Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Vow Broken

I'm voting for Obama! Yes, thats right, you read right! I'm crossing the aisle and don't try to stop me. I might even go down to Planned Parenthood and sign myself up for an abortion, that's how angry I am. That growing lump of protoplasm in my head that was actually saying good things about McLame needs to be terminated before it gives birth to a Liberal Republican.

How has this happened? What has caused me to become so unhinged, to the point where my solemn vow of only a few weeks ago has been cast away in contempt? McLame's unbelievably LAME performance in this financial crisis is the reason. When real Republicans stood up for Free Enterprise and against the Pelosi Gang McLame was at some campaign stops bragging about how he has stood firm against earmarks! As the tidal pull of Fannie-Freddie pulled the financial markets into chaos he denounced Wall Street.

McLame has been handed the Premiere political issue of all times. He's running against the second largest recipient of Fan-Fred bribes surrounded by a Democratic party that benefited to the tune of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in embezzled taxpayer cash. There is a huge wave of anger against the creeps who did this to our country.

And from McLame...not a peep. While Barry The Brazen wanders the landscape bragging about what a positive difference he's made in the current state of Armageddon by wrecking the meeting in the Cabinet Room through sheer ignorance and arrogance , and now trying to pin the whole affair on McLame and Bush, McLame ignores the biggest political issue of all time, apparently in agreement with BHO and forgetting that he actually tried to rein in Fan-Fred three years ago.

The phone calls and e-mails that flooded Congress and scared the Democrats into running for the tall timber would have touched off a response in a candidate who was trying to WIN an election. A true leader would have taken his place in front of an angry mob and delivered a bailout of the stricken financial sector that was within the bounds of fiscal sanity. A champion would be calling for a real investigation of Raines, Johnson, Gorelick, Frank, Dodd et al and calling for an accounting of every penny.

We've got a candidate who won't stoop to telling the truth to win an election. How honorable. If he won't tell the truth now, when it's there for us all to see, plain as day, how can we trust him to tell us the truth ever. Isn't facing truth the first step to any reform? What a four-flushing phony he is. Picking Palin was a nice stunt but if that's his only piece of daring during the entire campaign this pathetic candidate is going to lose.

Yes, in the Middle Ages when you made a vow you would rather die than burn in Hell for the sin of Perjury. When I considered breaking my vow I remembered an option made available to us aisle-crossers by our Living Ten Commandments. Like our Living Constitution it adds an element of personal interpretation that renders the most solemn undertaking negotiable. So some day, probably soon once Obama federalizes the health care industry with the same level of skill that his fellow libs used on the banks, I'll walk up to the Golden Gate, look St. Peter in the eye and announce without guilt, without shame in the voice of the pure and just, "It's just my private blog!"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Monday

Wahovia trembles. Overseas banks collapse. Economic panic and chaos in Russia. Hyper inflation and disruption in India. Even China starts to be dragged down by the current global attack of financial insanity. The US Congress at first stepped up to the plate and added enough provisions to the Paulsen Plan to convert our economy to a socialist state like Zimbabwe at a cost that would either mandate outright confiscation of all income or a complete devaluation of the currency. Or both.

Why are people dumb enough to vote for Democrats? It used to be that the Mainstream Media controlled the flow of information and only geniuses like Reagan, who had the knack of talking past them; hardened obfuscators like Eisenhower who had the knack of cloaking his real intentions in several layers of seemingly incoherent nonsense and out-and-out tricksters like Tricky Dick could get through the liberal blather and get themselves elected and make a difference in the direction that things were going in. But now you can go on the internet or listen to talk radio. There are a dozen great magazines you could subscribe to. Anyone who still believes that this problem was caused by a lack of government intervention in the markets is a thick-headed, ignorant retard.

Unfortunately it seems that thick-headed, ignorant retards seem to abound in the halls of Congress and under the harsh fluorescent lights of America's newsrooms. Even so this is a political time-bomb under the feet of the GUILTY Democrats. That was the party that campaigned on 'Culture Of Corruption' two years ago; roping in enough borderline retards, granola-eaters, welfare chiselers, illegal aliens, felons, self-serving employees of the massive and growing cancer of government and absentee ballots from pets and mental patients to build a coalition of greedy parasites, utopians and mendacious power-trippers numerous enough to allow the Democrats gain control of the Congress from the feeble Bush-destroyed former conservative party.

The Dems fingerprints are all over this mess. The plan that the toothless Bush was ready to sign was a recipe for Depression; worse even than doing nothing. You can recover from a crash; overregulation and high taxes are terminal. But the Dems, aware of how culpable they are, refused to pass this mess into law without Bi-Partisan Unity. That means they want Republicans to blame if this doesn't work; its already universally described in the media as 'the Bush Bailout Plan'.

That's when the Hero, John Boehner, stepped up and halted the entire process. At the fatal meeting in the Cabinet Room Thursday, where BH Obama and his aggression, spawned by his total and complete ignorance of what was going on, caused a food fight which alarmed even the comatose Bush and during which the Wrinkly Old White Dude sat silent, Boehner dug in his heels and refused to turn America's mortgage markets over to the tender mercies of ACORN. Under that bill a crowd of slimy attorneys and cockroach-like 'community organizers' would gain control of your mortgage and apply the 'Law Of Fairness' to the horrible injustice that lets some people live in nice houses while others live in slums. Yuppies who figured on retiring on the equity of their house would have found themselves living in the hybrid mini-van one step ahead of the repo man while their 4000 square foot McMansion is torn apart and destroyed by a riotous crowd of 'the deserving poor'.

There would be a kind of justice in that as mini-van driving Yuppies are the thick-headed, ignorant retards who generally vote for democrats in the fervent hope that they'll fix the weather. The Dems cant fix the weather, which is showing suspicious signs of not being broken in the first place, and they can't fix this financial crisis either.

Even stripped of the errant idiocy proposed by the Democrats the Paulsen Plan might not work. The damage is too widespread. This is the kind of thing that just gathers momentum. All the decades of patches and ad hoc solutions are coming back to bite us. The giant, empty, real estate bubble is bursting and is ready to take everything down with it. The days of a funky three-bedroom house in a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles selling for $800,000 are over. Jim Cramer says the market is headed for 8300. That will certainly change a few life-styles!

The Dems hope they can hang this whole deal on McCain and Bush. Bush is in a cocoon, he matters less and less. McCain is a different story. He has only one way out of this, politically. He has to tell the truth about the Democrats. That's something he manifestly did not do during the debate. Thats something he hasn't ever done but he better make up his mind to be a Republican or lose the election. somebady is going to get nailed for this; shouldn't it be the people who were actually responsible-- Clinton, Frank, Dodd and the rest of the Socialist low-lifes who engineered this disaster in the name of compassion.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Points

OK, I guess McCain won last night. How could he not against that facile empty fraud who was posing across the stage from him? But for me it was a very unsatisfying performance; one that reminded me of everything I disliked about McCain in the first place. Rush Limbaugh warned of this but in my eagerness to see a real scrap I allowed myself to get overly enthusiastic.

The debate reminded me of a salient fact; McCain is NOT a Conservative. Period. He still has a fond spot in his heart for Democrats and doesn't want all-out war. How else do you explain him not bringing up the Democratic Party's intimate involvement in the current mortgage crisis? While Obama was blaming this mess on Bush policies why didn't McCain mention that Obama was the second highest recipient of fan-Fred campaign contributions and that two crooks who stole $100 million dollars were Obama 'economic advisers'? Is he willing to take the blame while Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, the two most culpable players in this entire business, walk away scott-free? Apparently so.

The debate was hosted by long-in-the-tooth Jim Lehrer, who brought all the magic and charisma that makes his nightly news show so phenomenally boring. I guess that was a plus for McCain because in comparison to Lehrer's stringy neck wattles, buggy eyes and palsied tremors Mccain looked hale and healthy. Maybe, in one of these 'debates', they could actually have a conservative host for once, instead of these dessicated, predictable mainstream media liberals.

The format was better than most because it allowed them to really respond to each other; an opportunity that they failed to avail themselves of very often. There were no spirited clashes or witty repartee. They hardly talked to each other directly at all. This was the clash of the briefing books. A bloodless round of recitals of what their advisers figured people wanted to hear. But they were both wrong. People wanted to hear a song about how everything was going to be all right in these increasingly frightening times and they never got to that tune at all.

But McCain won anyway, in spite of all this. Obama CANT say what he actually stands for; dismantling the military, raising taxes and cutting loose huge chunks of government cash to his crooked cronies and fellow 'community organizers'. It doesn't matter, we all know that's what he'll do. His slimy evasions and twists of the truth about his advocacy of defeat in Iraq fooled no one. His complete lack of any ideas about how to deal with Iran or Russia was obvious.

Where McCain DID score big was on energy and its relationship to our national strength in the world. Drill for oil, build nuke power plants; a simple idea that everyone can understand. And guess who it turns out was for these things all along, Barry and the Democrats! If you believe that you should have your driver's license taken away because you're too mentally incompetent to be trusted behind the wheel. That flagrant lie will not hold water. Neither will Obama's promise to not raise taxes. At one point he exclaimed that McCain's proposed tax cuts left out 100 million people. When Democrats talk about a tax cut for the poor, who pay no income taxes under the present system, they mean an increase in the payout from the Earned Income Tax Credit. To them a tax cut is giving a large refund check to people who don't pay taxes. To them an 'investment' is wasteful government spending. After all, the money that they throw in the trash can goes back into the economy when the recipients spend it. They don't have a clue as to how wealth is created and the destructive effect that giving away money has on everyone who gets it.

