigh.
"Thats right baby, I'm reaching out across your aisle."
"But Johnny, what about the FCC?"
"No worries hot stuff, before I'm done you'll know you've been FCCed, and thats the Straight Talk," he muttered as his drooling old mouth moved towards the uplifted, sculpted young breast now freed from its lustrous silk covering by the Panting Maverick.
Her hand moved purposefully down to further entice the Surging Senator.
"Not exactly the Gang Of Fourteen!" she thought to herself but as she thought of the legislative influence she was wielding her resistance began to crumble.
"I'm going to give you 12 inches and make it hurt," he moaned, with classic political hyperbole.
"Oh great. He's going to FCC me three times and punch me in the stomach," she thought, but remembering all the pending legislation her clients were interested in she resolved herself to do whatever it took. An afternoon session with Enrique, the stunning Mexican pool boy from her condo complex who sneaked across the unfenced border only a couple of years ago and was plying his massive undocumented talents amongst the female 'lobbyist' community, would partially erase the hour or two spent 'lobbying' this aged, stumpy, goatish, egotistical Senior Senator so she clenched her teeth, leaned back and faked a low moan as the Straight Pork Express steamed into her hot, hungry love tunnel...

I always knew that I had it in me to write for the New York Times. If I had gone to the Columbia School Of Journalism instead of living in that plywood shack on Muir Beach maybe I'd be pontificating on MSNBC right now. Oh well, no use crying over spilt... well maybe that aphorism is a bit inappropriate in this context.
I dont think I would want to work at the NYT anyway after watching them promote McLame and drive the negative coverage of his opponents and then dump this basket of innuendo and tripe on his head. Thats what you get for crossing the aisle and reaching out to these liberal creeps, you maverick. Drudge alleges that you phoned and pleaded with Bill Keller (did you offer a cabinet post or yell expletives at him as though he was a Republican colleague?). What an image that is; the 'campaign reformer' Republican foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution on his knees begging the editor of the Marxist New York Times not to print a story that nails him as a smarmy hypocrite who legislated against the First Amendment (damaging the Republican Party and the conservative movement in the process) in the name of Clean Government and then fell into the arms of a self-interested lobbyist puta. I could carve a better candidate out of a banana.

Okay, hours later. Its turning out that McCain has apparently dodged a stinkbomb hurled by the liars at the NYT. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. And I lied, I cant carve a better candidate from a banana, I cant carve anything out of a banana. And I cant write for the NYT. SOB!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

H L Mencken Lives!

People are comparing Barak Obama to JFK. He's Young! He's Hopeful! He's Not Hillary Clinton!
Well, all true but there are differences that are huge. Kennedy, the inexperienced and naive mediocrity that was pushed by his maniac father into the presidency, who suffered from satyriasis and amphetamine addiction actually believed in a strong foreign policy (one he lacked the skill to implement) and paid a modest lip-service to a free economy. Possibly his only memorable act as president was his cutting of tax rates, creating the boom years of the sixties. (Dont tell me about the 'Cuban Missle Crisis'; Kennedy had to trade the withdrawal of our missiles in Turkey for the ones the Soviets were installing in Cuba, it was far from the status quo ante that it is portrayed as. He allowed Khrushchev to build the Berlin Wall; his only response was to say "I am a doughnut." His assasination of Diem in Vietnam was one of the worst mistakes made by any president).
But I dont think Obama resembles Kennedy. I think he more closely resembles FDR, a president described by the greatest journalist in American History, HL Mencken, as a 'leering snake-oil vendor'. Obama's draconian recipes for every aspect of the American economy are very similar to the monstrosities of FDR's misconceived New Deal. Just as those policies deepened and lengthened the Depression so Obama's policies will precipitate a crash of monumental proportions. The government will panic, and like all socialist governments will print money, causing hyper-inflation and solving two major problems that the socialists could never solve politically.
The first problem is the increasing number of people who are dependent on government subsidies and handouts; students, patients, food stamp recipients, ethanol farmers, senior citizens, public employee union pensioners, failing auto companies, every parasite that can bribe, threaten or snivel a subsidy from the overburdened treasury is on the take. Just tweak the indexes to not fully reflect inflation and start printing money. Problem solved. A dishonest government that cant keep its promises and a worthless currency go hand in hand.
The second problem is those people who have managed to accumulate private wealth in the form of private pensions or 401k accounts. These are Democratic voters for the most part so outright confiscation is out of the question but the destruction of the value of these savings is a foregone conclusion in a chaotic inflation scenario. If anything else remains you can just enact an 'Excess Assets Tax' and blame it all on mistakes of the previous Bushy Regime.
Hyper inflation would also bring a huge group of non-taxpayers into the taxpayer pool. Right now people who earn less than $50k pay no income taxes. If the greeter at Wal-mart is making $250 an hour he becomes 'truly wealthy' under our unindexed tax code, even if his $10,000 a week salary buys less than his $250.00 a week one does now. Its about time these sniveling freeloaders feel the IRS knout.
So three or four years from now when we are sitting in the wreckage of all this 'hope' maybe we'll come to our senses and de-socialize but that would only happen if a leader can emerge and there is no one around now who even remotely fits that description (if you say Mutt Romney I deliver a slap to your head). We'll see.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

