Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Sick Of Those Dumb Conservatives!

Snivel, snivel, snivel...that's all you right-wingers do. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you buddy! Mister, oh I'll just pass a law to ask the government to do its job in the first place and feel all smug about it! We've got Chunks And Balances in this country Pal, that's in our Living Constitution, which reads (Living Amendment Catch 22- We can do anything you cant stop us from doing). Every time you trailer-trash racist teabaggers sneak some new outrage against Fairness through the legislature we've got judges to set you straight. Its about time you realized that everything that you want to do, every law you conservatives pass, every thought you have in your misguided, hate-filled, Limbaugh-saturated, pointy little craniums is totally and blatantly unconstitutional as the almost complete takeover of the judiciary and the ever more aggressive application of Marbury vs. Madison continues to point out.

Of course you original intent knuckleheads point out that Marbury vs. Madison is just the court giving itself unconstitutional powers and that if Jefferson was alive today he'd roll over in his grave but think of it this way; suppose you had a house in Arizona that was blocking the migratory patterns of the Hombres Mojados, on their way to El Norte to visit the emergency rooms and voting booths to which they flock. That's a violation of the Principle of Fairness if ever there was one. The plastic water bottles and disposable diapers left by their flocks are a charming addition to any homeowner's landscaping. Since us liberals live in upscale neighborhoods with high fences and have a need for cheap gardeners and maids very little harm is done if the lower orders, brutes that they are, feel angry that their towns are overrun and their taxes shoot higher and higher to pay the bill for the social services that our guests fleeing the poverty caused by American capitalist imperialism have a New Constitutional Right to. These Neanderthals should just think how much help they are being to the shareholders of the huge multinational corporations who dont have to pay for those social services out of their own dividends and bonuses. You're supposed to be pro-business you 'conservative' hypocrites!

Well, your stupid little law is heading for the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals where that outrage against humanity will be treated with the contempt it deserves. Those judges down at the 9th can spot a counterrevolutionary racist insult to the legal system in the wink of an eye. They are constrained by no statute or legal concept other than the Law Of Eternal Grooviness. Is Arizona 1070 groovy? I think not.

At this point we should take time out to think of how much progress we've made in the last generation. It used to be that it was minorities who were discriminated against and treated with disdain. Now, in the name of Progressive Progress we have transferred the discrimination and disdain to the majority. A neat trick, eh? We've only had to dump that old stodgy 'Rule Of Law' which was absolutely NOT GROOVY! If grooviness isnt a 'Natural Right' than granola isnt a natural food. Think about it, it makes sense!

Think of the dignity that you Conservos gain from having your rights denied and being constantly ridiculed and kicked in the teeth. You guys are noble. Really. I'm not being snidey, honest. But c'mon, you cant expect to tell people with degrees from Harvard and Stanford what to do. Democracy or not that's just not right. People with expensive degrees from hoity-toity universities are just smarter and so their opinions count while yours dont, no matter how many votes you get.

In fact thats why another 'law' is unenforced...the voter rolls are being stuffed with bogus registrants whose absentee ballots are filled out by helpful campaign workers (another important government service your tax dollars buy you for free) to keep the level of Fairness in equilibrium. If the Democrat's ideas are better isnt it FAIR that they have the deficit of votes made up so that we dont have more Norm Coleman's running around in the Senate?

So stop your bellyaching. The next time you go to cast your racist vote and there's some New Black Panther Party members waving baseball bats and screaming racist obscenities at you you can smile and say, "Hey! The Stimulus Bill has created some Green Jobs!" Just go home and sit back and imagine what disease you're going to be on a two-year waiting list for under Obama Care.

And, oh yeah, Have A Nice Day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Fine Mess

Its too bad that Oliver Hardy is no longer available for the job of Barak Obama's press spokesman to replace the oleaginous and increasingly tongue-tied Gibbs. At least Ollie could have brought some clownish levity to the ongoing disaster of the Obama Administration. Not that Gibb's twisting dishonesty doesnt have an element of clownishness to it but its too obvious and frankly there isnt anything funny about what's going on. At least Ollie could pull off, "Well its another fine mess that Bush and the Republicans have gotten us into this time!" with a bit of style.

