Friday, November 30, 2007

Science Fraud 101

Today Charles Krauthammer wrote a column discussing how the passage of time has vindicated the morality of George Bush's stand against unlimited Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. I'm no ethical expert, if test-tube formed embryos can save the lives or health of actual humans that's fine with me and we should note, for the record that we are talking about the wisdom of subsidizing this research with taxpayer's money, not making the research illegal.
The real ethical issue is the use of this issue for political purposes. Global Warming redux. Junk science mascarading as a messianic save-the-world reason to reject free markets and place all your hope in total government. Unless you turn your life over to the Wise Bureaucrats the giant tidal wave generated by the consumer-melted polar ice caps will wash over you as you sit crippled by Parkinsons disease in your wheelchair, unable to save yourself when you're konked by a starved polar bear as the tsunami hits.
I seem to remember the Democratic convention in 2004 where George Bush was blamed for keeping Christopher Reeves a helpless cripple by his moralistic niggling. The crippled would rise from their wheelchairs, Parkinsonson's victims would have fulfilling new lives repairing watches with their rock-steady hands, the formerly deaf would write new symphonies of praise to the noble embryos that gave their lives so others might hear, the blind would be blessed with sight!The morons that infest my eternally bankrupt home state of California, led by the Jerkinator, passed a THREE BILLION DOLLAR embryonic stem cell ballot measure to counteract the evil meanness of those Wascally Wepublicans. Curiously, Evil Big Pharma, always greedy for more of the hard-earned cash from the pockets of the sick and crippled seems to lack the same enthusiasm for this miracle cure for everything that is evinced by the geniuses who have managed to weasel their way into elective office. Apparently swindling half the voters in your district qualifies you to cure all disease and fix the weather. So now we've had years of lavishly-funded embryonic stem cell research, in fact over-funding political fad diseases like E-Bola have starved funding for the new anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria that are actually killing thousands of people. So where's the cures you morons? This mob rule in science may or may not be immoral but it is certainly stupid.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Death To The Kulaks!

I just read an essay by Donald Lambro about how the richest districts in the country are becoming increasingly Democratic. The traditional elite rich universities turned into Socialist indoctrination camps in the sixties and a half-century of propaganda is showing results. The managerial class wants stasis and stability and thats what the Dems offer. None of this Free Enterprise entrepreneurial crap for them, they've got theirs already. But now the hungry state is looking for new sources of revenue. The poor and working class have either been freed from all income taxes or handed EITC subsidies and the philosophical jump to 'tax the poor' is too much for the Party That Cares. Anyway, non-income taxes (sales, property and excise) are already squeezing the lower orders to the breaking point. Ah, you lovely fat yuppies, sitting smug in your vacation homes with your plump 401k's, its time for you to enjoy the fruits of your own misguided rhetoric. May the tax writers show you no mercy if you manage to inflict a Democratic victory on us this year and the tax collectors even less. After all, its for the Children!

I forgot to add my call for the immediate confiscation of the wealth of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates,George Soros, the Ford, Rockefeller, Keck and Carnegie Foundations. Can we afford to do anything less in a country where 47,000,000 people dont have health care? Wow! This left-wing larceny thing is fun! HILLARY IN 08!