21st Century Welfare Chiselers

If you listen to the Demo candidates they're going to end the energy dominance of the detested villains of Big Oil and are about to embark on a whole new era of Green Energy which will create millions of Green Collar jobs. Oh the Age Of Aquarius! We've been kept from it for too damned long by the Horrible Bushy Years. We're over in the Middle East murdering Iraqi babies so that Big Oil can extract more of its ill-gotten gains.
Of course, we already are spending tens of billions to subsidize corn-based ethanol. Because harvesting the raw material, distilling it into ethanol , transporting it by truck (ethanol is not transportable by pipeline) and blending it with petroleum-based gasoline (pure ethanol is not a substitute for gasoline, it is an additive) uses more energy than you get when you burn the ethanol this Green technology is of questionable use in the drive to replace petroleum. Another side effect of this giant government-sponsored boondoggle is the huge increase in acreage devoted to corn production. The prairie dogs had better watch out. Their role in our Green Tomorrow is problematic. So to save the polar bears of ANWAR from a couple of dozen oil rigs we're plowing under the Great Plains so we can hand big subsidy checks to Agribusiness. If this is like every other farm subsidy program we can predict with confidence the insane waste and fraud that is taking place. Already we've seen corn prices in poor countries skyrocket because of this nonsense, adding to world hunger and illegal immigration.
But all our Green Eggs (no Ham PLEASE! We're Vegans!) arent in one basket. Anybody who has driven into the outback of California has seen burgeoning forests of windmills. Also heavily subsidized by the State and the Feds these giant whirling pinwheels are, in addition to being a monstrously ugly blight on the landscape, pureeing tens of thousands of birds while they spin away. One nuclear power plant would replace ten or twenty times the number of these monster windmills that exist now but somehow nuclear power has not been given the Green Seal Of Approval. No reasonable solution is. These eco- idiots are nihilists. They see human society as evil, hence their solutions are aimed at de-technologizing our lives.
My favorite new Green Technology is Solar Power. The same people who, fifteen years ago wanted to close vast swathes of desert to any kind of human activity to save the imperiled desert tortoise are now advocating carpeting the desert with acre upon acre of solar panels, obviously to the detriment of the slow-moving reptiles that evoked such ardent concern a few years ago. No one has figured out how to divert part of the giant flood of Federal Lucky Bucks to a couple thousand square miles of solar panels but wait for the New Era Of Hope to dawn. There will be crowds of unemployed who will be eager to join a Federal make-work program that will carpet the desert with these inefficient energy collectors.
So now we have a giant and expanding welfare program for Eco-Chiselers and whoever wins this election has committed themselves (in this coldest winter in fifteen years) to combating Global Warming in the only way politicians know...give money to their friends and constituents. This is how a great country falls into ruin.

Friday, February 15, 2008


"We are the hope of the future," sayeth Obama. We can "remake this world as it should be." Believe in me and I shall redeem not just you but your country -- nay, we can become "a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest."

Charles Krauthammer

Let's Forget About Our Troubles And Cares And Join Our Merry Baby-Boomer Pals At
I was reading that last post, and some of the comments, and you know, it is a little bit gloomy. Maybe Obama will have the charisma and smarts to turn this entitlement thing around. After all Nixon enacted price controls and drank Mai-tais with Chou En Lai. Now the whole 'You Get An Individual Check Adjusted For Inflation, Grandpa' thing is going right out the window. The bourgeous individualistic approach to retirement is unaffordable and contributed to Global Warming. There is nothing in the constitution that says the government owes you anything and SSI was just a tax paid into the General Fund; the law governing how its distributed can be modified in any fashion, you dont have an individual account like with a pension fund or an insurance company.
There are no rules. In fact, with our Living Constitution Associate Justice Leahy will guide us away from the sexist and patriarchal 'Bill Of Rights' and inject a much-needed flexibility into our concept of 'Freedo
m Of Association'. You see, what the Founding Fathers surely would have meant if they had only had access to the internet, is Free Association; association with others in your demographic designation For Free! And so us seniors can look forward to......

