Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Want Some Support

Dean Barnett on Hugh Hewitt had a piece mainly on Iraq and how the terrorist-left is dealing with our sucesses, in which the upcoming Brian DePalma movie about the Haditha non-massacre was discussed. I went on IMDB and viewed a list of this guy's movies. Except for 'Carrie' and 'Phantom Of The Paradise' it is a long list of boring attempts at edginess that almost always fail. I especially note 'Casualties Of War' which attempts to make the troops in Vietnam look like an unsupervised gang of homicidal juvenile delinquents. It is truly unwatchable. I found it in the $5 rack at Target where Mr. DePalma's films usually end up. I wish I had my five dollars back so I could have lunch at Taco Bell.
Anyway, the more I thought about it the madder I got. I mean, okay those soldiers and Marines do have to put up with roadside bombs and getting shot at and having EJ Dionne write columns about them and stuff but what about us heroes who are dragged by our left-wing spouses to see this garbage?
So I posted:

How come those military types not making any difference in Iraq (according to the left) arent sending any cards or care packages to us who bravely, sometimes through no fault of our own, have to sit through Brian DePalma movies? He is, without a doubt, the most confusing, boring, inane filmmaker around. His undoubtedly incoherent ravings about Iraq will play for about three days at the local megaplex and then be dumped into those graveyards of flops HBO and Showtime. The casualty rate for anti-war films these days is looking the same as the casualties of their spiritual brothers in Al Qaida In Iraq-- lots of stinking corpses. We can just all be happy that this takes money that these idiots would be bundling for Her Thighness and dumps it down the rathole.Me, I'm saving up my money for Leonardo DeCaprio's expose on Global Warming...

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