Friday, September 28, 2007

World Bore Two, Too

Okay, an update. The latest episode, mostly about D-day and a little sideline on Saipan and Tinian thrown in, was somewhat better. Less schmaltz per sequence. The SPS level was still pretty high but they did cut it out occasionally to mention the actual war. Kinda. They left a lot of stuff out, of course; little stuff like Pont Du Hoc, the French resistance fighting the Germans in Paris, the superiority of the German Panther and Tiger tanks to the US Shermans, Hitler's failure to order his armored reserves forward at the critical point in the battle, the accidental carpet bombing of our own troops in Operation Cobra (2,000 died), the Mulberry floating docks, the supply bottlenecks as the armies moved inland, the disagreement between Patton and Montgomery over the direction the attack should take... we did, however, get plenty of anecdotes from aging veterans and civilians and mucho casualty photos with the same dreary piano snivelling away in the background. Because thats what war is all about, isnt it? The casualties. All this other stuff is just ancillary. This is not accurate history and its not very well done, the weeping dirge and the lack of any heroism or purpose makes this into bad anti-war propaganda.
Oh, and one more thing is REALLY missing, THE MUSIC! They throw in a sad little tune by Sinatra occasionally to show how sad everybody was that they werent home with Mom and their sweetheart, but nothing rousing. The giddy live-now-it-might-be-your-last-chance joy is totally missing. Doesnt fit the weepy template. All that red-hot Big Band stuff has been replaced by the pseudo-jazz refrains of the sad, lone piano. BOLLOCKS!

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