Where the Boomers live out their Golden Sunset Years!

It comes into view through the bars on the bus windows, your new home-- Hopeville!

The snug little bungalows will fit you and ninety-nine of your soon-to-be best friends just right!

Its all been
with Feng Shui
in mind!

Hey, grab your stuff...
Dinner's On!
If you cant tell what that
gray mush is
you can just be
sure its Organic!
Yum, Yum!

Lots of healthful collective exercise in Gaia's great outdoors!

Good Food, lots of exercise?
You'll be dropping those extra
pounds in a hurry! If there
were any stores and if you
had any money you'd be
ready for a new outfit!

Stop worrying about
those medical expenses!
Its all On The House!

Got a problem? Take it up with our Friendly Staff! They're here to make sure you fit into the Collective.

So take a tip from the Commandante of Compassion and "Get Your Mind Right... or should I say Left!", and report to your Senior Collection Center as ordered to avoid unpleasant administrative 'situations'.

This will be your only warning!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Tsunami

The federal government spent $952 billion in 2007 on elderly benefits, up from $601 billion in 2000. It's the biggest function of the federal government. States chipped in $27 billion more in 2007, mostly for nursing homes.

All three major senior programs - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - experienced dramatically escalating costs that outstripped inflation and the growth in the senior population.

How will we solve this 'problem' as the Boomers retire in the next ten years? According to AARP there is no problem.

"We have a health care crisis. We don't have an entitlement crisis," says David Certner, legislative policy director of the AARP, which represents seniors. [from the same article].

So as the role of government in health care expands mightily we seem to have a health care crisis. What a coincidence! Well, luckily the geniuses in the Democratic Party have a solution to the non-entitlement health care crisis-- a greatly expanded role of government in health care. I mean, if it worked so well with the seniors, doesnt it make eminent good sense to spread the success of Medicare and Medicaid to the deserving non-senior population? What a great way to cut costs and improve quality! Like in Britain or Canada. Or Bulgaria. Or Russia. Or Tanzania. Oh, OK those are all government health care systems that are crumbling while they bankrupt their respective national treasuries so lets not use them as an example. Hmmm... gee, I cant exactly think of a government health care system that actually delivers a level of health care even remotely comparable to the private-public system in the US but I'm sure there are plenty of them.
But the point is not the quality of care, its the cost. The "dramatically escalating costs that outstripped inflation and the growth in the senior population." We also have to add on the cost of Federal PreSchool (another funny coincidence; as the Federal role in education has expanded the cost of education has escalated and the quality has plummeted), the government program to replace the oil companies with 'green alternative energy' produced by federally-funded quasi-public companies; I cant even remember the other non-entitlements proposed by our Progressive Candidates, who will end the stingy, miserly, no-frills government of the anti-people Bush Years(insert hysterical laughter here). There isnt enough money in the universe for a tenth of this. Obamarama and Miz Hilly say they are going to fund these modest programs by ending the War In Iraq and dramatically raising taxes on 'the rich' and the evil corporations. Translated into reality this means a total gutting of the military and the greatest capital flight in history. How do I know this? One hundred years of history. Every time these tax policies are implemented the same thing happens. Rich people either shelter their money in offshore investments or just spend it without investing it and corporations just cut operations or move offshore.
So that is the stark reality. The 'change' that people are voting for will destroy this nation. Unfortunately the Republican's lame and aged candidate has never held a job in the private sector or had any experience except as a student, a naval officer, a POW, and a legislator. Obamarama is the same, as is Miz Hilly. The private sector is unknown to any of them except as a source of campaign cash; consequently they see it as being made up of the kind of crooks that bribe politicians to get something they shouldnt have.
We have evidence as to what happens when the Tsunami hits...the Former Soviet Union. Seniors freezing to death in the streets, worthless salaries, a military immobilized by aging equipment, severe cutbacks and rock-bottom morale (especially among the officers), unequipped hospitals where you have to rent your bed, buy your own medicine on the black market and bribe a doctor to look at you and eventually a dictatorship to bring some semblence of order. I thought these things would happen in Europe first but it seems that we're all in the same boat. Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Anyone who has read this blog knows how angry and upset I was that the second worst candidate in the Republican field (or third, if you count Ron Paul) has apparently won the Republican nomination. I believe a couple of posts back I was yelling about voting for Obama. After all it is the feelgood vote. In the godforsaken leftwing corner of the world I live in (Henry Waxman's solid district) my conversion to the side of goodness and right, no matter its perverse motives (that I want the oncoming disaster to have Democratic fingerprints), has been the cause of great amusement and joy amongst my family and associates. How does the Bible quote go? "There is more joy in heaven at the repentance of one sinner than in the prayers of a thousand righteous men."
It lasted until yesterday. Yesterday there was a vote to renew the FISA Act. The law that allows the government to eavesdrop on the terrorists and also protects the telecom companies if they let the Feds datamine call records. Mrs. Clinton didnt bother to vote, a statement that avoiding political risk was more important than protecting the country. Barak Obama voted against the renewal, a statement that he will refuse to protect our nation and people from those savages. John McCain showed up and voted for the bill. He just got my vote.
Was it ever in doubt? Obama's radicalism is dangerous and wrong. I cant vote for someone like that just to make a political point or to be perverse. If the Dems get in and raise taxes in the way that they propose we will all suffer. I cant vote to do that to my country. So as angry as I have been at McCain's liberal maverickisms when it comes down to supporting the War On Terror or having any chance of avoiding Federal Health Care I am forced to part ways with Ann Coulter and swallow my anger. We all have to work to elect this guy, like it or not. Its the right thing to do for our country.

