Saturday, September 15, 2007

At Last!

It seems that the campaign has finally begun to breath a little life into the moribund Republican Party. The center of gravity has begun to shift away from the colorless nerds that seem to surround anyone named Bush and towards candidates with a little more fire in their souls. For seven years the Republicans have sat back and let scurrilous and idiotic Democratic attacks go unanswered. Now it seems that the smarter candidates for President are realizing that its time to take the gloves off and go after these creeps. How dare they treat Gen. Petraeus in this despicable manner? The Dems have evaded any scrutiny or any hard questions partly because the Republicans havent pressed them on any of their actions or statements. Maybe this protracted campaign will make it harder for Democrats to run as 'moderates' (aka a liberal who wont admit it). The Republicans need to contest more Senate elections. In '06 Dianne Feinstein ran virtually unopposed in California (my state). Her pro-amnesty views, her channeling of defense contracts to her husband's companies,her zeal to raise taxes, and her support for anti-property rights court decisions all went unmentioned. She could have been beaten, or at least the tens of millions of Demo dollars raised in California would have been forced to stay here instead of being exported to other states. Why was Ben Nelson in Nebraska unopposed? Why wasnt Kathleen Harris muzzled and a real candidate run against Nelson in Florida? Why wasnt Max Baucus told to retire? The Republicans have got to start fighting and stop playing defense. Larry Craig and Ted 'Bridge To Nowhere' Stevens have got to go. Issue ads have got to start defining the Dems as the radical Socialists that they are. We can beat these guys. The truth is on our side.

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