Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Austin Bay wrote a column today talking about the slow progress that was being made in Afghanistan by Provincial Recovery Teams, that were working with the locals to improve conditions in that destroyed and benighted country. While he acknowledged that progress was slow and difficult the article was hopeful and upbeat. In the comments underneath the usual liberals (why do they bother posting on a conservative site, anyway? Political Turret's Syndrome) sang the usual song:

Nothing America ever does is right. Bush is always wrong. Everything would be better if we never had done anything. The Taliban was great for women and now they set themselves on fire because of heroin dealer Bush. We need the billions we're wasting trying to make those ungovernable savages act like Marin County hippies so we can spend them on free health care for everybody.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP YOU PEOPLE SPEAK! Did you have unhappy childhoods, your hemorrhoids are throbbing, your cat just died? Why do you hate your country so much that everything it does is wrong? This article is about the difference that people who dont sit around sniveling and being negative are making in a place that was destroyed by the Soviet Socialists that you obviously supported in the Cold War and then was subjected to a brutal Islamonazi regime whose terrorist remnants you tacitly support now. Just the fact that the Taliban have been chased out is a thousand percent improvement in the lives of most Afghans. We cant invade Pakistan to grab Bin Laden because that could cause a friendly regime to be overthrown by the Islamonazis and force us to withdraw from Afghanistan. But slowly, inch by inch we are making progress. But never, according to you lot. Its always a mistake to take any kind of action or stick to any course that requires long term sacrifice and effort. It always leads back to your stinking, ineffective, oppressive, soul-destroying welfare state.

Oh no! Bama, one of the libs I was addressing myself to has struck back:

bama writes: Wednesday, September, 19, 2007 2:56 PM
another bush supporter swoons
skep41 ... your analysis of why america can't push pakistan to do the right thing is rather sophmoric at best. please don't apply for a state department job anytime soon.

speaking of whine ... sounds to me like you need some cheese to go with yours.

And I reply, after thinking that I wasnt sophmoric ENOUGH to work for the State Department:

Bama: Lemme see now... Afghanistan was a mistake, Iraq was really a mistake but you think we should invade Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons, and risk having the Musharraf government overthrown by your Islamofascist friends, cutting off our forces in Afghanistan.Good thinkin'. The fact is that if President Bush invaded Pakistan you and your peace-creep buddies would be denouncing it in half a second. You libs dont support ANY foriegn policy action by the US and you consistently side with our enemies. Now I'm going to go and smoke some of that cheap opium that lilly is so outraged by and go back into my Bush swoon.

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