Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Islam's Ugly Reality

Today Michael Medved wrote a column about the practice of female sexual mutilation in Egypt. He questioned whether a country in which more than 90% of girls have their genitals cut at ages 7-13 so that they will never feel sexual pleasure will ever be ready for democracy. This is a vile and heartless practice, one of many in the Islam that the terrorists want to impose upon us all. This is the heart of the clash between our two cultures. A country that treats half its population like livestock will never be part of the modern world. The ugly truth, told by brave women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured above), of the brutal conditions that exist for women in Islamic cultures should be told more forcefully to our own people so that we know what we are up against; a patriarchal sexual dictatorship where women and young boys are violently abused as a matter of course. The holders of power in that society will go to any length to protect their hegemony-- threatened more than anything by the pop consumerist culture of America. We should at least drop the multi-culti drivel about all cultures having equal validity and say it loud and clear, "Living like medieval savages is wrong. All people have basic rights."

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