Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Will Rid Us Of That Turbulent Beck?

Here in California's 30th Congressional district, strung across the low range of mountains that curve through the center of Los Angeles, I guess you could say we are one of the most left-wing districts in the country. We include West Hollywood, a city as solidly gay as the Castro district of San Francisco; Beverly Hills and Bel Air, home of the richest and most radical loony members of the Hollywood film community; Malibu, a beachside community inhabited by rich and poor permanently stoned hippies; Woodland Hills, where the film industry worker bees make their hives; and a chunk of Ventura county thrown in to absorb a few Republican votes in a huge Democratic majority.

Our Congressperson? Henry Waxman. You've heard of Hank, he investigates stuff. If we launch a much-needed investigation of those Islamophobes who are thwarting The Mosque Of Osama's Victory at Ground Zero like Speaker Nancy wants, ole Hank will probably be sitting front and center pounding his gavel like the Reform Jewish Roland Freisler that he is. Maybe he'll hold off till after the election. Part of Hank's Westside constituency is the Westside Jewish community. These devoutly liberal Jews are in some distress these days at the prospect of a Second Holocaust brought on by the wrong-headed and unfair treatment of Israel and the pass given to Iran by that duo of closet Jew-haters Barak Obama and his totally clueless Secretary Of State, The Divine Miss Hilly. Not big mosque supporters. Now these stalwart Democrats are as likely to vote Republican as the equally rock-ribbed Demos down in Maxine Waters' 35th are to throw Maxine under the bus and mount a write-in vote for Hugh Hewitt but they will vote for the Dems with a troubled heart. Or stay home.

But left wing or not the proud citizens of the 30th will listen respectfully to a sincere profession of one's Christain faith and, while they might disagree with it they will give the speaker due respect for his beliefs. NAH! Just kidding. We sneer at those losers. I mean gimme a break with your Ten Commandments! What about the Spanish Inquisition? And Global Warming? And pedophile priests?

Sometimes I sneak into my studio/garage, throw a blanket over my head and (dont tell anybody) watchglennbeck. I know its uncool, really uncool and I dont do it all the time because to be honest with you Glenn's schtick gets on my nerves, not a tenth as much as O'Reilly, but still I cant deal with it all the time. But he hits the nail on the head quite often.

Like he did Saturday. The first thing you have to say about that event was Beck's genius in telling people NOT to bring signs. As a TV person should Beck considered the effect of half a million people each making a visual statement. The cameras would gravitate to the few that reinforce their contention that all these Beck viewers are a bunch of extremist troglodytes. Instead they were forced to show a quiet, well-behaved group with a multitude of American Flags. No overtly political statement was made but that was another aspect of this that was such genius. In the commentary about the march from the media and the left the insults flew fast and furious from the usual clowns but they didnt match the behavior of that crowd. This wasnt an angry pack of racists, nativists and homophobes gathered to scream insults at the top of their lungs at their favorite minorities. It was a huge group of people praying in the Mall at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial under a huge banner that read 'Restoring Honor'.

The Extremely Reverend Al Sharpton wasnt quite as dignified and his big angry mouth, flapping at a mile a minute pointed to the need for a little 'Restoring Honor' in the Civil Rights Industry. Imagine a vile poltroon like Sharpton, a greedy chiseler who has led angry mobs to murder and then profited by it, talking about MLK's legacy as though he was a part of it? That 'Restoring Honor' banner was the most overtly political statement anyone has made in a long time. Al Sharpton is far from the only leftist whose honor could do with a bit of restoration. Its time that the left stopped throwing mud and stood up honestly for their ideas. But in the honor-deficient New York Times another liberal icon, Frank Rich, correctly put his stubby little finger on the source of the turnout--a Libertarian Conspiracy. It seems that those dull-witted Christians were manipulated into following Beck like sheep by a couple of billionaire 'Koch brothers' without even knowing it.

Even Sarah Palin was a disappointment to the media. They had their sneering Momma Grizzly asides already written but Sarah stayed true to the supposedly apolitical nature of this march and talked about how proud she was of her combat-veteran son. How embarrassing was that? The media only reports on Bristol anyway, those other kids are boring. The most insulting thing they do to Palin is the headline coverage they give to that brainless and honorless lump of a Levi Johnson while they spiked the honor-deficit Al Gore's 'sex poodle' story entirely.

