Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Levin's Final Solution

Carl Levin is loudly banging the tub for yet another cowardly withdrawl resolution in the Senate. How can him and his ilk act in a way that furthers the Islamonazis? How can anyone who is Jewish support this cretin or any other Democrat? Seventy-four years ago,when Hitler took power, no Jewish people supported him. After all, he made no secret of his hatred of the Jews. Some refused to believe that a civilized nation would go as far as the Germans eventually did. They didnt have a century of utopian mass murder behind them and still believed that there were limits to the evil that their fellow humans could commit.
If the United States withdraws from Iraq, and thereby loses all credibility and influence in the Middle East the Islamonazis have made no secret about where their ambitions will lead them next. They will destroy Israel and murder every Jewish person who lives there. For Senator Levin to so blindly advocate actions that will lead to this result is appalling. Some Jews sat by quietly and let the Final Solution destroy them but none were dumb enough to actually support the National Socialists. Now this Socialist is supporting the destruction of Israel and the murder of millions of Jews to advance his seedy domestic political purposes. The people of Michigan have sent us the dumbest member of the Senate (Debbie Stabenow) and this bespectacled carrion crow who wants to run like the shameless coward that he is and leave millions of people to their deaths at the hands of monsters.

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