PS- The cartoon that is the basis for this image is from "A Cartoon History Of Our Times" by the British cartoonist David Low. Very many of his drawings, done to depict events as Europe slid towards appeasement and timidity apply today.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No Love!

The preacher used to yell, "I'm not feelin' a lot of LOVE in the room!" Its probably what Bill Clinton was feeling at the Grammies. He didnt win for his Book On Tape reading of "The Audacity Of Hope", another of his coma-inducing guides to planetary happiness. Thats OK; I've sat through the ordeal of nominating shows, they are horrible, especially if you lose; not only because you didnt win but because you sat there for four hours of noise, awful stage presentations, maudlin and egotistical acceptance speeches, and bad ventilation but also because you ALWAYS feel like the fix was in for the undeserving creeps who beat you out for your well-deserved award (I won an Emmy the second time, which made it a little bit more easy to take). But what must have been the ultimate kick in the pants was the awarding of the Grammy to Barak Obama's reading of 'Dreams From My Father'. So, sitting in a room where at least three quarters of the attendees are former campaign contributors and many are former party pals, Bill Clinton couldnt make the grade. Is this justice? His stumbling, inept, moronic, and ultimately traitorous former Vice President gets an Emmy, an Oscar, and the goldanged Nobel Peace Prize (long lusted after by the former Prez) and Bill gets NADA! No awards, no love. A visibly aging ex-president, cursed with verbal diarrhea but bereft of eloquence, whose empty soul has nothing real to say can triangulate himself into an irrelevant senescence and will now sadly disappear into the sunset, Clinton III a fading dream. Gerald Ford on Viagra. And you dont believe in Kharma you fools!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too Much Confusion!

I was talking to my daughter, who's a law student at American University in DC (where the Kennedys endorsed Obama). Her and her friends are wildly enthusiastic about Obama and getting madder and madder at HRC. As the war of attrition for delegates continues stories like the one that says that Hillary will achieve the nomination by suing the DNC to accept the delegates from her victories in Michigan and Florida, which were taken away to punish those two states from moving their primaries forward, make them vow that they will cross over and vote for McLame in protest. Black voters would probably not be in a good mood after a lawsuit put The Smartest Woman In The Universe over the top.
Meanwhile, back on the Republican Ranch conservative protest voters have given McLame a black eye this weekend by piling all their votes into the Huckster-Bee column. The media hype for McLame seems to mask a barely-quiescent mob of republican base voters who swear they are all going to vote for Hillary and derail the Straight For Socialism Express.
Chaos ensues. Fortunately our country is blessed with millions of voters who blithely walk through the political pie-fight without getting their outfits stained and who wake up two or three days before the election and 'make up their minds'. These are the guys who vote on the basis of old drunk driving arrests or whether someone like Algore is badly dressed. With the base voters of each party running amok and hating their party's candidates, these swing voters could take off a stampede in any direction. Our once-great nation is in the hands of the feeble-minded; the people who buy sophisticated electronic equipment so they can cast multiple votes for American Idol contestants, the people who dont know that England is an island,who have no idea what the federal budget is, who couldnt find Washington DC on a map.
There is, unfortunately, a different scenario, one which appears more and more likely; Obama whips Hillary in the primaries. His 'thin' resume will then be enhanced by defeating the most feared and ruthless political machine to emerge since FDR was President. And he will turn, Kennedy-like, to face the doddering old maverick, and the Socialist night will descend.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Not A Chance