But in a way the media were right. This was a profoundly political march. 'Restoring Honor' is fightin' words to liberals who have lied and fudged their way into positions of power by pretending to be much less liberal than they are and launching smear attacks against their opponents. Liberals who add illegal felon votes and prevent military votes from being counted to elect the most nauseating human being ever to hold a Senate seat, Al Franken. are devoid of honor. How many climate scientists have been shut out of publication and employment by these 'honorless' Global Warmers? In California the lives of 100,000 farmers and farm workers were ruined by a judge ruling in favor of a couple of dozen fish and two loathsome elitist US Senators, Boxer and Fonebone working with the environmental extremists. In Louisiana another hundred thousand have had their lives ruined by Obama's drilling ban imposed after Obama and his environmentalist advisers completely screwed up the response to the BP oil spill.

Socialism or leftism is built on a lie. Lenin, their unspoken God, requires leftists to lie in the same way Mohammed demands jihad from Muslims. Its a central tenet of leftism to modify history. Orwell's genius book '1984' was mistakenly labeled fiction but was in fact a factual description of Doublethink, the ability to forget anything that doesnt reinforce the current party line. On August 22, 1939 every leftist in the world was screaming their hatred of Hitler. On August 23 Hitler and Stalin became allies and every leftist was screaming for Peace, right up until June 22, 1941. On June 23, the day after Hitler betrayed his loyal ally, the left was screaming for total war against Hitler as though they always had. History was later altered to remove any trace of the turnaround.

We spent eight years watching the Clinton's and their Democrat enablers lying brazenly and at top speed as the Clints took bribes from the Chicoms to enable the Chinese military to buy advanced missile technology that is now aimed at us. We watched BJ veto a balanced budget three times until some of the cuts were restored. Then he spent the next decade bragging loudly about how he balanced the budget. We watched a War Room that launched lying smear campaigns against BJ's many enemies. We watched the chief law enforcement officer of our nation raise his hand in a deposition and swear to tell the truth and then look the judge in the eye and lie. Character (honor) didnt matter, the economy was great!

Today we see those lies and those liars once again in charge of our nation. They have won a majority in the legislature that hasnt been seen since the days of Lyndon Johnson by lying about what they intended to do. Without any real opposition and presuming that they were elected to be who they were the libs ripped off their moderate mask and loudly and proudly came out of the socialist closet. Their economic philosophy, firmly applied, has caused a Depression. Their misguided ideas have turned the United States from a world superpower into a world joke. Their leader, the Avatar Of Hope And Change, has proven to be a shifty, dishonest, petulant, empty-suited phony who has dragged the honor of our nation into the mud again and again. These shameless liars refuse to admit that anything that has happened is a result of their own actions. They lie and now everybody knows that they are lying. Honor is an issue.

When the libs see a banner that reads 'Restoring Honor' they know what it means. So do we. That's political.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

They Truly Dont Get It

I was watching a discussion of The Mosque Of Osama's Victory on Fox News Sunday. This was following up on the two guests in the opening segment Senators Cornyn (R-Texas) and Reed (D-Oregon). Sen. Reed had made the following statement:

On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) said troops in Afghanistan are being asked to find common ground with Muslims. "If we can't do that here in the United States, we're going to have a very difficult time over there."

None of the panelists discussing this subject later in the show; a liberal reporterette from the Washington Post, the co-publisher of a conservative magazine that backed McCain in the last election, a press secretary to the former President (the one responsible for all of Obama's mistakes), and a fairly straightforward reporter; found that statement objectionable or upsetting at all. Or even worth talking about. The idea that soldiers in combat were working to find common ground with the Taliban and the hostile opium-growing savages who support them is an example of the twisted sociological doublethink that the entire elite culture in this country has fallen victim to. After all Julius Caesar and Napoleon both spoke at great length at the need to reach a workable understanding with one's adversaries. Or was that Honorius?

This Mosque Of Osama's Victory is not an isolated issue. In Fort Hood Major Nidal Hasan stood on a table in a mess hall firing into a crowd of diners, killing 12 wounding 30 or so. As he fired his gun he yelled, "Allahu Akbar!" It later turned out that he was exchanging e-mails with the head of an Al Qaida group in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki. He attended prayer at a notorious local radical mosque. He made frequent crazy and violently jihadist statements but the officers who reported this to their superiors soon realized that they were jeopardizing their careers by opening their mouths. All of Hasan's contacts and questionable statements were known to the authorities. These authorities received orders from the highest levels to leave Maj. Hasan alone and ignore his inflammatory statements. Why was this scorpion, this enemy of our country allowed to continue in this way for years and still retain his commission in the US Army? Why did the Army report of this terrorist attack by this Islamonazi not mention the words terrorist or Islam? Google the story. The only news stories that identify Major Hasan as a Muslim with links to Al Qaida are British. Our own masters think we're too stupid and excitable to be told the truth.

