Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Chicom Cash

Uh-Oh! For once its MRS Clinton that's been caught with her pants down. Some joker named 'Hsu' (sounds like the 'shoe' that Larry Craig rubbed against the policeman he was trying to have sex with) turns out to be a shady criminal. Turns out that he just won a free one-way ticket to Beijing and accommodations right next door to Tommy Chung and Charley Tree. Mrs. C is 'shocked,shocked that shady cash has found its way into her coffers and is so choked with remorse that she is going to donate it to charity; my guess is the BJ Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor Foundation For Untracable Cash, or some other equally deserving entity.
Here's the comment I left on Townhall:
I love how these guys with a $45,000 annual income are able to make $35 million in political donations in three months. Reminds you of the vow-of-poverty Buddhist nuns and James Riady's gardener doesnt it? Fortunately for the Chicom's favorite female Democratic candidate the Republicans are too busy wringing their hands about Larry Craig bumping his shoe against a plainclothes policeman to worry about trivia like this. While these left-wing creeps are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in shady donations they yell, "Culture Of Corruption" and the Republican Party just lays there like a stunned mullet, never seizing the initiative. And you cant blame this one on a biased media either, they broke the story, so now where is the group of Repub Senators on the Capitol steps yelling for an investigation and even empaneling an investigative committee? Which Senators are scheduling themselves on the Sunday blab shows to talk about Her Thighness's shady Chicom connections?
This story also points out that there is no serious opposition to Mrs. BJ Clinton in the Democratic party. Her so-called opponents for the nomination are nowhere to be found on this one, empty suits all. With opposition like this will any young female be safe within the Beltway after Jan 20, 2009? I doubt it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, I Get It!

This Larry Craig (Soon-To-Be-Ex Senator From Idaho) thing, where he got busted trying to (yuck) have sex with a cop in an airport bathroom is just too much. I mean what's stinkier and more gross than an airport bathroom? Talk about weird compulsions. What drives a guy like that? Its unfortunate that the current political correctness prevents any serious look at homosexuality, just as the old Puritanism did. Anyway, the incident engendered a comment:

I used to think that Republicans opposed gay marriage because they were puppets of the Puritanical Christian Right. It turns out that the real reason is that they dont want to get stuck buying expensive wedding rings for their boyfriends. Hey Larry, you big dummy, why not just have a lobbyist pay for you to spend a couple of hours at Barney Frank's house and get it out of your system in a socially acceptable way? What is it with these guys? A stranger in a stinky airport bathroom; I hate to pass judgement in this age of no moral standards, but that shows the soul of a Furbish Lousewart-- certainly not the soul of a leader.

Who's the Schlemiel?

This was written as a comment on Townhall to respond to a Jonah Goldberg article attacking Alberto Gonzales as he resigns. I feel Gonzales is a result of a much larger problem-- the almost-total lack of leadership ability of one George W. Bush. Here is what I wrote:

My father once explained two Yiddish terms to me:
A schlemazl is the guy who knocks the can of paint off the window sill, the schlemeil is the hapless boob who gets splashed with the falling paint. Bush is the schlemazl. Gonzales is the hapless boob who was the victim of Bush's inability to confront his enemies. In the name of comity Bush has egged on the claque of left-wing creeps in the Senate who are devoted to his destruction. If Bush had directed the Justice Department to investigate Harry Reid's land deals,Chuck Schumer's credit checks, DiFi's hubby's defence contracts and a host of other scandals the situation would be quite different. If they're going to attack him for having a 'political' Justice Department than why not have one? Now he gets attacked for it while the Dems skate away free.
Conservatives always talk about media bias but if the media were given a hot, juicy investigation of a Democratic Senator they would report it. All we see are the Repubs cowering, waiting for the next media attack without realizing that you can seize the initiative and write the story for the media to report. Bush,the schlemazl, never got that. He never understood about intra-party discipline or how to confront his political opponents-- or even who his political opponents are (he's attacked his base more often than he's attacked the Dems). So now Sad Sack Gonzales, dripping with paint, goes to spend more time with his family. Another humiliating defeat for we conservatives who have been cursed with such a feckless leader.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Clintonz, Clintonz, Clintonz!

Today John Hawkins wrote a column on TH 'Eight Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary'. My immediate quarrel was with the title-- Shouldn't it have been 'Eight Of The Many Reasons...etc'. Their incompetence is total, their corruptions legion, their ability to spout lies layered on lies is unmatched. If we have to listen to any more fables of the Goldwater Girl donating time to minister to the needs of illegal aliens in her wealthy Chicago suburb I think I'll hurl. If people are going to reelect these two pukes then they should stop complaining about corruption and dishonesty in government-- they are getting what they want.
Here is my posted response to the column:

That short paragraph on corruption failed to mention one of the most egregious examples of the Clint's corruption in office-- their relationship with the Chicoms.The Clints took millions from the Chicoms and millions from the Loral corporation. Shortly after this occurred embargoed missile-aiming technology was transferred to the Chinese. Read 'Year Of The Rat'.
Now Her Royal Thighness is flying around the country in a jet owned by Vin Gupta, a piece of human refuse who's business includes selling phone lists of 'vulnerable' senior citizens to telephone rip-off artists. The lovely and delightful Bill Jefferson (BJ) sits on the board of this company and has collected millions for his work.
The paragraph also didnt mention the Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor in Little Rock, a conduit for unreported 'donations' from criminals and foreign governments.
In a paragraph that apparently slipped John Hawkins mind (the ninth reason) is BJ's career birddoggin babes and bangin beaver. Belinda Stronach and the divorcee down the street at Chappaqua are just a couple that have made it into the press recently. Haven t we subjected ourselves to this national disgrace enough already? Doesn't Hilly's supervision of the 'Bimbo Eruptions' intimidation team disqualify her for any public office?
How about her 250+ 'I Dont Remember's' when she testified in front of the Grand Jury in Castel Grande (subpoenaed billing records found in her office after the statute of limitations had passed).
I could go on. There are a thousand reasons not to put these two creeps back in office. Lets hope the Oprah watchers and other mental defectives don't overwhelm us (with a few hundred thousand phony ballots added in in key districts) and hand power back to these two nefarious incompetants.