Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Coming Landslide

Theres been a lot of speculation about the supposedly 'swing' states that the glowing, attractive, aisle-crossing, Maverick is poised to pick up because he has so cleverly abandoned that albatross that some Republican candidates are cursed with, Conservatism. The Republican professional consultants who have alighted like corpse-flies on the already-moribund McLame campaign are spinning pretty fantasies about how the spavined horse in whom they have have placed all their pathetic hopes will burst past the finish line ahead of his eloquent, youthful opponent in a landslide! They've produced some pretty compelling charts to prove they're right...almost as compelling as the ones that prove Global Warming is man-made and about to cause a tidal wave that will reach to Indiana. The nice thing about charts like that is that they can be instantly revised when the actual facts prove you wrong. But lets ditch the charts and do a state-by-state analysis of some of the states the McLamiacs think are ready to swoon to the geriatric charms of their cranky candidate.

NH: The Dems have used same day registration with no residency requirement to completely destroy any integrity the system in this last bastion of New England conservatism might have had and now winos and schizophrenics can be lured onto buses in Boston and Hartford and driven across the border to deal with any wave of pro-McLame sentiment among actual NHers.

PA: Famed for its black districts which have a 100% turnout and which vote 100% Democratic this state should be an easy Dem win. Those so-called conservative blue-collar rural whites have lately shown their patriotism by voting for vile pieces of human garbage like Jack Murtha in return for Phat Federal Goodies and The Obamessiah will surely add a few more cars to the gravy train, easy Dem hold.

MI: This state has shown an inexorable will to commit state economic suicide by electing a Dem governor and legislature more rapacious than a pack of hungry vultures and dumber than a bag of hammers. Recent tax increases aimed at raising more revenue caused revenues to tank as the last tremors of life left the private sector. They've elected a Jewish Senator who works every day to help the Jew-killing terrorists (Levin) and just proudly re-elected the stupidest Senator in American history (Stabenow). A state so politically retarded it can only go Democrat!

MN: This northern morass of foetid lakes, clouds of mosquitos, polar temperatures and Scandinavian half-wits has given us some of the most notorious fathead liberals ever to disgrace American politics; Happy Sap Hubert Humphrey, The cringingly dull Walter Mondale; the whining and sniveling friend of Soviet Communism and Saddam Hussien Paul Wellstone, and that cowardly, incoherent disgrace to the Senate and the nation Mark Dayton. Now these Northern Nudniks are outdoing themselves by contemplating putting in the US Senate the most vile, incompetent, repulsive and unfit candidate in the history of democracy, Al Franken.
Their support of the empty-suit liberal Obamessiah should go without saying.

IA: Hooked on ethanol subsidies like a state full of crazed junkies these self-serving and insatiable rural welfare slobs cant risk McLame belatedly realizing that he's a Republican and preventing the government from pouring hundreds of billions into the alternative-energy scam. A sure Dem win.

CO: Formerly sane but now being filled with mansion-building granola-eating elitists and refugees from high-tax states who have brought their Dem voting habits with them like the Giant Flying Taiwanese Cockroaches who hitched a ride on container ships to infest new areas. The Dems also have fertile ground to organize herds of illegal aliens to stuff the ballot boxes of Denver and Boulder. Easy Dem win.

NM:A state described by one Democratic commentator as being one "with tens of thousands of Hispanics yet to be registered." Yup, all they have to do is go across the border with some buses and round'em up. Dem win.

OH: A couple of years ago the Ohioans reacted to the Republican corruption in the state capitol by throwing the bums out and replacing them with a bunch of Democratic bums who preferred stealing from the taxpayers to embezzling from the treasury. A once-mighty state headed for Michiganess. RIP- Dem win.

VA: The Old Dominion is rapidly filling up with tax refugees from nightmare People's Republics like NJ and MD who of course are voting for the same Dems who drove them from their homes in the first place. Jim 'Mellonhead' Webb is an example of the sort of geniuses these people are attracted to. Campaigns to the Right of Reagan and votes in the Senate to the Left of Boxer.The growing and more and more increasingly registered-to-vote illegal alien and felon communities will make a difference here. A Dem win.

As you can see the consultants charts are totally right, with only a few revisions necessary. The democracy and standard of living we formerly knew are about to disappear at the voter-fraud dirty hands of the Party Of Hope! We can become One Big Michigan! Yes We Can!

