Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bollinger Crawls

When Duncan Hunter proposed a bill to totally deny any federal funding to Columbia, as did the New York State legislature and the New York City Council (and probably a whole bunch of Columbia's alumni) all of a sudden Bollinger's high ideals melted and he cooked up that phony, weak anti-Ahmadinejad speech. This whole incident points out what a pack of traitors the libs in this country have become. They were ready to sit back and laugh heartily as another enemy of this country stood in the city where his fellow Islamonazis murdered three thousand people and drooled insults at President Bush. If those Right-Wingers, with their talk radio and the internet, hadnt gone ballistic thats exactly what would have happened. Werent they happy to laud viscious dictator Hugo Chavez after he called President Bush Satan? They said themselves, Hitler would have been welcome, certainly Castro was. Part of the left-wing pathology is to suck up to evil dictators because it gives them (who are generally held in contempt by people with any sense) hope that someday they'll have the power to do to their critics what the dictators do to theirs. Cut their funding.

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