Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Starbuck Mutiny

After our yuppie friends get done filling up the Navigator they still owe $30,000 on , then log on to the in-dash internet stock quotes only to watch the value of their 401k sink like a torpedoed freighter in WW2 and finally check out the sky-high prices in Whole Foods, which the current cash crunch makes them put on the 29% interest rate credit card they NEED a hot steaming, frothy latte to buck up their spirits. But, doggone it, if they use the credit card one more time to buy a four dollar cup of coffee that four dollars will turn into twelve dollars of principal and interest by the time its paid off, if it ever GETS paid off. The walls are closing in on the office-bound middle managers and government employees these days. They thought that they had it all sewed up; comfortable niches in an impenetrable bureaucracy, no layoffs, a lock-solid retirement, plenty of disposable income. Hey, lets go across the street and grab a dople espresso at Starbucks and rap about it, compadre!
Maybe not. That disposable income has suddenly disappeared in a wave of inflation that seemed to come out of nowhere. Now us free-lance and small-business chickens have been hit by the same wave but we never expected things to be easy and are used to battening down the hatches and riding out the storm. I cashed in my 401k after the film industry tanked after 9/11 and never had any illusions that the corporations I worked for would do anything but get rid of me the minute they didnt need me any more. But now the ugly truth is sinking in to the smug yuppies who voted consistently for the party of Green Change that they arent excluded from economic reality; an economic reality that might face them with some stark choices. Not buying that $4 latte is just the beginning. California has just adopted a job-killing, economy-crushing 'Global Warming' plan which is a signal to anyone thinking of investing in this state to look elsewhere and is saying loud and clear to anyone in business in this state to move somewhere else if at all possible. Capital flight has turned a projected six billion dollar deficit into a seventeen billion dollar one. The libs made a few noises about raising taxes but the example of Michigan stands stark and tall; raising taxes in a crumbling economy makes revenues go DOWN! The bureaucrats in this state are looking over the precipice at huge job cuts, and not just those superfluous fireman, policemen, teachers and road crews but even vitally important paper-shuffling loafers will be affected. The phat pension system will be burdened by the lowering value of all paper securities and a huge wave of people taking early retirement.
In the novel 'Moby Dick' an insane leader stopped his crew from looking for oil to chase a white whale, a chimera which had no sensible relation to any reality. He used his mad passion to get his crew to abandon their own interests and join the chase for this useless beast. Thats where we are with Global Warming. Only one member of the crew of the Pequod realized the truth and at one point tried to put a harpoon through the mad skull of Ahab. Starbuck.
In the last few days we've seen the Dems and the yuppies quail and even back off from their decades long phobia against drilling for oil. Chucky-Schmucky Schumer even mentioned that there was 'room for compromise' about drilling. If that doesn't tell you how terrified the libs are about losing this argument you just need to look at the numbers for Starbucks this quarter. Job cuts will follow at the fern-draped Seattle headquarters shortly, just like they will at Boeing. People are buying a cheap thermos and a can of Folgers at Target and brewing up their coffeee at home or drinking the industrial coffee at the office and forgoing the flight to go see granny in Tulsa this year. The smug lifestyle of the middle managers is coming to an end and the dems are still chasing the White Whale of socialism instead of hunting for oil. The Europeans are already abandoning the insane pursuit of the White Whale of Climate Change and thinking of their survival. Can America be far behind?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Hunt The Red Squirrel!

On the first day of Gettysburg John Buford arrived on the scene with his two battalions of cavalry. He saw a Confederate corps marching into the area and realized a battle was imminent. He knew that if he waited for the feeble old man who had been placed in command of the Army Of The Potomac because of the total incompetence of the other candidates for that office, to take action that the high ground and probably the battle would be lost in a river of Union blood. Buford dismounted his troops and held the high ground for a critical morning, forcing the befuddled Meade to deploy on the high ground, saving the battle and possibly winning the war for the Union.
Now, we Republicans are confronted with a similar situation. The feeble old man who has outlasted his totally incompetent opponents holds the command of our forces. He is timid, inept and sympathetic to the enemy. But we can now glimpse the high ground. For the last year or so the media have described Barak Obama's occupation prior to his election to the Illinois state legislature as a 'Community Organizer'. Its never explained who he worked for or what he did. Yesterday Michelle Malkin let the cat out of the bag. He worked for ACORN. Lets grab a few quotes off of their website (

"ACORN's decision to back the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson might have been a divisive action in many organizations. When it became clear that Jackson not only shared ACORN's commitment to the People's Platform but was able to work with ACORN and other progressive groups, however, the decision was easy."

"In city after city, groups provided members, resources and enthusiasm to the ranches to protest Reagan's domestic and foreign policies."

"ACORN wants the House and Senate to stop its partisan divisiveness and enact immigration legislation that helps immigrants become U.S. citizens."