Same with the Panty Bomber. We got an earful of offensive constitutional blather from our Attorney General justifying their complete botch of the entire incident. They Mirandized this dangerous terrorist when quick questioning could have led to quick action. If these drooling clowns were capable of quick action, which they're not. Every military action has to be approved by the committee with the rights of the terrorists and their surrounding supporters duly considered, of course. They dont understand things like surprise and hitting back as hard as you can. They're too busy finding 'common ground' to think that way.

The reason I was so shocked at the discussion on Fox News is that they didnt even have a hint of what is so glaringly obvious to the Tea Partiers or the rednecks or the bitter clingers...whatever words they have for us unpleasant types that insist that someone yelling loudly that they hate you and want to kill you, and who acts on it as often as they can, is a dangerous enemy to be fought with whatever means are the most effective. None of them in that discussion on Fox thought that. They didnt understand how angry and insulted people who have watched Christianity be vilified and driven from public life by these same elitists are to watch them suck up so shamelessly to a pack of ugly, violent Muslims who preach the enslavement of women and the destruction of our country with every breath. They're spending the same intensity in getting this Mosque Of Osama's Victory built as they spend trying to get the Ten Commandments removed from the front of some local courthouse in Mississippi. Citing the same twisted misreading of the constitution to back up their indefensible, and in this case completely contradictory, actions. The 'separation of church and state' is apparently not endangered by the State Department hiring Imam Rauf, the builder of the Mosque Of Osama's Victory, and sending him to the Middle East as a good will ambassador with US taxpayer funds to spend repairing crumbling mosques. None of the Fox panelists really understand that obscenities like this are why people feel so strongly about the Mosque Of Osama's Victory. They dont see Imam Rauf being hired by our government as a obscenity, its an interesting topic to be pondered between the latest opinion polls and the Preparation H commercial. This completely different take on the meaning of events like Mosque Of Osama's Victory and so many others, shows the gap between the aristocracy and the proletariat, to boil it down to the Marxist class analysis these silk-stocking types learned at their elite universities.

The elites want to build a bridge to these creeps. We want to fight them. Just like we want to have a real border and decide who stays in the country and under what terms without being called racists or preached to by foreign leaders while our president grins along. Thats why this election is different than any other election we've ever seen. The left has lost control of the agenda. Nothing they can say or do will ever get me and plenty of other people to prefer Harry 'The War Is Lost' Reid over Sharon Angle. No amount of television smear ads will erase that slimy traitor's sneering happiness at what he imagined was his country's defeat from my mind. Its going to be tough for Barbara Boxer to get people forget that she chose the Delta Smelt over 100,000 farmers and their employees. People in Louisiana are going to have a tough time trusting Democrats after one of their main industries was shut down by a shadowy council of anti-oil Greenies. People in Arizona arent going to forget Barry and Felipe standing together calling them racists. I'm not likely to forget that one soon myself. I burned with shame to live in a country that elected Barak Obama.

Finally, all over the country, regular people have seen through the lie that there are 'moderate' Democrats. The Democrats defend themselves by pointing to the actions of liberal Republicans and claiming that there is some great consensus for people being kicked around and disrespected by their government. The Republiclowns have found that in primary after primary the 'establishment backed candidate' is crushed by some person they see as a total Yahoo. Who would have thought prissy little Connecticut would turn into a political version of Wrestlemania? Last week's primaries must have sent a shock of fear through any Democrat who isnt getting high sniffing the ink from the editorial page of the New York Times. Very few of them, it turns out, because none seem to have noticed that in every primary in this entire season the turnout has been lopsidedly Tea Party. Or have admitted it. They think a few negative ads will herd those dopey Independents back into the fold as soon as they see what a bunch of goofballs got nominated in the primaries. Sorry Democrats. As long as you openly support The Mosque Of Osama's Victory no decent American will ever vote for you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Dem's Bridge To Nowhere

Just last week ten doctors and their helpers were murdered by the Taliban. They were giving medical care, free, to people in rural Afghanistan who never had seen a doctor before. The Taliban accused these troublemaking imperialists of being Christians and spies and hauled them from their surgeries and executed them. To be fair to the Taliban the 'Christian' charge was probably true. Advocating Christianity to Muslims, even if its only by your charitable example, violates Sharia Law after all.