Satan Departs

Jan 20, 2009. The New Age dawns, the Ancien Regime departs. The Obamessiah arrives, surfing the wave of national enthusiasm which gave him a forty-three state victory, a sixty two Senate seat Democratic caucus, and an eighty vote majority in Congress. America's four hundred year journey to justice has arrived at its goal. The Left's century of agitation, propaganda and gutter politics has at last triumphed. Che Guevara told a group of young radicals in the 1960s that they lived "in the belly of the Beast". Now the Beast has been overwhelmed. The world can like us again. Now that the New Era Of Friendship has arrived we can take all that money we were wasting on overseas alliances and bring it home to make life better for the people of these 58 states, who have oppressed others for so long and to such evil purpose.
And in the Middle East they are dancing in the streets! Under the newly-expressed Farrakhan Doctrine President Obama has given a six-month timetable for the total withdrawal of all US forces west of Honolulu, south of Puerto Rico and east of Maine. Even that territory will be difficult for the twelve-ship US Navy to cover.
But some in the Middle East arent dancing. Israel is emptying like a leaking balloon as the New Age Trojans flee their executioners. As the last Jews depart to their refugee camps on Cyprus and Crete a long bloody war begins between Hamas and Hezbollah for control of the ruins of the former Zionist Entity. The departing Israeli Secret Service, as a present to the world which has betrayed them yet again, has left a few stray nukes laying around for these terrorists to find in the hope that they will end up exterminating each other. They do.
The people who supported us in Iraq wont be dancing very hard, either. The Kurds will be trapped between their traditional enemies the Turks and the Iranians with nowhere to run.
As the Iranians move in for the kill in a now defenseless Iraq the Sunni tribes will tremble with fear.
Other Sunni's will have reason to worry. The corrupt and depraved Saudi Royal family will be murdered like dogs in their ultra-modern palaces by savage radical Islamo-fascists eager to erase this un-Islamic luxury. Insane mobs will destroy and loot the shopping malls chanting suras from the Koran as they sack Victoria's Secret. Whorehouses like Abu Dhabi will be pillaged and turned into smoldering wreckage and the inhabitants driven into the burning desert to perish from thirst.
Egypt, Pakistan and Morocco will have some trouble getting into the jolly dance mode as heavily-subsidized US food imports stop. After all, with no more interest in the Middle East what rationale is there for food aid to people halfway around the world? Also, skyrocketing oil prices, due to the increasing chaos and piracy in the Persian Gulf and administrative incompetence by the radicals who have taken over and almost completely shut off oil exports will make things like food aid prohibitively expensive. What would the population of Egypt be without food imports? Half? One quarter? In the old days it was ten million instead of the seventy million it is today.
Iran, already driven to poverty and economic stagnation by its oppressive government will finally succumb to chaos as high food prices and the cessation of gasoline imports push the angry population over the edge. In the end the Indian-Chinese moves to restore order and take charge of the energy supplies will grab the oilfields and leave the rest of the country to dissolve into anarchy and poverty.
A giant food deficit appears all over the world. The largest exporters (The US and Canada) no longer export because of bio-fuel production and disastrous socialist farm policies enacted to prevent Global Warming. Chaotic energy prices and distribution have crippled the transportation systems of the countries who still produce their own food but NO country in the Middle East even comes close to producing what their populations require. From the Indus river to Mauritania a giant, anarchic, corpse-filled, Somalia-like wasteland emerges with a few well-fortified cities surviving and the oil lands split between the Chinese and the Indians, who move into the power vacuum created by the US disappearance from the scene and seize the vital oil fields after brushing the few remaining aborigines back to their primitive Bedouin existences in the desert. Islam will, in fifty years be the religion of a few wandering nomads in the deserts of the Middle East and in the freezing ruins of what was once called 'Europe'.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Funz Over!

