Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dont Do It Newt!

There seems to be a Newt boomlet. Hopefully he is just using this odd pre-primary season as a vehicle to pump sales of his new book. I dont think he has the temperament to go all the way to the White House; he's too jumpy and high-strung for more than a year of total immersion.
Also,I cant believe that Newt would put himself up against the Clintons again. Them and their media buddies were able to create an image of a hapless, heartless nerd and paste it onto him during the budget battle, and then take the balanced budget that BJ vetoed twice and claim it as their very own Major Accomplishment. Newt only makes sense if you read his full statements or watch the hour-long speech on CSPAN. The dullards who constitute the swing voters need half-sentence platitudes to chew on, not nine page position papers. He cant beat the Friend Of The Children in her Quest For Fairness. Why did you know that she's America's Smartest And Bravest Woman, who is this fast-talking nerd who would dare to criticize the Most-Noble Agenda? Every time he delivers a long speech about the unbroken record of failure of government-run health care systems, along with a well-documented addendum on the amount of increased tax revenues projected in the first five years of the project along with an additional appendix explaining the probable economic effect of sharply higher and more steeply progressive tax rates on the overall economy the media will trot out Sadie Glutzman, whose Evil HMO wont pay for her intestinal bypass surgery and instead told her to eat less and exercise. Which is more compelling, a professorial Newt, with all the facts and figures, or poor Sadie, tears rolling down her pudgy cheeks, her five fat little lard-ball rugrats sobbing next to her denouncing the Evil HMO's vile interest in Profits? To watch this guy, who I like and admire, be trashed by the odious Clintons and their slimy cohorts would be unutterably depressing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

World Bore Two, Too

Okay, an update. The latest episode, mostly about D-day and a little sideline on Saipan and Tinian thrown in, was somewhat better. Less schmaltz per sequence. The SPS level was still pretty high but they did cut it out occasionally to mention the actual war. Kinda. They left a lot of stuff out, of course; little stuff like Pont Du Hoc, the French resistance fighting the Germans in Paris, the superiority of the German Panther and Tiger tanks to the US Shermans, Hitler's failure to order his armored reserves forward at the critical point in the battle, the accidental carpet bombing of our own troops in Operation Cobra (2,000 died), the Mulberry floating docks, the supply bottlenecks as the armies moved inland, the disagreement between Patton and Montgomery over the direction the attack should take... we did, however, get plenty of anecdotes from aging veterans and civilians and mucho casualty photos with the same dreary piano snivelling away in the background. Because thats what war is all about, isnt it? The casualties. All this other stuff is just ancillary. This is not accurate history and its not very well done, the weeping dirge and the lack of any heroism or purpose makes this into bad anti-war propaganda.
Oh, and one more thing is REALLY missing, THE MUSIC! They throw in a sad little tune by Sinatra occasionally to show how sad everybody was that they werent home with Mom and their sweetheart, but nothing rousing. The giddy live-now-it-might-be-your-last-chance joy is totally missing. Doesnt fit the weepy template. All that red-hot Big Band stuff has been replaced by the pseudo-jazz refrains of the sad, lone piano. BOLLOCKS!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

World Bore Two

Ken Burns should have titled this boring mess 'How Grandpa Felt About WW2'. No discussion of politics, strategy, tactics or equipment just a mawkish mess of personal anecdotes and trivia interlaced with long pans of casualties overdubbed with the inevitable tinkling piano music. This tracks nicely with the current neo-marxist fad in history that the true history is not the big picture but the story of the little people involved in the events. So hours are spent about race relations in Mobile Alabama and the race between Patton and Montgomery in Sicily (and Sicily itself) go completely unmentioned. Dull, Dull, Dull, Oh God Its Dull.

Ten Questions

Iranian University Chancellors Ask Bollinger 10 Questions

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Seven chancellors and presidents of Iranian universities and research centers, in a letter addressed to their counterpart in the US Colombia University, denounced Lee Bollinger's insulting words against the Iranian nation and president and invited him to provide responses for 10 questions of the Iranian academicians and intellectuals.

1- Why did the US media put you under so much pressure to prevent Mr. Ahmadinejad from delivering his speech at Columbia University? And why have American TV networks been broadcasting hours of news reports insulting our president while refusing to allow him the opportunity to respond? Is this not against the principle of freedom of speech?

1. Because the foul little toad that fronts your brutal regime is killing our troops in Iraq, providing weapons of mass destruction to evil regimes and terrorist groups and is a congenital liar. As far as freedom of speech in Iran goes I refer you to the photo above.

2- Why, in 1953, did the US administration overthrow the Iran's national government under Dr Mohammad Mosaddegh and go on to support the Shah's dictatorship?

2. Because Mosaddegh's Stalinist policies had caused a general revolt which we merely supported. The Shah's 'dictatorship' was a thousand times less brutal and repressive then the regime of the Mullahs.

3- Why did the US support the blood-thirsty dictator Saddam Hussein during the 1980-88 Iraqi-imposed war on Iran, considering his reckless use of chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers defending their land and even against his own people?

3. Iran had declared war against us in 1978 and helped murder our troops in Beirut. Letting the foul mullahs topple Saddam and dominate the Persian Gulf was contrary to our interests. The Iranian Army was defending its land by surrounding Basra at the time. Its also worthwhile to mention the many Iranian males who were press-ganged into units that were sent straight to the front and sent into combat ahead of the regular army to draw chemical weapons attacks and clear mines. That's how your degenerate regime defends it's land and people.

4- Why is the US putting pressure on the government elected by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza instead of officially recognizing it? And why does it oppose Iran 's proposal to resolve the 60-year-old Palestinian issue through a general referendum?

4.Hamas is a vicious, murderous terrorist group which has murdered their own people and launched many attacks against our ally Isreal. Your referendum is a joke while you are providing nerve gas to Hezbollah.

5- Why has the US military failed to find Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden even with all its advanced equipment? How do you justify the old friendship between the Bush and Bin Laden families and their cooperation on oil deals? How can you justify the Bush administration's efforts to disrupt investigations concerning the September 11 attacks?

5. We cant violate Pakistani sovereignty to go get him. The rest of this question is complete hogwash, lifted from the websites of your left-wing allies in this country.

6- Why does the US administration support the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) despite the fact that the group has officially and openly accepted the responsibility for numerous deadly bombings and massacres in Iran and Iraq? Why does the US refuse to allow Iran 's current government to act against the MKO's main base in Iraq?

6. Hopefully, its because our government supports the overthrow of your repressive and unpopular regime and resents the Al Kuds aid to our terrorist opponents in Iraq.

7- Was the US invasion of Iraq based on international consensus and did international institutions support it? What was the real purpose behind the invasion which has claimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives? Where are the weapons of mass destruction that the US claimed were being stockpiled in Iraq?

7. It was based on 17 UN resolutions. The real purpose was to remove a regime that was lawless and supported our enemies in Al Qaeda. Many weapons of mass destruction and facilities for making more were found but for some reason not publicized, probably to protect the French, Russian and German manufacturers. Its also interesting that in question 3 you talk about Saddam's 'reckless use of chemical weapons'; apparently they do exist.