Anderson Crapper

The Clinton News Network strikes again. Another appalling debate where CNN picked questions from YutzTube. The questions were either from Dem campaign workers or badly lit troglodytes in trailers with Confederate flags in the background. They spent a long time on that big issue Gays In The Military, using a Clinton Campaign Advisor to ask the question and then handing him the microphone to make a speech (they flew him from California to Florida to attend and then denied that they knew he worked for the Clinton campaign. Classy!). Hot Republican issues like Biblical literalism were well covered, just to make sure the public understands what a dangerous bunch of religious zealots all conservatives are.
Why did the Repubs let themselves be stereotyped by these left-wing Clintonoid liars? The questioners were either Democratic employees or selected for their nuttiness to achieve a maximum anti-Republican effect. CNN claims they they didnt know that the questioners were plants. Yeah sure. Democratic operatives snuck into this debate and also into the Dem debate in Las Vegas and CNN just didnt catch it. BOLLOCKS! What a bunch of lying left-wing hacks they are at CNN. No questions about taxes, non-Iraq foreign policy, Iran (a subject that caused some of the most embarrassing answers during the Dem debate) education, overregulation or Federal Health Care. Still, with that said, the candidates didnt do that badly. It seems the Dems cant even win with loaded dice. The contrast between the two debates is striking. There was a wide range of opinions amongst the Reps, the Dems just blandly parroted the PC party line. Even with these inferior questions the Reps demonstrated intelligence and a command of the issues. The softball questions in the Des Moines Dem debate still managed to derail their frontrunner. The Dems cant give straight answers, the Repubs can basically say what they think (unless their name is Mutt Romney who thinks all kinds of different things at various times) without having to worry that average people might be horrified. The Dems have to prevaricate. If the truth of their Socialist views were known they would lose in a landslide.
It will be interesting to see the blowback from this. I dont think Giuliani lost any support and he didnt plant any future extremist position bombs to blow up in his face in the general election. Romney's support will flow to Huckabee, I think his smarmy insincerity doomed him among evangelicals and didnt make any converts with any other groups in the party. Huckabee hit all the born-again buttons but came across as very weak on other issues. McCain was likable but has no credibility. Thompson is too froggy and slow. Paul was his usual crackpot whiny self. Tancredo and Hunter were invisible.
So where are we now? Iowa will finish Romney, Tancredo, Hunter, McCain and Thompson leaving Rudy, Huckabee and the eternal moron Ron Paul to fight it out. If Hillary cant manage to stop the decline of her faltering campaign either Rudy or Huckabee will be facing Obama.
An interesting scenario.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hillary Is Not Going To Do It

I dont think she has the political skill to win the Democratic nomination. The cracks are already showing. I'm in the Hollywood film community. Everyone I know is a liberal or a hard-core leftist. They are all very wary of Hillary. The corruption and phoniness that embarrassed them during the Bill years are still there and it really bugs them. They might have yelled at the top of their lungs that oral sex and perjury dont matter but most decent people know that they do matter. The air of dishonesty and thuggery disturbs people who honestly agree with Mrs. Clinton politically. Why is it neccessary ? It just gives the right-wingers ammunition to use against Progressives. Its hard to see yourself as an altruistic, world-saving, caring good-guy when you're voting for a candidate who is laundering bundled Chicom campaign cash through Chinatown human trafficking gangs. Mrs. Clinton isnt able to get a positive message out without more scary stuff hovering around the edges. Obama is a reliable liberal and he's a fairly nice guy . Dumping the Clintons sets liberals free from four years of their Right-Wing nerd relatives regurgitating scandal stories at them at family gatherings. Left wing people felt as betrayed by Bill Clinton as we all feel by Dubya and they remember it well. Obama presents a credible alternative. He will get it.

Worse Than Munich

The presidency of George W Bush has been one long, sad series of disappointments and betrayals. He's truckled to his enemies and spit on his supporters at every turn. He's turned the Republican Party into a spineless doormat and let the Dems run amok without any opposition. And now, in a pathetic attempt at a legacy worthy of the one attempted at the end of the Goat-Boy administration, he seeks to enable Holocaust II with his conference for a Final Solution To The Israeli Question to be held in Annapolis. Every towel-headed terrorist Jew-hater in the region has been given a seat at the table.
What a sad loser he is. And what a horrible argument against democracy is that gnomish moron Ehud Olmert. After his unbelievable blundering and incompetence were highlighted for all to see in his pathetic response to Hezbollah last year why did the Israeli electorate not rise up and expel him and the kleptomaniacs who surround him in the Knesset from their cushy sinecures? I suppose once the state starts handing out goodies to one and all even a stark theat to national survival is less terrifying than losing your seat at the trough. The more fool them. Comparing this to Munich in 1938 is not appropriate. After all, Hitler hadnt been issuing threats to exterminate Czechs, it was presented as an administrative adjustment. This is handing an entire population over to their bloodthirsty enemies to be slaughtered with our eyes wide open.Bush didnt have the guts or the skill to demand oil drilling in ANWAR or offshore,or the political will to start building nuclear power plants so now we are on our knees to the Saudis. Shame on Bush and Rice for this nightmare.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Others Are No Better

