Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tyrell I Love You!

If R. Emmett Tyrell was in the next bathroom stall to me I would definitely rub my shoe against his. That's acceptable, as long as you dont plead guilty, isnt it? I love reading Mr. Tyrell's columns and, although I know that the 'Arkansas Project' was just a tongue-in-cheek expression to cover journalists asking questions about the previously unscrutinzed Clintons, still I would think that its presence on the wall of the Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlour in Little Rock would be the equivalent to a Presidential Medal Of Freedom purchased by one of BJ's campaign contributors. According to our pal Warren (one of the confused libs who regularly goes to Townhall to post idiotic comments. Why do they do it? Is HuffPo's server down?) the VRWC never laid a glove on the sorry scandal-wrecked legacy of America's Worst President. Well, maybe that impeachment thing looks a little bad and we do have him on camera committing perjury (for which he was later fined and had his law license revoked) and also have the Clints on camera cavorting with criminals and campaign contributors linked with foreign intelligence services. Lots of ex-Presidents have had to send their former National Security Advisors into the National Archives to steal after-action reports that make them look bad and have pressured film companies to not release DVD's of films critical of their handling of a national security crisis ('The Path To 911') . I only hope Warren is masochistic enough to have subjected himself to the unreadable 9000 page doorstop of a memoir that this narcissist left behind for all Americans to admire, a legacy similar to the one my neighbor's Rottwieler left on my lawn yesterday.That would explain his multiple yawns (Warren cleverly put multiple yawns at the bottom of his post probably to accent his contempt for the VRWC's ineffective criticisms, or because he was actually reading the above mentioned tome). And now, The Little Woman is bequeathed to us just in case we havent had enough corruption and incompetence, hoping that the failed leftist bureaucrats who run our school systems have left us too befuddled to add up the price tags on the the Wonderful Free Stuff that she's promising and realize that the total comes to five times our GNP. As long as these two yutzes are on the scene the Tyrells of the world will never be unemployed.

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