8- Why do America's closest allies in the Middle East come from extremely undemocratic governments with absolutist monarchical regimes?

8. You are by far the most absolutist regime in the region.

9- Why did the US oppose the plan for a Middle East free of unconventional weapons in the recent session of the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors despite the fact the move won the support of all members other than Israel?

9. Because such an agreement would disarm our allies and be ignored by the dishonest and dishonorable savages who run countries like yours.

10- Why is the US displeased with Iran's agreement with the IAEA and why does it openly oppose any progress in talks between Iran and the agency to resolve the nuclear issue under international law?

10. Because you madmen are building nuclear weapons while you babble some idiocy about the twelfth Mahdi and threaten to murder everyone in Israel.

Tehran, Iran, Oct. 17 – Volunteers for suicide bombing operations will be honoured during a ceremony attended by senior Iranian government officials later this month, the spokesman for the “Headquarters for Commemoration of Martyrs of Global Islamic Movement” said on Sunday.

Islam's Ugly Reality

Today Michael Medved wrote a column about the practice of female sexual mutilation in Egypt. He questioned whether a country in which more than 90% of girls have their genitals cut at ages 7-13 so that they will never feel sexual pleasure will ever be ready for democracy. This is a vile and heartless practice, one of many in the Islam that the terrorists want to impose upon us all. This is the heart of the clash between our two cultures. A country that treats half its population like livestock will never be part of the modern world. The ugly truth, told by brave women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured above), of the brutal conditions that exist for women in Islamic cultures should be told more forcefully to our own people so that we know what we are up against; a patriarchal sexual dictatorship where women and young boys are violently abused as a matter of course. The holders of power in that society will go to any length to protect their hegemony-- threatened more than anything by the pop consumerist culture of America. We should at least drop the multi-culti drivel about all cultures having equal validity and say it loud and clear, "Living like medieval savages is wrong. All people have basic rights."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bollinger Crawls

When Duncan Hunter proposed a bill to totally deny any federal funding to Columbia, as did the New York State legislature and the New York City Council (and probably a whole bunch of Columbia's alumni) all of a sudden Bollinger's high ideals melted and he cooked up that phony, weak anti-Ahmadinejad speech. This whole incident points out what a pack of traitors the libs in this country have become. They were ready to sit back and laugh heartily as another enemy of this country stood in the city where his fellow Islamonazis murdered three thousand people and drooled insults at President Bush. If those Right-Wingers, with their talk radio and the internet, hadnt gone ballistic thats exactly what would have happened. Werent they happy to laud viscious dictator Hugo Chavez after he called President Bush Satan? They said themselves, Hitler would have been welcome, certainly Castro was. Part of the left-wing pathology is to suck up to evil dictators because it gives them (who are generally held in contempt by people with any sense) hope that someday they'll have the power to do to their critics what the dictators do to theirs. Cut their funding.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hillary Is A Genius!

This Sunday America's Smartest Woman was on all the Sunday talk shows talking, talking, talking. Bill was TV magic, she is as dull as you can get. We can only hope her health plan will cover verbal diarrhea. Thanks to the state legislatures jockeying for who can have the most influential primary we're in for more than a year of this. And always the first blah,blah endless talking point is how us poor, misguided victims need her guidance to the promised land of government health care. After all, she has experience in health care reform that points the way to a brighter new tomorrow.
In the mid-nineties there were twenty seven companies producing vaccine in this country and plenty of vaccine available whenever it was needed. Public health agencies immunized, for free, anyone not able to pay. But Hillary, sensing that America's children were at risk, created a 'Central Vaccine Warehouse' and 'reformed' the regulations governing the manufacture of vaccines. The warehouse they obtained was not refrigerated and the giant stockpile of vaccines spoiled. There are now three companies producing vaccines and many vital vaccines are produced by only one company. Supplies are much less available. The whole thing was a gigantic waste of time and money a created a problem where there wasnt one before. Now this genius wants to apply this same level of expertise to the entire medical care industry. Yelling the word "FREE" will probably make the swing-voter lemmings go mad with ecstasy and take us all over the cliff.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Send In The Clowns

It turns out that Ahmadinejadh is still scheduled to visit ground zero at 10am tomorrow morning. Why is this being allowed to happen?
In Mel Brook's movie 'Young Frankenstein' the Chief of Police says, "A riot is a terrible thing, and its about time we had one!"Where are the idiots that are supposedly running this country? We tolerate this vermin's presence on our soil so he can slander us at the UN but surely his diplomatic rights end there. The sawed-off runt of a liberal mayor can announce that the police will actively bar him from the site. The feckless, politically tin-eared occupant of the White House could stand up and say that as long as he is murdering our troops in Iraq and his own people at home he will not be allowed to mock the dead his Islamonazi brothers murdered on 9/11. The entire Manhattan Congressional delegation and New York's two disgusting Senators will be in the cheering section at Columbia so they're worse than useless but surely any Republican presidential candidate with his ear to the ground will show some leadership and be there. But if our leaders are so stupid, hopefully our people have more sense. I live 3000 miles away but if it was a hundred miles away I would go and be part of a crowd to stop this creep from spitting on the graves of 3000 of our fellow citizens and honoring their murderes. This is important and it shows what a bunch of buffoons, one and all, are running this country.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not A Tea Party

Muslim Parisians enjoying the traditional pasttime 'Al Rioting'

My sister sent me a link to some more whack libs who are trashing President Bush and supporting the terrorists, as usual. This lot also questioned whether there really was a Soviet-caused famine in the Ukraine in 1933. Anyone who has read Malcolm Muggeridge's 'Winter In Moscow', Eugene Lyon's 'Assignment In Utopia' or Robert Conquest's 'Harvest Of Sorrow', not to mention the brilliant 'Gulag Archipelago"is in no doubt about what happened and readers of the first two books will also get the story of the liberals who almost broke their necks looking the other way. The lineage of shame continues to our present-day crop of simpering, traitorous, terrorist-loving suck-ups to Chavez and Ahmadinejadh.
Intellectuals are enamored of violent regimes. They find vicarious thrills in contemplating people who actually put their crack-brained utopian plans into action, while in their own civilized societies they are usually ineffective eggheads, forced to compete and lose in the interplay of ideas. They love the idea that people who dont agree with the master plan are humiliated or killed; a fate they dearly would love to visit upon their critics. What they never see, of course, is that (to quote Lenin) "A revolution isnt a tea party" and that they are marked for destruction along with the other effete, counterrevolutionary trash.
If you were to go to Columbia and advocate that women who are raped be arrested and executed for 'promiscuity' or that homosexuals be tortured to death for their 'crimes against decency' I doubt you would get a friendly reception but Ahmadinejahd, a man who has done, as opposed to merely advocated, exactly that, will be applauded lustily as he trashes Demon Bush. What fools. Democrats all.
If the Islamonazis win this war our economy will be in grave trouble and useless parasites thinking that their trust funds or tenured professorships will shield them from honest work will be in for a very rude shock. Good, people that stupid deserve what they get.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Time Is Running Out

