Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fairness Fun

Just tried to open a new blog on Townhall. First post (or attempted post, TH is real buggy)

Lets have Fairness in political media. And by political I mean shows like Oprah and the Daily Show. Now it goes without saying that Oprah's obvious 'Balance Partner' would be Ann Coulter. What wonderful TV that would make! After all TV doesnt really convey information, it exudes feelings, so lets let the feelings run strong. I want to see Ann run out into the audience and hug her little heart out. Just because we dont want to redistribute wealth and nationalize health care doesnt mean we cant feel your pain as well as the next guy.
I work in an animation studio (well, a lot of animation studios. Film production is like a giant game of musical chairs, everybody hopping from job to job) and its becoming more and more clear that most of my left-wing collegues don't read even left-wing blogs or newspapers (who can blame them? Strip away the psychotic invective and conspiracy theories and you're left with vague, unsupportable old Socialist nostrums that have to disguise their true intent because they are so easily discredited). Their main source of political information is the wretched 'Daily Show'. Playing clips and smirking along. Innuendo at its dumbest and least funny. But hard to argue with. I mean we all KNOW that conservatives are a mean, spiteful bunch of inarticulate clowns..dont we? If you start from that premise its easy to laugh along and your facile 'understanding' will enable you to cast just as valid a vote as the most informed policy wonk.
So who's John Stewart's 'Balance Partner'? He'd have Newt foaming at the mouth pretty quick, anyway Newt's sense of humor (if it exists) doesnt play out on TV. Fred Barnes? NAH! Mark Levin...BINGO!
Just let 'American Idol' set the tone. We reinvent elections. All the candidates from each party get (at first) a quick, few seconds to make their point. At which point our three judge panel... say Al Franken, Morton Kondrake and Mark Levin add a comment. Then America votes, each week one or two are eliminated and the time of the remaining ones is increased. Until the final episode and the two left standing.
So when people start talking 'Fairness Doctrine' dont close your minds. The permanent beurocracy is going to do whatever the hell it wants, regardless of who gets elected or what the law says so lets have some fun.

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I also post comments on books. God, I'm a self-important, wordy bastard. Thank God no one will ever read this crap.

  • Old Calabria

    by Norman Douglas, Jonathan Keates

    Pic of Old Calabria

    From the Publisher
    Among the finest books of travel in the English language, Old Calabria is Norman Douglas' account of his visits to the wild country of southern Italy in the early years of the twentieth century. Then, as now, Calabria was relatively ignored by traditional tourists. But Norman Douglas, the unrepentant pagan, was no traditional tourist. With his inexhaustible fund of erudition, wit and elegant literary style he conducts the reader from the promontory of Gargano to the tip of Aspromonte; through the influences of its many invaders - Greek colonists, Norman feudal lords, Spaniards and Angevins, until its absorption into the corrupt Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Delicate, allusive, urbane and civilized, it is recognized as a classic for its vivid evocation of the life, language, history and customs of Europe's most colourful extremity. Its literary quality puts it in a class of its own.

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS - An Open Forum
    Number of Reviews: 1 Average Rating:

    Phil Cummings (, July 29, 1999,
    Scottish Presbyterian vs. Pagan Catholicism
    The incomparable and sharply ironic writing style which died out with the onset of Joyce and Hemingway is at its best here. The chapter which proves that the importation of eucalyptus trees into the Mediterranian is a monstrous crime against scenery is alone worth the price of the book.A French and a Latin dictionary will be helpful as this author assumes a level of education in his readers which doesnt exist in these benighted times.

    Also recommended: Satyricon, Ovid's Erotic poetry

American Dynasties

David Boaz, writing in The (June 8)talks of American political dynasties. He asks if it will be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. No wonder this country is in decline! Here's the comment I posted:

These incompetent morons are not a dynasty. You can be assured that Republicans (of which I am one) have been cured of the urge to vote for the liberal, bureaucratic, visionless, spineless empty suits who comprise the 'Bush' side of your dynastic equation. If only the Democrats would become equally disillusioned with the corrupt, amazingly phony and dishonest, sloppy, inept and vicious Clintons. The only thing that we can truly count on is the continuous, luxuriant growth of a feeble and oppressive bureaucracy which will, at some point, take us from prosperity to poverty.

Rock On Hillary

This is a comment I posted (on June 26,2007) about a Larry Kudlow article about the effect of taxes on the economy. Good stuff Larry but the people who run this country arent listening.

Anyway, here's my comment:

Bring On Hillary Carter Clinton
The 401k granola-eating yuppies deserve the Democrats. Their ignorance of how economies work and where wealth comes from (courtesy of the wonderful professors who propagandize in our universities) will be played out when the caring, compassionate Friends Of The Little Guy tax and regulate this country into poverty. Working class people actually have much less to lose in the coming Soviet-style collapse because they generally have more children who wont let them starve. Please Lord, Let the DINKS and the 401k worshipers' securities become worthless,real estate values tank, their pension plans go bankrupt and their currency inflate to the value of used toilet paper. Rock On Hillary!