Now that Hillary's big mouth has ended any dim hope she might have had to even be considered as Vice President, let alone President, the amusing game of watching the struggle for the Democratic nomination is over. All the mayhem and vituperation is receding and the ebbing tide of conflict is leaving any of us who still consider ourselves Republicans with a ghastly prospect.
Today's International Herald Tribune has an article entitled 'Some Republicans Sense Disorder In The McCain Campaign' ( This article could have been written a year ago when McLame's giant, overfunded monstrosity of a campaign for the nomination foundered on the rocks of Republican base rage against his Amnesty Bill and from his sheer managerial incompetence. Only the total ineptitude of his opponents and McLame's support by the inside-the-beltway political hacks saved his scrawny neck and allowed the cranky old duffer to gain the nomination by winning thin pluralities in two or three primaries. But if McLame and the Republican hacks are counting on blue collar whites to throw a racist hissy-fit and vote for the party who are now seen as the authors of all this country's problems they are living in a dream world. Instead of sniveling about their 'broken brand', a marketing term worthy of the contemptible hacks they have become, the Republicans should 're-brand' themselves like any failing enterprise.
"We're the Republicans and we want to solve the oil crisis by drilling for oil!"
How does that sound?
"We're the Republicans and we want to build nuclear power plants to meet America's electricity needs in a way we can afford!"
Simple, understandable.
"We're the Republicans. The Democrats have opposed sane energy policies for the last thirty years and we're here to say that the country has got to change direction before things get a whole lot worse!"
Have we got your attention?
"We're the Republicans. Running from the Middle East like a bunch of whipped little sissies will hand control of the world's energy supplies to our enemies, destroy any respect we have in the world and lead to the deaths of millions of people who trusted us and worked with us to fight the War On Terror."
Bring the war to the enemy. Stop cowering. Its Bush's accommodation to liberalism which is the problem and the cure is NOT more liberalism.
People have been calling the Republican Party the 'stupid party'. Thats an insult to the Democrats who have been the originators of every stupid, destructive idea that has stalked this land for the last half-century and who should hold that title permanently. The Republicans arent even coherent enough these days to be called either 'stupid' or a 'party'. The time serving hacks who make up the leadership have been so corrupted by their 1994-2006 control of the legislature and eight-year control of the White House that they have forgotten that this is a democracy and that occasionally even the most powerful politician is called upon to explain himself to the people who elected him. The great divide, the day the Inside-The-Beltway establishment broke from their base was the day President Bush and the Congress tried to sneak the McLame-Kennedy Amnesty Bill under the radar and into law without any public debate. Thats when they labeled themselves as true Enemies Of The People. The fact that every single Democratic legislator supported it doesnt lessen the sin of the President and The Maverick who were pushing a bill to gain cheap labor for their cronies and who were nursing the hallucination that somehow these exploited poor people would instantly become Grateful Republican voters. In the campaign for the nomination which followed no Republican stood up, pointed their finger at McLame and screamed, "this guy wrote the bill which gave the Mexican Government the power to veto us building a fence along our border, the bill which adds twenty million people to the Food Stamp, Social Security and welfare rolls,the bill which gives drivers licenses and motor-voter registration cards to every foreigner who wants them!" No Republican has EVER stood up and pointed to the Democrats and accused them of supporting flooding this country with illegal aliens and setting up a free-for-all medical care system which puts YOU in the same line at the Federal Clinic as anybody who can sneak across the border and leaves YOU to foot the bill from your payroll, excise and property taxes, basically using taxes on the Middle Class to subsidize employers who are too cheap to provide medical coverage to their underpaid helots. Who is speaking for the working people in this country as the Democrats talk about further hamstringing the energy companies with new taxes and regulations while they pour hundreds of billions into the 'alternative energy' rathole?
NOT THE REPUBLICANS thats for sure.
The Dems and the enviro-kooks have managed to put the overpopulated Polar Bear on the Endangered Species list even as they breed like rats on the expanding polar ice cap but the real endangered species are Republicans. They cant even hold on to seats in Congress that they have held for fifty years. Like the Wooly Mammoth their reason to exist has disappeared and we await this November's slaughter at the hands of the Socialist Cro-Magnons.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Well, the medical records have been released and they show that John McCain is healthy as a horse; a really old horse that used to have cancer. Oh THAT. Its probably not going to be a problem. After all, his form of skin cancer was caused by excessive whiteness, certainly a talking point when you're running against Barak Obama and trying to lock down the Angry White vote. But as the old boy totters around talking about Global Warming and trading epithets with Obama you have to wonder if any medical report can smooth over the fact that he's just too damned old.
Lets be fair. The others havent released their medical records yet and there are some important medical issues that pose serious problems for the others.
With Hillary we can be sure that her blood pressure is probably OK and the multiple shots of her butt that the media delight in showing us lately have proven that there's no spinal or muscular problems but the records we might be asking for these days are her psychiatric results. She's staying in the race because Robert Kennedy got shot in June and you never know? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, say no more! This puts the Bosnian sniper hallucinations in a whole new light. Thinks a lot about bullets flying does she? If Obama wanted to finish her off today he would hie himself off to Fort Marcy Park, stand on the hillside where they found Vince Foster's body, rip open his shirt and yell, "Here I am Mrs. Clinton!" Of course, nobody has the nerve to tempt fate like that. Its amazing that Clinton (once described as The Smartest Woman In The World!) could be so stupid. Maybe she should release the results of her IQ test while she's at it. Could whatever strange virus that turned Bill into a bug-eyed,shouting, purple-faced loony, whose recent announcement of Chelsea's candidacy for 2016 has made him a viable candidate for a heavy course of Thorazine or horse tranquilizers, be contagious? Hillary has also put her health in grave jeopardy in the event she ever is within swinging distance of Michelle Obama. There never was much love lost between them in the first place but this has certainly sealed the deal. And if Michelle needs any help to clobber the loquacious Hillary Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean will be happy to pin the wife of the Former First Black President's arms back while Michelle lands a haymaker.
Should Barak release his medical records? Well, look at him. He doesnt look like he's about to keel over any time soon. He might be slowed down by the twenty pounds of body armor they'll be strapping on him in case Hillary's payment to the Bosnian sniper is non-refundable; you know, like Lee Van Cleef in 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly,"Funny thing is, once I've been paid for a job I always carry it out."
But Baraks' problems arent medical. He makes the most amazing gaffes. He's been to all 57 states. Iran is a tiny nation one day, our most powerful enemy the next. People worry that he might have picked up radical ideas in the left-wing universities he attended but now they should worry about what he didnt pick up-- like any notion of geography or economics. He's physically fit for the presidency but intellectually? He says shallow, ridiculous things and then contradicts them the next day with other shallow, ridiculous things until you get the idea that he is basically shallow and ridiculous. He hasnt ever said anything that shows any glimmer that he perceives the need for a strategic vision that would work to underpin the vigorous pursuit of our national interests, or even that we have any legitimate national interests which need to be pursued vigorously or otherwise, except a pathetic desire that foreigners like us more. The reports we want to see from Barak are reports on how he would deal, specifically, with our pressing long and short term problems, information thats harder to come by than the donor records for the Clinton Lie-Berry and Massage parlor.
So, I guess the only thing to do is for me to go to MY doctor and ask him for a bottle of valiums so that when all of America's chickens come home to roost, as the good Reverend has prophesied, I'll be smiling and ready for the New Age.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Girl, we couldnt get much higher!"