The only difference between Hillary and the other libs on the stage in LV was her cloud of scandal and misbehavior. They all want immediate amnesty for all illegals (with immediate access granted to Federal givaway programs),retreat and weakness overseas with Russia and China being able to veto any US action in the UN Security Council, gigantic and steeply progressive tax increases, federalization of medical care, unlimited judicial activism, federal control of all school curricula (ALA Ted Kennedy's 'No Child Left Behind' act, except more), heavy restrictions on trade, an end to secret balloting in Union elections and the end to free speech in the form of talk radio. They cant be honest about any of their agenda because they would lose the election. If Hillary collapses (please God, make it so!) whoever takes over as the frontrunner will have to evade giving straight answers if he wants to have any chance of winning.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Date Rape- Clinton Style!

Yes, we all knew that the eunuchs at the Clinton News Network would grovel. We knew that the 'undecideds' that sniveled their incoherent questions would all turn out to be paid Demo activists. We understood that the mainstream media would jump up and down and declare Hillary the winner because she once again avoided giving any straight answers. All that was easily foreseen. But the best moment, to me, was when she fulsomely railed against the 'poisoned toys' that that rascally Dubya was letting her employers in Bejing ship to America. When Her Thighness starts slingin' about them children somethings up. And sure enough, it turns out that Mark Penn, her campaign manager and guru is chairman of the company that does all the public relations for the Chicom enterprise that shipped the toy covered with the date-rape drug. What Chutzpah! A new level of shamelessness and trust that the servile worms in the news media would ignore yet another blast of rotten air from the Clinton Crime Family. Bravo Left Wingers! You've finally proven that you've completely lost your sense of smell! Go take the day off and do something else nice for the children.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Cheek!

Her husband is roaming the planet birddoggin babes and banging beaver as he collects baskets of cash from all and sundry, while she's here at home lying like a rug and openly taking gigantic bribes from the Chicoms while her campaign issues naked threats against reporters to avoid having to answer tough questions. So now she has it leaked to her servile media helots that she's got something on milquetoast Obama? It would have to be a videotape of him having sex with a male goat on a pile of stolen FBI files while Ahmadinejad stuffs hundred dollar bills in his pocket for it to rise to the level of the Clinton's shenanigans. I suppose if the Democrats can accept the lunatic ravings on display in Las Vegas by her and the other deranged socialist loonies as a coherent political philosophy they can enthusiastically follow the perverted twists and turns of Her Royal Thighness' War Room and happily vote to end capitalism and democracy in this country. When are these mutts going to turn off Oprah and start using what little brains God gave them?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Ratter's Strike

