Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warren, LSD Is Bad For You

Because that's what you must be taking to accuse the man who invented the term 'Iron Curtain' and spent all of the 1930's denouncing Stalin of 'cozying up to the commies'. He called his alliance with Stalin a deal with the devil, which he was driven to by FDR's policy of keeping this country out of war. Britain was bankrupted by Hillary Clinton look-alike and policy twin Clement Atlee whose misguided Labor party nationalized health care, the mines, the railroads and most heavy industry. By 1953 Britain still had rationing while Germany, which had been utterly destroyed eight years earlier did not. Decline and poverty are the result of the leftist policies you and your anti-semitic leftie friends advocate.
The reason that Rudy is talked about in the same vein as Churchill is because he has imagination and courage. He goes against the prevailing wisdom. This war that you deny we're in is EXACTLY like World War 2 and the Cold War because it is being fought against totalitarians who want to impose their Utopian nostrums on the rest of us at gunpoint and are supported by people who arent able to distinguish between good and evil.

Warren Small writes: Thursday, September, 20,

Rudy as Winnie? Rude-iculous
Giuliani certainly threatens to be like Winston Churchill.
Churchill cozied up to the commies, bankrupted Britain
and lost its Empire. Rudy cozies up to La Raza, would
bankrupt the USA fighting unwinnable wars and will
lose the American empire.
"The reality is that the threat posed by Islamist
terrorism today is wholly different from the threat
posed by the Axis powers in 1941-2..."
Rudy is chaneling Norman 'Pope Poddy'
Podhoretz, one of the most demented
Zionists in this country.

Love the Pope and Zionist remarks. A left-wing
anti-semitic Catholic basher. Must be a Lyndon
LaRouche type that managed to get released
from the asylum because of America's lack of
national health care. Oh yeah, he hates
Mexicans,too. But he does like the
Clintons so he must be OK.

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