So McCain won on points. He didn't land any telling blows but if we wanted that we would have nominated Mark Levin instead of this lukewarm centrist. However, winning on points is still a win and all McCain needs to win the election this is to convince the voters that he's not too old to be president. He outdid Obama enough times to show that his age wasn't a factor. He kept Obama constantly off balance and forced him to agree that McCain was right several times. Obama has a tougher task. He has to give people a convincing reason to overlook the ugly associations in his still-vague past and put forward a credible plan of action. He never does. He criticizes Bush and McCain and says how bad things are but he never says anything specific about what he intends to do. He just stood there bobbing and weaving like the slimy left-wing con-artist that he is spouting the usual guff that anyone who has followed this business has become more than accustomed to. It adds up to a great big NOTHING! He is a pathetically inadequate candidate.

Those looking for a knockout blow, or even a good punch-up came away disappointed but I'm of good cheer. The Dems are not having a good time this election cycle. The romp that they expected to vast majorities in both houses and an ineffectual dope of their own party sitting in the Oval Office ready to rubber-stamp whatever congress decides to flop onto his desk is coming unglued. All their compassion twaddle appears to be backfiring as people look at the monstrous screw-up of the mortgage industry and start having second thoughts about making the same people who caused it more powerful.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bankroom brawl!

As the country teeters on a cliff McCain undrops out of the Great Debate! This is not your average election, that's for sure! The stakes of that debate have now been raised to the absolute maximum. McCain is the most consummate gambler that we have seen in politics since Nixon. He is a risk-taker who takes the war to the enemy. By flying to Washington to put the kybosh on another Bush surrender to the Democrats he not only stopped a destructive and outrageous Democrat money-grab but he made Obama look like a lightweight fool. The Dems are now lying and screaming at McCain for acting like the leader of the Republican Party. That's a bold new concept; a leader of the Republican Party who objects to proposals by the Democrats! The age of spinelessness that began with Bush 41 two decades ago and continued through the Senate majority leaders Dole and Frist, that giant blob of Pork Fat Dummy Hastert and the despicable 'bipartisan' squishiness of Bush 43 is now over. McCain wants to fight! The thought that an outraged Barney Frank would be screaming and losing it and that Chris Dodd would be so bent out of shape when they had had $700 bil, the Mother Of All Earmarks, so nearly in their pockets.

The fact of the matter is that, plainly, most Americans are against handing $700 billion over to the banks who made these bad loans. These Inside The Beltway politicos and the bureaucrats and bankers that are the intended beneficiaries of this bailout all live in the same cultural milieu; the rude objections of the proletariat are foreign and dissonant to them. The Democrats had even been kind enough to consider the housing needs of the poor; included in the bailout is a massive subsidy to ACORN, the Marxist radical group currently being investigated in fifteen states on charges of voter fraud. The Dems could be said to be buying fake absentee ballots from a gang of criminals.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd must be biting their nails. Rush Limbaugh screaming their records of guilt and corruption at the top of his lungs every day has to be terrifying to them.
The Dems are in a pickle. They are pushing a bailout plan which is becoming increasingly unpopular. The only people who will talk about the details are the people who are against it. The people who are for it have to keep vague and stay in platitude-land because the details are horrible and unpopular with the electorate. With the financial sector on the edge of panic and the country not far behind them its certain that something will emerge but the Dem's dream package that they almost got the hapless Bush to front for is dead as a doornail unless they pass it using their majorities, making it a 'Democrat' bill. Thank you John Boehner, thank you John McCain.

So now, in this fevered atmosphere, McCain has said that he'll turn up at the debate. Talk about raising the temperature and the ratings! Obama's training session has been blown to smithereens and now the kid has to do some improv up on the stage with The Kindly Old Duffer. And on foreign policy too! That's great! As a Citizen Of The World I love Foreign Policy! I wonder how much Barak Obama knows about Foreign Policy? Now he's walking onto the stage unrehearsed and off balance, without his teleprompter. Obama has to be rattled. McCain has now landed blows against him that even the Clintons never came up with. In fact the Clintons seem to be mighty friendly with McCain these days. Payback. BJ says that he's going to campaign for Obama after the Jewish Holidays. A lot of people assume that he's talking about Yom Kippur in October. This is BILL CLINTON you idiots! He's talking about Hanukkah!

Now Rush Limbaugh is recounting yesterday's meeting at the White House. Apparently ole Barry was the one that caused absolute chaos. The Democrats deferred to him as the leader of the party and he blew it! His ignorance of the details and aggression against the Republicans turned the meeting into a disaster. There was a total breakdown. McCain had little to do with it, beyond luring the foolish Obama out of his depth. The Dems are going ballistic, accusing McCain of interfering with the process, trying to cover for the incompetence of their candidate. They don't have the guts to defend their bill, or even to pass it over the heads of the Republicans using their majorities in both houses. They must be biting their nails about the debate tonight with that callow youth about to climb, unbriefed and badly shaken, into the ring with the guy who put him into the center of this maelstrom to make a complete fool of himself.

I think that McCain forcing Obama to attend that meeting at the White House was a stroke of political genius. McCain always leads, Obama follows. McCain has been ahead of Barry at every turn. Look for a kidney punch at this debate. Obama is not ready for Prime Time.

I can't wait!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tricked Again!

When are these befuddled senior citizens going to stop thrashing young black males whenever they feel like it? Just look at what happened to poor Barry Obama, an innocent community organizer from Chicago. One day he was sitting in his house, minding his own business, STUDYING! Yes, that's right, he was improving his mind, something that all of us might imitate. Obama was preparing for a debate with that feeble old duffer that the Dems think they foisted onto the Republicans...you know, Bob Dole Two, 1996 II.

All of a sudden McCain was threatening to pull out of the foreign policy debate that had so absorbed Barry's attention, suspended his campaign and flown to Washington to join in the scrimmage to bail out the Democrat-caused mortgage mess. The Dems had been dragging their feet, making demands that would have effectively prolonged the crisis and led to de facto nationalization of the financial sector. This was tricky for them because so many of their cronies were running Fannie and Freddie and all the rules that had let them run amok were proposed by Democrats. All the opposition to attempts to control the financial insanity were opposed by the same Democrats who were milking huge contributions from from the crooks, mostly former Clinton Administration bigwigs, who have walked away with tens of millions from the collapsing agencies.

The specter of McCain on the floor of the Senate loudly and publicly doing something about a current problem caused the Dems in Congress to panic and basically give supposed 'lame-duck' Bush everything he wants, yet again. This guy that Harry Reid has called a borderline retard has outwitted him at every turn. The only problem still remaining are conservative Republicans who are appalled at the cost and philosophy of this giant bailout of another Act Of Compassion gone wrong. None of the policies that caused this will be changed. The Community Reinvestment Act will not be repealed. Neither will Sarbanes-Oxley and its idiotic accounting rules.

So McCain gets his mug on the tube grabbing the problem by the horns while O'Blunder announces that they can phone him if they need him. Who needs him anyway? He never attended the Senate much anyhow and was a certain vote for whatever Harry and the Boys were cooking up, when he bothered to vote at all. McCain has caught this amateur flat-footed yet again. He didn't sit there waiting for the loudmouth Dems to pin this crisis on him; he acted and made Barry look like a fool.

I hope the debate goes ahead as planned. Barry's studies were not just about what he doesn't know; they were about him not spilling the beans about the stuff he does know. Anyone who listened the the Dem debates during the primaries knows that Obama is a walking Huffpo cliche thinly spread over a core of total ignorance. Now his three-day intensive cram course on middle-of-the-road lies in an attempt to fool the mouth-breathing droolers into thinking that he wont lead the country off a cliff in his first six weeks of governance has been totally disrupted by McCain's stunt. The normally gaffe-prone radical, who has been flubbing his 'moderate' script every time he gets in an unscripted interview is now exposed to the tricky old geezer without the proper brainwashing.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Number Twosies!

It was 1929. The market had crashed. But then, like a miracle, hope was rekindled in the hearts of a terrified nation when President Franklin Roosevelt went on TV and...er, wait a minute! Is this History or just the latest Biden gaffe? He seems to make at least one a day. One of my favorites, and one which ensures that I will always have a warm spot in my heart for Joe, was his statement that the Obama ad that mocked McCain for being unable to use a computer with the hands that were broken and smashed while he was being tortured by the North Vietnamese friends of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn was 'horrible'. The usual backing and filling occurred to try to redefine the remark as Biden being upset at McCain's vicious attacks.

And the attacks have been extraordinarily vicious. McCain has gone so far that he is actually bringing up votes from Obama's incredibly thin record! During the entire campaign against Kerry the hapless W never stooped low enough to bring up Kerry's record in the Senate but now McCain has gone completely insane and has sunk to the depths where he is harping on things that Obama has actually done! What kind of crazed, unethical Kamikaze behavior is this? Does he think Obama was the Governor Of Alaska or something which requires a higher level of scrutiny?