Left-wing enough for ya? The big charge against ACORN is that it is actively involved in the massive voter fraud that the Democrats are using to subvert our electoral system and elect more radical politicians. Ghetto neighborhoods in cities like Philadelphia and St Louis are experiencing 100% voter turnouts and 99.5% Democratic majorities thanks to ACORN and similar radical 'community organizations'. ACORN operatives have been busted turning in thousands of fake voter registration cards, usually dumping a huge pile of them on overworked registrars on the last day of eligibility. ACORN should be prosecuted as a criminal conspiracy under the RICO statute. Unlike regular thugs, some of whom are patriotic and love their country as they commit their evil deeds, ACORN not only hates this country and considers it evil but they commit their crimes to further an agenda which includes installing a totalitarian socialist system in this country. 40% of the funding for these Stalinist louts comes from the taxpayers and probably a lot more from protection money paid by ghetto merchants to enable them to do business in urban neighborhoods.
Now, we all were outraged at the Clinton Crime Family and its servile flunky Algore for taking baskets of campaign cash from the Chinese Commies. But we should do well to remember the words of the late Jesse Unruh, a notable California legislator who said the following, "We take their money, we screw their women and then we do whatever the hell we want!" Words that should become the motto of the Democratic Party in the near future. Words the Clinton's lived by. They werent commies but commie cash didnt bother them.
Obama is different. We're not talking about a contribution or an endorsement; this guy worked with an organization that was actively engaged in election fraud and intimidation tactics to further a revolutionary left-wing agenda FOR YEARS! Now the media, which spent an unprofitable five years combing through W's National Gaurd attendance records but which neglected to ask Algore about the Shaolin Temple nuns or interview Kerry's swiftboat company commander is hardly likely to break into the left-wing Obama festival on the TV news and ask Barak to explain his activities with ACORN. Neither is the confused and feeble McLame campaign, which has just announced the dismantling of the Republican Party's project to detect voter fraud set up by the Evil Rove when he wasnt 'outing' Valerie Plame.
So lets do it ourselves. What did our little 'community organizer' do in his years with ACORN? What does he think of them now, when they are endorsing him for the presidency? Did he ever procure their organization any State or Federal funding in his years as a legislator, like he did for Rev Wright and Father Pflegar? Did he help break any laws?
Fire up the Swift Boats boys! McLame and the RINO Party might be comatose but we still know how to fight! Lets smoke out this commie squirrel and his stash of ACORN nuts! This buffoon is as vulnerable as that Stan Laurel lookalike who faced Bush four years ago. These years-long associations with outright commies, anti-white racists and SDS terrorists have to be served up hot to the public early and often until even the blind can see what the stakes are in this election.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tricky Race Card

Today is...let me see...Tuesday! My last couple of posts have mentioned what a weak, feeble candidate McLame is and how he will be crushed like a bug in November. But now I see that McLame has a powerful ally, one whose every word and deed are loudly praised and trumpeted by a servile media, a man considered a Saint by some, a Messiah by others. I refer, of course, to the one and only Barak Obama, Candidate Extrordinare! What, you say? How can this be? Isnt he the opponent of our confused and overaged liberal Maverick? How has he become the greatest asset of the McLame campaign?
Its very simple. When Obama ran against the detestable and repulsive Clintons he was able to successfully outmaneuver them and even paint our First Black President and Brunhilda, his lovely wife, as the ruthless, lying, phonies that they are. For a while, anyway. Until the Rev Wright stuff came up. By the time the primary campaign groaned to a merciful close a few weeks ago even the nauseating Mrs. Clinton was scoring thirty and forty point victories in key states against the beloved Torchbearer Of Change. The media portrayed this as some kind of heartfelt affinity that the blue-collar types had developed for Her Royal Thighness as she wandered about the country enveloped in an impenetrable phalanx of security and handlers, 'bumping into' people who related incredible sob stories, which on the most cursory investigation by bloggers and other non-elite scum, turned out to be a pack of bald-faced lies.
If it wasnt her glittering personality and a speaking style resembling the voice-over telescreen announcer in the movie '1984' than what was it that enabled this hopeless candidate to score forty point victories over the Obamessiah?
Racism. Not white racism, black racism. The racism that dares not speak its name. The media have never mentioned it because in their left-wing universities and hermetically sealed elite power circles black people are considered to be incapable of having racist thoughts. Its a racial stereotype that is one of the cornerstones of the liberal cathecism. So when The Man Who Brings Hope announces in advance that those crackers in the McLame campaign have their sheets at the drycleaners so they'll be sparkling white for the cross-burning racial smear campaign he KNOWS those Wascally Wepublicans are ginning up against the poor little 'Community Organizer' the media dutifully report it along with some endless soul-searching; "Has America (read, White America) cured itself of its inbred racism?" Or as Obama put it, their fear of people different than themselves.
This is the kind of smug, patronizing, elitist contempt for average people that got Obama his thirty point shellackings at the hands of the annoying and despicable Clinton Crime Family. Unfortunately for The Man Who Can there is literally no one in the Democratic Party or the Mainstream Media (same thing) who will admit this ugly truth to themselves. So when some independent 527 group emerges from the internet/talk radio soup to explode some political land mine at the very vulnerable Marxist feet of The Candidate Of Unity the answer will be as powerful as the media assault on the Swift Boaters, and as ineffective. Nothing makes people more angry than loudmouth black politicians evading scrutiny of their actions by yelling about what victims of racism they are. Nothing. And that's exactly what Obama has announced, in advance!, that he's planning to do.
So, since its Tuesday I retract my Saturday obituary for the moribund and nearly invisible McLame campaign and assert that the Obama-fest currently taking place in the media is so over the top and obnoxious and the candidate's and his party's complete lack of understanding of how regular Americans feel is so flagrant that McLame has the same political strong point that Hillary Clinton had in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia; he's not Obama. And that might be enough to put him over the top.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Debating Tactics

