Friday, September 7, 2007

For The Children!

The Right Wing Attack Machine is dancing with joy because their stereotyping of all Asians as agents of Chicom intelligence has resulted in the arrest of Norman Hsu in Colorado, before he could scoot across the border and head for Beijing. He probably was visiting one of his non-existent textile factories to reassure the people he doesnt employ before leaving the Land Of Compassion. Just because another creep with Chicom connections and no visible means of support has been nailed after giving millions in bundled donations to The Party That Cares About The Children we can all be thankful that it wasnt Jack Abramhoff giving Really Evil money to the Culture Of Corruption Republicans. Now we have to note whether these oh-so-shocked Friends Of The Children are donating just Hsu's donations or the bundled donations that Hsu generated from the Chicoms to worthy charities like the Clinton Lie-Berry Fund For Untraceable Cash. Hey, either way The Children win. It takes a village to bundle Commie Cash and who better to launder it than the Chinese?

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