So the ratters have gone on strike. They catch the wood rats that live on the ivy and brush-covered hillside that forms part of our backyard and then drop them, live, in the house and coolly walk away. Sometimes there is a rat scurrying around for days before we catch it or drive it through an open door. Sometimes we find the mangled corpse of one who was too slow to get away. But, as you can see from the photo, these ratters are striking with no end in sight.
We've offered them a higher-quality cat food (no more on-sale cheapie brands) and promised to scratch them behind their ears for a set amount of time but I think they sense our weakness.
But then there are the other Ratters, AKA the Writers Guild of America. Some of their work is visible in the adjoining photo. These geniuses have walked out because they want a bigger cut of the revenues. They have, by their action, put thousands of people on film crews and technical services, people who have no hope of ever getting residuals, out of work. That isnt any reason for them not to go on strike but it is interesting that this group of very rich liberals dont mind hurting the workers to press their demands for more money. This is also a symptom of people not being able to see reality very clearly. Most network TV shows are marginal profit makers. Most feature films lose money. Both are produced by giant corporations and are a tiny portion of their revenues. Corporations which can stand a strike easily. The public is watching DVD's, You-Tube, FaceBook, surfing the web, playing video games and watching home videos of themselves having sex with their spouse. Some people even have taken the radical step of reading a book. There are plenty of alternatives to the tripe these hacks spew out. This strike is a symptom of the ongoing collapse of network TV.
But let me offer a simple compromise. Give the writers a cut of the profits but bill them for the loses. If they're going to write 'Lions For Lambs' or 'Syriana' they ought to pay when they flop. Let these Marxist windbags stand naked in the hurricane of Capitalism!
And to the Kitties. Get that rat out from under the TV cabinet and we're willing to put a can of tuna on the table.

Victory Incarnate!

Hillary's stonewalling evasions and mercurial, soulless self-positionings have been going on since her first run for the U.S. Senate from New York, a state she had never lived in and knew virtually nothing about. The liberal Northeastern media were criminally complicit in enabling her queenlike, content-free "listening tour," where she took no hard questions and where her staff and security people (including her government-supplied Secret Service detail) staged events stocked with vetted sympathizers, and where they ensured that no protesters would ever come within camera range.
Camille Paglia

So upset am I at the surging Republican liberals Mike Huckster-bee and Mutt Romney that I have decided to try out as a volunteer at the Clinton Campaign, you know, like a reporter for the Washington Compost or a street vendor in Chinatown. So, with that in mind, I'm here to announce Mrs. Clinton's amazing Victory in tomorrow's debate. She will deftly turn the tables on her gang of testosterone-mad adversaries (giggle! balless would be more accurate) with wit and charm and set the fluttering hearts of the worried pols in the party at rest. The Comeback Queen! Wolf will behave, of course, not wanting to join Tim Russert drinking cheap wine behind the dumpster at the liquor store as he bemoans his eviction from mainstream media paradise. The other spineless weenies that claim they want to be considered from the Democratic nomination will show their usual gormlessness and run about in circles, bumping into one another to the delight of all. The Dumbest Man In The Senate (Joe Biden) will make a heartfelt plea for party unity, and one of these spineless wimps will actually present some form of grovelling apology for upsetting the apple cart the last time. The usual laughs will be provided by comedy-candidate Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch as he explains his wonderful foreign policy ideas. Stubby little straight-man Richardson (the one most likely to apologize to Her Ladyship) will mumble his usual sub-audible nonsense. John Edwards will spout the 1960's cliches he stole from Lydon Johnson and opine that even now, with the Al Qaeda troops that the Democrats support in Iraq facing extinction, its still not too late to achieve the defeat of the hated US Military by electing one of the fine candidates present on this stage.
But it wont matter. The night will belong to Her Royal Thighness. The media probably have their glowing stories written already (in fact the New York Slime's front page extravaganza was faxed over from the Clinton Campaign this morning). The Networks are practicing their 'Hosannas' as we speak (because CBS' writing staff has gone on strike with the WGA they have been temporarily replaced by 'volunteers' sent over from from the Clinton Campaign, ensuring that the coverage will not change in any way). So lets all get our hankies out and be ready to weep with joy at the sensational return of The Champ!

Please! Not Huckster-Bee!