James Hansen, a climate scientist who works for NASA, has discovered a new way to convince people that the Global Warming advocates have a compelling case; arrest everyone who doesnt agree.

Using the pogrom against the tobacco companies as an example of what government can do when it sets its mind to it he called for the arrest and trial of the executives of companies like ExxonMobil and Peabody Energy (coal) for 'high crimes against humanity and nature'. He forgot to call for the arrest of Hu Jintao (president of the People's Republic Of China) or anyone in the Indian government even though both of these nations are building coal-fired power plants as fast as they can and subsidizing the price of gasoline so that more of their people can afford to buy cars. But then these Climate Zealots dont care where the actual Greenhouse Gases are coming from do they? Calls for police-state measures against people who disagree with the faith undermine their credibility as scientists. Einstein rejected the Hiesenberg Principle but I dont remember him calling for the arrest of its advocates during the debate. Even in the Holy War against tobacco the anti-tobacco advocates started with a really clear scientific case. They had charts and numbers and studies to prove that tobacco caused lung cancer, heart attacks and emphysema. Where the crusade went awry was 'second hand smoke' where the evidence was a lot more nebulous and uncertain and was backed up with skewed studies and innuendo pointing to a 'conspiracy' to murder people by those who didnt agree with the orthodox view. The political zealots declared it the truth and proceeded to outlaw smoking in all public buildings and now, increasingly, in outdoor public places as well.
The reason that 'scientists' like Hansen can call for a political purge against their opponents and be applauded for it is simple; they are serving the purposes of the people who want to completely alter this society. These people want to end the free economy and lower the standard of living drastically for the average person. They want to end the global consumer society and replace it by one regulated by a class of economic mandarins who will view all economic activity through the prism of whatever theory happens to be in vogue at the moment. The history of these utopian schemes, which have been tried in every conceivable form for the last two centuries (the first try being the French Revolution), is always the same. The outcome has always been poverty, oppression, murder and the death of millions of innocent people. We've already seen the increase in food prices caused by the bio-fuel boondoggle resulting in hunger and misery in poor countries. Those same poor counties are going to experience a lot more misery and mass death as the uber-socialist economic planning cripples agriculture and distribution in the formerly wealthy countries. That's already happening. All the nightmare scenarios predicted 'if we dont DO SOMETHING about Global warming' are happening as a result of what we are doing about Global Warming.
I'm not a scientist. I hope I'm scientifically literate enough to understand a decently made case one way or another. But I do know a little bit about politics and the political agenda of the people who push Global Warming is clear, a world economy completely under the control of government, an end to free enterprise and free trade and now, apparently, the arrest and imprisonment of anyone who doesnt agree. If their scientific case is so compelling why do the advocates avoid free debates and lose badly when they do get in one? Why do they use such devious and underhanded tactics against their opponents if this is a scientific debate and not a political one. Why do they refuse to acknowledge hard data, such as the decline in global temperatures since 1998?
None of this matters, in the end. If the predicted wave of a Democratic Party victory occurs this November all debate will cease as the Dems use 'Fairness Doctrine'-like regulations to close conservative media outlets and move to effectively nationalize the economy. The arrest of the energy company execs and their showtrials on national TV that the Good Doctor Hansen yearns for so avidly will take place on our telescreens in a radically 'Changed' America.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gee...What Happened?