Today Charles Krauthammer outlined just how bad the situation in the Middle East has become with the strategic moves the Islamonazis in Iran are taking to protect their march toward becoming a nuclear power. Why are we dithering in the face of the situation which Mr Krauthammer describes in such stark terms? President Bush always seems to do the absolute minimum, and that after a long delay. We need to take a much more aggressive approach toward toppling the Iranian regime. We need satellites broadcasting radio and TV into the country 24/7 and denouncing and chronicling the outrages that that sick bunch of fanatics are perpetrating against their own people. We need to daily call for democratic elections. We also should take military action against the al Kud divisions that are the mainstay of the regime. In this country the administration should daily attack the terrorist sympathizers who go over to Syria and make common cause with these monsters. The flaccid, weak response to the MoveOn add accusing General Petraeus of betrayal shows what a half-hearted pack of lame bureaucrats currently inhabit the executive branch. If we let the Democrats snivel us into losing this one it wont be like Vietnam, where we nearly lost the Cold War in the aftermath but were saved by sanity regaining the White House in 1981. This time if we lose we will immediately be plunged into poverty and chaos . We need to act NOW!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warren, LSD Is Bad For You

Because that's what you must be taking to accuse the man who invented the term 'Iron Curtain' and spent all of the 1930's denouncing Stalin of 'cozying up to the commies'. He called his alliance with Stalin a deal with the devil, which he was driven to by FDR's policy of keeping this country out of war. Britain was bankrupted by Hillary Clinton look-alike and policy twin Clement Atlee whose misguided Labor party nationalized health care, the mines, the railroads and most heavy industry. By 1953 Britain still had rationing while Germany, which had been utterly destroyed eight years earlier did not. Decline and poverty are the result of the leftist policies you and your anti-semitic leftie friends advocate.
The reason that Rudy is talked about in the same vein as Churchill is because he has imagination and courage. He goes against the prevailing wisdom. This war that you deny we're in is EXACTLY like World War 2 and the Cold War because it is being fought against totalitarians who want to impose their Utopian nostrums on the rest of us at gunpoint and are supported by people who arent able to distinguish between good and evil.

Warren Small writes: Thursday, September, 20,

Rudy as Winnie? Rude-iculous
Giuliani certainly threatens to be like Winston Churchill.
Churchill cozied up to the commies, bankrupted Britain
and lost its Empire. Rudy cozies up to La Raza, would
bankrupt the USA fighting unwinnable wars and will
lose the American empire.
"The reality is that the threat posed by Islamist
terrorism today is wholly different from the threat
posed by the Axis powers in 1941-2..."
Rudy is chaneling Norman 'Pope Poddy'
Podhoretz, one of the most demented
Zionists in this country.

Love the Pope and Zionist remarks. A left-wing
anti-semitic Catholic basher. Must be a Lyndon
LaRouche type that managed to get released
from the asylum because of America's lack of
national health care. Oh yeah, he hates
Mexicans,too. But he does like the
Clintons so he must be OK.

Tyrell I Love You!

If R. Emmett Tyrell was in the next bathroom stall to me I would definitely rub my shoe against his. That's acceptable, as long as you dont plead guilty, isnt it? I love reading Mr. Tyrell's columns and, although I know that the 'Arkansas Project' was just a tongue-in-cheek expression to cover journalists asking questions about the previously unscrutinzed Clintons, still I would think that its presence on the wall of the Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlour in Little Rock would be the equivalent to a Presidential Medal Of Freedom purchased by one of BJ's campaign contributors. According to our pal Warren (one of the confused libs who regularly goes to Townhall to post idiotic comments. Why do they do it? Is HuffPo's server down?) the VRWC never laid a glove on the sorry scandal-wrecked legacy of America's Worst President. Well, maybe that impeachment thing looks a little bad and we do have him on camera committing perjury (for which he was later fined and had his law license revoked) and also have the Clints on camera cavorting with criminals and campaign contributors linked with foreign intelligence services. Lots of ex-Presidents have had to send their former National Security Advisors into the National Archives to steal after-action reports that make them look bad and have pressured film companies to not release DVD's of films critical of their handling of a national security crisis ('The Path To 911') . I only hope Warren is masochistic enough to have subjected himself to the unreadable 9000 page doorstop of a memoir that this narcissist left behind for all Americans to admire, a legacy similar to the one my neighbor's Rottwieler left on my lawn yesterday.That would explain his multiple yawns (Warren cleverly put multiple yawns at the bottom of his post probably to accent his contempt for the VRWC's ineffective criticisms, or because he was actually reading the above mentioned tome). And now, The Little Woman is bequeathed to us just in case we havent had enough corruption and incompetence, hoping that the failed leftist bureaucrats who run our school systems have left us too befuddled to add up the price tags on the the Wonderful Free Stuff that she's promising and realize that the total comes to five times our GNP. As long as these two yutzes are on the scene the Tyrells of the world will never be unemployed.

What Have We Got To Lose?

Well it looks like Congress is looking for a showdown with the President by sending him a pork-laden omnibus budget bill that is $23 billion higher than what he asked for ($23 billion is less than one tenth of one percent of the total budget anyway, so this is only about politics, not fiscal discipline). He has threatened a veto, which is making everyone think of the Clinton government shutdown in the nineties. This is what President Bush gets for never standing up to the Dems in the first place. The Dems, however, are making a serious mistake. Clinton won the last time because of his political skills, which included a very disciplined political team that had been tried and tested in the almost constant warfare waged between the White House and Congress. The pack of hapless schmoes 'leading' the Democrats today have proven how ineffective and stupid they are. But if they want to defend their earmark-laden pork rissole of a budget by attacking Bush, the better for us. They can drag him over the cliff as long as they topple off with him ; he's never listened to us stupid 'citizens' before when we were yelling about overspending so why should we care now that he's gotten himself into this mess? Our Presidential candidates can stand on the sidelines and score points against those dummies that the new media will transmit very nicely. Condemning pork isnt a bad political position at all and defending it will make the Dems look at their eleven percent approval rating as a high-water mark of their popularity.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Just Dont Get It, Sparky!

John Stossel wrote a column today again cataloging the dreary litany of failure racked up by government-run health care systems in other countries. But, hey! we're Americans here buddy, not some frost-bitten Canucks or weedy Brits. I took him to task...

Listen Stossel, cause I'm only going to say this once; them furriners might not be able to get it right but they dont have The Smartest Woman Ever Anywhere designing their systems, now do they? The Mighty Friend Of The Children is not hampered by silly 'economic laws'. No 'unintended consequences' will plague the plans of The One Who Cares. Good intentions will tame the greedy doctors, Big Pharma and those pesky for-profit insurance companies and if they dont The Genius Of Healthcare knows that It Takes A Village of Attorneys to make us all healthy, wealthy and wise. After all, The Mother Who Shines Down On Us All will be able to draw on the Wisdom Of The East, in the form of large cash contributions from our Socialist Asian Friends to help ensure that all of us, all her children, live long, happy lives.


