Friday, September 21, 2007

Time Is Running Out

Today Charles Krauthammer outlined just how bad the situation in the Middle East has become with the strategic moves the Islamonazis in Iran are taking to protect their march toward becoming a nuclear power. Why are we dithering in the face of the situation which Mr Krauthammer describes in such stark terms? President Bush always seems to do the absolute minimum, and that after a long delay. We need to take a much more aggressive approach toward toppling the Iranian regime. We need satellites broadcasting radio and TV into the country 24/7 and denouncing and chronicling the outrages that that sick bunch of fanatics are perpetrating against their own people. We need to daily call for democratic elections. We also should take military action against the al Kud divisions that are the mainstay of the regime. In this country the administration should daily attack the terrorist sympathizers who go over to Syria and make common cause with these monsters. The flaccid, weak response to the MoveOn add accusing General Petraeus of betrayal shows what a half-hearted pack of lame bureaucrats currently inhabit the executive branch. If we let the Democrats snivel us into losing this one it wont be like Vietnam, where we nearly lost the Cold War in the aftermath but were saved by sanity regaining the White House in 1981. This time if we lose we will immediately be plunged into poverty and chaos . We need to act NOW!

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