Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dont Do It Newt!

There seems to be a Newt boomlet. Hopefully he is just using this odd pre-primary season as a vehicle to pump sales of his new book. I dont think he has the temperament to go all the way to the White House; he's too jumpy and high-strung for more than a year of total immersion.
Also,I cant believe that Newt would put himself up against the Clintons again. Them and their media buddies were able to create an image of a hapless, heartless nerd and paste it onto him during the budget battle, and then take the balanced budget that BJ vetoed twice and claim it as their very own Major Accomplishment. Newt only makes sense if you read his full statements or watch the hour-long speech on CSPAN. The dullards who constitute the swing voters need half-sentence platitudes to chew on, not nine page position papers. He cant beat the Friend Of The Children in her Quest For Fairness. Why did you know that she's America's Smartest And Bravest Woman, who is this fast-talking nerd who would dare to criticize the Most-Noble Agenda? Every time he delivers a long speech about the unbroken record of failure of government-run health care systems, along with a well-documented addendum on the amount of increased tax revenues projected in the first five years of the project along with an additional appendix explaining the probable economic effect of sharply higher and more steeply progressive tax rates on the overall economy the media will trot out Sadie Glutzman, whose Evil HMO wont pay for her intestinal bypass surgery and instead told her to eat less and exercise. Which is more compelling, a professorial Newt, with all the facts and figures, or poor Sadie, tears rolling down her pudgy cheeks, her five fat little lard-ball rugrats sobbing next to her denouncing the Evil HMO's vile interest in Profits? To watch this guy, who I like and admire, be trashed by the odious Clintons and their slimy cohorts would be unutterably depressing.

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