Austin Bay wrote a column today talking about the slow progress that was being made in Afghanistan by Provincial Recovery Teams, that were working with the locals to improve conditions in that destroyed and benighted country. While he acknowledged that progress was slow and difficult the article was hopeful and upbeat. In the comments underneath the usual liberals (why do they bother posting on a conservative site, anyway? Political Turret's Syndrome) sang the usual song:

Nothing America ever does is right. Bush is always wrong. Everything would be better if we never had done anything. The Taliban was great for women and now they set themselves on fire because of heroin dealer Bush. We need the billions we're wasting trying to make those ungovernable savages act like Marin County hippies so we can spend them on free health care for everybody.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP YOU PEOPLE SPEAK! Did you have unhappy childhoods, your hemorrhoids are throbbing, your cat just died? Why do you hate your country so much that everything it does is wrong? This article is about the difference that people who dont sit around sniveling and being negative are making in a place that was destroyed by the Soviet Socialists that you obviously supported in the Cold War and then was subjected to a brutal Islamonazi regime whose terrorist remnants you tacitly support now. Just the fact that the Taliban have been chased out is a thousand percent improvement in the lives of most Afghans. We cant invade Pakistan to grab Bin Laden because that could cause a friendly regime to be overthrown by the Islamonazis and force us to withdraw from Afghanistan. But slowly, inch by inch we are making progress. But never, according to you lot. Its always a mistake to take any kind of action or stick to any course that requires long term sacrifice and effort. It always leads back to your stinking, ineffective, oppressive, soul-destroying welfare state.

Oh no! Bama, one of the libs I was addressing myself to has struck back:

bama writes: Wednesday, September, 19, 2007 2:56 PM
another bush supporter swoons
skep41 ... your analysis of why america can't push pakistan to do the right thing is rather sophmoric at best. please don't apply for a state department job anytime soon.

speaking of whine ... sounds to me like you need some cheese to go with yours.

And I reply, after thinking that I wasnt sophmoric ENOUGH to work for the State Department:

Bama: Lemme see now... Afghanistan was a mistake, Iraq was really a mistake but you think we should invade Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons, and risk having the Musharraf government overthrown by your Islamofascist friends, cutting off our forces in Afghanistan.Good thinkin'. The fact is that if President Bush invaded Pakistan you and your peace-creep buddies would be denouncing it in half a second. You libs dont support ANY foriegn policy action by the US and you consistently side with our enemies. Now I'm going to go and smoke some of that cheap opium that lilly is so outraged by and go back into my Bush swoon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Levin's Final Solution

Carl Levin is loudly banging the tub for yet another cowardly withdrawl resolution in the Senate. How can him and his ilk act in a way that furthers the Islamonazis? How can anyone who is Jewish support this cretin or any other Democrat? Seventy-four years ago,when Hitler took power, no Jewish people supported him. After all, he made no secret of his hatred of the Jews. Some refused to believe that a civilized nation would go as far as the Germans eventually did. They didnt have a century of utopian mass murder behind them and still believed that there were limits to the evil that their fellow humans could commit.
If the United States withdraws from Iraq, and thereby loses all credibility and influence in the Middle East the Islamonazis have made no secret about where their ambitions will lead them next. They will destroy Israel and murder every Jewish person who lives there. For Senator Levin to so blindly advocate actions that will lead to this result is appalling. Some Jews sat by quietly and let the Final Solution destroy them but none were dumb enough to actually support the National Socialists. Now this Socialist is supporting the destruction of Israel and the murder of millions of Jews to advance his seedy domestic political purposes. The people of Michigan have sent us the dumbest member of the Senate (Debbie Stabenow) and this bespectacled carrion crow who wants to run like the shameless coward that he is and leave millions of people to their deaths at the hands of monsters.

Peace At Any Price

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, listening to the hosannas sung by the Peace Movement as we watched our abandoned allies be marched into slavery, oppression and poverty remarked, "Its the kind of peace I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy." The Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians paid and are still paying a heavy price for their trust in us. We paid by coming very close to total defeat in the Cold War, lead by an idiot who announced that he had overcome his inordinate fear of communism. Jimmy Carter was a proud member of the Peace Movement, happy at the way things had turned out when the Communists threw the Paris Peace Agreement in the trash and invaded South Vietnam. When the same communists launched an offensive that caused bloodbaths and mass murder in Ethiopia,Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea and Benin his Secretary of State described it as a "stabilizing influence in Africa". He helped replace a mild dictatorship in Nicaragua with a far more brutal communist dictatorship allied with Fidel Castro. He encouraged and supported the uprising which placed the Ayatollah Khomeini in power in Iran, an action that led to millions of deaths and the destruction of the culture and economy of that country. He took no effective steps to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Democrats revere Jimmy Carter and would emulate his arrant stupidity if the voters, eager for free handouts and tired of hard-to- understand foreign crises, decide to walk the bloody path to Peace At Any Price and elect Mrs. Clinton.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Reply To Bman1

Bman1 wrote a comment to my comment entitled 'Chicom Employee'

Thanks for reminding me about the impoverished Buddhist nuns. I had forgotten about that one. but there are so many to keep up with.

As to your statement:
...where after a ludicrous anecdote about finding blind and disabled children galore during her days as a big-government lobbyist, all denied a decent life by the too-small size of government,

Are you sure she said this? because she would have had to find time out from when she was baby sitting the 'little tykes' in Alabama while the "big tykes" went out in the fields...

When she said she had come too far... yadda yadda yadda....

I was watching it on CSPAN last night. She said it. I forgot about the tykes in Alabama but ,of course, thats nothing for the Goldwater Girl who ministered to the illegal aliens in her upper middle class Chicago suburb in the early 1960's! We should count ourselves lucky that she didnt get singed by all the burning churches that young Rush Limbaugh and his cronies were setting ablaze.
I was watching this speech to see how the crowd, an obvious collection of party faithful (who else could listen to Tom Harkin and keep a fried steak down at the same time), reacted to her speech, or should I say SCREECH! Not good. Edwards was much better of a speaker and the speech was tailored to getting a reaction. The audience knew when it was time to cheer. Not so with Hillary. A shrill monotone the whole time. She mistakes yelling for passion. Another odd thing was Dodd, Edwards, Biden, Harken and some unnamed female (possibly Mrs. Harkin) all sat in a group and off to the side was Her Highness, talking to no one.