Now there has been a dramatic shift in the polls. You see, Obama's record is not relevant but POLLS, now thats the hard-hitting factual basis on which we can base our choice. And the polls have shifted in response to the McCain-Palin surge. The pollsters reweighted their sampling demographics and have produced a much tighter race. They've also produced a totally non-scientific poll where they have determined that most Americans are racists. What makes you a racist? Answering 'Yes' to a question asking whether you associate blacks with violence. Maybe the people who answered 'yes' to this question had just listened to some of the speculation that is common amongst the Rev Wright types in the Black Community who are predicting bloody riots if Obama doesn't win.

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail Biden makes a stop at a coal-mining town and touts his love for the hard-laboring coal miners. Too bad that he was on tape from two days ago advocating 'no coal plants in America' but saying that we needed to introduce clean coal into China! So China gets electricity and we don't. When the lights start to go out, because the alternative energy the libs are so found of is uber-expensive and basically unworkable, the government will declare a crisis, appropriate a trillion dollars as a 'bailout' and use that as a blind to seize the electricity industry and turn it over to the Federal Government. One by one the crisis are brought on by idiotic government policies and in the name of averting disaster the government steps in and effectively nationalizes another sector of the economy.

We have now reached the tipping point. The Dems demand that the Fannie-Freddie bailout include the effective nationalization of the financial sector or its no deal. The answer should be the President going on TV and in a national speech BLAME THE DEMOCRATS for the disaster and for the inability to pass a bailout bill. Of course, after eight years of ignoring Democrat lies and power-grabs the feeble Bushy is not capable of any such truth-telling. They say that Bush is preparing an address on the financial crisis but I doubt he's going to throw down the gauntlet. He certainly was completely silent when Pig-losi and Co. passed a drilling ban in congress. This was an issue that could have been loudly pushed to the detriment of the Dems' hopes of holding the house. But that would have been so ...partisan. We're not ...partisan.

Meanwhile back on the campaign trail Obama and Biden are stumbling along making gaffe after gaffe and losing steam. The demographics in the polls can only be tweaked so much and there is a debate coming up between the tongue-tied Obama and a mean old man who has sandbagged better men than Barry in a series of debates. Cast your mind back to the debates between the Republicans, which were pretty sharp and issue-driven and those of the Democrats which were only bidding matches about how much money they were going to hand to various interest groups. HRC was hardly likely to accuse Barry of being a corrupt leftist tied to wacko radicals, just as he was not going to bring up her Chinese contributors. I think we can count on that snarky ol' critter McCain to abandon the Marquis Of Queensbury rules and lure the lightweight amateur Obama onto the ropes.

I cant wait for Biden's post-debate commentary.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Legacy Grows!

The Dems are calling for 'depression-era measures' to get control of the financial crisis that was caused by the government's intervention, supposedly on behalf of their poverty-stricken helots in the red-lined slums across the tracks. The Clinton Administration put policies in place which ended the need for any kind of qualifications to get a mortgage and then staffed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with loyal advocates of opening up the mortgage world to the poor. Of course they didn't just open the process up to the poor; they created a way to leverage a very small amount of money into a huge paper equity in real estate. The easy money flowing into the real estate market artificially pumped up prices but who cared? You could get a five-year super low fixed rate that adjusted to an ARM at the end of the five years, which means you just needed to refinance to another loan at the end of the five years using the paper equity that will have accumulated in the meantime to get a better loan deal. Flippers could buy a house financed with the low teaser rate and rent it to cover the payments. The payments were all interest, completely tax deductible, and any expenses and depreciation could be used to create a situation where the house could actually be generating an on-the-books loss that could be used to lower your tax liability on other income. Everybody wins!

In 2003 and 2005 the Bush Administration and some Republicans in the Senate tried to impose some reforms and restrictions on a process that was running amok but were vehemently opposed by the Democrats; specifically Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Both of these Champions Of The Poor were later found to be taking huge cash donations from their cronies who were running Fannie and Freddie. Dodd took a couple million bucks worth of VERY questionable 'loans' from the teetering Countrywide mortgage firm. Every major Democrat, including Barak The Wonderful, was found to be receiving huge 'campaign contributions' from these two Public-Private corporations. Left-Wing advocacy groups like ACORN and Jesse Jackson's Operation Push received millions from Fan-Fred. Other egregious interventions in the financial system took place. The nauseating and oleaginous Senior Senator from New York, a state with two dishonest and villainous Senators who put even benighted states like Michigan, California and Vermont to shame for the low character of their Senators, was involved in a panic which destroyed the IndyMac Bank. All the employees lost their stock-options and had their pensions wiped out (ala Enron) because Chucky-schmucky and his crooked friends had their hands in the till.

Fortunately this sleazy band of crooks had two things going for them. The first was the 'news' media. The coverage of this has been dishonest in the extreme. The story line ignores the Democrat's involvement and concentrates on the banks and vilifies deregulation and private enterprise. It doesn't report the key action, the demand of the Clinton Administration that The Poor be given access to the mortgage market, and keeps the connections of all of these sleazy crooks to the Democrats and the Clinton Administration under wraps. The second was the feeble weakness of the Bush Administration. If the president went on TV and TOLD THE TRUTH about the partisan nature of this disaster the Dems would be in very hot political water. But the spineless Bush is having the blame hung on his hapless neck because its just not in his nature to get in a bloody political brawl with Democrats. Ditto the alleged Republican 'maverick' who I'm told is our Presidential nominee this year. You know, the guy who's running around blaming the banks and Wall Street...

But in the end, who is responsible for this disaster? Who's the poster boy for the collapse and then nationalization of our financial industry. The envelope please....the winner... drumroll... Bill Clinton! Yes, this is another example of why I call him the worst President in US history. He was the first president to openly receive bribes from an enemy nation in return for embargoed technology. He was the first President to be videotaped lying under oath to a Federal Judge. His attempt to keep the FBI and CIA from comparing notes on his Chicom bribes created a 'firewall' that hamstrung intelligence and allowed the terrorist who Clinton had refused to take custody of to launch an attack on our country that cost three thousand lives and billions of dollars. Jamie Gorelick, who effectively ran the Justice Department and created the firewall and later steered the 9/11 Cover-up Commission away from assigning any blame to the Clintonistas then went on to be a mover in Fran-Fred; walking away with a cool 40 mil. Johnson and Raines, the authors of the phony bookkeeping that brought on this crisis and who each walked away with tens of millions were top players in the Clinton Administration and now are leading economic advisers to Obama.

So now the Democrats are standing in the way of the Bush Administration's attempt to prop up the now-compromised financial system by turning on the currency printing presses. Their big demand is Depression Era Measures, administered by them, that will finally place the entire industry in the hands of the government. The same measures which turned a sharp recession in 1929 into a decade-long Depression are being proposed. This is what these Dems have in mind for health care. Pass 'reforms' to help 'the poor' that bring the private system crashing down and then the noble government steps in with the fix; lots of taxpayer cash. As bad as the Bush fix is it is nothing compared to what will happen if the Dems get their way. We are in for a wave of hyper inflation that will amaze everyone. If the Republicans don't manage to find the courage to resist this Big Lie that's what will happen. Private property and a sound currency, the bedrock of freedom, will have been socialized by a claque of greedy, dishonest and incompetent thugs who will lead this country into poverty.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Default Democrats