Two Texas teenagers were murdered by their father because they were dating boys that he didnt approve of. The Egyptian-born father fled to a country where Sharia Law approves of honor killings and will protect him from extradition.

Every day, in this country, young girls are sexually mutilated by Islamic holy-women so that they will not be able to enjoy sex, a practice sanctioned under Sharia Law. Their clitoris is removed by an unwashed old lady with an unsterile exacto knife so they wont grow up to be the whores that their religious leaders describe American women as.

In England and Canada the spineless local authorities have allowed local Sharia Courts to handle cases of 'domestic violence' (aka wife-beating). Wife beating is sanctioned by Sharia Law and most traditional Islamic cultures consider a man who doesnt beat his wife occasionally as a negligent husband.

Now a group, its funding mysteriously secret (unlike our top secret Afghanistan archives), wants to build a Mosque Of Osama's Victory near the site of the 9/11 'man-caused disaster'.
The group wants to dedicate the mosque to the promotion of Sharia Law in this country. The leftists are outraged that the unwashed peasantry is in a lather about this gob of spit aimed at the collective face of a nation the left considers evil and describes this wonderful mosque as an 'outreach' and a 'bridge to understanding' between us and our misunderstood Muslim peace partners.

If there's anything that accentuates the contempt that the left has for the United States and its non-ivy-league-graduate proles its this issue. We all watched Eric Holder unable to speak the name of Islam when asked a direct question as to who might be waging a war of terrorism against us. We read the report of the Justice Department on the incident where an army doctor, who had been making violent jihadist threats openly for years, stood on a table emptying his pistol into his fellow diners and shouting 'Allahu Akbar'; the report that did not contain the word 'Islam' and overlooked his relationship with one of Al Qaida's leaders.

The panty-bomber, the large jihadist training camp in Arkansas, the years of sniveling an legal harassment to aid the vicious killers in Club Gitmo, the Obamunist's complicity in the release of the Lockerby monster, Hillary Clinton's silence about the condition of Muslim women at the giant UN Women's forum in China a few years ago, the complete silence on the motives of the DC snipers, the growing Somali terrorist community in Minnesota...the list is endless of the pusillanimous bum-crawling by the left to the savage, misogynistic religion of Islam.

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), now up for reelection, shortly after 9/11 explained that the people of Afghanistan loved Osama Bin Laden because he had built so many great roads and day care centers in Afghanistan. At that time, during Taliban rule, many war widows starved to death because it was illegal for women to go outside in public unaccompanied by a male relative and also illegal for women to have a job. All women's medical care was forbidden because women doctors couldnt have jobs and men were forbidden to touch an unrelated woman. Patty Murray's traitorous tongue should drop out of her stupid mouth for saying that.

At a speech at Columbia former Iranian president Khatami explained his government's death penalty policy for homosexuals and was applauded, this in a place that violently attacked Ann Coulter because she was filled with hate. You see Conservatives can be for traditional marriage and that makes them hate-mongers but we have to build a bridge to people who not only advocate the death penalty to gay people but carry it out on a regular basis.

That's how far the liberals' self-hate and hatred of our country has taken them. Being opposed to a mosque whose mere existence is an insult to the memory of the thousands who had their lives cruelly ended in the name of Islam, a mosque dedicated to a system of laws that allow wife-beating, honor killings, female sexual mutilation and the legal judicial murder of homosexuals, is now seen by our Elitist masters as the epitome of intolerance. We're building a bridge of understanding, you see. Those Taliban guys probably were perusing the terrorist-friendly New York Times, a paper which describes them as 'activists' or 'militants', looking for the crossword puzzle and stumbled on an article about local opposition to the Mosque Of Osama's Victory and were so outraged at the intolerance of the American boobocracy that they were forced to take some kind of action to show that intolerance will not be tolerated.

But the lefties are right. After all, most of the world's evil has originated in the United States. Look at Hiroshima. In the same spirit that has raised the Mosque Of Osama's Victory in Manhattan could be applied to other historical crimes committed by our imperialistic nation. How about a biological research institute right next to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor (another man-caused disaster) where Japanese doctors could further medical advances with experiments on human subjects arrested for participating in hate-filled Tea Party gatherings? The Heinrich Himmler Institute of Ethnic Studies right next to the Holocaust Museum in the heavily Jewish neighborhood of West Los Angeles? The possibilities are endless because the crimes of America are endless and the need for bridges is almost unbridgeable. And as far as executing Christians goes, what good leftist has ever found that to be a crime when some leftist dictator did it? Why condemn it now for niggling religious reasons?