Ah, the sunny days of the 1960s when the songs were all about how much LSD we just took and having sex with all and sundry. Jim Morrison died before merciless old age could turn him into a fumbling Ozzie Osbourne-like acid-casualty and a good thing too, because the song has changed. Now what couldnt get much higher are taxes, energy prices and the cost of food. Oh, but they CAN get higher, much higher! There will soon be only one issue in this election and the rising cost of living will be it. Because various different measures are used to calculate inflation, and because the government, which has so foolishly linked all transfer payments, government salaries and even most procurement contracts to inflation, has a vested interest in underreporting inflation the true decline in the value of money is not in the statistic books. But people dont read the statistics while they watch the numbers on the gas pump rotate with a speeding blur as though they were wheels on a slot machine and feel their hearts sink as their Suburban, which they still owe $25,000 on, gobbles up every penny of their disposable income and dollar of available credit. Then, when the enormous gas-burning flivver squeezes into the spot marked 'COMPACT' and comes to a halt at the local supermarket and the cel-phone is temporarily given a rest, the middle-class shopper is confronted by prices that seem to have morphed into their worst nightmare. Working housewives are now faced with a horrible specter. Just picking the kids up at day care and zipping through the drive-thru at Burger World to provide dinner has become out of the question, the money for that just got put in the gas tank, and if you look at which prices have risen in the most in the supermarket its obvious that the more processing a product has gone through the more the price has risen. So now Mrs America has to face a reality that younger women have never had to face before, they have to cook a dinner from scratch. And they dont know how. The result is anxiety. Fear. How could things be going so wrong? Why has my electric bill doubled? Where are we going to get the money to pay the gigantic property tax bill thats just arrived? Right now the anger for this has been successfully focused on Bush, and rightfully so, because Mr. Comity allowed the feeble and oppressive bureaucracy to grow like a cancer and never pushed for a sane energy policy that might have mitigated this situation a bit. Did he ever say one word against the environmental radicals who are hamstringing our country? This guy is from a oil family and from an oil state but he didnt have the guts or the imagination to stand up for energy policies that made any sense.
But Bush is history. Now we have to decide which of these three inarticulate idiots is going to do something about the pickle the average person finds themselves in. They're still talking about nationalizing the health care industry and Global Warming. But oil prices havent stopped rising yet. There still hasnt been a corresponding drop in demand, that will happen when the manager of Burger World starts laying off employees because the line of Suburbans at the drive-in window has shrunk to nothing. When the Winnebago factory closes. The former employees of these establishments will be living in the cars they cant afford to put gas in.
We have reached liberal nirvana. The result of abandoning the moral code and economic system that made this country rich will be that the country wont be rich. An era where the average person lived better than the richest people in past history is coming to a close. The housewife who cant cook and the laid-off fast food worker are going to vote for Obama.
The End.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Replier To Breyer