When you load a new computer program on to your hard drive and then open it up it opens to what are called default settings. As you get to know the program and work with it you adjust the settings so that each time you open it it opens to your preferences. Politics works the same way. We are in a media culture where we absorb a certain amount of politics just from the ambient social noise around us. Some people then go on to read and discuss and observe and form thought out positions on various issues that fit into a political philosophy. But most people don't think much about politics. They don't see any relationship between the complicated frustrating mess that they occasionally notice when a scandal or disaster leaks into the soundbite-newsbreaks that local TV stations use to tease the eleven o'clock news. That most people dont get the connection between politics and their lives is shown by the low turnouts in local elections. These are elections where your vote really matters and who wins will have an important affect on your life. Municipal elections are the lowest turnout elections. Most of them are dominated by the public employees unions, who account for a large percentage of the votes.
But there is a great mass of people who are fairly fuzzy about the details of the political struggle who absorb their opinions by osmosis from the culture. They've gone to schools where the curriculum is skewed to the left and all those forgotten lessons are still up in that mental attic somewhere. But that programming is very thin and not based on any coherent philosophy that they believe in. A kind of mild, unthinking liberalism has become the default setting in their political psyches.
Abortion is a big part of that default setting. People now see sex between unmarried adults as equally valid and moral as that between people who are married. They don't see why a women who becomes pregnant by some mischance should end her career and live in miserable poverty raising the baby of some creep who got them drunk one night because some Bible-bangers have some high-falutin moral objections; especially when those objections are a mere cloak for a holier-than-thou morality that demands that everyone change their behavior to conform to it. Christianity is seen by these people as an attempt to bully and interfere in other people's lives. The political reality, that abortion was legalized by the courts and is not currently an issue in the political process, doesn't compute with this group. 'If abortion is not legal women are not equal' is very meaningful to them. The Dems have used this basic perception to garner votes for forty years.
Environmental idiocy has been pumped into people's heads for decades. Now even commercials on TV speak reverently about Global Warming. If you don't have any other knowledge of the subject the certainty which which its addressed in pop culture is very convincing. Nobody wants to raise the sea level and drown polar bears, do they? If you think that electricity comes from a plug and gasoline from a pump without being aware of the giant infrastructure behind it then Boone Pickens standing next to a windmill seems to make perfect sense. Just switch to windmills, problem solved!
This goes on and on; education, taxes, the War On Terror, people take on the liberal programming...except...
Obama has unleashed doubt in their squalid self-centered little souls. No amount of vague liberalism in long-forgotten social studies classes can cancel out Rev Wright screaming "God Damn AmeriKKKa!" as the towers lay in still-smoking ruins. It was a window into a whole black racism against white people and this country that whites feel is unjustified after 40 years of affirmative action and belligerent black and liberal bullying and finger pointing. Obama has become the poster boy for that black racism that demands special treatment and reviles anyone who objects as a KKK racist. Linking Obama with his fellow 'community organizer' Al Sharpton by the Republicans at the convention probably dealt his candidacy a fatal blow.
These Default Dems like polar bears and penguins as much as the next guy, but they love driving their cars more! No amount of propellers and solar panels are going to replace the internal combustion engine in their lives and they know it. They also know that its pretty obvious the Democrats don't want to drill for oil.
Even with the 24/7 vilification of W the storyline that all of our problems are due to his conservative policies is starting to wear thin. The Dems have been in charge of Congress. In my state, California, where the Default Dems are by far the largest voting block people are starting to wonder why, with all these Democrats who dominate every level of government, services are being cut and taxes are going up.
Bush Lied on Iraq, didn't he? Then how come we won? The Democrats were very obviously wrong about Iraq. The US forces fought a long, tough war but they conducted themselves like superb professionals and after five years they whipped them towelhead savages. Unlike liberals Default Democrats don't see America as a brutal neo-colonial aggressor. They remember the fall of the Twin Towers and the constant sniping by the Dems leaves a bad taste. This is another bad problem for Obama. He was able to outpreach Clinton on this issue and the activists rewarded him for his flagrant treason, which they heartily endorsed, but the Defaulters voted 100% Clinton. Obama now trying to take credit for America's victory only increases the anxiety.
Default Democrats find Sarah Palin vaguely disturbing. Snowmobiles, dead mooses, whacko religious views; all presented in lurid excess by the media. This was the first real election event to penetrate the consciousness of people who dont follow politics. A lurid excess of liberal disdain for anyone so boorishly proletarian that backfired Big Time amongst the proletarian Defaults. The sneering mockery was aimed at a woman who on closer scrutiny was living a typical middle class life until a couple of years ago, a life that any working class person could identify with. A big, messy family with the oldest kid going to Iraq and his younger sister knocked up by some local goon at a tender age. The old man worked as a roughneck on an oil rig while Mom parlayed her PTA connections to get a seat on the city council. The condescending snobbery against Palin wiped out any misgivings people might have had about her views and set up an us-against-them situation between regular people and snobbish overeducated elites.
Default democrats will stray from the reservation. They move in a herd and can stampede in any direction. Left undisturbed they will elect Grey Davis Governor of California; spooked they will toss him out on his ear, in an election that the polls said Davis would win. Default Dems have passed Ballot Measures to limit property taxes, deny government benefits to illegal aliens, end affirmative action and are about to pass a state constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriage. These are the same people who have passed equally radically left-wing measures. Abortion was legalized in a constitutional amendment, all kinds of environmental nonsense has been enacted and funded by ballot initiatives, the Defaults flocked to the polls to devote three billion dollars to embryonic stem-cell research. As far back as 1984 Ronald Reagan and far-left senator Alan Cranston both won this state by a million votes...that means a million people voted for them BOTH.
This is only my gut feeling but the smoke from several approaching brushfires is visible on the horizon, the faint smell of burning grass is in the air. The herd is spooked and ready to stampede. I think they run Right. Big win for McCain.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

California In Play?

I'm seeing McCain commercials on my television set. Sometimes I watch the Univision news and I haven't seen either of the Obama or McCain ads; but I just surf in to catch Latin American news. Univision and Telemundo are totally left wing which leads people to the conclusion that the Latino community is left wing in the same way that the black community is. That is a big mistake. First of all, people from Nicaragua are really different than people from Zacetecas. The Latino community is incredibly diverse and a lot of them have strong conservative traditions. The 'community organizers' have been electing left wing hotheads to the California legislature by using the traditionally tiny voter turnouts to leverage the power of the activists. Toss in a few thousand phony ballots and you're in like Flynn.
That is beginning to change. The second generation is completely assimilated. America is their home. They apply their cultural backgrounds to the current politics and choose sides. Bush won 40% of their votes. As us Right-Wing zealots will have to recognize, this is an ethnic group that does not have an axe to grind with McCain. He went to bat for them and risked his entire career doing so. That and the military record in a group of people who contain a large number of veterans make McCain acceptable. He's still a wrinkly white-haired old gavacho like those red-faced droolers who yell at them to go back to where they came from, thats working against him, but Latino voters don't get angry looking at McCain.
On the other hand...wasn't that a 'community activist' that went to the school and got the black kids who beat their son up off the hook? Latinos and black people have a lot of bad blood. As the Latinos have become majorities in places like Watts and Compton they have not had an easy time. Its going to be very hard for many Latinos to vote for a black 'community organizer'.
Meanwhile, back in Whitey World, in addition to national news that would seem to indicate that 45% unemployment and 450% inflation are just a matter of months away we're also faced with the specter that the State Of California, whose budget has increased 50% in the last three years, is going to go belly-up this year or next year at the latest. Now most people aren't aware that there is a state government, but lets just call the mood quietly ugly. People are scared and its making them mean. Do mean people like to be told they're not doing their fair share? Do mean people want to be told that we can't drill for oil because some penguins might get a sunburn? Do mean people like to be called closet racists by some 'community organizer' who now does his organizing at a $28,000 a plate shindig at Bab's house in Malibu. If you don't need another reason to vote for McCain then just the thought that if Obama wins Babs will have slept with two presidents should make you reconsider; do you want to live in a country like that?
So back to the mean Whiteys, the ones who are angry at last year's immigration bill. Now they've got a choice between the guy who wrote it and the guy who thinks it didn't go far enough. Think McCain doesn't have the edge? Think again. You think a young sassy black guy mocking old John McCain for not being able to use a computer with hands and arms that were broken beyond repair while he was serving his country is well received? I don't think so. I think Obama has started to become the symbol of the arrogant rich people who want to make it impossible for people to have a mini-van and live in a satellite suburb. The whole political correctness thing was underlined by how they treated Sarah Palin. She wasn't allowed a shred of dignity or privacy. Her politically incorrect views were described in snotty, ironic terms as completely unacceptable. It came to a shock to some people that a seventeen-year-old could be set upon so savagely. Fortunately the baby wasn't aware that the New York Times was raising questions about his parentage. That was shocking to most people and doubly so when Obama snidely insinuated that Sarah Palin was a pig. Defining himself as a cad of the first water.
So the media party continues. The polls seem to suggest that this is even or close but I've talked to too many people who vote Democrat by default and none of them are going to vote for Obama. My youngest daughter, who disagrees with everything Palin and social conservatives stand for is very concerned by Obama's socialist economic policies and is undecided and if a twenty-three-year-old Political Science graduate of UC Irvine is undecided then that means that Obama is in serious trouble in California.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Watching McCain throw away one of the great political issues of all time makes me want to take back everything complimentary that I've said about him for the last few weeks and break my vow against using the nickname McL... that I swore I would drop from my blog. Maybe its me. Maybe I'm just a hate-filled, raging angry partisan who needs to wash down a valium with some brandy and switch my radio from Mark Levin to Easy listening. Put away the White Zombie and concentrate on Mozart, so to speak. But look at what he's been doing! The Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae scandals are one hundred percent Democrat. The people who milked tens of millions from them in undeserved bonuses were top Clinton Administration officials. Millions were handed out to Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSHY and the career criminals at ACORN. All the political contributions that these two quasi-governmental mock corporations handed out were to Democrats; biggest receivers being Chris Dodd, BARAK OBAMA, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. I'd watch out for a sawed-off governor of New Mexico if I were them; it seems that he was the only one on the stage of the Dem presidential debates that wasn't pocketing huge wads of cash from Freddie and Fannie and he's probably mighty POed to find out about it. Richardson has probably been wandering the halls of the state house in Santa Fe late at night drunk with a loaded revolver babbling about 'fixing those bustards'. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer weren't raking in some nice 'consultancy' fees on the side. This is a perfect example of the Dems using the government to intervene in the market, in this case by removing almost all obstacles to qualifying for a mortgage while they made credit card interest non-deductable, ensuring that people would constantly refinance consumer debt into the inflated equity of their house and opening the door to flippers and speculators of all sorts. Then, when the house of cards collapses these rats pocket their ill-gotten gains and walk away singing a soul-stirring aria about how 'the unregulated free market just doesn't work'! San Fran Nan says this has nothing to do with the Democrats and that she's going to launch an investigation...right after Hell freezes over from Global Cooling. The New York Slimes and the rest of the media mutts are barking about the failure of Free Enterprise and how this proves we need more government. More government? Did those Clintonistas forget to steal something? They screw up everything they touch with their idiocy about inclusiveness tied to a Pacific Ocean sized lust for unearned cash. If these socialist choads get their incompetent hands on our medical system we're going to live short painful existences before we end up croaking during the 36 hour wait to see a practical nurse at one of the few remaining clinics.
Now we have the nauseating sight of Barak 'going on the offensive' to get his Big Mo back by ATTACKING MCCAIN about his role in the Fred-Fan crash! Talk about offensive! Two of his economic advisors are Johnson and Raines who walked away with $100 mil from the wreck of Fan-Fred. But thats what you expect from a Democrat, they're the worst liars possible. You have to be if you represent a philosophy with a century-long record of TOTAL FAILURE! The decade and a half of dominance by the Clintons, who were so egregiously dishonest that they seemed, by comparison, to be even more dishonest than regular Democrats, might have blinded us to the fact that all Democrats are equally dishonest. Mark Levin talks today about how Barney Frank and Co. opposed a Bush attempt in 2003 to impose regulations and controls on Freddie and Fannie by citing the needs of the poor and minorities while him and his friends were looting this taxpayer-funded pool of cash and reviling free markets. For one of the biggest political beneficiaries ($125,000 in contributions) Barak Obama, to now be on the stump trying to lay this on the shoulders of Bush, who tried to stop it, and McCain, who didn't take a penny from this trough of sludge, is loudly speaking the biggest political lie since the 9/11 commission (starring Jamie Gorelick who received a cool $40 mil from Fred-Fan) let the incompetent Clinton Administration off the hook for the terrorist attacks. These same people whose lies and incompetence have been overlooked when they got three thousand people killed and 10% of the office space in NYC reduced to a smoking crater are now popping up in the smoldering wreckage of the home mortgage industry with a long record of paying Democratic legislators to head off the many attempts at oversight by the GSA or the Bush Administration.
Now, with the Democrats yelling about the failures of the market and the Bush Administration...and McCain's inability to understand 'the pain of the little guy' it seems that, yet again, our Aisle-Crossing Fearless Leader is reluctant to speak the truth against his aisle-crossing buddies on the Dem side of the aisle. I guess a few weeks of actually fighting back against these greedy, lying, larcenous creeps was too much for the old duffer. He's already been feeling guilty about Rudy Giuliani pointing out what a total ZERO Barak Obama is at the convention and doesn't want to lower the tone of the campaign by mentioning that Barak took a hundred and twenty five G's from the crooks who were looting the mortgage system. I'm so sick of losing these fights because of the silence of the people who are supposed to be on our side. Is this lie going to fly without anyone but the usual ineffective voices on the right taking notice? Does Scooter Libby get grilled for years and convicted in a kangaroo court of absolutely nothing while these criminals get to walk away unquestioned with tens of millions of dollars that they stole while they were wrecking the financial system that all of us have to live with? After the fuss that got made about Enron why are these guys getting so cleanly away? I am a hate-filled angry partisan when I see injustice like this. The Dems get away with murder and the Republicans get convicted of phony crimes. Bush and Cheney might even deserve the prison time the Dems are planning to give them for winning the war in Iraq against the Dems' terrorist friends because they let the Dems run amok on so many of these issues without making a squeak. When Barney Frank blocked the oversight of Fannie and Freddie why didn't Bush organize the Republicans, who had the majority at that time, to stand up and fight? Maybe he thought that making that giant bag of excess weight that was called Denny Hastert stand up and do anything was impossible, so why bother?
But that shouldn't stand in McCain's way. He's running against the second largest recipient of Fan-Fred political bribes and we haven't heard a dickey-bird from his tight dry lips. I thought he was a fighter but now he's turned into a limp, squishy piece of overcooked Inside-The -Beltway Pasta. Its sickening.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Map