Oh those McLamiacs were so smart! They did an end run around the conservatives, pretended to support a phony Baptist preacher in primaries where they werent viable and parleyed 30% 'victories' in a few winner-take-all early primaries into an improbable grab of the Republican nomination; aided, of course, by the masochists in the party leadership who seemed to be obsessed with always doing the absolute dumbest thing in every political situation. They sure fooled us stupid conservatives!
So now we're stuck with an inarticulate pseudo-Democratic 'Maverick' whose campaign already is lurching from missed opportunities to disasters and back again. This clown cant do anything right. Obama spends every day screwing up, apologizing for screwing up and screwing up again. Anybody but the most totally incompetent candidate would be on the offensive against this left-wing chucklehead and making enough noise that it would force the mainstream media's 24/7 'I Love Barak' Hosanna Chorus to at least put a footnote in each of the 'Wonderful Hopeful New Age Of St Obama' stories mentioning that McLame exists and that he has a distinct point of view. The problem is that McLame is the most totally incompetent candidate imaginable and he doesnt disagree with the Democrats on most issues. He also hasnt changed his strategy of using his liberal views to entice independents and Reagan Democrats to cross the line and vote for him. The consequence of this is that McLame wanders aimlessly from issue to issue talking away in his incomprehensible bureaucratic memo-speak while the cameras show a wizened, confused old duffer up against a vigorous young Progressive singing the song of the angels. And what song is Obama singing? 'McLame is Bush's Third Term' is the title of the song. Its simple, easy to grasp, and is repeated often. Exactly what you're supposed to do to capture the attention of the low IQ Gooney Birds who compose America's TV-lobomized electorate. Meanwhile Captain Queeg McLame pushes his walker around the country, changing themes like he changes his underwear and waiting for the stunning brilliance of his 'maverickism' to ignite an unstoppable fire in the hearts of the masses.
Now he has been handed the greatest campaign issue in the history of campaign issues. The rising price of energy is a direct result of thirty years of the Democrat's and soft-headed Republican's refusal to deal with reality by drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants. People are frightened and looking for answers. The eco-nuts have a ring through the noses of the libs in both parties and, with their doltish media allies, are leading a formerly great nation down the road to decline and poverty. The Republicans in the Senate have caught on and are starting to take on the Dems on this issue. The Dems have countered with their usual nonsense about excess profits and are walking around opposing offshore drilling by pointing to the useless tracts that have already been abandoned by the oil companies and asking why they dont drill there. The media, of course, parrots the Dem line at great length and at every opportunity. McLame has made some weak moves to indicate some hedged support for drilling in a few more places but he's still talking about Glow-Bull Warming and supporting Barbara Boxer's Cap and Trade nightmare which would gut the economy by imposing trillions of dollars in added costs and fees on an already overtaxed and overregulated economy. Worse than that, politically, is McLame's inability to stick to a single line of attack, to pound home one understandable theme that defines him as a leader, to grab the cameras with a fifteen-second, resonant, oft-repeated soundbite which heartens his followers and brings fear into the breasts of his opponents.
Now, this crippled liberal has come up against a reality that cant be explained away by anything but his own lack of competence and contempt for real Republicans; the discrepancy between the thin trickle of money he is raising and the tsunami of cash that has crested to hurl the surfboard of the Obama campaign forward. Because conservatives despise McLame for the liberal that he is his appeals to the base he has spent his life betraying have gone unanswered. He has been forced to put his campaign on welfare by accepting public money. Obama has, of course, abandoned the public system that the Dems were so hot for when the Republicans were raising most of the money and will continue to milk the internet cash cow for an endless, creamy supply of donations. Unless something really big happens this election is effectively over.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forward Funzies!

Like everybody else I receive a lot of 'forwards' in my e-mail in-basket. Here's one that I got today and decided to add my own thoughts to.

SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2008

Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack.
1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack
2008 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again.

Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school.
1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.
2008 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark.
Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.

Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students.
1957 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal.
Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again.
2008 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADD.
School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.

Scenario: Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.
1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.
2008 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy is removed to foster care and joins a gang.
State psychologist tells Billy's sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison..
Billy's mom has affair with psychologist.

Scenario: Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school.
1957 - Mark shares aspirin with Principal out on the smoking dock.
2008 - Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations. Car searched for drugs and weapons.

Scenario: Pedro fails high school English.
1957 - Pedro goes to summer school, passes English, goes to college.
2008 - Pedro's cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that teaching English as a requirement
for graduation is racist. ACLU files class action lawsuit against state school system and Pedro's English teacher.
English banned from core curriculum. Pedro given diploma anyway but ends up mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English.

Scenario: Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from 4th of July, puts them in a model airplane paint bottle,
blows up a red ant bed.
1957 - Ants die.
2008 - BATF, Homeland Security, FBI called. Johnny charged with domestic terrorism, FBI investigates parents,
siblings removed from home, computers confiscate d, Johnny's Dad goes on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

Scenario: Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary.
Mary hugs him to comfort him.
1957 - In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.
2008 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison.
Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.

Here are my additions:

1957- Jennifer has sex with boyfriend. Mother weeps for weeks and overdoses on Valium. Father calls her a whore and throws her out of the house because family is disgraced. After she has a botched illegal abortion which puts her in the hospital for several weeks and makes it impossible for her to ever have a child she becomes a professional streetwalker and an alcoholic.

2008 Jennifer has sex with boyfriend. They go downstairs and watch TV with her parents.

1957- Clyde smokes a joint. He tells his best friend who rats him out to the Vice Principal who calls the police. The family is convinced that Bob is a hopeless drug addict and has him admitted to a mental hospital where he is given a round of fifty electro-shock therapies. Ends up as a grinning idiot who is paid by the state to pick up litter downtown with a pointed stick.

2008- Clyde smokes a joint. He father yells at him for twenty minutes for stealing his stash and making him drive down the the Medical Marijuana dispensary to get some more. They all end up getting wasted and watching the animated maps on the Weather Channel the rest of the evening.