I'm not a social conservative but I respect the views of those who are. I know they've been searching for a candidate that they feel comfortable with but that is no excuse for them to support a sleazy, liberal ex-governor from the blighted backwater of Arkansas. Yes, he'll SAY anything to get your vote but his words are belied by his very liberal record. Havent we had enough experience with unknown governors slithering their way into the White House (Carter, Clinton and Dubya) to know what happens; their conservative rhetoric evaporates and the spending derby kicks into high gear. Hucksterbee gives a cracking good speech, so I'm told, and of course I'll support whoever the party nominates, as should we all, but this guy doesnt have one, single accomplishment of any kind besides winning elections.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lucretia Borgia Candidate

Today Wolf woke up to find his rottwieler's bloody head in his bed. When he got to the studio there was a fish wrapped in newspaper on his desk and a guy that looked a lot like Robert Duvall waiting to see him.If the Clinton Crime Family muscles its way into power any press person that gets off the reservation had better say a Hail Mary before they turn the key in the ignition. The Chicom street gangs the Clints use to launder the contributions from Bejing will be put to other uses. We'll have a democracy like they had in Italy during the papacy of Alexander The Sixth. The Free Health Care giveth, The Free Health Care taketh away.
The most amazing thing is to see the press, which roars its fury daily at the timid twerps in the Bush White House, get down on its belly and crawl when they're confronted by a gang notorious for holding grudges and using extra-legal means to retaliate. Not so easy to write bad stuff about Hillary if your boss just had dinner with Bill and you dont want to have your taxes audited.
This is all one would want in political drama. Could it be that the wheels are coming off the Hillary Bus so soon? They've always pulled through before, but that was Bill, and although he seems to be a senior advisor he doesnt seem to be in on the day to day campaigning.
If its thinkable that Her Royal Thighness would self-destruct in a giant, greasy pile of rage and sleaze it would lead one to contemplate what comes next. Now if you've read my blog you will know that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton but she does understand the nuts and bolts of governance (however imperfectly) unlike that sad gaggle of pathetic morons that join her on the stages of the endless debates. Those guys say the darndest things! Things that make you want to put on your lead-lined bunny PJ's , don your radiation-proof helmet and sit in your bomb shelter with your shotgun between your knees sucking your thumb. Crazy Stuff.
So where do I stand in an Obama-Huckabee contest? I will give away all worldly wealth and take my begging bowl and sit by the concrete banks of the currently waterless L.A. River and try to envision the fiery life-death wheel of Kharma.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Plea For Fairness

"Stop Pickin On Mah Wafe!' Yew tell'um Billy Boy! Them thar New York Ciddy pointy-haids caint go arownd askin fer her doccy-mints and askin them thar trick questions without ol Billy leavin Daisy Mae's side and wavin his pie-plate hands at them scallywags that are keepin himself an the Little Wommin out of the house that that election-stealin varmint Dubya done stole rat out from under their noses. Hell, one look at them giant hands gits them Soccer Babes wetter then October, an that meanz votes, votes, votes! Hey, an them waitresses wantin extry should jes shaddup cuz we're fixin ta give them all the dang free health care they're ever agoing ta be needin. So Billy'll be leavin the Lil Gal on the front porch with the bloodhounds wilst he goes back across the holler ta Daisy's shack and if yew Yankees come lookin fer more trubal jest remember them dawgs bite something fierce.

The Socialist Clown Posse

The grotesque gaggle of candidates representing the Democratic Party's presidential choices were all together last night in Des Moines, vieing for the votes of the dumbest, most deluded cretins on the planet, that slimy group of malignant sub-humans known as Democratic Activists. A century of blood-drenched failure hasnt shaken the ideals of these eternally damned idiots (aka Progressives) and they were there in droves to judge which of these geniuses could most profoundly betray their country's strategic interests in the world and propose the most draconian taxes and giant giveaway programs at home. What a performance!
They've got an ethically compromised megalomaniac,an empty suit who hasnt finished teething, a hallucinating former ambulance-chaser who played second banana to a foon-faced loser four years ago, a runtish governor who swears that the same tactics that didnt make the North Korean savages give up their nukes will work fine with the Iranian savages, the Dumbest Man In The Senate, and the drunken
other half of Ted Kennedy's waitress sandwich. All with the same lust for economy-destroying taxes and Federal Health Care.
If the Republicans cant beat this lot it will mean two things:
1) The American electorate is terminally stupid and deserves every disastrous thing it gets.
2) The Republicans are too cowardly and stupid to make a compelling case.

