Friday, September 14, 2007

One Child Fascism

An article about a Chinese crackdown on violators of their one child per couple policy was applauded by the comments that were posted under the article. Belief in the wisdom of government runs deep. Also ignorance. Some of the countries mentioned by the commentators, Mexico specifically, are approaching replacement (an ominous sign for rich people who benefit from cheap third world labor, as we do). Indications are that the big issue of the twenty-first century may well be the problems caused by declining populations. Already most European nations have generations that are half the size of the previous ones and are faced with cultural and demographic extinction. China, and indeed all Asian counties, where girls are aborted after an ultrasound in the fourth month of pregnancy are going to experience social upheaval and demographic collapse as a shortage of females emerges.
There is, however a more humane way to stop population growth, without massive government control.Birth rates drop and populations stop expanding when women are given free access to birth control and economies improve to the point where having more than one or two children is seen as an economic burden. If tax burdens are kept low enough not to crush the birthrate entirely, as they have in Europe, stable population can be achieved without oppressive government control.The US has achieved a replacement-level birthrate without a Stalinist total government that arrests women in their eighth month of pregnancy and forces them to have abortions. Human beings actually have rights that the Central Planning Fascists dont recognize in their march toward planned world perfection. A dehumanized world run on the basis of some Utopian blueprint is a nightmare.

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