Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Same Dopes

Robert Novak wrote a column today about how despondent and depressed the Republican hacks in the Washington political industry are about their future election prospects. It points out the state that the hapless GW Bush has left the party. These guys should be picking out conservative, take-no-prisoners candidates and going for a fifty-state assault against the Dems-- everywhere, starting today. Local money should stay local instead of being shifted around the country to favored lackeys. A winning team has a winning mentality.

My Comment on TH:

All the 'experts' should put down their polling data,stop running focus groups and get out there and FIGHT!. The Republican Party is not making a case for itself that the American people can understand... and not just in the targeted districts that they think might be vulnerable. I watched DiFi run a totally brain-dead campaign for Senate in '06, with absolutely NO effective opposition. Nobody raised her hubby's defense contracts (while she was voting to cut funds off for our army in the field) or any of her whacky, terrorist-supporting actions. A good candidate could have beaten her in this supposedly Democratic state. But because all the geniuses in Washington decided to back losers like Lincoln Chafee there was no campaign out here. There was no campaign against Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a left-wing liberal in a conservative state; probably because he sucked up to President Bush on a couple of votes. Why didnt someone lay down the law to chuckleheads like Max Baucus in Montana and Kathleen Harris in Florida and put in some decent candidates? Is somebody going to suggest to Ted Stevens that he drive over the 'bridge to nowhere', park his car and stay there, before we lose that one. We need a national campaign AGAINST government-run health-care NOW! Not just to stop an obvious wrong turn but to unite the party around a theme we all agree on and to communicate to the rest of the people-- the default Democrats-- that there is an alternative to the slide towards Euro-trash Socialism.
In short, the apparatchiks that run the party lack vision, imagination and courage. They are not political entrepreneurs but time-serving parasites. We cant win with a team like that.

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