I'm less bothered by this than you would think. I've been broke around people who werent, which is a drag. I've been broke around people who were, which can be fun. I'm usually broke no matter who's in power so seeing the smug leftists who inhabit my world discomfited by the results of their idiotic policies will give me some joy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Useful Idiots

After the appalling responses to a question about the Iranian nuclear program by the Democratic candidates in last week's debate we should cast our minds back to the culture of sniveling appeasement that is their legacy. Remember that their truckling to the savages who run Iran, and indeed to any radical Islamonazi, no matter how extreme, comes from a culture of embracing any anti-Western ideology that arose in intellectual circles in the 1930's and has continued to this day. It was clearly to be seen on the podium at last Tuesday's debate. The grandchildren of the mealy-mouthed supporters of Commie-lovers Henry Wallace and Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1940's are the fervid supporters of Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch.
Nothing has changed so let's take a trip down Memory Lane.
In the summer of 1945 the deputy chief of Stalin's secret police Abakumov gave a speech to his fellow officers about the role of the well-meaning liberals and the Soviets intentions toward them:

"They dream of lasting peace and building a democratic world for all men. They dont seem to realize that WE are the ones who are going to build the new world, and that we shall do so without their liberal democratic recipes. All their slobber plays right into our hands, and we shall thank them for this, in the new world, with coals of fire. We shall drive them into such dead ends as they've never dreamed of. We shall disrupt them and corrupt them from within. We shall lull them to sleep, sap their will to fight. The whole 'free western' world will burst apart like a fat, squashed toad...Our aim justifies this. Our aim is a grand one, the destruction of the old, vile world."
(Stalin's Secret War- Nikolai Tolstoy)

This is the attitude of every bloodthirsty utopian toward the peacenik saps they use to further their aims.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yeah, Sure...

"My husband has not withheld a single document," said Clinton.

If you said that or I said that one could reasonably assume that we meant that there were no documents being withheld.However this is a Clinton speaking so we have to assume that because she said that they havent withheld a 'single' document that we can therefore logically conclude that they are withholding 'many' documents, a situation not excluded by the above quotation. Oh course the fatheads in the press are too stupid or in love to ask her about the lawsuit being pressed to force them to release the documents that they arent withholding but we all know the underlying truth; Hilly Girl's White House experience consisted of Bimbo Eruptions, Travel Office frame-ups and illegal fundraising. The same reporters that spent eight years trying to braid their nose hairs with the one's in Bill's butt are not ever going to ask a follow-up question or press a point with The Little Woman.

UPDATE! Her husband HASNT withheld a single document! The key weasel-word was not 'single' , as I had speculated, but 'husband'. Hillary and Bruce Lindsay have been in charge of the papers that are in question, not BJ! HRC is not releasing them for the above-stated obvious reasons.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh Mutt...Your Pink Slip Is Showing!

Seventy years of failed government retraining programs are no hindrance to proposing more if you're a genius like Mutt Romney. This opportunist masquerading as a conservative (until he wins the nomination) cant even keep his liberal instincts under wraps during the primaries. 'If there's a problem I must have a PLAN!' is a liberal mantra from the days of FDR. Maybe vote-buying and pandering have just become endemic to the system. He's proposing a whole new batch of Programs to retrain factory workers who are losing their jobs to China. Nice idea, except it never works.
My son teaches a course in computer graphics, at a community college where the cost is minimal and also at an expensive private training school. The students at the community college do not take the class seriously and the one's that are paying for the instruction out of their own pockets do. Free government giveaways NEVER work. Especially if the recipients of the largess are humiliated and insulted by being forced to take it or lose other 'benefits'. Even the most well-intentioned blue-collar worker placed in a classroom after thirty years on the job is going to be suffering a great deal of angst at having to start from square one after his life has been flushed down the toilet by some MBA punk fresh out of business school. A know-it-all kid with a college degree like the ones that are looking at him like some pitiable welfare case at the job training center.
Another unworkable plan by a Compassionate Conservative (aka Liberal).