This Sunday my daughter graduated from American University, Washington College Of Law. It was a proud moment in my life. The ceremony took place on the campus of the University (the law school is in a separate facility off site). The commencement speaker was Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer. After the usual run of speakers saying the usual things badly Breyer's speech was exciting and amazing. He was erudite and spoke with passion and eloquence. His speech was a tribute to the notion that the law was a higher calling and he urged the graduates not to fall into a mundane, everyday employment but to use their profession to pursue that higher calling. But the happy and elevated tone carried a sinister undertone, one which defined a fundamental changing of the governing system of our nation and the creation of a mandarin class which arrogates more and more power to itself and answers to no democratic restraints while still retaining an outward obedience to the democratic rules laid down by the Constitution and the statutes. Breyer in fact couched his remarks in the context of reverence for legality. He began by speaking of the case brought by the Cherokees against the order issued by Andrew Jackson in which he decreed that all Indians still in tribal societies should be expelled West of the Mississippi River. When the Cherokees contested this and won their case in the Supreme Court Jackson was quoted as saying, "Now let them enforce it." He then ordered the army to expel the Cherokees from their lands and marched them along 'The Trail Of Tears' to a reservation in Oklahoma from which they emerged a couple of decades later to support the Confederacy against the hated US government. Breyer then contrasted Jackson's actions with those of Dwight Eisenhower who sent troops to enforce a court order desegregating the public schools in Little Rock Arkansas. Breyer pointed to a racist and cruel illegality evolving to a humane and admirable respect for the law, a nation changing and growing under the wise tutelage of The Court and The Law.
But was Jackson's cruel act of ethnic cleansing illegal, and did the court have the authority to reverse his decision? Remember, Jackson had, only a few years previously, at the head of an ad hoc militia he raised personally, defeated the Creeks and seized all their lands and invaded Florida, which was in the possession of the Spaniards to fight a war against the Seminoles. He had no orders or authority to do that. Both Spain and Washington were forced to recognize his actions as legal because they had no alternative. This was a lawless frontier far from the learned legal theorists in Washington. Was Jackson more restrained by the law as President than he was as a local militia commander? Furthermore, Jackson was an elected leader making national policy and the court is not superior to the executive in the Constitution, it is co-equal. If the court's order to Jackson was legal and Jackson therefore a criminal wasnt Tyler's annexation of Texas and Polk's seizure of the vast, uninhabited Southwest from the anarchic and newly-formed nation of Mexico equally illegal? Is the executive bound completely by subservience to the courts? Can events occur outside the purview of the Courts? Would our country exist if they cant?
Another case, which Breyer conveniently didnt mention, was the Dred Scott decision. This travesty of a ruling not only enjoined elected governments in free states to seize and return runaway slaves against the wishes of the people who elected them ("A negro has no rights a white man is bound to respect" said Chief Justice Taney's opinion) it also overturned the Missouri Compromise, arrived at by a legally elected legislature to prevent Southern secession and civil war and set the stage for the expansion of slavery into the western territories. This unfortunate arrogation of power by the court was a step toward Civil War.
Other forays by the Court are equally unedifying. FDRs administrative decision to imprison US citizens of Japanese ancestry accompanied by the confiscation of their property in 1942 was given the court's seal of approval as was segregation; Plessy vs Ferguson was in clear violation of the 14th Amendment.
But the growth in the power of the judiciary exploded after Breyer's example of the triumph of law in Little Rock. The same president that Breyer held up as an example of this evolving legality appointed as Chief Justice the former Governor of California, Earl Warren. The Warren Court took the court in a new direction, one clearly not envisioned in the Constitution but one foreseen by Thomas Jefferson in his warnings against the inherent evil of Marbury vs Madison. The courts began to make law. In fact Breyer in his speech enjoined these fresh graduates to become active in their local Bar Associations, "...because that's where laws are made." The last half-century since the Warren Court have been a study in the passage of law and governance from democratically elected officials to the courts and to a permanent bureaucracy which answers to no one. Tropes such as 'fairness' and 'the overall public good' have become vehicles to advance the power of unelected officials and any hustler savvy enough to navigate the Byzantine maze of regulations and rulings which are so complex that they lend themselves to any self-serving interpretation.
The new legal anarchy has also played into the hands of people who understand how impervious to common sense judges like Breyer have become. A seventeen year old invaded a suburban home, raped, tortured and hog-tied the woman he found inside, put a pillow case over her head, drove her to a bridge and threw her off into the river. He laughed in jail and told his fellow inmates that his tender age would protect him from the death penalty. In Roper vs Simmons Justice Breyer and four of his fellows proved Mr. Simmons correct. Anthony Kennedy wrote the prevailing opinion which quoted the law from other countries and spoke of evolving 'International Standards Of Humanity', saving the promising legal prodigy Simmons to pursue a legal career and possible judgeship. In fact, opposition to capital punishment is dear to the hearts of all liberals as is state-provided abortion, gay marriage, disarming the citizenry, conferring welfare benefits on illegal aliens, enforced racial quotas and, in the Kelo decision, seizing private property under eminent domain and reselling it to greedy developers to increase tax revenues. What Breyer worships as respect for the law is pure class warfare; the unpopular social engineering schemes of the elite go to the courts to be enacted into law so that the ignorant Rednecks cant terrify timid legislators into blocking social 'progress' by withholding their votes.
They say there's an election going on at the moment. It wont matter much who wins. The same elite, educated in these fine schools, will decide whats going to happen. We dont have a 'Living Constitution' as the liberals describe it, we have a 'Dead Constitution'. Liberals have abandoned legality. Watch. Officials of the Bush Administration, out of power, will be charged with trumped up 'war crimes' as the savage inmates of Club Gitmo are turned loose on the helpless inhabitants of the Middle East; one of these paragons who was just released blew himself up in an Iraqi marketplace the other day, killing a dozen or so people and wounding dozens of others, fortunately none were members of the ACLU or the local Bar Association. The good work the Clinton Administration pioneered in using the IRS to harass their political enemies will be expanded as the age of liberal legality descends and the dim light of freedom is extinguished.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Udder Disaster!

