Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What, More!!???

I've been screwing around all morning, avoiding work, so this is my third post. Its a reaction to an article in 'This Is London' about a Tory (conservative) plan to withhold government health care from people with 'unhealthy' lifestyles. And what the Socialists are thinking is not reported.


My comment:

Aye Chihuahua! These are the CONSERVATIVES! You know that many of your cracked left-wing brethren consider being a conservative an unhealthy life-style. But, never fear, unlike you hard-hearted types, the Socialists have pioneered cures in their state-of-the-art hospitals in Cuba and China to cure incorrect thinking and would never withhold much-needed therapy from you tweedy middle-class 'conservatives'. But in your case the series of electroshocks and mind-bending drugs will be unnecessary, you've already bought into the notion that the government should determine how everyone else behaves. And what a fabulous job they're doing, too! Fairness and multi-culti equity rule the day. I guess to suggest privatizing health care and making people responsible for their own lifestyle choices would be out of place here?

Well, I guess this was a bit too salty for the gang at This Is London. They allowed a few lame comments saying that people who were refused NHS care should withhold paying taxes for it but questioning the NHS itself or linking their mentality with the slightly more brutal Socialist regimes was a no go. Its hard being a Right Wing Nut sometimes. There's so little tolerance and understanding. Sigh. Great were the comments that those fat, smoky bastards should crawl into the nearest ditch and die to save valuable medical resources for the truly deserving, a harbinger of our future in this country.

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