The Spin Doctor Is In!

Generically, an iatrogenic disorder is any pathological anomaly in which the dysfunctional symptoms in the patient owe their cause to the actions of the practitioner.

Team Clinton is out in force trying to undo some of the damage that Her Thighness did to herself with her Nixonian performance last Tuesday. The script of the Spin Doctors is clear; dont talk about the content of the questions, attack the questioner and the format as not being fair. There is a huge problem with that strategy. With an entire year of campaigning to go the "its not fair to little ol' Hilly Girl" gambit is only going to have a very limited resonance, as can be seen by the reaction to its first use this time, and will be less and less effective the more its used. Attacking the questioner is another tactic that might be effective once or twice but again in the big picture it is an annoying reminder of all the unanswered questions from the eight years of BJ's reign as Mayor Of the Palace and the atmosphere of conflict that plagued the administration of the Worst President of the 20th Century. The Spin Machine is like a General fighting the last war. The tactics they honed to perfection protecting their incumbency are damaging their candidacy. Going to Wellsley and surrounding herself with shrieking co-eds denouncing how mean the spineless wimps that shared the stage with her were only whets the appetite of the 99.9% of the public who were watching 'Dancing With The Stars' instead of some boring political debate. Hillary got spanked by five guys? A political gang-bang!? Now THAT'S interesting and draws attention to her screwing up. All the screaming and counterattacks in the world cant undo the damage she did to herself, it will only make it worse and apparently the whole team of Spin Doctors doesnt even understand why her answers were so damaging.
The main problem with Clinton's answers was not how she equivocated and backed and filled, although that was bad enough, it was with the answers themselves. Apparently she expects to run as an experienced White House player without releasing the records of what she did to get that experience. We all know why; her experience consists of Bimbo Eruptions, illegal fundraising, the cruel and unjust Travel Office firings and several lame and misguided attempts to nationalize the health care industry, one of which resulted in the crippling of the vaccine industry. The other bad answer was trying to mask her total and enthusiastic support for illegal alien amnesty and voter fraud, a VERY unpopular position but one shared by every other candidate on the stage, including that opportunistic half-wit Dodd who apparently thought raising his hand overcomes his many yes votes on amnesty.
Her alleged opponents in the Democratic Primaries are trying to make her manner, not her answers, the issue but I doubt the Republicans will be so circumspect. This is a flawed, extremely vulnerable candidate.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Mask Slipped