I obsessively click on the RealClearPolitics.com electoral map every day looking for states shifting one way or another. The movement is glacial but there has been movement. The 'solid' states, states where there is a ten-point or more margin are either bright red (for McCain) or brilliant blue (for Obama). I always resented that red-blue thing. The Dems would naturally be red in my mind, to match their political philosophy. The whole red-blue nomenclature came out of the 2000 election and I always thought that the media consciously labeled the Republicans red just to deflect any connotations of socialism from their beloved Democrats.
RCP labels any state that has a less than ten-point margin, but still outside the margin-of-error as 'leaning' and uses a paler shade of blue or red to denote these states. Any states that are polling inside the margin-of-error are depicted in gray. You can click on any state to get the list of polls which are averaged to arrive at the number that determines the state's color.
There's a major weakness in RCP's mapping, though. Some of the polls that are averaged into the count were taken in the middle of August, especially in states like California or New York where the smart guys are so convinced of the outcome that there are no real polls being conducted.
But of the states where the polls are recent and done within the last few days the map shows a clear trend; the blue is washing out and becoming lighter and the red is expanding and becoming brighter. Texas, usually a slam-dunk Republican state was light red in August and has now regained its dark red hue. North Carolina has gone from gray to bright red in the last few weeks. Montana had been in the toss-up column during the pre-Palin doldrums and is now light red. Indiana has moved from light blue to light red. Ohio has moved from light blue to gray. Florida has moved from gray to light red. Missouri from gray to light red.
But the most startling shifts are in the reliably blue states. Oregon and Washington have paled to light blue. Minnesota, cursed with a Democratic senate candidate who makes Al Sharpton look like a reasonable moderate, has moved from bright blue to gray. Michigan, the Democratic disaster area undergoing an economic meltdown engineered by its Democratic governor, legislature, congressional delegation, and Senators and further propelled by the suicidal UAW has lost its blue tinge and is now gray. Virginia, a hopeful pickup in the eyes of the Obamanoids has gone from pale blue to gray, Florida from gray to pale pink. Pennsylvania has lost its blue tint and is now lingering in gray land. The most startling of all, Blue Jersey has gone pale blue.
Since the Republican convention NO state has gone from red to gray or red to blue. The trend has been all one way. Its becoming increasingly difficult to look at the map and put together a winning scenario for Obama. But think back six or seven weeks. The map looked a whole lot different. Then it was difficult to put together a reasonable scenario that elected McCain.
Maps can mislead you. Part of whats wrong with politics today is the obsession with local details and key voter groups in swing states and the inability to think that big ideas don't matter in elections. But both Obama's rise and the Palin phenomenon are exactly a result of their ideas and they both moved numbers in areas that previously were considered untouchable. This is no longer an election taking place in the swing states, this is the first national election since 1994, when Newt took congress away from the Democrats. The entire country wants to drill for oil. The entire country doesn't want their taxes to go up. The entire country heard the questions that Giuliani and Palin raised about who exactly Barak Obama was and how unqualified he was for the job of president and is now reacting to his pathetic response. The reply was to equate 'community organizer' with Jesus or Abraham Lincoln, a tack that was so offensive and phony that it highlighted the fact that they aren't able to talk about what he did as a 'community organizer'. So by default people have inserted the image of Al Sharpton and drawn their own conclusions. There is no legislative record. As they've plowed through Governor Palin's life we've gotten twenty times more information on what she did than we ever got about Obama.
I dont believe RCP's map. I think that the campaigns know better. We're starting to see McCain commercials on cable in California. I would love to see an unbiased recent poll in California. Adding in 'The Bradley Factor', the rule that black candidates poll higher than they run, which is stronger in California than anywhere else, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Obama is even shaky in California. If he can be polling within the margin of error in Oregon and Washington than there is something that people everywhere are rejecting about Obama and the rot is spreading. There is a gravity that is pulling the entire Democratic ticket down with it.
This is a shock. All this year as we looked at the ghastly McCain hijack the Republican nomination and go out of his way to insult conservatives and we saw this charismatic young guy whip the previously undefeated Clinton Crime Family my feelings were of despair. I was so disgusted with the Republican Party that I was ready to vote for a loony like Bob Barr just to send a message to the weasels who it had seemed had destroyed the party that they couldn't count on my vote automatically. It wouldn't have mattered anyhow because Obama has 25 points ahead of McCain in California. At that point the LA Times was publishing a poll every couple of days, proudly showing their beloved Obama trouncing McCain. Those polls have disappeared. The LA Times is notorious for oversampling Democrats and is spectacularly wrong ALWAYS but their lack of polls is more telling than anything else. This will not be a close election. The only way Obama can get out of this hole is not by moving a few key groups in some strategic swing states but by a KO in the fifteenth round. He's not going to win on points.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Messiah Fades