I was channel surfing last night. I happened onto CSPAN and blundered into what I thought was a symposium on interracial gay marriage but which actually turned out to be the Obama-Edwards love fest. The wonderfulness flowed from my TV screen like a gusher of warm milk. Except...
I missed Edwards' speech (thanks to a merciful God!) but I think Obama had just started speaking . As he spoke, some nonsense about ending poverty in ten years, I looked past him at the crowd in the background. They were happy and not paying attention ! This riveting rhetoric wasnt registering in their minds at all. Why is that? Because the people Obama is trying to reach, the blue-collar working class whites, have heard all this getting rid of poverty crap for decades and they know it for the lying idiocy that it is. Furthermore, blue-collar working class whites think poor people should stop smoking pot and drinking malt liquor in the middle of the day and go get a job. But these were Obama's fans and his driveling idiocy didnt bother them unduly. They all had signs that said 'CHANGE' and if achieving 'CHANGE' required them to listen to the same old crap they've been hearing for decades then they're willing to sacrifice an hour or two for the cause.
How could Obama have reached them? What could he have said that would make them think he understands their problems and wants to make a difference in their lives? What is the most important day to day issue in most people's lives right now?
Gasoline prices, thats what! People who live in Woodland Hills and commute to their jobs in Burbank...or fill in the town names with whatever ones are familiar to you...have had a giant chunk of cash removed from their pockets and they already were just making the minimum payments on their maxed-out credit cards (interest rates way up BTW). Food prices also have skyrocketed, not a thing that the middle managers are going to notice but the blue-collar working class whites are finding themselves out of cash and maxed-out on credit. They see expenses going up and their salaries staying the same. They're also seeing a giant rise in taxation. Here in California our beloved Jerkinator has just informed us that we are on the hook for billions, thanks to our thrifty Democrat legislators, and my own mayor Antonio VivaLaRaza, in charge of a city where more than half the employees make more than $100,000 per annum, is informing us that somehow there's a horrible shortfall in the city budget and we're in for some heavy tax hikes from that direction.
So what kind of 'CHANGE' do blue-collar working class whites want? They want the boa-constrictor which is strangling their existences to at least loosen its grip. So far Dem propaganda has been successful blaming all this mayhem on GW Bush and the Republicans and because they're half right, the moronic liberal 'Republicans' who bred like maggots in the Compassionate One's administration and who have adopted increasingly liberal positions are responsible for letting a lot of this happen. The ethanol disaster that is raising food prices and causing starvation overseas is a bi-partisan operation to rob the treasury and the fact that its squeezing blue-collar working class whites by raising their food prices doesnt occur to these geniuses as they stuff their pockets. But it occurs to blue-collar working class whites as they see their President lauding the crooked and useless ethanol program and they blame the REPUBLICANS for this stupidity.
Rising gas prices? They've watched Bush messing around in the Middle East without ever saying anything about oil supplies but endlessly droning on about 'Democracy In Iraq', a subject that blue-collar working class whites care nothing about. Now all these grateful Ay-rabs that we went over to Democratize are jacking up the gas prices and using the money they've squeezed from blue-collar working class whites to fund terrorists and build Wahabbi mosques all over the country as the REPUBLICANS dont say a word.
But now blue-collar working class whites are taking a dangerous gamble. They want 'CHANGE' and that's what Barak Obama is offering. A way out of the REPUBLICAN mess we're in. Except, what exactly is this guy going to do about gasoline prices? Drill for oil and increase the supply perhaps? Nah, not even the REPUBLICANS want to get that extreme. The Rep response is to send W Bush to Saudi Arabia to crawl at the throne of King Abdullah and beg for higher production. McLame is still babbling about his giant Global Warming tax increase and doesnt seem to notice that there's a problem with gas or food prices or that his beloved Democrats are pushing policies that will make them worse. The Obama response is to level a tax on 'windfall profits' earned by the oil companies. He's going to lower gasoline prices by taxing the people who sell gasoline, 98% of the price of which is composed of the cost of buying, refining and transporting it and state and federal gasoline taxes. That should work, even though when Jimmy The Jerk tried it in the 70's it caused shortages and chaos. Blue-collar working class whites and all the rest of us are in for a rude shock this January when Obama takes office with a heavily Dem Congress.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Olympics Of Shame

A couple of years ago we witnessed the results of the earthquake and tidal wave on the residents of Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. The world responded. The US Navy had aircraft carriers with helicopters in the area within a couple of days and aid reached even the most isolated victims as quickly as humanly possible. The governments of these nations actively helped the effort. A huge outpouring of donations was generated by the NGO's who were out in the front of the relief efforts.
Now we're faced with the results of a similar-scale disaster in Burma. There is a horrible difference. The government of Burma (I refuse to accept the name the illegal clique of generals running it use to describe the country they have hijacked) is refusing to allow any foreign aid to be sent to its people and is not sending any of its own. The world is sitting silently by and watching a government cause the deaths of tens of thousands of its own citizens.
Well, thats nothing new. The mass deaths caused by socialist economic policies, from the artificial famines caused by Stalin in the 1930's , the mountains of corpses generated by Mao's policies, through the man-made carnage caused by the Soviets in Ethiopia in the 1980's ("We Are The World") and the ongoing nightmare of hunger in North Korea have gone uncriticized by a silent world. The worst examples of this going on right now are in Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Sudan. What do all these countries have in common? They are allied with and supported by China.
China, the country which surrounded Mt Everest with troops, holding guns on the members of mountain-climbing expeditions so the Olympic Flame could scale the peak unmolested by critics of China's repulsive and vile regime. China, the country which arrests domestic opponents on trumped-up charges, executes them and sells their body parts to organ banks.
China, the country who will be the host of the Olympics this year. The Olympics which will be held in a city scraped clean of the homeless and of all dogs and cats, considered unsightly by the paranoid crackpots at the head of the Chinese Communist Party and so consigned to death.
The Olympics I wont be watching and whose sponsors I will not be patronizing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alternate Scenario