Chicom Employee

So the masters of opposition research, the holders of the FBI files, the people who took cash from the Chicoms named Huang, Lippo, Kanchanalak, Trie, Buddhist Nuns and James Riady's gardener are asking us to believe that "Norman Hsu just wanted to be liked". I'm sure Hu Jintao liked him a lot when he authorized yet another set of payments to be funneled to longtime Chicom employee Hillary Clinton. Lead painted toys, poisoned cat food, toxic toothpaste and a nice invasion of uppity Taiwan will all be OK if Red China's satrap is installed in the White House by retards hoping for free handouts from Big Sister. I was listening to her speech on CSPAN at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry (a carbon and cholesterol criminal fun fest in Iowa) where after a ludicrous anecdote about finding blind and disabled children galore during her days as a big-government lobbyist, all denied a decent life by the too-small size of government, she screeched out a list of things that she was going to set right; use diplomacy to solve terrorism (!), end secret ballots in Union elections, take back those horrible tax cuts and make sure every American gets all the health care they ever dreamed about FOR FREE! I guess those Iowans are going to need it real bad after their kids get done sucking the poisoned paint off those uninspected toys from China, not to mention Grandma, unable to afford human food because of the murderous Bush regime's invasion of Iraq, tucking into a can of Kitty Feast and choking on the industrial waste added by Madame's Chicom campaign contributors. When are they going to catch on to what a corrupt fraud she is?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Social Security- Easy Fix

The Right Wingers on Townhall are at it again, stirring up unrest by predicting that Mrs. Clinton's statement to the Democratic Party auxiliary at AARP, where she states that there will be absolutely no change in the Social Security benefit structure, leaves no other option than a giant middle-class tax increase. There is another way.
If 50% or more of Americans vote Hillary Clinton into the White House (and presumably a Democratic Senate and House as well) that will show that a majority of Americans have become political morons, unable to judge cause and effect and are just waiting eagerly for the free goodies that are theirs BY RIGHT! Ask any successful con-man (aka Clinton contributor) what is the first step to fleecing a chump and he will reply, "Offer them something for free." Now HRC knows there's not anywhere near enough money for Social Security at the present level plus a giant new 'right' to unlimited free health-care and that raising taxes too much will crush the economy, not a scenario that these legacy-obsessed narcissists want to contemplate. There is, however, an easy fix, one that also works to confiscate the 401k wealth of the upper middle class; inflation after the indexes have been rigged not to reflect it. Print money. To a clique steeped in fraud and dishonesty a policy that compromises 'integrity', especially of something as abstract as the currency, is something that can easily be justified. After all, integrity isnt a concept they use in their daily lives, why should the rest of the country need it? Of course at some point the hogs at the trough will notice that the swill is mixed with sawdust but then you can always blame Rush Limbaugh.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

At Last!

It seems that the campaign has finally begun to breath a little life into the moribund Republican Party. The center of gravity has begun to shift away from the colorless nerds that seem to surround anyone named Bush and towards candidates with a little more fire in their souls. For seven years the Republicans have sat back and let scurrilous and idiotic Democratic attacks go unanswered. Now it seems that the smarter candidates for President are realizing that its time to take the gloves off and go after these creeps. How dare they treat Gen. Petraeus in this despicable manner? The Dems have evaded any scrutiny or any hard questions partly because the Republicans havent pressed them on any of their actions or statements. Maybe this protracted campaign will make it harder for Democrats to run as 'moderates' (aka a liberal who wont admit it). The Republicans need to contest more Senate elections. In '06 Dianne Feinstein ran virtually unopposed in California (my state). Her pro-amnesty views, her channeling of defense contracts to her husband's companies,her zeal to raise taxes, and her support for anti-property rights court decisions all went unmentioned. She could have been beaten, or at least the tens of millions of Demo dollars raised in California would have been forced to stay here instead of being exported to other states. Why was Ben Nelson in Nebraska unopposed? Why wasnt Kathleen Harris muzzled and a real candidate run against Nelson in Florida? Why wasnt Max Baucus told to retire? The Republicans have got to start fighting and stop playing defense. Larry Craig and Ted 'Bridge To Nowhere' Stevens have got to go. Issue ads have got to start defining the Dems as the radical Socialists that they are. We can beat these guys. The truth is on our side.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rudy Is Smart

Giuliani has finally figured out the correct strategy to stay in the front of the pack in the Republican primaries, ATTACK HILLARY CLINTON! It's risky, you're getting into the ring with a political tag-team that has had more than their share of victories and also has made resilient comebacks after disastrous setbacks that would have floored any other politician.
There is no other issue in this election than Hillary Clinton and her total unfitness for any public office. Rudy has grasped that the first person to get in a fight with her becomes the holder of a banner we can all rally around. Its better than Mitt Romney's conniving front-loading strategy in New Hampshire and Iowa; its better than Fred Thompson's mercurial and somewhat flat recitations of old Reagan speeches; it takes the fight to the Heart Of The Beast in a way that we've all yearned for as we sat through seven years of unanswered attacks on us, seven years of the Dems escaping any kind of scrutiny for their felonies while our guys are nailed for misdemeanors or,as in the case of Scooter Libby, for nothing. Now we'll see if he's good enough to do battle with the cunningest, evilest political machine in American history and their media lapdogs. Go Rudy!

One Child Fascism

An article about a Chinese crackdown on violators of their one child per couple policy was applauded by the comments that were posted under the article. Belief in the wisdom of government runs deep. Also ignorance. Some of the countries mentioned by the commentators, Mexico specifically, are approaching replacement (an ominous sign for rich people who benefit from cheap third world labor, as we do). Indications are that the big issue of the twenty-first century may well be the problems caused by declining populations. Already most European nations have generations that are half the size of the previous ones and are faced with cultural and demographic extinction. China, and indeed all Asian counties, where girls are aborted after an ultrasound in the fourth month of pregnancy are going to experience social upheaval and demographic collapse as a shortage of females emerges.
There is, however a more humane way to stop population growth, without massive government control.Birth rates drop and populations stop expanding when women are given free access to birth control and economies improve to the point where having more than one or two children is seen as an economic burden. If tax burdens are kept low enough not to crush the birthrate entirely, as they have in Europe, stable population can be achieved without oppressive government control.The US has achieved a replacement-level birthrate without a Stalinist total government that arrests women in their eighth month of pregnancy and forces them to have abortions. Human beings actually have rights that the Central Planning Fascists dont recognize in their march toward planned world perfection. A dehumanized world run on the basis of some Utopian blueprint is a nightmare.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just read a column entitled "Clinton's Brother Settles Debt Suit". It contains an account of the latest slimy criminal linked financially to the Clintons and a narrative of their pardon-for-cash transactions. You have to admire the Clintons for their sheer diligence. They spend their lives wallowing in this muck with an occasional look up to wonder about their legacy. Christopher Hitchens once wrote that after decades of verbal diarrhea the Clintons have yet to utter one memorable phrase. This latest in the ten thousand revelations of their egregious corruption and dishonesty is just a political problem to them,not a moral problem that drags them into smallness and dishonor. Lincoln towers over American history because, at his core, there was a simple respect for the truth that gave even his day to day utterances the power to resonate across more than a century. Not so the moral pygmies who call themselves the Clintons. The most expensive political speechifying hacks arent able put words in their mouths that rise above a tinny, rasping cant; you know they might say the exact opposite tomorrow with equal sincerity. The most distressing thing about this is that they're now poised to regain power holding a grudge against those they feel have 'robbed' them of the respect they feel they are due. Revenge will rule the day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hate Speech

I just read a column by Ann Coulter "From The Halls Of Malibu To The Shores Of Kennedy' in which she stoops to irony, sarcasm, and a factual narrative chronicling the Democrats' previous irrational positions and absurd predictions during the course of the war in Iraq. She refuses to except the wise position and analysis of the New York Times as a given and descends into the pit of hatred from there.
Recounting the Democrats previous positions is hate speech. Backing it up with specific examples is a hate-filled diatribe, a genre for which Anne Coulter is well known. Siding with Nazi Bush and the neocons against the legitimate hopes of a few misunderstood militants shows a level of disgusting cultural ethnocentricity that is certain to make Ms. Coulter's more unstable readers dislike our misunderstood friends from the Third World and use the rascist slur 'terrorists' to describe their just response to a world gone mad with Global Capitalism.
Cant we all just get along? Now we're supposed to cheer some 'general' because he's 'winning' a war when the money we've wasted on this colonial enterprise could be much better spent subsidizing the Democrats' campaign contributors. What about the Children? Are useless pronouncements about 'progress', however accurate, going the make their lives any better? So keep fulminating your rage and obloquy Anne, us sane people know that the way to overcome a murderous opponent is to lay down your arms and negotiate.