1957- United States citizens business interests are threatened by petty foreign dictator. America demands action with one voice. Elements of US Navy arrive offshore as Marines are deployed. A note containing an ultimatum is handed to the dictator, whose foreign assets have been seized. After a short bombardment in which several thousand innocent civilians are killed and injured and half the capital city burns down the Marines land and install an unpopular puppet regime which protects foreign business interests by rounding up thousands of 'suspected terrorists'.

2008- United States business interests are threatened by petty dictator. New York Times publishes front page story outlining the chaos and indecision secretly taking place in the White House and reveals the covert agents in the dictatorship and their methods of gathering intelligence. Left-wing demonstrators take to the streets defending the dictatorship's position and denouncing Global capitalism. International mediation bodies agree to put the issue on the agenda in next years round of trade talks. The business is nationalized and the dictator is given an honorary degree from Harvard.

1957- Bob is diagnosed with prostate cancer. He goes home and makes his peace with his approaching death.

2008- Bob is diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is treated and he goes into remission.

1957- Leland goes on strike at the plant. The company finally caves and signs a contract that gives the union members a fat package of high wages and benefits and a very generous retirement pension.

2008- Leland's company has been driven into bankruptcy by the huge costs associated with paying retirement pensions and wages that are twenty times the world level for the same job. Leland joins his union to demand that the Federal Government pay him his full pension and his local Representative and Senator add the demand to an Omnibus Spending Bill which creates a trillion-dollar deficit.

1957- Lil' Rufus goes to bed hungry because his parents dont have enough money to buy food.

2008- Lil' Rufus is treated for morbid obesity because his Baby Mama spends her food stamps buying giant boxes of Oreos at Costco, the school lunch program is carb-heavy, also the fruit-flavored punch dispensed free at the school is almost pure high-fructose corn syrup with a little chemical flavoring added, and the Boys Club he hangs out at after school has plates of free doughnuts for the kids to snack on while they play video games or watch TV.

1957- Johnston Family cuts back on meals to save up for the once yearly long distance phone call to Grandma who lives 1,200 miles away in Tennessee. The charge is $4 a minute station-to-station or $8 a minute person-to-person which takes a big chunk from dad's $120 weekly paycheck.

2008- Johnston Family members block grandma's number on their cell phones because ever since she retired to Costa Rica she phones them incessantly with her new one-price international calling plan.

1957- Glutzman family suffers respiratory problems because the coal-fired power plant upwind from them is belching clouds of unscrubbed black smoke.

2008- Glutzman family freezes in the cold because environmental regulations and taxes have destroyed the economy and the unemployed Glutzmans cant afford to turn on their heat or any lights.

1957- When Leroy appears at the county courthouse to register to vote he is met by a crowd of angry rednecks who kick the crap out of him as the local police stand by and watch.

2008- Leroy hands his absentee ballot over to be filled out by his local 'community organizer' who brought over a forty-ounce bottle of malt liquor in case Leroy was thirsty.

1957- Thirteen-year-old Ricky sees a bare titty in National Geographic Magazine and is caught masturbating by his mother who takes him to the priest. The priest tells him he's a filthy sinner and that God is going to punish him in Hell. The priest moves closer and puts his arm around Ricky's shoulders. Later the priest tells him that if he ever tells anyone what just happened everyone will hate him and call him a filthy, lying, little faggot. Ricky spends the rest of his life sneaking out of the house cruising for action in the bathrooms of gay bars and bathhouses.
2008- Thirteen-year-old Ricky logs onto on the internet after locking the door of his bedroom and jerks off to an image of a tattooed naked woman being gang-banged by four brawny bikers. Ricky never has a close relationship with a woman and spends the rest of his life having sex with hookers he finds on the internet.

1957- Zelda is a secretary. She cant afford to lose her job so even when her boss runs his hand over her ass and tells her he'd like to take her to a motel after work she has to smile and treat it as a joke. She also has to watch silently as the lazy mental defectives whose spelling, syntax and grammar she corrects as she types are promoted because they are men. Her only joy is being with her husband and children when she gets home.

2008- Zelda is the boss. The men give her phony smiles and tell her how nice she looks and she makes the lives of her women employees hell. Everyone is too scared to tell her what a nasty bitch she is. She makes tons of money and is buying a second house on Maui. After her fourth marriage was dissolved in an ugly and expensive court case she decided she would never have children or get married again.

Nothing changes. We were blind fools then and we are now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Endangered Species Action