Ah Spring! Birds singing, buzzing and chirping hummingbirds are fighting at the feeder; the only discordant note is the distant bellowing of the dying Clinton Campaign, a noise similar to a walrus being harpooned by a hardy Inuit. Its one of those deals where he has to keep harpooning her as she drags herself across the ice leaving a trail of bright red blood. She's not going out with any dignity, that's for sure. I'd love to hear the talk behind closed doors in the Senate, the House or the DNC. I'll bet they could make some of us old Clinton-haters blush. Every day she stays in they hate her more. Also, another Spring Wonder is the absolute and total destruction of the phony Clinton Legacy which Bill was trying to inflate to JFK size without having to go through the discomfort and inconvenience of getting shot. He's sitting on the bench between Martin Van Buren and Rutheford B Hayes and his legacy has a lot of tell-all books to endure now that the Clints cant retaliate, probably damaging enough to slide him right down the bench to take his place with Warren Harding and Andrew Johnson, where he belongs.
And why are the Dems so angry? The winner of the nomination has a collar whites hate his guts. You think those are strong words? I've been amazed at the conversations I've had with people. I dont live in some redneck part of Oklahoma either, I live in Henry Waxman's district in Los Angeles where he wins with 80% of the vote against whatever basket case wants to have his name on the ballot with an 'R' next to it. That Rev Wright stuff really had an impact. People dont like being called evil racists. This has crippled Obama's candidacy.
So the question is can 'The Old Duffer' win. Could it be that all this running a non-partisan campaign is just strategic posing, that at some point McCain is going to say to Obama, "Excuse me dear fellow but I believe your shoe is untied" and than wallop him when he's looking down? We already know he's a crafty little prick, he sandbagged Giuliani and Romney and used Huckster-bee like an Armenian catamite, mightent he have the same in store for Obama?
Obama, even with his toppling of the Clintons, is pretty green. The Dems have some incredible blind spots; they really dont understand how regular people see them. Too much eco-babble while gas prices are rising and the Republicans are yelling about drilling for oil could be a problem, as would an Al Sharpton keynote address. But thats where they're at, thats who just took charge. Howard Dean was a zany left-wing nutball, if you remember. These guys could have the country rushing to vote for McCain out of total fear. If they cant convince people that they have some other ideas than raising taxes and more federal regulation they will have big problems.
McCain might win. Its a long time until the election and its going to be incredibly tough. McCain has as many liabilities as Obama. He has no vision, he is inarticulate and terrible on TV, the conservative base of the party flies into a rage at some of the things he says and adds them to his past betrayals but this gasoline price crisis has shown us very much the difference between McCain and Obama. McCain at least understands something about how oil gets out of the ground and into the gas tank of your car. Somebody has to stop these idiot Dems from wrecking the country and McCain is now the only hope. Hate him as we must we also must support him with votes and, yes, money. Someone who believes that gasoline prices can be lowered by imposing a windfall profits tax on the oil companies is a menace; the last idiot stupid enough to try it was Jimmy The Jerk and we got gas lines and chaos. Obama must be stopped. Hold your nose and jump on the "Straight Talk Express'.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its Over

The numbers are in in Indiana and North Carolina. Obama skunked Hillary Clinton in NC and looks to be losing by a whisker in Indiana. It means that the Rev Wright business hasnt destroyed Obama among Democrats but the signs of the damage are there. That wont do Hillary any good. The SooperDooper Delegates, the Party insiders, dont want to be under the thumb of the Clintons any more. They're tired of the Old Regime which has ruled capriciously and with many large and small injustices since 1992. They were afraid of the Clintons gaining the White House and exacting revenge on the turncoats within the Party who had jumped ship. Now it only remains for The Little Woman, with the blotchy-faced, pouting lipped, wild-eyed BJ standing unsteadily behind her like a Longhorn Bull who ate too much loco-weed (thats how he looked at Mrs C's 'Victory' speech tonight) to fess up and admit that the Democratic Party; THEIR Party, the Party that watched BJ commit perjury on national TV and still backed him; the Party which watched thugs and dictators line up to stuff the Clinton's coffers with cash and turned and said nothing; the Party which stood by while BJ launched a weak, uncoordinated attack against Al Qaeda two days after he had perjured himself on national TV and an air strike on Iraq on the day he was impeached for that perjury (the only response to a series of bloody attacks); the Party that shielded these two reprobates for almost two decades has had enough of them.
And has, at the same time, totally taken leave of its senses. Barak Obama is not qualified to be President Of The United States. His view of the world doesnt correspond with reality. He has absolutely no administrative experience. The socialist hallucinations which he shares with his radical associates are a recipe for disaster. Pelosi and Reid are just as incompetent and just as wrong. The entire left wing of the Democratic Party has worked itself into a froth after eight years of what they mistake for conservative rule. Only the threat of Bush's veto has restrained them up to now. They think the country is yearning for their heavy handed Central Economic Planning. They think that a weak regime can negotiate its problems in the world away. They think that the destructive pursuit of the Global Warming agenda will be tenable as world temperatures fall, they think Americans will be quiescent as they nationalize the health care system. They think the rich are going to sit by and let themselves be taxed into penury and that capital flight wont be the reaction to much higher taxes. They think business can function efficiently with out of control regulators and unions.
Even with ten Rev Wrights at his back I dont see Obama losing to McCain. McCain is an impossibly incompetent candidate and so self-centered that he wont take any advice. In the months since he hijacked the nomination he has shown that he expects the Republican base to dutifully vote for him while he trolls for votes among Independents and Reagan Democrats.
He has no message, he has no charm, he has no allies except the moth-eaten professional Party establishment who took our 2004 victory and threw it away. McCain will be crushed by Obama.
Soon we will have the happy day when we watch Her Thighness slink off to her mansion in Georgetown and BJ stagger off to his pad in Chappaqua, speaking fees slashed, donations to the Lie-Berry subsiding from a flood to a trickle to spend his declining years grabbing waitresses at the country club and cursing St. Algore and Jimmy The Jerk for their Nobel Prizes. That will be the last happy day we will spend for a long time.
Obama will stride forward and the dark night will descend.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Boris For President!