Sliming The Clintons

This is an except from a e-mail to Dean Barnett at

"It was the Right that resorted to unbelievable vitriol and sliming in the Clinton administration and haven't stopped since. How different is the MoveOn ad from The Swift Boat campaign against Kerry? And have you heard Ann Coulter lately? I mean if you strip away the content, the insulting, demeaning and ad hominem attacks are certainly not limited to the left. But because we have no voice in the media (yeah, yeah, I know, but the MSM is actually very mainstream and resolutely corporate and representative of those interests) our tactics need to respond accordingly. Such is that way of a robust democracy, which thank goodness we still are."

This is delusional. The Swift Boat ads were completely accurate. The vast majority of the men in the company that Kerry served in supported them. He received three Purple Hearts and didnt spend one day in the hospital. No one, American or VC, was killed or wounded in these 'battles'. Kerry was apparently the only casualty. After his tour of duty was cut short by his three Purple Hearts he returned to testify to the Senate about the bloodthirsty animals, reminding one of Genghis Khan! that he was forced to serve with. Senator Kerry has never responded to the charges made and refuses to release his military records.
General Petraeus is not a traitor as alleged in the ad ; the Swift Boat ads were accurate and MoveOn.Org's canard against the leader of our army on the field of battle is a vicious lie.
The Right never called Clinton a Nazi or a retard or any of the thousand other epithets that are daily hurled at President Bush. Happening to notice Bill Clinton's many departures from the truth, his association with criminals and foreign intelligence services, the fact that he committed perjury under oath on national TV in an especially disgusting sexual harassment case ( where the complainant was described by minion James Carville as "What you get when you drag a twenty-dollar bill through a trailer park on the end of a fishline.") and disagreeing with his big government philosophy are not sliming or vitriol. There is no 'Right Wing' War Room, that concept was invented by the Clintons. The idea that they are helpless victims of irrational anger, and that the left has no voice in the national media when they ARE the national media is laughable. The Clinton's have used their close association and ideological brotherhood with the media to avoid answering any questions about their activities.
Poor James Carville, Lonnie Davis and Sid Blumenthal. Such nice people and those vicious Right-Wingers made up such terrible things about them. History will show the honesty, sincerity and dignity of the Clinton Administration. While us hate-filled ideologues were wringing slime and insults from our fevered brows the other side was turning the other cheek, with a tear in their eye for their misguided brethren. Yes, the left did offer some helpful, mild and constructive criticism of President Bush but if paranoid neocons want to take helpful terms such as Nazi lying babykiller fascist pig murderer as negative than what can a rational person do? An 'effective' full-page ad calling the leader, successful leader, of our troops in the field against a dangerous enemy a traitor was only to help make him a better general.
Sometimes I prefer the left to foam with invective. Its more true to who they are. They are trying to destroy this country. The Clinton Administration was the most corrupt in American history. Although they weren't the most incompetent its only because they had a Republican congress to turn aside their most errant follies. In foreign policy they were a total disaster.
Now someone from a website which has been proud to run the most vile anti-semitic slurs and actually advocates policies that would lead to the death of millions of Jews in Israel is presenting himself and his ilk as ill-used victims. He denies that they are anti-capitalist (or does he?) and states that they're just plain folks. Fine. So are we.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Low We've Fallen

I've just watched the You-tube clip of a ten minute rant by National Embarrassment Bob Wexler at the House Foreign Affairs Committee show-trial of General Petraeus. I am ashamed that my country contains people that would elect a person like Wexler to Congress. He had more dignity defending the rape, sexual harassment and perjury of BJ than he does sniveling and yodeling for America's defeat by the Islamonazi terrorists. Isnt it funny that the worse Congressmen represent the richest districts; Wexler, Nadler, Pelosi, Waxman, McDermott and a rogue's list of the dumbest, most anti-American traitors come from silk-stocking upscale districts. The professors in the most prestigious universities have done their work well, the minds of our executives and professionals have been effectively poisoned against our country and our way of life. These show-trials of the good general are a symptom of the rot at the very top of our society. These morons have the most to lose. Luckily there seem to be a few elements of society with an instinct for self-preservation.


Yeah, baby!

Letter To My Congressman

Yes, I was so outraged at the treatment of Gen. Petraeus by the House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats yesterday that I wrote to my Congressman. Unfortunately my Congressman is the Stalinist woodchuck Henry Waxman. Now, Mr. Waxman was somewhere else yesterday, no doubt cooking up some new plot to destroy the economy or support the terrorists, but his heart was with the ad entitled 'Gen. Petraeus or Gen. Betray-us'. Its disheartening to see a major political party sink so low. At what point do the dummies that vote for them catch on to how disgraceful and disgusting the Democrats truly are. It seems that the Republicans are beginning to catch on and FIGHT! Duncan Hunter did himself proud. John Boehner as well. Where's Rudy, Mitt and Fred?
Anyway I wrote to Representative Waxman (and inadvertently dumped the text off the clipboard) and remarked that if the left could question the patriotism of the General in the field commanding our troops then wasn't it about time to start questioning the patriotism of those who don't support the troops, the mission or our country? I also said that even in this gerrymandered nightmare of a left-wing district, if the reality of his views were known, even Cong. Waxman could be defeated. I pray for that day. The day that the 'default Democrats', those people who mindlessly vote for Democrats but don't follow politics enough to understand what they're supporting, catch on to the nefarious vision that these Socialist Democrats are leading us towards the Democrats will be finished. Someday, some Republican with enterprise and imagination will take the war to the enemy in their so-called 'safe' districts and whip them. Today Gen. Petraeus will be on trial in the Kangaroo Kourt of the Senate where the big-league posers and morons live. Fie on them.

Well, well ,well. Cong. Waxman's computer auto-answered my letter and pasted the text of it into the auto-reply (which thanked me for my views and invited me to check out the website).
So here it is:
Dear Congressman Waxman,
I know that you didnt attend the Foreign Affairs Committee meeting yesterday but I have no doubt that your heart was with Tom Lantos and the others who yearn and work for the defeat of our country in the War On Terror. The Democratic Party is wallowing in shame and disgrace in its advocacy of defeat. You dont support the mission, you dont support the troops, you dont support our country. If your allies can question the patriotism of the General who is leading our troops in the field (General Betray-us according to your pals at isnt it legitimate for those of us who actually support the mission, the troops and the country to question the patriotism of those of you who dont? Its lucky for you that the Republican Party hacks in California are too stupid to give you any effective opposition because even in this gerrymandered left-wing district, if the reality of your views were known, you could be defeated.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Won An Emmy!