The lefties have done it again. For sheer chutzpah the recent listing of the polar bear as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act is almost without parallel. Its amazing first because polar bear populations have increased dramatically in the last twenty years. But that doesnt matter to anybody; what does matter is the remedy for this supposed move toward extinction. Now ANY economic activity which produces carbon emissions can be subject to fines, taxes and regulations because carbon emissions cause Climate Change (the ten year cooling trend has made using the term Global Warming a bit dicey) which will eventually melt the arctic ice cap entirely and drive these endangered ursines to extinction. There is not scientific evidence of any sort that any of this is happening. The ice cap was larger this winter than it ever was. There are five times as many polar bears as there were twenty years ago. Global temperatures started a slight decline ten years ago. But the most extreme Luddite, anti-technology, anti-modern living zealots are now getting a blank check to make any expansion or modernization of any business submit its plans to a 'Committee For Public Safety' where these little Robespierres and Robespierrettes can decide whether the polar bear will be affected or not. Lest you think that the general Gorian muddle hasnt affected the brains of the members of what some allege is its own political party distinct from the Democrats, remember it is the Bushy Administration that has agreed to hand the keys to the guillotine to the slavering mob, hoping to avoid the ax themselves.
So if the polar bears are doing just fine, who's endangered? Its your car, stupid. If you own a big car then you already can see the handwriting on the wall. Those Escalades, Yukons and Suburbans are truly living on borrowed time. The Democrats have spent the last seven years accusing the Republicans of mass murder when all this time they've been planning mass grand theft auto. I wonder how auto workers will feel about losing their jobs because the environmentalists wont let us drill? Who cares? At least the polar bears are safe! Those auto workers are so mad that they're going to vote for a whole bunch of Democrats. Barbara Boxer just tried to get an enviro-bill to the Senate floor which imposed $3,000,000,000,000 (Three trillion) of additional costs on energy usage. By the time the Democrats are done destroying this economy the average person will not be able to own a car of any size. Its their goal which they have publically stated over and over again. They hate the consumer society and are out to destroy it. The Sierra Club, the EPA and the NRDC say it loudly and publicly as they support the Democrats. Those stupid people who are voting for their fat Public Employee Pension that they can collect on top of their Social Security would do well to study the situation in Vallejo, California where collapsing tax receipts and metastasizing pensions have broken the bank and pushed the city into bankruptcy. As they have at General Motors and everywhere else in the Rust Belt. All these blue collar types have been radicalized and they've demanded everything and NOW! They've elected and handed power to liberals who would promise to keep the Gravy train on the tracks forever. But the bridge is out and the train hasnt even slowed down. Laying the environmental agenda onto an already hamstrung economy will be the end of the economy that started at the end of World War Two and has lasted until now. The economy which has given the average person in this country a higher standard of living than any society in human history and was based on freedom to invest, trade and make economic decisions without crawling to some government economic planner. If the Democrats control the Senate, the House and the White House in January that will end abruptly and the collapse will not be far behind. Your Hummer will turn into a Planter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thats All Folks!

Change You Can believe In! Like all good Stalinists the Democraps are now reaching into people's past to root out potential terrorists who are harboring incorrect thoughts. If you've embezzled some cash from Countrywide or planted a few bombs in public buildings, thats OK. The Obamanoids are not interested in petite-bourgeois economic crimes and attacks against AmeriKKKa are downright laudable! True counterrevolution is expressed now by being a Civil War buff. It seems that Jim 'Melonhead' Webb, a truly obnoxious liberal who ran for the Senate on the vile lie that there is such a thing as a Conservative Democrap, is being pilloried and eliminated as a Vice Presidential candidate for expressing thoughts which might be mistaken as sympathy for the Confederacy, an entity now pictured in PC history as a precurser to the National, I mean NAZI, regime in Germany (use of the term National Socialist is in itself a counterrevolutionary act as weak minds might confuse it with the Progressive Socialists who are on a crusade to save Our Planet from the predations of the Capitalist Octopus!). In later history books critters like Woodrow Wilson, who prayed for Confederate victory as a young boy, and any other deranged racist lunatic with similar views will have their biographies rewritten or expunged from history altogether to try to remove this evil stain on AmeriKKKa's bloody and oppressive past. Books like the infamous 'Gone With The Wind' will be burned, of course, along with those by racist reactionaries like Thomas Sowell. A friend of mine invited me to a Civil War reenactment once and I have to admit I put on the dreaded grey uniform but I have atoned; I've written down every un-PC statement I've ever heard from anyone I've ever met and will happily co-operate with the New Obama Stasi to imprison my reactionary acquaintances for the good of the planet. We should remember the emphasis on having a humble working-class background during the Stalin regime and also note that the intellectuals and elitists who were so instrumental in installing the I mean... Progressive Socialist regime in Russia were ultimately destroyed in the Great Purge of the 1930s when it was realized that having 'progressive' views is only a front to hide a bourgeois class background in many cases . When dealing with the glassy-eyed Marxist fanatics...oh sorry, I guess I dont have my mind completely right...the Hope-filled Green Idealists who now make up the upper crust of the Democrap Party you should use Gulag Archipelago as a survival guide (keeping it well hidden behind copies of Noam Chomski and 'Audacity Of Hope' just in case the block supervisor should get the wrong idea about your views). Now with the beloved polar bear about to be wiped from the face of the Earth by greedy globalist capitalism we have to ruthlessly weed out these racist Confederate Kooks and give them the Free Medical Care in the form of electro-shock therapy (from windmill-generated renewable sources, of course) and huge doses of mind-bending anti-psychotic drugs that will make them, in the end, love Big Obama! For The Change Revolution, Comrades!

