Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just read a column entitled "Clinton's Brother Settles Debt Suit". It contains an account of the latest slimy criminal linked financially to the Clintons and a narrative of their pardon-for-cash transactions. You have to admire the Clintons for their sheer diligence. They spend their lives wallowing in this muck with an occasional look up to wonder about their legacy. Christopher Hitchens once wrote that after decades of verbal diarrhea the Clintons have yet to utter one memorable phrase. This latest in the ten thousand revelations of their egregious corruption and dishonesty is just a political problem to them,not a moral problem that drags them into smallness and dishonor. Lincoln towers over American history because, at his core, there was a simple respect for the truth that gave even his day to day utterances the power to resonate across more than a century. Not so the moral pygmies who call themselves the Clintons. The most expensive political speechifying hacks arent able put words in their mouths that rise above a tinny, rasping cant; you know they might say the exact opposite tomorrow with equal sincerity. The most distressing thing about this is that they're now poised to regain power holding a grudge against those they feel have 'robbed' them of the respect they feel they are due. Revenge will rule the day.

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