Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watch Out Barry!

Michelle sez its HELL in the White house! She cant even go on a junket to Spain without a clamor of criticism. This is not how unlimited total power was supposed to be. Those of us who have lived with a wife unhappy about the life we've sweated blood to achieve had to have a moment of sympathy for Barry, regardless of our political persuasion. Of course the usual spokespeople have issued statements saying that Michelle never said that and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, whose tell-all book is the source of the quote, denies that its in the book. We can still imagine the tense meals, the false smiles in public and the scowls after the last guest leaves, the cold showers...its not fun when your old lady is in a bad mood and blames you for it.

Things havent worked out all that well for poor Barry since he got his promotion. Before he became president his life was different. A cushy college gig, a little community organizing, supervising the ghost writer on the books and then the seat in the Illinois legislature. The 100% Democrat district Barry came from had no political opposition. You just had to cozy up to egomaniacs like Rev Wright, guys who had a few thousand voters to herd down to the polls, and bingo, elected and re-elected as long as you like. Just kick back and vote 'Present' and let the goodies flow. Your wife gets a phat no-show $300,000 per annum 'public relations' job with a firm that does a bunch of business with the state and your good pal Rezko 'sells' you property and forgets to cash your check.

Obama had no primary opposition worth talking about when he ran for the US Senate and the media destroyed his Republican opponent so he waltzed into office basically unopposed. But the Senate was boring. He had been launched into the public eye by giving the only decent speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Barry looked around at the raft of likely opponents to the Democratic presidential nomination and realized that the likes of Dodd, Kucinich, Richardson, and Biden werent likely to appeal to any non-drooling-Americans and that all that stood between him and The Big Enchilada was the repulsive and much hated in the Demo party Hillary Clinton. His view that she was much weaker than it seemed was confirmed when he started exploring the subject and instantly was buttonholed into backroom conversations with almost every prominent Democrat, all of them urging him to run.

And run he did. His advisors figured out an under-the-radar caucus strategy that played into Obama's strengths and accented Hillary's weaknesses. After Barry's initial win in Iowa the media got the message and he could do no wrong. Hillary had her minor ups and major downs but the betrayal by her former friends and allies in the party and a negative media that the Clintons had never experienced were enough to encourage her to finish herself off in a pathetic tangle of acrimony and gaffes.

And Barry had The Speech. There were variations but lets face it, Obama was no Bill Clinton. He didnt bob and weave and deliver brilliant off the cuff remarks on that day's issues. There was no hugging audience members at townhalls. He borrowed the Clinton's method of planted questioners at townhalls and memorized his lines adequately. But he kept it all vague and was never troubled by any taxing questions from the bum-crawling Matt Lauers and Katie Courics that his handlers allowed near him. Obama just kept repeating the same speech and the audience swooned. He was so not Bush!

Meanwhile a crowd of conniving DC Republiclowns used open primaries and the media's urge to help select the weakest possible opponent for the empty suit Obama to come up with an opponent so weak that it must have reminded Barry of running unopposed back in the Chicago days. This aged, sputtering, stumbling liberal, despised by the rank and file of his party and totally intimidated by Obama's dark skin and glowing radicalism was further hobbled by the financial meltdown that the supine and torpid Bush was happy to let the media blame on Republiclowns.

Then the Goody-train rolled! The Nobel Peace Prize for nothing! Being compared to a demi-god in the media. A huge majority in Congress thanks to the foolish 'Hope And Change' morons who managed to find their way to the polls and voted for everything with a 'D' next to it because that was the last letter of the alphabet they could remember. RINO Specter turned into a Demo and voila! The Agenda was in the bag. He sat back, feet on his desk, while Pelosi and Reid passed a trillion buck stimulus and a budget with a deficit of 1.6 trillion smackers and put Obamacare in line for a quick rubber stamp enactment while he assembled the list of other bills for them to pass.

Thats when it happened. It never would have happened in Chicago. It never would have happened in Illinois. But it happened. Opposition. Determined opposition. Opposition against the mainstream media, the Congress, the Agenda and HIM! In his whole life nothing like that had ever happened. His Oprah-fueled Olympic bid for Chicago was laughed off, even in spite of his personal visit. A malicious God, Christian or Muslim, it doesnt matter, sent an Ice Age blizzard and a blizzard of stolen ClimateGate e-mails to destroy what should have been a triumphant climate summit in Copenhagen.

And all the time those mobs. Mobs of angry people. Small at first but with time they grew. Democrats would go home to their districts and be assailed by everyone, all angry about deficits and the monster of Health Care. His critics on the right, especially on talk radio and the internet were landing blow after blow. The poll numbers started to sag. Health Care took months longer than it should have and finally had to be sneaked into law by a procedural trick because enraged voters had turned on the Democrats and awarded Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat to a Republican! And not the Mitt Romney or Bill Weld type Republiclown that you would expect from Massachusetts but an actual conservative who flew to DC and cast the 41st vote to filibuster ObamaCare.

It got worse. The trillion dollar stimulus didnt stimulate anything but the appetite of greedy public employee unions for more money. The perceived failure of the Obama economic agenda fueled more anger. Every left-wing cultural pronouncement started a new fire as soon as they left his lips. The perception was spreading that the people had been lied to by the Democrats in 2008. Their election-season pretense of moderation was thrown aside when they won their huge victory and looked at the pathetic Republiclowns, clinically dead it seemed. The Dems announced the end of conservatism and openly revealed just how far to the left they were. Bad mistake. Pretending to be conservative was a long-honed Democratic survival skill and they had been premature in their perception that the conservatives had been defeated forever.

The conservatives werent dead. They were furious. Their arguments about the likely results of these Democratic policies was borne out by events. Everything the conservatives said would happen happened. Everything the Demos said would happen turned out to be either wrong or a flat-out lie. The conservatives were joined by the independents and proceeded to turn on the liberal RINOs in the Republican party. That process ended yesterday with the victory of O'Donnell in Delaware. The national Republiclowns have been paid back for jamming that McLame down our throats. They have been humiliated at every turn.

And now its Barry's turn. The Dems clutch the polls pathetically. Its not so bad. We might hang on to the House, you never know, a meteor might hit! They delude themselves with hopes that a blowout in the Senate can be averted but as the polls sink, the unemployment numbers rise and the rage grows their ancient stalwarts are facing fresh, articulate conservatives who dont have to lie about what they believe like liberals do. Reid, Boxer, Murray, Feingold, Blumenthal, Manchin, Coons and Gillibrand are all naked and defenseless as the tsunami approaches. Others are already lost and beyond hope.

Barry will face Boehner as Speaker and an empowered McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. He has never been in a position like this in his entire life. His inability to lead rock solid Democrat majorities in Congress is stark and obvious, now he faces a much more daunting task. McConnell has shown himself to be a wily and dangerous adversary when he had 41 members in his caucus. What will he be like with 52 or 53? The days of an Elena Kagan waltzing into a Supreme Court seat are over. So are the days of $1.6 trillion deficits. Major sectors of government will not be quietly handed to faceless bureaucrats without any Senate involvement. Investigations with teeth will be launched. ObamaCare is in trouble.

A Bill Clinton, a man with boundless energy, long experience and clever mien was confronted with a much less hostile situation and learned to fight and compromise. A four-hour-a-day amateur like Obama? How will he handle it? He'll hand off all his responsibilities to staffers and go on vacation. The Agenda will be dismantled, the dream will die. In 2012 Barry will depart to a mansion where he can nurse his bruised ego for the rest of his life.