Friday, June 6, 2008

No Lie Lives Forever (New Series)

I listened to The Obamessiah's speech this Tuesday as he 'clinched' the Dem nomination. Amazingly enough this triumph occurred after his loss of two out of the three primaries held that week. So what did our National Savior have to say? The same old stuff. Lots of how bad the Bushies are. Lots of hope and change. Delivered in his stentorian tones which could fire the hopes of a dying hermit. How is he going to perform all these miracles, economic and otherwise? He didnt let us in on the secret. Because there is no secret. The Obamessiah is a product of a university system which is broken and which, in the pursuit of 'academic freedom', has chased out true scholarship and abandoned the pursuit of the truth. Every time The Obamessiah goes off script his total ignorance of just about everything becomes apparent. But he never has to go off script. He's given all the Network anchorites and anchorettes an interview so generic that you could almost imagine that they shot him with a green-screen in the background and just matted him into the shot for each different interviewer. The questions were identical and all about his feelings. Not one single specific question. This 'important' interview was dropped into the half-hour Obamessiah Infomercial on every channel which goes by the name of 'The Evening News'. Black people are shown talking about how The Obamessiah makes them think they can get ahead in this racist country, after all, and applauding the fact that black people have a black person to vote for because he's black and full of hope. Experts are shown solemnly declaring that racist America's racist race problem is still a terrible problem because the racists are going to vote for McLame just because he's white! GRRRRR! There are shots of people standing next to gas pumps saying that prices are too high and we need some Change We Can Believe In. The flickering TV screens show poor people at clinics saying, "Yes We Can!" and Grannies on Social Security appear clutching their AARP cards and yelling for an end to the Bush-McLame famine! The Obamafest on the MSM makes the Cuban State TV network's coverage of Fidel Castro look balanced and hard-hitting.
Its the same old song. And the MSM (mainstream media) are making a huge mistake. Turning this election into a 'Justice Parade' where anyone who objects is tarred as a mean, reactionary segregationist might stifle the public debate but under the surface on the internet and with all the means of instant communication which exist there is a public opinion that evades scrutiny by the smug elitists who are telling themselves that they hold the moral high ground. That public opinion was on board for The Obamessiah at first because everybody likes to be happy and think that things are going to get better. Bush's lack of leadership has left people hungry for some kind of collective meaning in their lives; who are we? where are we going? But the Reverend Wright stuff brought them up short. We're not God Damned AmeriKKKa, we didnt invent AIDS to murder black people, and we're not involved in a conspiracy to keep black people from succeeding. We didnt wreck the black family and spend a generation telling poor blacks that they didnt have a chance in this racist country, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and all the other Ivy-league educated liberal geniuses did that while us benighted slobs were clinging to our guns and religion in our dark double-wide trailers out in the suburbs and the sticks trying to connive expensive tax cuts hacked from the hopes and futures of the deserving poor. People dont like that scenario; The Obamessiah's losses in most of the post-Wright primaries prove it. That was among Democrats, what must independents and Republicans be thinking?
Fortunately John McLame is such a hopelessly inept speaker and campaigner that the Great Unwashed Herd thinks he's a conservative. They made the same mistake with Bush. This error of perception is reinforced by the Democrats who hurl the C-word at Bush and McLame without let-up. The liberal McLame positions that make any Real Conservative scream at his TV just as he would with a Clinton, a Schumer or an Obama are lost in the garbled delivery. Thats the genius of McLame's strategy. With a scary radical like The Obamessiah, sure to be unmasked by some band of free-lance Swift-Boaters just like the Foon-Faced Shmoo who 'reported for duty' in 2004, appearing to be a 'foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution' isnt such a bad thing. A totally dishonest thing but who's counting?
As the Justice Parade marches toward the election dont believe the polls. People will recite the politically correct line to the pollsters but in the voting booth it will be a different story. McLame can win big by doing nothing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Lie Lives Forever!

So this is it. The pair of incompetent miscreants who have plagued our nation for sixteen years with their endless stream of lies and their poorly concealed crimes have finally run out of enablers. The Dems and the media who looked the other way for all those years have turned their backs on America's Power Couple and canceled the deal on Clinton III. The March Of Entitlement for the Good Wife who sat still while her husbands groupies were lined up at the White House guard gate like planes circling JFK waiting for landing clearance has marched off a cliff. The rage of the fiftyish Boomer feminists is palpable. It was hers, she had it coming. These were the wenches who looked at a Chief Executive in his mid-fifties slurping and smacking it up with girls in their early twenties and said through clenched teeth, "Its just his private life!" They saw Miz Hilly as a dickless Bill; all the liberal policies without the disturbing sexual undertones. Of course, that wasnt true, she was every bit as slimy and dishonest as he was and didnt even have a tenth of his political talent. Now, even after a scorched-earth campaign which let the demon of Black Liberation Theology, that insane aunt locked away in the liberal attic, out onto main street for everyone to see, she sees the last SuperDooper Delegates move to make Obama the locked-down nominee of the party. No more lies, no more tricks. The Dems and their media stooges have turned their collective backs on you and your loony husband. Maybe they loved you before but they sure dont love you now.
Now the Dems have put all their money on a braying Marxist donkey who is surrounded by glassy-eyed radicals and anti-white demagogues. In the old days the media would have covered for Obama and snuck him into the White House like they did with Jimmy The Jerk and BJ Clinton. These days it wont be so easy. The emerging issue that will dominate the election is the cost of energy. All the Dems are promising is much higher energy taxes and rationing (cap and trade). Obama has no coherent policy in the Middle East but has some disturbing links to terrorists and the people who love them. Do the Dems think that a limp-wristed bug-out from the Middle East is going to LOWER fuel prices? 'No Blood For Oil' means NO OIL! In the face of a tidal wave of evidence that global temperatures have been declining since 1998 are they going to insist on further hobbling our economy as a way to fix the weather? As the current giveaway programs send our nation lurching towards national bankruptcy are they going to propose nationalizing one seventh of the economy (health care) and giving unfettered access to any foreigner enterprising enough to crawl under the fence and accept one of the green cards they'll be handing out like free jellybeans? If the voters catch on to the Dem's true agenda these lying libs will be crushed in November.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And They're Off!