Well,yes...its a little pessimistic but where else are we headed?

Parasitic Americans

Today on Amanda Carpenter quoted Hillary Clinton's debate point about tax raising,

When asked if she believed Americans were paying enough taxes, Clinton praised billionaire U.S. investor Warren Buffett because, as she said, “He’s honest enough to say, look, tax me because I’m a patriotic American.”

She went on, “We have to change the tax system and we’ve got to get back to having those with the most contribute to this country.”

"I’m making $80 million a year, God must have intended me to have a lower tax rate."

Buffett said: “The 400 of us [here] pay a lower part of our income in taxes than our receptionists do, or our cleaning ladies, for that matter. If you’re in the luckiest 1 per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 percent.”

Of course, we all know the results of this type of steeply progressive tax schemes; people cant rise by their own efforts so they decide to take it easy; people with money to invest either go offshore or spend their capital; no jobs are created, many are lost and the ranks of the 'deserving poor', those wonderful paragons that all our efforts should be going to help, swell enormously. The Already Rich and the Politically Powerful become a permanent class whose ranks can only be entered by birth or extreme political effort. Innovation and creativity cease. Birthrates crash.The dull, dreary industrial feudalism descends on 'the other 99 percent.

Here are the comments I posted on Townhall:

Amanda- You Heard Wrong

Hillary didnt say "patriotic" she said "parasitic', as did that well-known parasite Warren Buffet. Get some Q-Tips and clean the Right Wing Wax out of your ears, girl! Even her husband wasn't dumb enough to raise capital gains tax rates, although he tried to raise every other tax rate. But Madam is ready to go the Whole Hog and reduce this once-great country to a burned-out husk of a Euro-Trash Social Democracy, where only the Parasitic Americans (people who ALREADY have money and their political cronies) will preside over depression-level unemployment rates and zero growth. Warren's servants and their children will have no other option than a lifetime of devoted service to their loving and patronizing parasite. See you on the welfare line.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This morning on there was an article by Tom Delay talking about Newt Gingrich.
He talked about his qualities as a possible Presidential candidate. In a party where the rank and file feel totally betrayed by the leadership, someone with reliably conservative views and a track record of putting them into action as very attractive but is Newt the guy that can go up against the Evil Clintons? i posted a comment:

The problem with Newt is that he's already faced the machine that is 'The Clintons' and they've got his number. While Hilly will be spewing platitudes and blowing fake kisses with Oprah and Matt Lauer the sock puppets will be ridiculing him as a nerd. The always repulsive Clints realize that ideas dont matter, especially to the ignorant retards, er... excuse me, swing voters that are up for grabs in the last weeks of a campaign. Its all about FEELINGS. Whichever Republican wins the nomination is going to have to reduce his message to a few simple, understandable emotional issues and not get knocked off message. Newt cant do that. During the impeachment of BJ Newt let the Clinton machine turn the subject from corruption to privacy and he lost big time. On the budget they turned it from excessive spending to Granny aint gettin her check. Whupped his ass and they'll do it again.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Harry Reid-- Master Strategist

On Townhall today there was an article by Dean Barnett about Harry Reid's contemptible attack on Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. The Nutroots are now trying to say that the comment never happened. In true 1984 style we are supposed to wipe it from our memories. I guess we should also wipe from our memories that Gen. Pace lost his job because the weak-kneed Sec Gates (Oh Rumsfeldt we miss you so!) apparently fired him at the behest of Al Qaeda Senator Carl Levin, a Jewish person who supports dialog with people who spend alot of their time dreaming of killing all Jews; after all, a reasonable middle ground would leave some Jews alive and Mr. Levin would probably be one of them in a Theresienstadt-type situation. Anyway, here is the comment I posted:

Reid Is A Genius
You are blinded by your medieval military prejudices which enjoin you to 'kill' or 'defeat' the enemy. The 21st Century Harry Reid strategy is much more compelling. You form a shell company with Al Qaeda and Mukki El Sadr, privatize a huge tract of Iraqi public land and use your insider position to make sure that the shell company ends up owning the property. Then you sell out to a large land development company. Everybody wins, problem solved!
You neocon Neanderthals just cant let go of your addiction to war; a few carbombings in crowded marketplaces here or a couple of beheadings there and you want to send in the Marines. The Democrats are going to send for an advisory team from Hamas (who have had such a glowing success dealing with their political opposition lately) to try to sort out the political situation on the ground in Washington and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Clinton Stocks

This was a comment I submitted to a article that recounted how the sleezy Clintons looked at their massive stock portfolio and found some politically troubling stocks, stocks that the left wing herd might find unPC. Since I had just watched Jim Cramer make a pretty cogent case against any Big Pharma stocks , but especially J&J and Pfizer, and Wal-mart's problems are well-known it seems that they might have just been putting a PC face on a cleanout of stinko stocks. My comment was as follows:

If I had bowbow doggie loser stocks like Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer I'd liquidate them MUY PRONTO!- conflict or not. How can people who take baskets of cash from all and sundry, including millions from one critter who makes his living selling lists of vulnerable senior citizens to ripoff artists (Vin Gupta) and who have never had to explain or even comment on the millions that got and are getting from the evil commies in Red China, again without any reaction from the public, be worried about scrutiny? The press are their lapdogs, their Democratic opponents too befuddled and ethically compromised themselves to make a squeak and the Republican establishment (steeped in the gutless bipartisanship that our very misguided Prez thinks will earn him Brownie Points in history) has the spinelessness of a crawling nematode.Until somebody has the guts to really publicly confront the most corrupt pair of politicians in American history we'll never be rid of them. So Missy Hilly, keep your poorly performing drug stocks while you rant against Big Pharma, just as you ranted against Dubai Ports World while the lovely and exciting BJ was in Dubai bilking the emir out of a few hundred thousand in consultancy fees, nobody's ever going to say a thing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ministry Of Plenty

The FDA has really distinguished itself lately. Letting the Chinese import poisoned ingredients for catfood, toothpaste and cough medicine; allowing foods with synthetic ingredients and pesticides to be labeled as organic they just move from triumph to triumph. Last week my friend Julianna forwarded an article about an attempt by Hershey and a couple of other big food combines to label processed and artificially flavored vegetable oil as chocolate. Very reminiscient of '1984'; DOUBLEPLUSGOOD! The FDA has to pretend that people who dont give cash gifts or promise future employment to their officials have opinions that matter so they have a comment page. When I was younger I hung out with allot of addicts; heroin, cocaine,pills whatever... but I never have met a group loonier than chocolate addicts. Anyway, here is what I posted on the FDA Chocolate comment site:

> If something that is not chocolate can, for self-serving purposes, can be bureaucratically defined as chocolate how can anyone have any faith in any definition on any label? Therefore the agency that was established to prevent consumer fraud becomes a party to it. You must be so proud! When I think about how much mislabeled industrial muck the chronically obese herd of swine often referred to as 'the consumers' are undoubtedly and unknowingly sucking down their greedy maws already I reflect that you could honestly label these products and these morons would buy it by the ton as long as it was sweet, greasy and cheap. The worse aspect of this is not in candy bars but where chocolate is used as an ingredient, the recipe remains the same but quality of each ingredient degrades until we have a world where an original 1960's Hostess Twinkie will seem like a gourmet's dream in comparison to its twenty-fist century cousin. Dont let them call reprocessed vegetable oil chocolate, it degrades you.

Party Priorty

The Republican Party sent me a survey yesterday. One of the things I hate about multiple-choice surveys is that they trap you into a preset range of opinions. One of the last questions was what should be the Republican Party's top priority. The usual menu of issues were presented but of course the total disconnect between the voters and the political class was nowhere to be found. I checked the box marked 'other' and a form for an e-mail response popped up. Here is what I wrote:

The party has joined the permanent beaurocracy, the corporate community and the academic and media elitists in their belief that subsidies and government programs are the answer to every perceived problem and that the common herd exists only to pay taxes to support their wise policies.
The party that used to stand for freedom is now working with the Democrats to destroy freedom. The total failure of leadership by President Bush has turned this party into a claque of cheap pimps trying to earmark their way into the good graces of their corporate and beaurocratic supporters. President Bush moved haltingly forward on the War On Terror (after kowtowing to our enemies at the UN) and then, faced with Syrian and Iranian support for the terrorists collapsed into gutless 'diplomacy'. The government, from FEMA to the FDA to the Department of Education, and most especially the intelligence community and the Dept. Of Homeland Security has turned into a massively expensive and totally incompetent bunch of buffoons, unable to carry out their mandated functions and many times actively working against our national interests.
The party's top priory is to resist this slide toward EuroTrash Socialism, reform the entitlement monster that threatens to engulf our society, loudly and vocally point out the corruption and dishonesty that are rife in the Democratic party and in fact, treat the Dems as adversaries. DUMP THE BIPARTISAN BULLSHIT! The Party needs to stop targeting 'vulnerable' swing districts and take the war to the enemy all over the country...make the Libs defend their failed policies. Speak out for property rights and some sort of guarantee that the government cant confiscate more than a certain percentage of the money that people earn. Stop the 'comprehensive Immigration' crap and enforce the current law, including telling Mexico to stop interfering in our internal affairs and closing most of their consulates in this country. Be an alternative to giant government instead of a participant. Oppose Global Warming as a political tool to expand government control over our lives. Oppose the failed concept of government health care.
Cancel your subscription to the New York Times and throw your television set out the window....