I was one of the timing directors on 'Where's Lazlo?' (Camp Lazlo, Cartoon Network). The creator of the show, two producers, the head writer and the directors all got Emmy's when the show won in the Outstanding Animation Special One Hour Or More category.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

That's Sick Larry!

I was ready to give Larry Craig the benefit of the doubt on that airport stuff but now it comes out in a column by Bob Novak today that he helped make Arlen Spectacle (described by Novak as a 'moderate') the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. What a sick, perverted thing to do. Because of his selfish, twisted actions small businesses will be destroyed by trial lawyers and out-of-control regulators, criminals will be set free on technicalities to harm innocent citizens, terrorists will be given ACLU lawyers and our West Coast ports will become burdened with ships loaded to the gunwales with Chicom cash for the Clinton Campaign. Thanks a bunch Larry. You're a great American. But hey lets give Novak a break! The guy's getting old. When he identified Arlen as a 'moderate' in today's column he meant to write 'moderatly crazy left-wing activist friend of the Democratic pro-terror lobby' but his arthritis kicked in.

Friday, September 7, 2007

For The Children!

The Right Wing Attack Machine is dancing with joy because their stereotyping of all Asians as agents of Chicom intelligence has resulted in the arrest of Norman Hsu in Colorado, before he could scoot across the border and head for Beijing. He probably was visiting one of his non-existent textile factories to reassure the people he doesnt employ before leaving the Land Of Compassion. Just because another creep with Chicom connections and no visible means of support has been nailed after giving millions in bundled donations to The Party That Cares About The Children we can all be thankful that it wasnt Jack Abramhoff giving Really Evil money to the Culture Of Corruption Republicans. Now we have to note whether these oh-so-shocked Friends Of The Children are donating just Hsu's donations or the bundled donations that Hsu generated from the Chicoms to worthy charities like the Clinton Lie-Berry Fund For Untraceable Cash. Hey, either way The Children win. It takes a village to bundle Commie Cash and who better to launder it than the Chinese?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chicom Hilly

R. Emmet Tyrell wrote a column today giving a seamless narrative of the purchase of the Clints by Chicom intelligence, with an emphasis on the latest shenanagans by the Hsu's and the Paws.
How can the Repubs not be making any noise about this? Are these guys completely brain-dead? This is an opportunity to connect with the Republican base like no other, we all hate and fear the Clinton's for just this reason; they will bring a collection of sleazy Socialist criminals into the Executive Branch and destroy this country. If they were ever to stand up to the Chicoms (an unlikely scenario) couldnt Hu Jintao just produce Hsu, Chung and Trie at a press conference in Beijing? A real blackmail possibility. The Democrats cant possibly be stupid enough to invest their hopes in these sleazy Clintons. And why are the Republicans having debates where they're not screaming and demanding an explanation from Mrs. Sleazeball? The Repub theme should be 'Stench Of Corruption' and they should be shouting this from the rooftops. Instead they're arguing amongst themselves about trivia. A bought-and-paid-for agent of Chicom intelligence is running for president and the opposition party doesnt seem to notice. Whichever candidate announces and makes a major speech demanding that Dragon Lady come clean will win himself a place in the hearts of Repub primary voters. The warroom generated firestorm of reaction from the Clintonista sock-puppets and their bum-crawling toadies in the drive-by media will bring this to the attention of even the most befuddled Oprah viewer. Which of our candidates is going to show the cajones needed to take on America's bitter enemies-- starting with Chicom Hilly and her perjuring, rapist husband.

Drop Dead Fred

So Fred Thompson made his big announcement last night. Mary Kay Hamm on Townhall talked about the color scheme of the set he was on. I guess that says it all. There is no there there. He's like Cunegonde in 'Candide', by the time he's ready to say yes he's too old and ugly for it to matter. This country should be sick of posers trying to emote their way into the presidency. The Dems have the worst batch but only a few of the Repubs have any gravity or accomplishment. Giuliani foremost, but McCain has a long, solid record (a liberal one but its there); even Duncan Hunter has stood up for his principles in a rational way, as has Tancredo (although neither of these two has much of a record of accomplishment or leadership); the rest are a bunch of schleppers, posing and preening and pandering. We cant gamble on an unknown against the Clintons.
Anyway, since Thompson has a TV candidacy I reviewed him like a TV critic:

If we're going to play TV critic games (and we might as well with a candidate with no administrative or substantial political experience like this one) than lets act like a casting director after an audition.
"Hmmm. Style's ok but he's too ugly." If I want a liberal pretending to be conservative I would cast KenDoll Mitt Romney for the role of 'exciting new face on a presidential candidate'. Fred looks like an old frog. I keep thinking of 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou', "Them sireens turned Pete into a toad!" when I see this guy. Dumping the debate for Leno underlined what a lightweight he is. Up against Dragon Lady, day after day in this endless campaign, he will turn off every swing voter in the country with his baggy eyes, barrel-like physique and infundibulum jowls. Fred had his boomlet but then wasnt able to turn himself into a brand people trust and want to choose over the others. Partly its just his sheer lack of any political accomplishment or substance but also that he doesnt have a theme people can rally to. His entry in the debate last night-- a stiff, formless and forgettable paid spot gave him a presence that accented his inability to get on the playing field. If the ad had attacked Hillary Clinton's Chicom cash and reminded us how high the stakes were and saluted the other debaters it might have worked but it turned out to be a big,fat nothing. I hope he hasnt burned his bridges at 'Law And Order'.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Enough With The Gimmicks!

So Fred Thompson isnt going to debate but he'll run an ad during the debate. Aint that ducky?
Who is this buffoon anyway? We've got to step back from the day-to-day political game and ask ourselves what we really know about any of these guys and whether we know them well enough to trust them at such a critical moment. Not just what they say but what they've done and how they've behaved in the past. Do we now award the Presidency to the candidate with the cleverest media strategy? What has Howard Baker's protege actually DONE in his life that would give us any confidence in his rhetoric? I like bold, conservative statements as much as the next guy but we've had a phoney 'compassionate conservative' in the White House for the last seven years and have had to eat alot of crow while he expanded the welfare state mightily and handed out goodies to all his Chamber Of Commerce business buddies. Let's not get screwed again by some slickly packaged unknown quantity. The only candidates running this year who have been promenantly in the public eye long enough to have shown, by their actions, what kind of leader they would be are Rudy Giuliani and (God help us) Hillary Clinton. The rest could be anything, and we've had twenty years of damage to our country by chiseling, self-agrandizing, big government incompetents from both parties. Let's not risk it again.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What, More!!???

I've been screwing around all morning, avoiding work, so this is my third post. Its a reaction to an article in 'This Is London' about a Tory (conservative) plan to withhold government health care from people with 'unhealthy' lifestyles. And what the Socialists are thinking is not reported.