They're blind. The libs just can't see it. They think its Palin but they are so wrong! Their decline started in Berlin, continued through their convention and then ran into the Palin shoals. Before he O-bombed in Berlin Barak The Wonderful spent a couple of months not getting why Hillary Clinton did so well after he had clinched the nomination. It wasn't some big surge of feminism or Hillary's not-so-blinding oratory that gave her forty-point victories in places like Kentucky and West Virginia; it was Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity playing The Lovely Reverend Wright every day on the radio. It was the mainstream news media obviously in the tank for Obama and not letting any of the many unanswered questions about the 'community organizer's' past be addressed. When people think community organizer they dont think Abraham Lincoln and they dont think Jesus, they think Al Sharpton. The mainstream press doesn't have anything against Al Sharpton but the mainstream voters hate Al Sharpton. The Obamanoids have not been called upon to distance himself from a radical black community that Obama was certainly a part of and now won't talk about. The biggest damage Palin has done to Obama is by going through an embarrassing and offensive level of scrutiny about everything she's ever done in her life, let alone her political career. The press has accused her of lying about being the mother of one of her kids, banning books in public libraries, firing state employees for private reasons and talking in tongues at primitive religious services. Meanwhile, we dont know anything about what Barak Obama has ever done. They don't talk about Columbia or Harvard, the 'community organizer' phase is just likened to Abraham Lincoln and Jesus and left at that, his record during his time in the Illinois State Senate seems to have disappeared except for his 175 'present' votes and one enthusiastic 'Yes' vote to teach Kindergarten kids that homosexuality is OK. Barak's record in the US Senate is similarly missing in action. And well it should be. In the ongoing national disaster generated by congressional bungling and corruption in regards to the quasi-governmental Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae the four biggest recipients of cash from the crooks who ran those two floundering institutions were Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. What do these four names have in common? Two things. One; they were all candidates for president; two, they are all leaders of The Party That Cares, three; the press has refused to cover their involvement in a scandal that has the potential to cost trillions and bring the entire financial system crashing down. Thats not news. Sarah Palin being a high school cheerleader--Thats News!
So now, after the nauseating Charles Gibson's condescending try to belittle Gov. Palin on national TV, the Obamanoids have dialed down the attacks on Palin but have launched an add saying that McCain is out of touch because he cant use a computer. McCain can't type at all because his arms were broken-- once because he refused to shake Jane Fonda's hand when she was in North Vietnam helping her communist friends to enslave that unhappy nation.
They can attack McCain all they like but on September 11 Rush Limbaugh led off the commemoration by playing the sermon that Rev Wright gave where he screamed, "God Damn AmeriKKKa!" and explained that the attacks were "AmeriKKKa's chickensssssss coming home to roosssssssssst!" The specter of Wright and 'community organizers' like Sharpton and Jackson hangs over Obama's campaign. The threat of the Democrats laying huge tax increases onto a weak economy hangs over Obama's campaign. The public wants aggressive steps taken to find and produce energy, and especially petroleum, and Obama and the Democratic Congress' refusal to consider lifting the drilling ban is a giant sword of Damocles hanging over Barak and the entire party. If gasoline prices go up as a result of Hurricane Ike this issue will explode again in the faces of the eco-left. Obama's inability to address these three issues are making him increasingly unelectable. The polls have swung slightly in favor of the Repubs but there is reason to suspect that the polls are not showing a correct picture of what's going on. The Dems are not acting like this is a two or three point race. I think their numbers are showing states like Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and even Ohio slipping out of their grasp. I think the inside-the-campaign polls are showing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon (!) and New Jersey (!!) increasingly threatened by McCain. The last poll taken in California was before the two conventions and even then showed slippage for Obama. I think that if Obama was doing well here there would be a poll every two days on the front page of the LA Times. The reason that there isn't is the total lack of enthusiasm by Latinos for a black 'community organizer' in the mode of Jesse Jackson. Latinos are moving into the formerly all-black neighborhoods of Watts and Compton and have not been treated well by their black neighbors. I think Obama is becoming beatable in California. If he has to start worrying about California then it is all over. But what reason has Obama given Latinos, or for that matter anybody, in California or anywhere else to vote for him? None.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barak 'Slappy' Obama

It turns out that a Community Organizer is just like Jesus and Abraham Lincoln! I'll bet Al Sharpton liked that when a half-dozen Obama surrogates simultaneously came up with that definition. But hey, The Hon. Elijah Cummings has said that even to question the sanctity of the calling of Community Organization is to be a racist. Gee, I don't want to have racist feelings towards Jesus and Abraham Lincoln, do I? I could end up in eternal hellfire without the benefit of habeus corpus! I'm perfectly willing to give the last full measure of acceptance to the explanation that for five years Barak Obama spent his time walking on Lake Michigan and composing a redux of the Gettysburg Address. Are these guys kidding? We all think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when we hear 'community organizer' and Obama might have stopped going to Rev Wright's whacko racist marxist lunatic asylum when the heat got turned up but he doesn't want to talk about the twenty years he hung out with his surrogate father. Do those Dems think people have stopped thinking about that just because Obama's too slippery to get pinned down by his accommodating friends in the mainstream media? Well they haven't, and he hasn't done very well since that stuff came out.
Luckily for Obama, he was running against Hillary Clinton. Even so-called conservative commentators arent very clear on how he managed to beat her. The fact is is that the Democrats were totally sick of her and her egotistical husband and didn't want to spend their entire political careers being pushed around by those arrogant sociopaths. If you look back at the stage of one of last year's pathetic and embarrassing Democratic 'debates' there was no alternative to Obama. Dodd, up to his glutious maximus in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae kickbacks? The goofy and unloved Biden? A rotund midget Governor who has the speaking style of Kurt Waldheim? Obama was cute, he sang a good song and the media fluffed over his complete lack of accomplishment and his cretinous answers at the debates.
But he's not running against the Clintons now and he's done nothing but make mistakes since he got the nomination. Big ones and little ones.
The first big mistake was the World Tour. It outlined his duplicitous sucking up to the Jews and the Jew-hating far left at the same time as his visit to Israel caught him flack from the lefties and defections from many Jews. Then he leaves the Middle East and goes to Germany and lays a great big egg. The speech sucked and contained a few phrases, 'citizen of the world' and suchlike, that McCain was happy to pin around his ears in some very effective commercials.
Then there was a dramatic upsurge in energy prices. Obama joined all true Democrats in his welcoming attitude towards high pump prices. No Drilling! No, No, No!
Inflate your tires and get a tune up. And eat cake, Dahling, its Mahvelous!
Again the libs think that their promise of these mythical vehicles which run on Greenhouse Friendly pixie dust within the next decade or two is going to mollify the people who don't understand why the stupid yutzes who wrecked the school system now want to hijack their beloved automobiles.
Then there was the Temple Of Doom in a football field. What a flop. Everybody's a victim, gloom, gloom, gloom. They tried to dump the Son Of Martin Luther King schtick and tried to do a remake of 'Leave It To Leninist Beaver'. Nothing in the way of policy at all. Nothing. How appropriate for a guy who snoozed his way through the Illinois State Senate and did absolutely nothing in his brief stint in the US Senate to not propose a single concrete program.
So he walks out of the arena and gets slammed in the face by Sarah Palin. First the Obamamedia cranks up the slime leading up to her speech, ensuring her and Giuliani a giant audeince and they both go straight for Obama's jugular. And it wasn't hard. Who is this lanky drink of water anyway? What's he ever done that qualifies him even to be an Illinois senator let alone president?
Since Palin has emerged and did her speech McCain has kept her out of the way of the press, which has ensured hysterical coverage in a build-up to going on the Sunday chat shows. BHO has gotten involved in the 'lipstick' kerfuffle, a disaster of his own making. If you want to get any woman to hate you calling her or another woman a pig and then smarmily explaining that you were 'just kidding' or 'taken out of context' is the way to do it. Then that half-wit Biden and two or three of Obama's sock-puppets came out with some more 'lipstick' lines and soon the words 'lipstick on a pig' were bouncing around the media. No matter how its discussed or how sympathetic the treatment just the story itself is a disaster for BHO.
Maybe Obama will pull himself together and present people with a program that they can believe and support. Maybe he'll pull his campaign organization together and impose some discipline. maybe he'll formulate a coherent strategy other than massive black turnout pumped up with fraudulent ballots and a few hearty MoveOn types. We're going to have a 130% turnout in black precincts this year. That is not a winning strategy as was shown after the Wright business broke and even the ghastly Hillary started wiping the floor with him. So Obama better pull himself together and stop walking into McCain's sucker punches or they'll be taking him out of the ring on a stretcher with the unlikely McCain winning forty states.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


'You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig, But It's Still a Pig!'

