Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Chicom Cash

Uh-Oh! For once its MRS Clinton that's been caught with her pants down. Some joker named 'Hsu' (sounds like the 'shoe' that Larry Craig rubbed against the policeman he was trying to have sex with) turns out to be a shady criminal. Turns out that he just won a free one-way ticket to Beijing and accommodations right next door to Tommy Chung and Charley Tree. Mrs. C is 'shocked,shocked that shady cash has found its way into her coffers and is so choked with remorse that she is going to donate it to charity; my guess is the BJ Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor Foundation For Untracable Cash, or some other equally deserving entity.
Here's the comment I left on Townhall:
I love how these guys with a $45,000 annual income are able to make $35 million in political donations in three months. Reminds you of the vow-of-poverty Buddhist nuns and James Riady's gardener doesnt it? Fortunately for the Chicom's favorite female Democratic candidate the Republicans are too busy wringing their hands about Larry Craig bumping his shoe against a plainclothes policeman to worry about trivia like this. While these left-wing creeps are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in shady donations they yell, "Culture Of Corruption" and the Republican Party just lays there like a stunned mullet, never seizing the initiative. And you cant blame this one on a biased media either, they broke the story, so now where is the group of Repub Senators on the Capitol steps yelling for an investigation and even empaneling an investigative committee? Which Senators are scheduling themselves on the Sunday blab shows to talk about Her Thighness's shady Chicom connections?
This story also points out that there is no serious opposition to Mrs. BJ Clinton in the Democratic party. Her so-called opponents for the nomination are nowhere to be found on this one, empty suits all. With opposition like this will any young female be safe within the Beltway after Jan 20, 2009? I doubt it.

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