Whenever the Democreep's policies lead to failure and they're caught lying through their teeth they tend to fall back on style but that avenue of dishonesty seems to have failed with this lot. One of the things thats so hard for a humble right-wing blogger these days is the sheer number and clumsiness of their lies, the multiplicity of outrages and the titanic bungling that seem to be all that this administration is made of; which one are you mad at most? If you wait two hours to post your blog another Obama lie or disaster has already popped up.

Should I sneer with pride because I have been saying to the people who are buying gold that they are living in a fool's paradise if they think a socialist government is going to let them profit by their wise investment? Now we find that hidden in the 'Health Scare' bill's voluminous pages is a reporting requirement and tax on the sale of the shiny yellow metal. Guns and gold are registered for easy confiscation. But that wasnt this week's big outrage emerging from the 'Health Scare Bill'. The real corker is that Barry 'I'll Never Raise Taxes On People Making Less Than $200,000 A Year' Obama is now fighting the lawsuits against his 'mandate' that you buy health insurance, supposedly empowered by the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, by averring that it isnt a mandate at all but a tax, on the 50% who file and pay taxes. Of course the deserving freeloaders wont be asked to contribute, just you 'not paying your fair share' working chumps.

But this week's watchword has been 'racism'. As the Democreeps sink in the polls they whip out all their tired old shibboleths and get to work. The NAACP attacks the Tea Partiers as racists. The slimy Democreep hacks in a chat room for 'journalists' called 'Jour-No-List' are told by a professor at one of the elite schools of 'journalism' to change the subject from Obama's failures and lies by trumping up a charge of racism against some conservative; Fred Barnes or Karl Rove will do nicely. But somehow the subject got changed by the 'New Black Panther Party' screaming racial epithets at white people and preventing them from voting...and the subsequent refusal by our blatantly racist Attorney General to enforce yet another law. Preventing their opponents from voting is a pattern for these anti-American Democreeps. This week also had a story about how they were making it more difficult to count the ballots of armed fascist murderers (you know, the US military) because they are overwhelmingly Republican. Tossed out military voters helped 'elect' Al Franken to the Senate. They must be SO proud.

But then someone slipped Andrew Breitbart a tape of a federal official in the Agriculture Department giving a speech to the NAACP sneering about how she didnt do her job helping some white farmer whom she was sure 'felt superior' to her. Of couse it went viral everywhere but the Jour-No-List Gubmint Media. After their scummy treatment of the vast majority of 'racist' people in Arizona (and by implication all of the 70% of the people in the country who agreed with them) and the New Black Panther deal, and the re-emergence of the delightful racial demogog Rev Wright (Obama's official black father figure) the Obamunists were getting a little gun-shy. THEY were being accused of racism and, unlike the provably false charges leveled against the Tea Party by the always dishonest racial poverty pimps in the Black Caucus, the Obama Administration's egregious racism is on tape and public for all to see. They freaked out and the White House phoned the woman in her car as she was driving back to the office from some meeting and demanded she resign without ever asking for an explanation or having a hearing. Too bad the rest of the tape put her remarks in a much different context, turning the whole incident into a giant gaffe that discredited the Obama-commies and their running Jour-No-List dogs in the Gubmint Media, who panicked without even trying to look into the facts. Of course they assumed that the charges were true. In the twisted minds of liberals arent black bureaucrats supposed to hate white people? They're just not supposed to say it on tape. There's racists around here somewhere!

But that was all yesterday's news. It covered up the fact that President Hopeless has just inked another 2,000+ page legislative monstrosity called Fin-Reg. The two authors of the Fannie-Freddie real estate debacle (Frank & Dodd) have written a bill that will magically, without any hearings, debate or honest reportage in the Jour-No-List media, fix the entire workings of the financial markets. The draconian rules against derivatives and other things the commies dont like will be sure to further choke off access to venture capital and chase trillions more offshore. How many more taxes are hidden in the massive bill? We'll find out but let's venture a guess--plenty of them! The New Depression is officially ON!

But to return to poor Ollie, I'm thinking of that silent short where Stan and Ollie are trying to sell some poor boob a Christmas tree. With each action the anger rises and in the end Laurel and Hardy's car and the house of the guy who doesnt want to buy the tree are both a pile of smoking ruins. This is what Obama and the Democreeps are doing to your house, and all our houses with their danged Hope And Change. Its a fine mess they've gotten us into this time. I hope its not too late to stop them.