The endless primary campaign is drawing to a close. The endless election campaign is beginning. What has emerged is a contest between two incredibly flawed candidates who have serious problems with their party's base voters. Conservatives look at the dismal prospect of a choice between an inexperienced leftist neophyte and a liberal maverick, isolated from his own party, and both of them certainly in the thrall of a heavily Democratic congress run by the most irresponsible radicals ever to gain power in this country's history. If you listen to the talk and read the polls it would seem that every bad policy proposed by the left for the last century is about to come true.
But is it? This election will definitely move the government to the left but events are moving to severely limit the options of that government. Recently a horrible 'cap and trade' environmental bill has gone down to defeat in the Senate, unable to even reach the floor for a vote. What defeated a bill that would seem to be supported by almost the entire political establishment? High energy prices have stirred anger and resentment among the electorate and in recent show-trial hearings in front of the Senate judiciary Committee usually discrete and cautious oil company executives turned on their Democratic inquisitors and blamed high energy prices on the insane policies pursued by those very Democrats and the pinch-faced anti-consumer Puritans of the Church Of Enviromentalism. Luckily for the Dems the moribund ruins of the Republican Party dont have the political courage to break from thirty years of environmental orthodoxy and present themselves as the party of oil drilling and nuclear power but the craven and cowardly Dems have been brought up short by the public reaction, "Yeah, why arent we drilling?"
More bad news for the liberal agenda will follow. In my beloved home state of California the Jerkinator and the Democratic Party's two-house majority in the state legislature was ripe for some nefarious meddling in the 'health care crisis' only to see their tendentious plans submerged in a tidal wave of red ink generated by their previous stupidities. A similar situation happened last year so they passed a 'surtax' on the incomes of the 'super rich'. Revenues went crashing down, just as they did in Michigan when they tried the same thing. Now these geniuses are faced with a growing deficit and the rise in energy and food prices have squeezed the hapless electorate to the breaking point. Raising tax rates and fees will bring in less revenue, and even the most ardent socialist doesnt want to face the prospect of actual cuts.
The Federal government is in the same fix. The rise of energy and food prices, linked directly to their own policies is changing the landscape for liberals. Their largess was always based on the assumption that the wealth of this economy was limitless and hobbling big business and loading on more taxes would just be absorbed by a robust engine of wealth creation. But nothing is limitless. Businesses are being chased offshore by Sarbanes-Oxley type harassment, capital is being chased away by threats to repeal the Bush capital-gains rate cut, local and state authorities are ruthlessly milking taxpayers to protect their own cronies and public employee union's place at the trough. Attempts to give illegal aliens access to public benefits are hoydening and timid and go nowhere. The political class knows it is walking through a magazine stuffed with leaking sacks of gunpowder with a sputtering lantern. The voters havent decided WHO they're mad at yet but the anger is growing. Right now the media and the Dems are hoping people will hang this on Bush and the Republicans but that makes less and less sense.
Is this the environment for Federal Health Care? If Obama is elected what are the expectations of the black community? A long, bloody fight over quotas or reparations could destroy the coalition that has sustained the Democratic Party for generations. If McCain is elected where will he turn to build a governing coalition? Certainly not in a direction which requires him to sail against the political winds. And the political winds are all blowing from the right. Higher tax rates will certainly tank revenues and cause a depression. The government, federal, state and local is going to be faced with a round of severe cuts or it will pull the nation into bankruptcy. Its becoming increasingly obvious that energy policy has to be changed radically and now. Handing a few hundred billion dollars to ethanol farmers and windmill hustlers hasnt worked. Its time to drill for oil, look at the most judicious ways to use coal, and build nuclear power plants, new refineries and pipelines. The emerging international situation will require some radical rethinking of just exactly what our nation's vital interests are and whether we have the will and the self-confidence to protect those interests.
Can the current political class, with their flawed ivy-league educations and their tendency to believe that endless talk solves all problems, cope with this situation? Its more likely that they'll be paralyzed into inactivity until some FDR-like leader emerges to create a new political coalition based on the new reality.