It would be hard to imagine a more politically inappropriate and downright stupid remark for a male candidate who just defeated a female candidate for the nomination and is pitted against a compelling woman on the other party's ticket to make.
But our National Community Organizer has basically called middle class women who identify with Sarah Palin a bunch of pigs! The swing-over-to-the-trough voters. Its not sexism, its snobbery. These libs find Sarah Palin appalling! Imagine, a moose-shooting snowmobiler married to an Eskimo oil-rig roughneck who's had five kids, one of them already knocked up! PWTs, if you know what I mean. Those are the kind of people you see wandering around Washington DC pointing their digital cameras at the Lincoln Memorial, not officeholders, for God's Sake! The best thing you can say about Actual Americans is that they go home after a short time and don't have the impertinence to eat in Washington's better bistros. The thought of Dick Cheney in his little duck-hunting outfit out in the marshes ambushing ducks with his bird-shotgun is bad enough but still suitably aristocratic; the photos of Palin show her in full cammo aiming an assault weapon into the distance. It would be better to have a spread of naked pictures taken by some former boyfriend in Playboy than that assault-gun photo in the minds of your average liberals. Think of the poor mooses as the snowmobile approaches and as the little red dot from the laser-scope finds its mark...hard to imagine Dianne Feinstein or Hillary Clinton on the other end, isn't it?
Thats why they're not pigs! The color of their lipstick is not 'Mooseblood' but 'Code Pinko'.
This is the day after Obama with George Stephanopolis, in a relationship that was legitimized by the Laurence Vs Texas decision by the SCOTUS in 2003, referred to 'my Muslim religion...'
Are these guys aware that U-Tube exists and that these remarks will be seen by tens of millions without having to be filtered and 'explained' by the proper media geniuses? They also don't seem to be aware that people only see the soundbyte, 'My Muslim faith...' 'Lipstick on a pig...'
and dont give a rat's hiney about the context.
If things weren't bad enough somewhere in an undisclosed location 'Plugs' Biden has further refined the porker qualities of those lipsticked trailer broads by positing the interesting idea that if you don't support government-funded embryonic stem cell research you can't possibly be said to have any regard for children with disabilities. And that goes double for you devout Catholics. Its not religion that has humanity and compassion; everybody who's anybody knows what a crock Christianity is, its the federal government from which the manna flows!
And these remarks are just in a two-day period. Are these guys for real? If this keeps up they're going to have trouble winning in Illinois, California, Massachusetts and New York. They're already screwed in places like Minnesota and even New Jersey with this crap. How can they be so stupid?
Meanwhile, they're running against a disciplined team with a well-worked-out game plan but with enough flexibility to improvise and exploit any openings that appear. They introduced Palin and then stood back, got out of the limelight and let these idiots say things like the quote that headlines this piece. McCain is a counter-puncher, he lets Obama swing and then gets in close and nails him. All this fear and rage by the libs is misdirected against Palin, they're still completely underestimating McCain to the point where you have to wonder if Obama & Co. have taken the time to sit back and assess the nature of their opponent. They're still spewing the same lines that they were using six months ago. McCain has radically changed his tactics and they haven't budged, except to panic and get nasty. Bad for a messiah and The Party That Cares. Everybody is always calling the libs Marxists but if I was their Dialectical Materialism teacher I would flunk these idiots for not understanding the political relationship of the classes in present-day America. They're not even competent Marxists!
Now a host of Obama media workers, AKA reporters from the 'objective' media, are crawling all over Alaska thinking they can annoy and bullyrag the inhabitants all they like while they dig up dirt on a very popular figure in the state. Lets hope that the gentle inhabitants of Wassilla treat these media folk the way that any snobbish condescending elitist overdressed overpaid hostile rude outsider is always treated when they walk around shooting their overeducated know-it-all mouths off in a tavern filled with tough drunk working people who fled the lower forty-eight because they couldn't stand how their country was being destroyed by a bunch of power-mad wankers. My advice to the media is to make sure your health insurance is paid up and if a little red dot appears anywhere on your body DUCK!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The War We Won

In 1956, when the Geneva Accords went into place and the French withdrew from Vietnam a little-noticed event occurred; more than a million people fled the new government in North Vietnam. Of those that stayed millions more died or were sent to concentration camps by a regime more brutal than the hated French Colonialists had ever been.
There were people, even then, who counseled against any kind of US involvement in the region but at the time Malaya was a primitive backwater that had an active revolution of its own going on. Thailand was another impoverished agricultural society with hill tribes and old Kuomintang Army units ruling tiny local fiefdoms with a very weak government. Ditto Burma. Indonesia was already sinking into communism under Sukharno. The Domino theory, fifteen years later universally derided, was absolutely valid in this instance. Russia and China were still working in tandem. The myth of the Red Revolution was at its high tide. Mao Tse Tung was looked on in the region as the savior of the common man. This was an entire region that was about to fall into the hands of the communists. Doing nothing would have been a piece of rank madness. If there was a Cold War we were obliged to fight it wherever it was, not just in Europe. We had already stood aside and let the innocent people of the North be enslaved by a communist government and had seen the human cost. Average people didn't know anything about it, of course, but the geopolitical 'experts' in the CIA and the State Department were looking at an entire, very strategic region on the brink of falling into hostile hands.
Over the next few years it became clear that the leaders in the North were as committed to using violence to conquer the South as they were to using violence to rule the North. They armed, trained and directed groups of local recruits who became known as the Viet Cong.
The Kennedy brothers, alarmed at the deteriorating situation decided that the solution to the problem was the removal of the corrupt and ineffective leader of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem. Despite warnings from Vice President Johnson the Kennedys backed a coup against Diem that ensured that the US would have to either write off Vietnam and see if the Domino Theory was valid by trying it out or increasingly have to use its own military resources to keep South Vietnam from falling to the communists.
From the first the war, micromanaged by Johnson and the civilian bureaucrats at DOD, suffered from a lack of being able to define what the objective was. American troops developed innovative mobile tactics that integrated air, artillery and infantry as never before. The communists were militarily completely inferior but were able to use the fictions of Cambodian and Laotian sovereignty and the timidity and confusion of the leadership in Washington to protect their forces and supply lines from total annihilation. The American troop strength was built up piecemeal over a year and a half. The objectives were always local and limited. When the commander, General Westmoreland, asked for a larger force and permission to cross the fictitious Laotian border to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail Johnson recoiled in horror. In 1968 LBJ had a nervous breakdown in office. He resigned when he didn't want to resign. He bombed. He called bombing halts. He was seen weeping and pounding his fists on the walls. The Eastern Elite who Johnson envied and hated but who he secretly wanted to admire him more than the lightweight and incompetent Kennedy had turned against the war and were cursing Johnson for not 'ending' it; whatever that meant. Were they really so blind to what the consequences would have been to a US bug-out in 67 or 68?
It would have been a strategic disaster that would have brought great joy and encouragement to our enemies all over the world and terrified our allies into accommodation and eventual absorption by The Evil Empire.
The advent of Nixon and Kissinger changed the situation but not at once. After a year or so of irresolution similar to Johnson's Nixon determined that the Vietnam War had to be dealt with by changing the strategic reality in the entire world. Russia and China had been adversaries since 1964 and China was in the paralyzing throes of the Cultural Revolution. US foreign policy started aiming to balance and pit the two rival communist superstates against each other. Nixon also began to concentrate on training the South Vietnamese Army to take on the bulk of the fighting with US air and logistical support and by 1971 the US Force was much smaller than it had been two years earlier. Much else had changed. The NVA and the Vietcong had lost most of their former territory. The RVNs, with US air support were winning the war. It took one last flurry of violence in Christmas of 1972 to achieve a peace accord and a final US withdrawl of almost all military units. For the next two years there was an uneasy peace of sorts but as soon as Nixon fell and it was clear to everyone that sending millions of people into slavery and death was OK with the Democrats the NVA, in open and direct violation of the Paris Peace Accords, attacked using tanks and moving as a traditional conquering army. Without US support the South collapsed.
So why do I say we won? We won because during the critical twenty years that we were involved there all the countries in Asia which were in danger of falling to the communists became much more wealthy and well-developed while it became clear that life in Mao's China was almost unlivable. Russia and China became mortal enemies. We had developed the only military with operational experience and the military world noted our innovations in weapons and tactics. We had developed an officer corps filled with combat veterans who were used to working together, something that no other army in the world had. When the massacre in Cambodia and the thousands of boats filled with desperate people fleeing their 'liberators' in Vietnam filled the headlines it became certain that there would be no more gains for communism in the region. The Dominos had grown roots in those twenty years and now could stand on their own.
Communism expanded after the perceived US defeat in Vietnam. South Yemen, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Guinea...all on the tanker route between the West and The Gulf fell to Russian/Cuban rule. The worst President in US history invited the Soviets into Nicaragua from whence they began insurgencies in Guatemala and El Salvador. Finally the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and outran their resources.
But that expansion is nothing compared to what it would have been if Robert Kennedy had won the election in 1968 and acted on his rash promise to cut and run as quickly as possible.
The people who did the heavy lifting in this business, the guys who had to do the dirty work, a large number of them draftees plucked reluctantly from America's giant 1960s sex and drug party, had no idea why they were in this dangerous jungle or scrubland instead of cruising Van Nuys Boulevard in their car after work trying to pick up chicks. It never made sense but history tells us now that what these dudes were doing was saving the world. They held the dike against the Great Flood. They did their tours and went back to their lives unless they were among the unfortunates who were killed or maimed. But no noise was made in any event. The only TV shows about Vietnam Vets show them to be losers who suffer frequent psychotic episodes or movies like 'Platoon' or 'Apocalypse Now' which portray them as murderous thugs. They were robbed of a 'thank you' from their country and ignored or ridiculed by a world that somehow had come to believe that the communists had decided to be peaceful and that opposing them militarily was a form of aggression. But in the last few years; as our forces in Iraq have been treated to the same sneering contempt and obstruction by the people who hate our country, foreign and domestic, I look at the amazing Victory that these Americans have achieved over a merciless and bloodthirsty enemy and I think of those other Americans, now completely vindicated by history, who did their duty and made more of a difference in the course of human history than almost any other group of people on earth; a difference that helped save an entire planet from slavery.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Soggy Center