I was working on my computer yesterday and had the TV on for background noise when Fox News cut away to Mitt Romney's speech to CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Committee). He gave a great conservative speech and then dropped out of the race. If he had given that speech three or four months ago, instead of that weird one about Mormonism (or as Mike Huckster-Bee was kind enough to point out, Devil Worship) Mitt would be the nominee today. Maybe he realized what was happening in the country today. The tepid managerialism of the Bushy Administration has bored and confused the TV worshiping crowd who wants Big Solutions! Cadillac Medical Care, Fix The Weather, More Phat Benefits For Granny, Ethanol Replaces Petroleum and we all drive our hybrid-powered ethanol luxury SUVs (Made In America, of course) into the New Age Of Fairness And Climate Stability. Yup, Camelot. So Mitt made his rousing speech, took a bow and left the stage.
To be followed, a couple of hours later by McLame. Now, by this time we had heard speeches from other conservatives, Tom Coburn and Richard Allen and such like, and they were all pretty good, the crowd loved it. Then we heard the scrape of the walker on the stage and in toddles GrandPa McLame. You can find the text of his mendacious suck-up of speech somewhere else; who cares what rhetorical twists and turns this guy is going to make as his geriatric campaign limps to the nomination?
The most salient point is this; when you contrast his flat, insipid delivery with the ringing tones of Obamarama can there be any doubt about the outcome of the election in November? Can this horrible old mummy, who has already alienated a large part of the party's base by his venal and self-centered liberalism and his nasty spite against conservatives win the election? He raised the only point he has going for him, The Dems will strip our country's defences in the face of great danger, but coming from him it doesnt resonate, because he's not a leader, he doesnt inspire. He's low, mean and nasty. Those kind of people dont win wars or do the right thing in a tough spot. I have more faith that Obamarama would rise to an emergency than I do that McLame would. This old coot has now used his 35% primary 'victories' and his ability to politic among the party professionals to win the nomination. The only question is, can he keep Obamarama from winning all fifty states in the coming blowout?

Noonan Nails It

Today Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street journal asked a very interesting question about the Clinton Crime Family; can they survive defeat and still retain a modicum of dignity? In the course of her column she used an analogy that was incredibly apt:

" One part of the Clinton mystique maintains: Deep down journalists think she's a political Rasputin who will not be dispatched. Prince Yusupov served him cupcakes laced with cyanide, emptied a revolver, clubbed him, tied him up and threw him in a frozen river. When he floated to the surface they found he'd tried to claw his way from under the ice. That is how reporters see Hillary."

Noonan apologizes for the analogy in the next line but she shouldnt have. A more fitting comparison doesnt exist, especially when you consider the corrupting effect that each of these paragons have had on the political systems that they used to gain power. But now, after all this time, it has become more than thinkable to imagine the end of the Clinton's as a factor in American politics. Now the only question is, will we survive the Obama Landslide?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two Americas

In many ways this series of primaries has been a huge disappointment to me but there have been some moments so wonderful that I wouldnt trade them for anything. Many, or most, of these moments have involved the ongoing decline and fall of the Clinton Crime Family.
People ask,"What has Barak Obama ever done that qualifies him for the Presidency?" He reduced Hillary to tears; yes they were phony tears but he had her down on her knees, royal air of entitlement stripped from her, begging for votes from the proletarian rubes she has always professed to champion. He turned BJ from the cool, self-assured ex-president, doing his endless royal walk through the fundraising garden, pocketing 'donations' to his vast charitable enterprise (which were in actuality future claims on the almost-certain advent of Clinton III) into a red-faced, race-baiting, unglued male version of Brittany Spears. You show me anybody else who has ever done that. The Clints have spent the last 16 years WHIPPING their political enemies. People were scared of the Clintons. If they were mad at you they hit you with everything but the kitchen sink until you cracked. Ask Newt Gingrich. The media were their tame and servile lap dogs. They were the Democratic Party.
Not No More. Even if, by some miracle, Hillary manages to gain the nomination (and almost certainly the Presidency, running against that odious old frog of a McLame) the aura is gone. They will never get back what they had. And now, the pride and joy of Bill Clinton's life, his stash of money, has had to be tapped to keep the Little Woman's campaign alive. 5 mil. Yeah.
The Chicoms are being cagey and Hollywood is backing Barak, the river of cash is drying up as people realize that she is now the underdog, that Obamarama has her number. How much more will the Clints have to kick in of their ill-gotten gains to keep the dream alive? First they've had to watch the myth of their love and popularity melt away, people they thought were their friends have turned eagerly to betray them, and now the harshest insult of all, the beloved cash-pile shrinks.
I never thought that I would vote for Hillary, but if she runs against McLame I dont think I could resist it. I want to watch Clinton III gain power and turn on their enemies-- The Democrats! All the Congressmen and Senators that turned on them, all the governors who didnt endorse them, the Hollywood bigwigs who threw fundraisers for Obamarama, the newspapers and journalists who suddenly started to sneer and get nasty, what an enemies list they will have! As her insane policies wreck the economy the Dems will need to explain to the enraged public that its not those socialist policies that are causing the problems but THEM, The Clintons!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Robo Calls

