Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not A Tea Party

Muslim Parisians enjoying the traditional pasttime 'Al Rioting'

My sister sent me a link to some more whack libs who are trashing President Bush and supporting the terrorists, as usual. This lot also questioned whether there really was a Soviet-caused famine in the Ukraine in 1933. Anyone who has read Malcolm Muggeridge's 'Winter In Moscow', Eugene Lyon's 'Assignment In Utopia' or Robert Conquest's 'Harvest Of Sorrow', not to mention the brilliant 'Gulag Archipelago"is in no doubt about what happened and readers of the first two books will also get the story of the liberals who almost broke their necks looking the other way. The lineage of shame continues to our present-day crop of simpering, traitorous, terrorist-loving suck-ups to Chavez and Ahmadinejadh.
Intellectuals are enamored of violent regimes. They find vicarious thrills in contemplating people who actually put their crack-brained utopian plans into action, while in their own civilized societies they are usually ineffective eggheads, forced to compete and lose in the interplay of ideas. They love the idea that people who dont agree with the master plan are humiliated or killed; a fate they dearly would love to visit upon their critics. What they never see, of course, is that (to quote Lenin) "A revolution isnt a tea party" and that they are marked for destruction along with the other effete, counterrevolutionary trash.
If you were to go to Columbia and advocate that women who are raped be arrested and executed for 'promiscuity' or that homosexuals be tortured to death for their 'crimes against decency' I doubt you would get a friendly reception but Ahmadinejahd, a man who has done, as opposed to merely advocated, exactly that, will be applauded lustily as he trashes Demon Bush. What fools. Democrats all.
If the Islamonazis win this war our economy will be in grave trouble and useless parasites thinking that their trust funds or tenured professorships will shield them from honest work will be in for a very rude shock. Good, people that stupid deserve what they get.

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