Friday, September 14, 2007

Rudy Is Smart

Giuliani has finally figured out the correct strategy to stay in the front of the pack in the Republican primaries, ATTACK HILLARY CLINTON! It's risky, you're getting into the ring with a political tag-team that has had more than their share of victories and also has made resilient comebacks after disastrous setbacks that would have floored any other politician.
There is no other issue in this election than Hillary Clinton and her total unfitness for any public office. Rudy has grasped that the first person to get in a fight with her becomes the holder of a banner we can all rally around. Its better than Mitt Romney's conniving front-loading strategy in New Hampshire and Iowa; its better than Fred Thompson's mercurial and somewhat flat recitations of old Reagan speeches; it takes the fight to the Heart Of The Beast in a way that we've all yearned for as we sat through seven years of unanswered attacks on us, seven years of the Dems escaping any kind of scrutiny for their felonies while our guys are nailed for misdemeanors or,as in the case of Scooter Libby, for nothing. Now we'll see if he's good enough to do battle with the cunningest, evilest political machine in American history and their media lapdogs. Go Rudy!

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