Because I live in SoCal, where TV ad time is mega expensive, we've been spared the onslaught that makes the helpless residents of smaller states curse their TV sets and yearn for a one-party dictatorship. Only one of the remaining candidates, Obamarama, has the dough to buy air time around here. We have had a vigorous campaign on the air but its got nothing to do with anything as trivial as the presidency.
We've had warring Indian tribes fighting it out nightly across our TV screens. Now before you picture Geronimo breaking an arrow in half and going for his scalping knife let me add a little more info. These Indians are fighting about that ancient Indian custom that directs some tribes to build giant gambling casinos. There are four tribes that have somehow have maneuvered themselves into a monopoly of Indian casinos who are being opposed by the poker parlors and casinos in Nevada. Now the four tribes Pachonga (modern name ChaChinga), Morongo (Moron-Go), Agua Caliente (Hot Water), Sycuian (Sick Ones) want to install thousands of additional slot machines in their casinos and have been forced to come back to the voters for permission. So we have a procession of teary eyed children, weeping teachers and OF COURSE many messages from the Noble Firefighters. These slot machines are all that stands between our beloved state and bankruptcy (and all-consuming brush fires, it would seem). I had no idea slot machines were such a force for good in the world. Well maybe. Then theres the ads from the deprived Indians, the locked out tribes, crushed under the harsh wheels of injustice. Why even people as noble and self-sacrificing as Firefighters oppose them! These poor wretches will be permanently consigned to a living death if those rich tribes get all the slot machine money for themselves. I had no idea that slot machines were such a force for evil in the world. Amazing that these poverty-stricken aborigines have more cash to buy political ad time than all the presidential candidates put together. But its an easy choice. The Jerkinator is for the propositions and he's backing McLame so it must be wrong, so I'm voting NO!
So what do campaigns do in the absence of cash? They use free media, impossible for McLame because he, like Hillary Clinton, has now told so many lies that answering any question from someone who has been following his statements is fraught with risk. Or they phone your house with pre-recorded messages. McLame wrote a piece of legislation that instantly admits every illegal alien to the Welfare State goodie bag giveaway party, gives Mexico a veto over any border enforcement measures, hands over driver's licenses and other documentation that one could use to register to vote and basically signals to another hundred million people that the door is open, so you could say he's got a slight problem in that area with most conservatives. Or so I thought until I got the robo-call warning me that Mitt Romney is a distant relative of Pancho Villa and is just waiting to turn the country over to Mexico. McLame weak on social issues? The robo-call tells me what a low-down baby-killer that Mitt Romney is. McLame voted against the Bushy Tax Cuts and wants to add a fifty-cent a gallon tax on gasoline to fight Man-Made Global Warming? The robot says Mitt wants to tax me out of my home and sell my children to the Arabs. All stupid and transparent lies.
If I hadnt been so disgusted and enraged by McLame before I would have become disgusted and enraged by this kind of behavior. This Clintonesque behavior. In a way it doesnt even matter. These primaries have shown me that conservatives are wrong. The majority of people in American want an interventionist government. They want economic planning by the state. They want the government to run the health-care system. They are isolationist and hate free trade. They want to drive cars but dont want to drill for oil. The proof of all this is that Republicans are voting for these policies. Republicans arent looking at the results of similar policies that have been enacted in other countries. After 70 years of the New Deal the fiber of this society has finally rotted away, waiting to be replaced with a European Welfare State. But we are not Belgium or Greece. Our decline in the world will be matched by the rise of other societies who will have different priorities. The world will be different and we will be just another poverty-stricken, broken-down country, with even our former glory erased from our minds by the Ministry Of Truth.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Michael Claytonvitch