"It is said that the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving picaninnies; and one can imagine that Blair, twice victor abroad but enmired at home, is similarly seduced by foreign politeness. They say he is shortly off to the Congo. No doubt the AK47s will fall silent, and the pangas will stop their hacking of human flesh, and the tribal warriors will all break out in Watermelon smiles to see the big white chief touch down in his big white British taxpayer-funded bird."

"The proposed ban on incitement to “religious hatred” make no sense unless it involves a ban on the Koran itself."

"Not even Mr Blair has been able to erode the unions conviction that we all have a “right” to a minimum wage… Both the minimum wage and the Social Charter would palpably destroy jobs."

"No one obeys the speed limit except a motorised rickshaw."

"My friends, as I have discovered myself, there are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters."

"Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3."

How often have we sat cursing and mumbling at our TV screens, our wives, children and pets consciously avoiding coming into our field of vision, even the very potted plants huddling with stomas puckering waiting for Daddy to explode into one of his Right Wing Bug Eyed RANTS! waiting for some politician or even commentator to say something that shows some feeling, some life, some common sense-- something that was wasnt pre-thought-out and tailored not to insult the most crotchety and sensitive lame-brain who might happen to be watching? Look at the quotes above. That's not some nut whose blog I think you might enjoy, this dude just got elected Mayor Of London! Thats probably the equivalent to being elected Governor of California in this country. Maybe better.
I had no idea the Conservative Party still existed in Britain. The last I remember of them that chinless half-wit David Cameron was being quoted agreeing with the Labour Minister For Health that fat people and smokers should be denied medical treatment by the National Health Service because their bad health was self-inflicted. Of course this was just a ruse to cover up the fact the the NHS is suffering from terminal bureaucracy and is on the Death Watch list itself. Neither party wanted to discuss that, it might lead someone to suggest that some sort of bold action be taken, a thought that strikes fear into the hearts of craven politicos the world over; but they're happy to blame the innocent victims of their incompetence and chide them for smoking a pack of heavily-taxed cigarettes or eating a box of Cheeze-its. I cant wait for National Health in this country.
But now, like a breath of fresh air, comes Boris! If he manages to Rudy-fy London, reduce the muggings and burglaries, and thwart the anti-carbon Trotskyites from totally banning the internal combustion engine from the city limits, Boris has a shot at being Prime Minister. But not if we act FAST! You see Boris, interestingly enough, was born in New York City (just like me) so that means that he's eligible to run for President in this country! Imagine the things he would say, things that haven't been said in public for years. Things that that milquetoast of a Bushy and that soggy liberal cracker of a McLame haven't thought to themselves in their wildest dreams let alone said on camera. A real conservative, who wasnt apologizing at every turn; who would take the war to the socialist enemy and grind their noses in a century of failure. I know its only a distant dream but maybe the worm is turning. Guys like Boris Johnson in the UK and Sarkozy in France are beginning to at least fight back a little. So far Sarkozy has run into a brick wall of recipients ready to commit hari-kiri to protect their sacred benefits but the ongoing collapse of the French economy is pressing reform forward. This could give us hope, if it ends well. If it ends badly, if the socialists let the ship sink before they'll agree to reforms, then we're in for an equally bad time with our pack of Stalinists.
So lets invoke the Patriot Act, seize Boris and fly him back here, find some way to depose McLame and run with a real conservative...someone who wouldnt have let Hillary's remark to O'Rielly that she was going to sue OPEC to lower oil prices get by without being heaped with the scorn a remark that insanely stupid and disconnected with reality deserves. A Leader to save us from the Socialist Night which is descending and deepening with every passing primary.