My comment:

Aye Chihuahua! These are the CONSERVATIVES! You know that many of your cracked left-wing brethren consider being a conservative an unhealthy life-style. But, never fear, unlike you hard-hearted types, the Socialists have pioneered cures in their state-of-the-art hospitals in Cuba and China to cure incorrect thinking and would never withhold much-needed therapy from you tweedy middle-class 'conservatives'. But in your case the series of electroshocks and mind-bending drugs will be unnecessary, you've already bought into the notion that the government should determine how everyone else behaves. And what a fabulous job they're doing, too! Fairness and multi-culti equity rule the day. I guess to suggest privatizing health care and making people responsible for their own lifestyle choices would be out of place here?

Well, I guess this was a bit too salty for the gang at This Is London. They allowed a few lame comments saying that people who were refused NHS care should withhold paying taxes for it but questioning the NHS itself or linking their mentality with the slightly more brutal Socialist regimes was a no go. Its hard being a Right Wing Nut sometimes. There's so little tolerance and understanding. Sigh. Great were the comments that those fat, smoky bastards should crawl into the nearest ditch and die to save valuable medical resources for the truly deserving, a harbinger of our future in this country.

I Want Some Support

Dean Barnett on Hugh Hewitt had a piece mainly on Iraq and how the terrorist-left is dealing with our sucesses, in which the upcoming Brian DePalma movie about the Haditha non-massacre was discussed. I went on IMDB and viewed a list of this guy's movies. Except for 'Carrie' and 'Phantom Of The Paradise' it is a long list of boring attempts at edginess that almost always fail. I especially note 'Casualties Of War' which attempts to make the troops in Vietnam look like an unsupervised gang of homicidal juvenile delinquents. It is truly unwatchable. I found it in the $5 rack at Target where Mr. DePalma's films usually end up. I wish I had my five dollars back so I could have lunch at Taco Bell.
Anyway, the more I thought about it the madder I got. I mean, okay those soldiers and Marines do have to put up with roadside bombs and getting shot at and having EJ Dionne write columns about them and stuff but what about us heroes who are dragged by our left-wing spouses to see this garbage?
So I posted:

How come those military types not making any difference in Iraq (according to the left) arent sending any cards or care packages to us who bravely, sometimes through no fault of our own, have to sit through Brian DePalma movies? He is, without a doubt, the most confusing, boring, inane filmmaker around. His undoubtedly incoherent ravings about Iraq will play for about three days at the local megaplex and then be dumped into those graveyards of flops HBO and Showtime. The casualty rate for anti-war films these days is looking the same as the casualties of their spiritual brothers in Al Qaida In Iraq-- lots of stinking corpses. We can just all be happy that this takes money that these idiots would be bundling for Her Thighness and dumps it down the rathole.Me, I'm saving up my money for Leonardo DeCaprio's expose on Global Warming...

The Same Dopes

Robert Novak wrote a column today about how despondent and depressed the Republican hacks in the Washington political industry are about their future election prospects. It points out the state that the hapless GW Bush has left the party. These guys should be picking out conservative, take-no-prisoners candidates and going for a fifty-state assault against the Dems-- everywhere, starting today. Local money should stay local instead of being shifted around the country to favored lackeys. A winning team has a winning mentality.

My Comment on TH:

All the 'experts' should put down their polling data,stop running focus groups and get out there and FIGHT!. The Republican Party is not making a case for itself that the American people can understand... and not just in the targeted districts that they think might be vulnerable. I watched DiFi run a totally brain-dead campaign for Senate in '06, with absolutely NO effective opposition. Nobody raised her hubby's defense contracts (while she was voting to cut funds off for our army in the field) or any of her whacky, terrorist-supporting actions. A good candidate could have beaten her in this supposedly Democratic state. But because all the geniuses in Washington decided to back losers like Lincoln Chafee there was no campaign out here. There was no campaign against Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a left-wing liberal in a conservative state; probably because he sucked up to President Bush on a couple of votes. Why didnt someone lay down the law to chuckleheads like Max Baucus in Montana and Kathleen Harris in Florida and put in some decent candidates? Is somebody going to suggest to Ted Stevens that he drive over the 'bridge to nowhere', park his car and stay there, before we lose that one. We need a national campaign AGAINST government-run health-care NOW! Not just to stop an obvious wrong turn but to unite the party around a theme we all agree on and to communicate to the rest of the people-- the default Democrats-- that there is an alternative to the slide towards Euro-trash Socialism.
In short, the apparatchiks that run the party lack vision, imagination and courage. They are not political entrepreneurs but time-serving parasites. We cant win with a team like that.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Ginko Baloba

I wrote this to comment on an article by Salene Zito titled, "Ex-Adviser To McCain Says He Deserves A Second Look From Voters'. That was followed by a column filled with inside-the-organization gossip and not one reason why any conservative (aka Republican base voter) should give this guy a second look. The failure of George W. Bush and guys like McCain to advocate and produce any results on a myriad of issues important to conservatives has pointed out the necessity of remembering actions and not listening the campaign jive. If important Republicans dont start standing up for our principles then forget it, the party is going to die and this country will continue its slide towards Euro-feebleness.
My Comment:

Ginko Baloba
Its a miracle root, one that people use when their memory starts to fail. You know, when you cant remember how this guy SCREWED us with the 'Gang Of Fourteen'. Remember, Republicans had a majority in the Senate for four years and I dont recall us Republican primary voters getting a single thing that we elected these guys for,in many instances because this 'maverick' stood in the way. Casting one's mind back I seem to remember Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the guy who planned and organized 911, who Senator McCain, if memory serves me right, wants to give an ACLU lawyer to so his Islamonazi mug wont have to answer any rudely-phrased questions about his associates. Cant you remember things like McCain-Kennedy (letting LaRaza And MALDEF write our immigration laws) and McCain-Feingold's partial repeal of the First Amendment? Salena, you should take this miracle root, available at most health-food stores, so you will remember the most important thing, THIS GUYS A LIBERAL!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Is This A Free Country

Recently there have been generic TV ads by some left-wing foundation demanding that the California Legislature 'Do Something' about the health-care 'crisis'. I guess by crisis they mean that poor people are stuck getting free but less-than-the-best service from overpressed county authorities while the majority of insured middle-class people have much shorter wait times and access to a wider variety of services. Asking the confused Marxist hippies and rabid Mexican nationalists who compose the California Legislature to stick their noses into running the state's health care system is to sneer in the face of death. These idiots will kill us in the name of Fairness.
Today there was an article on Townhall about the Canadian system, and the many Canuks who come south for medical care that is readily available here. The ongoing collapse of all these panacea free health care systems is as certain as it is predictable. Nationalizing industries never works.
Here's my comment:

Is This A Free Country? If this is a free country then where's all my free stuff? Or, to put it in the words of one of our local TV newscasters during the HillaryCare debate in the mid-90's, "Free Healthcare, how much will it cost?"
We've now had a century of governments nationalizing industries in the name of fairness and the results are always the same; scarcity, much higher costs, preferred access for the well-connected, and an end to innovation. Anyone who can look at the results of the many national-government health systems around the world and still be in favor of nationalization is a fool. Unfortunately if you attach the word 'free' to anything these days the hogs will come arunnin. This debate is just the Democrats yelling, "Sooooey!" and banging on the swill bucket. Reasoned arguments will have no effect, after all, its a Free Country, isnt it?