Yesterday my wife and I went to see Michael Clayton. We had missed it when it came out because it just didnt look very interesting when we saw the trailer. However, now that it got the Oscar nod we, who had seen the other four films nominated for best picture, dutifully went down to the cineplex and found seats in the crowded theater. Usually crowded theaters are a drag, civilization being in rapid decline has liberated the inner slob in most people, but this crowd looked like middle-aged people who were seeing this movie because they'd seen the other four and were filling out the set, just like us. Also like us, they are as likely to want to text-message their friends in the middle of the movie as they are to stand up and loudly sing the Swedish national anthem so we were able to watch this film without having to filter out annoying white noise from our fellow humans.
So I sat back and watched a pallid remake of every left-wing 'Big Business Is Bad' potboiler that I've seen for the last century or so. You see, it seems that this BIIIIIIG agricultural chemical company (aka Archer Daniel Midlands) is so blind to its long-term interests and so morally bankrupt that it markets a weed-killer even after it gets a research report saying that it's toxic to humans. This is where I part company with my liberal friends, they all believe that things like this happen all the time, I say name one time. You cant, because it has literally never happened. Things happen like in Erin Brockavitch, where companies try to cover up for their incompetence and negligence but that is a huge distance morally from going out and consciously killing people. Its also unbelievable because no company wants to expose themselves to billion dollar class action lawsuits.
Now in Michael Clayton the lead lawyer for the firm defending a company from just such a class-action lawsuit finds the incriminating report after six years of working on the case and promptly goes insane. He is then murdered by the Evil Argibusiness. Ah, but our proletarian hero is onto their sneaking capitalist tricks, causing them to put a bomb in his car (very subtle, a big-time lawyer gets blown-up in his car-- Film At Eleven! These putzes really are sharp operators.) which he escapes in such a clever way that even though there are no pieces of flesh in the exploded car everyone thinks he's dead. So he then pops up to confront Tilda Swindon, Chief Counsel of EvilChem (who must have done her acting prep in a lab filled with terrified rats, so timorous, conniving and trembly is she) in such a way that she spills the beans into Michael's cleverly concealed microphone. The po-po pop out and justice is served! George Clooney comes across as the Earnest Revolutionary, like in those Maoist films they made during the Cultural Revolution. He has human failings, sure, but when the chips are down he's a man of the people.
The sickening thing is that this par-boiled agitprop has more than a good shot at winning best picture. The other four movies are infinitely better. 'There Will Be Blood' is every bit as offensively left-wing in concept but is not so openly propagandistic. The politicized Hollywood community loves turkeys like 'Erin Brockavitch' or 'Crash' and has shown again and again that it will reward suitably ideologically correct movies with the Best Picture Oscar. We'll see.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Girls On The Right

In previous posts I've stated that if the two candidates in November's general election were McLame and Obamarama I would vote for Obamarama. Part of my vote would be based on McLame's meanness, vile temper and borderline sanity. But when Rudy went under I received an e-mail from his SoCal campaign chairman asking me to join the McLame campaign. I e-mailed back my absolute disdain for McLame and stated that I was an Obamarama voter if McLame was the candidate. The reply stated that he hoped people like me wouldnt put Clinton III in the White House. A valid point? Perhaps. It did make me think.
Well, putting politics aside for the moment, my wife told me to drive down to PetSmart and get one of those plastic things you use to push pills down the throat of your recalcitrant kitty. On the way I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio. He had a three-way discussion between himself, renegade pollster Pat Cadell and Ann Coulter. And my problem was solved. Ann made a great case for voting for Hillary in the general if she was running against McLame.
First of all, among Obamarama, McLame and Clinton III, Clinton III is by far the most conservative. This made Cadell go totally non-linear, screaming about what a danger to the nation Clinton III would be. Coulter's response, why are we criticizing Clinton III and Obamarama for voting for liberal bills that McLame wrote? The list is long. Neither Clinton III or Obamarama, after all, have ever pretended to be anything other than the Marxists that they are, but Hillary's revolutionary fervor is tempered by a wide streak of capitalistic greed. The same greed that held off the lovely and delightful BJ from the most egregious socialist excesses. The Clints also know that the Dem majorities in congress were completely overthrown when they went too far to the left in 1993-94 and handed power to the dreaded Gingrich.
Which leads to another point; if Carter begets Reagan, and BJ begets Gingrich, isnt there hope in Obamarama or Clinton III? Electing another liberal Republican to follow Bushy, and one vastly more liberal and vastly inferior in personality and political skills at that, would be to hang the failure of the socialist programs that would emerge as this creep 'reached across the aisle' on Republicans. If the parlous state of the party is the fault of Bushy, why work to make it worse?
Finally, the main reason, the man himself. He has betrayed us time and again. He curses and rails AT REPUBLICANS and fawns on Democrats. Do you want the military in the hands of someone with a Napoleon-sized ego and the strategic vision of McClellan? Do you want nuclear weapons in the hands of a hot-tempered, unstable old man? If someone is going to close Club Gitmo and bring the terrorist maggots held inside to the US for a full helping of ACLU lawyers and sympathetic Clinton-appointed judges lets let it be at the hands of one of the Dems so that when one of the homicidal maniacs they release in the name of correct legal procedure sets off an anthrax bomb in a Kindergarten the Dems can get the full measure of responsibility.
Now, I live in California. Whichever looney Marxist the Dems nominate is going to win here by a million votes because on the social issues (abortion, gay marriage, guns) most Californians agree with them. Of course, on issues that matter, like a state government that grows like a cancer and taxes and regulations that are reaching out to crush the state's economy, the voters are clueless; perhaps they blame Bushy. Whatever. The point is, this is not a swing state so my vote for president, and everything else for that matter, is relatively meaningless.
So, Hilly-gal, in a race between you and snarky old McLame, I'll be pushing the button for Clinton III, and may the Lord have Mercy on my Soul.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Revocation Has Arrived