The final evening of the Republican Convention gave us a glimpse of what it would have been like if McCain had gone with his instincts and picked a candidate close to his heart. The first and second night highlighted his opponents in the primaries; Thompson, Romney and especially Giuliani. All of them gave fine and stirring speeches making you wonder how the back-of-the-pack, least popular, almost non-Republican, managed to slip by in such a short time and beat these excellent candidates to the finish line. Of course, the headliner was Palin, the best speaker of either convention giving the best-written speech of either convention with a build-up that a billion dollars worth of advertising couldn't buy. She emerged as the candidate we should have chosen for the top of the ticket. But we didn't.
So on this last night, after the opponents had stood up to honorably give their support to the nominee and the new Star Was Born on the previous nights, we had the Parade Of The Cronies.
Lindsay Grahamnesty got up and spoke. How do speakers this bad manage to get people to vote for them? It was awful. I don't remember a word he said. It was all delivered in this broken monotone. He lost the crowd's attention after a couple of minutes and just rambled on until he sputtered to a stop. Groan. This guy just radiates 'lightweight'. A good pick for Secretary Of Paper-Clip Allotments in the new administration.
Then came Ridge. This was the caliber of human who was on the 'short list' of VP choices. His selection as the VP pick would have ended the Republican Party as a political entity in this country. To steal a Monthy Python quote, "Dull, dull, dull...Oh God he's dull!" My head was spinning. I suspected that my wife had slipped some liquid codeine into my Diet Vernors so she could slip out for a fast fling with one of the Mexican yardboys. This guy made Grahamnesty seem like Cicero before the Senate. But Ridge and the equally weak Lieberman were the candidates of McCain's soggy, liberal, mosseaten heart. All the fire and truth of the previous evenings, the evenings with the real Republicans, were gone in the Dance Of The Aisle-Crossers; a ballet preformed with the dancers dressed in hidebound cliches and stomping clumsily to the rhythm of the Bi-Partisan minuet. Diaghalev meets a political Salvadore Dali, I thought my TV was going to melt and run down onto the hardwood floor from this concrete idiocy.
But they weren't done. Not by a long shot. The haymaker that would put us into a deep coma was on the way. Cindy McCain. Now, I know what you're thinking. You've all read my previous remarks that I think Michelle Obama is the O-bomb-a! Her eyes, the set of her chin, the way she moves, that's a compelling Democrat! Cindy? Not so much, but its not for lack of raw materials, its for lack of trying. She looks good, dresses sharp, she's naturally very good looking in a way that plays well on the tube...a then she spoke. She spoke for a long time I think. The syrupy platitudes rolled out like a Mississippi of mush delivered in a voice honed to forensic excellence at the Minnie Mouse Academy Of Oratory. The most memorable moment of Cindy McCain's speech for me was when my wife walked in the room, shook me and said, "Will you stop snoring!" I took a walk into the back yard to clear my head.
When I got back it was dinner time so having to set the table and lock all the cats inside (there have been some coyote kills in the neighborhood recently so we trap them inside at sundown)
prevented any further attacks of politically-induced narcolepsy and made me miss the McCain film except in passing. It looked like a typical political bio. Instantly forgettable.
And then, there he was! The Wrinkly Old White Dude. The speech chugged on and on. I guess he was hoping that the narcotizing effect of the previous speakers had numbed the audience into paralysis and we were laying there like a boatload of stunned mullets letting this drivel wash over us. He ended on a more emotional note, evoking his heroism and then launching into an upbeat rhetorical flurry but it was sad after the previous evening.
And what does this go to show? It shows that the Republican Party has incredible vitality and life but it has become the home of some of the most dull, visionless functionaries and equivocators in the universe. The McCain crowd. The Bush crowd.
So, why do I support the guy, you ask? When it came to a choice between being groovy and bi-partisan and fighting to win McCain bypassed the Ridges, Pawlentys and Liebermans and selected a candidate that sent a giant jolt of energy through the party and dealt a crushing blow to the Democrat's attempt to win the hearts and minds of the Middle. When it came to a choice between losing civily and all-out-war he chose all-out-war. He could see the sorry sight his bi-partisan friends present and he knows he needs conservatives completely on his side because we like to fight too. We've been yearning for a fight. McCain knows about strategy and he knows that once you commit yourself to a struggle this intense there is no turning back. He's a conservative whether he likes it or not. A conservative who had been a joke to the Democrats, Bush's Third Term, an old Dole-like duffer, who would be easily pushed aside had now landed some telling blows and produced in Palin a candidate who just by her mere presence is a declaration of Total War to the libs. They are more than angry. They will attack McCain with attacks that will make their eight year verbal assault on the milquetoast Bush look like timid satire. So McCain has put us onboard and then bet the farm. This election is the showdown and we have a cunning, aggressive leader who is now stepped over the line and is landing blows. Do you think that if the Dems are robbed of a victory this November in an election that made Sarah Palin into the most prominent woman in the country that they are going to be in a 'bi-partisan' mood? Add raging partisan hatred to the natural antagonism between the Executive and Legislative branches and the chances of McCain turning into a liberal Bush-Bunny are zero. He is trapped in conservatism whether he likes it or not. The most important thing to this guy is winning. He can't win without us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bull'S Eye!

I havent seen a speech that good since Oliver North sent Brezhnev's B-team on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee scurrying for their hidey-holes at the mad climax of Iran-Contra! Not only is she a better speaker than Barak Obama (her teleprompter malfunctioned halfway through the speech and she kept right on going!) but she managed in her speech to deliver a fatal wound to Barak Obama. For a year and a half the stumbling and incompetent Hillary campaign was never able to ask the magic question,' Who is this dude and what the fork is a 'community organizer'? But we have to be charitable to Mrs. Clinton. She only was a candidate because her husband received oral sex from a young intern in the Oval Office and lied about it under oath to a Federal Judge making her a figure of pity and obligating him to put his political machine at her disposal. She was a person with precious few accomplishments of her own; a few tedious ghost-written books, no legislative record in her brief time in the Senate and what must be the most lengthy collection of boring, nasal and idiotic speeches in the history of rhetoric. In fact, Obama's only laudable accomplishment has been the removal of the pestiferous Clintons from the national limelight FOREVER! but when BO's teleprompter broke during a speech he was reduced to stumbling ums and ahs until the problem was fixed.
But last night the stakes were high. The media uproar preceding this speech was unprecedented. The mask of journalistic ethics and unbiased fairness were discarded as the new York Slimes and MSNBC launched courageous attacks on a pregnant 17 year old and attempted to use a four-month-old Downs Syndrome baby as a football. The foaming at the mouth hysteria and the painting of Sarah palin as some kind of neo-nazi primitive cartoon character raised the stakes to a make or break level. The entire election hung on this speech. But what this media hyper-flap did was cause this speech to be viewed by more people than viewed any other speech during this long and dreary campaign.
The opening act was Rudy Giuliani. Hizzoner gave the best speech I ever heard him give. It was pure Obama-bashing and it was highly effective. At one point he mentioned the term 'community organizer' and stopped and laughed. It was obvious that as mayor he dealt with the verminous cockroaches like Al Sharpton who was a much more effective 'community organizer' than Barak Obama (he's got the burned-down Korean stores to prove it!) and had little respect for the profession of community organization. Giuliani started it off. Just what are these Hope and Change Democrats proposing to do? Who is this empty suit whose pretty speechifying has caused him to become their leader? Rudy warmed up the crowd and got them in the mood but after he left the podium. A stillness fell over the hall.
Palin emerged to a roar like no other. Neither of the Clintons or even The Obamessiah got a standing O like that thanks to the brutal media assault that Palin and her family had endured in silence. She started by simply and eloquently introducing her family. Her son on his way to Iraq in a few days, her pregnant seventeen-year-old daughter and the boyfriend-fiance who never imagined that his brief encounter with Brookey would land him on the front page of the New York Slimes and front and center on camera with the whole nation watching, all the way down to little Trig, who was passed around from family member to family member during the speech, answering the Media's phony questions about what was going to happen to this poor little mite, apparently abandoned by his mother. At one point during the speech the camera cut to the youngest daughter licking her hand and using it to lovingly smooth Trig's hair down, a scene with enough poignant warmth to cancel out the effect of a thousand column inches in the New York Slimes.
But then she moved into the attack. She savaged Obama and savaged the Democrats with a smile and a cute little Elizabeth Montgomery tweak of her nose. She ripped that phony, useless community organizer to pieces. She made a cogent, lucid case why he is not qualified to be president. She attacked the Democrats and the punches landed one after the other. Her most telling point was on energy, the issue that is going to drive this election. Lines like "the difference between a mayor and a community organizer is that a mayor has responsibilities" raised the roof as the delegates in the hall went completely insane. Wishing her son Godspeed as he deploys to Iraq and lauding America's great victory was a back-handed slap to the defeatist idiot Obama and his treasonous running dogs. The Republican ticket now has a Hero from the Vietnam War and a mother who just sent her son off to combat. The democrats?
What will be Obama's response to this attack on his resume? Probably to try to ignore it. What else can he do? Its like Kerry with the SwiftBoats or Dukakis with Willie Horton; the central core of his Hope and Change crusade has been smashed. He has to start coming up with reasons why Giuliani and Palin are wrong! He has to advance some specific policies that will advance his agenda. We're Just Like You! isn't enough anymore and if that's all they have they are going to lose the election because they're not like us at all, Palin is. Vague references to 'alternative energy' aren't going to wash against a woman who was the driving force behind a $40 billion pipeline project to bring natural gas to American consumers. The empty rhetoric has been exposed and now the Dems face a team that contains TWO major national political figures, one a better speaker than Obama and the other a man who has shown that he is ready to use aggressive and imaginative attacks to win. The ball is in the Dem's court. Smash it back boys!