Tuesday's Democratic debate was actually a real shocker! Who would have thought that the Queen, Her Royal Thighness herself , coasting to her inevitable coronation could get so badly derailed in a Democratic (!) debate. There wasnt a conservative around for miles! What kind of a threat did the pack of hapless weasels that flanked her on the stage present? Spineless empty shirt Obama? The other drunken slice of bread in Ted Kennedy's waitress sandwich Dodd? Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch? The Dumbest Man In The Senate, Joe Biden (BTW rumor has it that in the re-make of 'Wizard Of Oz' the group will wander into a Biden campaign rally and will be put soundly to sleep by one of his speeches)? John 'Girlie-Man' Edwards, whose total irrationality only goes unnoticed because of his irrelevance? Or finally, Mystery Man Bill Richardson, who is going to employ the same diplomatic magic he used in North Korea to keep Iran from nuking up (its a mystery that anyone could envision this bland functionary as a candidate)? Not exactly formidable opponents. After all, these dudes kept mum while their Pantsuited FrontRunner was hogging the front page taking bribes from Chicom criminals. I guess they're not too eager to tangle with the Clinton Crime Family's Propaganda Division.
It was a beautiful evening in the City Of Brotherly Love (hey that's sexist, isnt it?) and many happy Democrats marched outside, their concern for the environment touchingly evident.
Fashion seems to be everything to these chic demonstrators and they were all there for our girl Hilly. Everything was there for a glowing Clinton Evening. Even the Friendly Media put two Masters of Ceremonies notorious for their pro-Hilly partisanship.
So what the hell went wrong?
The first thing was the 'debate' on who could give the most cringingly spineless reaction to Iran developing nukes. I trembled at the thought of one of these nebbishes in charge of our foreign policy. As they blurbled on about the courageous diplomacy they would employ to denuke the bloodthirsty, ruthless vermin who run Iran I recalled a line from Edward Gibbon's 'Decline And Fall', "Persuasion is the tactic of the weak, but the weak are rarely persuasive." Russert asked each of these rarely persuasive losers if they would pledge to keep Iran from getting nukes and Hilly stumbled. She was probably thinking about her hubby BJ's egregious failures to keep Pakistan and North Korea non-nuclear and she started equivocating. Blipity-Blap, Blappity-Bloop, lots of loopholes just in case Ahmadinajahd doesnt want to stop his nuke
program to avoid a scathing editorial in the New York Times. Not Presidential. Later Russert asked why she was keeping phone transcripts of chit-chat between her and BJ during the Golden Presidency Years locked away in the Clinton Lie-Berry And Massage Parlor while she was running on her White House experience. Well, er, um you cant rush those bureaucrats, ahem, uhum and er, uh, other Presidents do it all the time, yatta, yatta. She sounded like one of the corporate bigwigs testifying in front of Henry Waxman. Very Presidential-- President Nixon Presidential.
You'd think she didnt want to talk about the Bimbo Eruptions, questionable fund-raising, perjury and Travel Office trivia that defined her record as First Lady.
And finally Russert dropped the Big One. Illegal alien drivers licenses, licenses that would let people like the Kook-Sin-Itch supporter pictured here vote in elections formerly restricted to US citizens. She was for it except that she was against it except when governors want it and er, um the people who live in the shadows, dont you know. Now this is a tough one for any Democrat. They're aching to give their undocumented Amigos all the benefits that the Gub-mint can dispense in return for their votes, after all even the wettest mojado knows the program from years of the PRI buying their support in Mexico. The tricky part is that there is ample evidence that Actual Americans are furious at this truckling to lawbreakers. This is an issue that can destroy her and every other Democrat and she blew it BIG TIME!
So in the aftermath the Clinton Crime Family launched an assault on the winner of the debate, Tim Russert. Poor Tim was last seen drinking cheap Tokay from a bag-covered bottle behind a liquor-store dumpster crying about the White House State Dinner invitations he was never going to get. Meanwhile the Spin Machine was changing the subject from Hilly's inadequate answers to the fact that her opponents 'piled on'. As though those wimps had anything to do with it. She beat up herself.


I usually agree with everything Charles Krauthammer writes. He is one of my favorite commentators. But today he suggested sending the lovable BJ down to Argentina to be near the newly elected female President Kirshner. That's like making Harpo Marx the women's locker room monitor. Why travel that far anyway? Her policies will make this country seem like Argentina, with its worthless currency, moribund economy and gigantic and ineffective government.
Krauthammer was worried about the implications of an ex-President living in the White House and wielding what in this case would probably be enormous influence. I dont see a problem in a way. Whatever you say about BJ and his Bimbos or any of the Clinton's other personal stuff you have to admit that they're pretty close in their love of power. They can easily divide responsibilities; she'll govern For The Children and he can take a hands-on approach to women's issues and they can work hand in hand to tax and oppress the rest of us into poverty. So, Chuckie my boy, dont worry that America's favorite power couple are doing an end run around the 22nd Amendment, once Her Thighness appoints Dennis Kucinich, Chuck Schumer and Ronnie Earle to the Supreme Court our Living Constitution will turn somersaults that will make your jaw drop!