I must be a masochist. I watched as much of the Democraptic 'debate' last night as I could stand but I turned it off before I started having conniption fits. What a stark future is in store for our country. The debate was about which of these losers had the ability to implement the extreme Socialist agenda the fastest. The coming Dem landslide will probably be as huge as the LBJ victory in 1964, carrying giant majorities in the House and Senate along with the White House. That means that all the Federal district judges and appellate court justices that were blocked by the Gang Of Fourteen will be quickly filled with the same extreme Radical basket cases appointed by BJ or Carter, with no opposition from the comatose and nearly-defunct Republican minority. The Chamber Of Commerce types that have merrily destroyed the party with their selfish greed and their support of the worthless McLame will be the first to feel the knout as the concept of private property is totally abandoned. The fat middle-class chipmunks that put Clinton III or Obamarama in office will notice a gigantic surge in crime as Three Strikes laws are thrown out and the life sentences of psychotic criminals are commuted in the name of racial fairness and equity. Economy-crushing, ever more steeply progressive taxes will be levied on the wealthy people who were stupid enough to think that their support for The Dems would shield them from the deluge. If you have substantial assets and you're not moving them offshore now YOU ARE A FOOL. The Jacobins are about to push the Girondins out of power. Sharpen the blades. Idiots that think that there is safety investing in gold should read 'Gulag Archipelago' to find out how a ruthless socialist state deals with gold horders. Talk Radio is high on the enemies list and will be suppressed immediately under the Robespierre or Robespierrette Administration. If it is Clinton III, those media bigwigs and former Clintonoids who jumped ship for the Obamarama Campaign will be in hot water. Maybe it will be like Romania under their socialist government,if you're on the enemies list one day your power will shut off and your phone will stop working and you'll never be able to find the proper bureaucrat to get them turned on again. Or better yet, your 'free' medical care will become hopelessly snarled in red tape while you gasp in pain like a stray dog in the street. Looming over a Clinton III administration will be the red-faced and angry BJ, free to bore the crap out of anybody he decides to regale, a sort of Madame Mao on steroids, or should I say Viagra? Maybe he could be like Castro or Hugo Chavez and give us a nice three or four hour chat on every station from time to time. No one will have the temerity to not pay rapt attention. The contempt that all libs, but especially the Clints, have for the law and the constitution will finally be able to run amok without restraint.
Overseas our precipitate withdrawal from the Middle East will engender chaos as the friendly pro-Western regimes are torn to pieces by the ruthless Islamonazis. The oil will stop flowing. Then our Islamonazi friends will come to realize that our dependence was mutual; they gave us energy we gave them food, however at that point it will be too late, our floundering nation will be unable to effect events anywhere. Probably China and India will wage proxy wars over what is left of the Middle East. The collapse of Europe's energy supplies will leave them unarmed and totally vulnerable to the predators that surround them and live in their midst. The aged and infertile remnants of 'Old Europe' will disappear as Islamic Republics emerge in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Russia in the decades to come. As soon as the oil stops flowing the cradle-to-grave welfare states will cease to exist. A standard of living not seen since the nineteenth century will become the norm.
All these consequences flow from the implementation of the ideas I heard on that podium last night.