Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter To My Congressman

Yes, I was so outraged at the treatment of Gen. Petraeus by the House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats yesterday that I wrote to my Congressman. Unfortunately my Congressman is the Stalinist woodchuck Henry Waxman. Now, Mr. Waxman was somewhere else yesterday, no doubt cooking up some new plot to destroy the economy or support the terrorists, but his heart was with the moveon.org ad entitled 'Gen. Petraeus or Gen. Betray-us'. Its disheartening to see a major political party sink so low. At what point do the dummies that vote for them catch on to how disgraceful and disgusting the Democrats truly are. It seems that the Republicans are beginning to catch on and FIGHT! Duncan Hunter did himself proud. John Boehner as well. Where's Rudy, Mitt and Fred?
Anyway I wrote to Representative Waxman (and inadvertently dumped the text off the clipboard) and remarked that if the left could question the patriotism of the General in the field commanding our troops then wasn't it about time to start questioning the patriotism of those who don't support the troops, the mission or our country? I also said that even in this gerrymandered nightmare of a left-wing district, if the reality of his views were known, even Cong. Waxman could be defeated. I pray for that day. The day that the 'default Democrats', those people who mindlessly vote for Democrats but don't follow politics enough to understand what they're supporting, catch on to the nefarious vision that these Socialist Democrats are leading us towards the Democrats will be finished. Someday, some Republican with enterprise and imagination will take the war to the enemy in their so-called 'safe' districts and whip them. Today Gen. Petraeus will be on trial in the Kangaroo Kourt of the Senate where the big-league posers and morons live. Fie on them.

Well, well ,well. Cong. Waxman's computer auto-answered my letter and pasted the text of it into the auto-reply (which thanked me for my views and invited me to check out the website).
So here it is:
Dear Congressman Waxman,
I know that you didnt attend the Foreign Affairs Committee meeting yesterday but I have no doubt that your heart was with Tom Lantos and the others who yearn and work for the defeat of our country in the War On Terror. The Democratic Party is wallowing in shame and disgrace in its advocacy of defeat. You dont support the mission, you dont support the troops, you dont support our country. If your allies can question the patriotism of the General who is leading our troops in the field (General Betray-us according to your pals at Moveon.org) isnt it legitimate for those of us who actually support the mission, the troops and the country to question the patriotism of those of you who dont? Its lucky for you that the Republican Party hacks in California are too stupid to give you any effective opposition because even in this gerrymandered left-wing district, if the reality of your views were known, you could be defeated.

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