Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Enough With The Gimmicks!

So Fred Thompson isnt going to debate but he'll run an ad during the debate. Aint that ducky?
Who is this buffoon anyway? We've got to step back from the day-to-day political game and ask ourselves what we really know about any of these guys and whether we know them well enough to trust them at such a critical moment. Not just what they say but what they've done and how they've behaved in the past. Do we now award the Presidency to the candidate with the cleverest media strategy? What has Howard Baker's protege actually DONE in his life that would give us any confidence in his rhetoric? I like bold, conservative statements as much as the next guy but we've had a phoney 'compassionate conservative' in the White House for the last seven years and have had to eat alot of crow while he expanded the welfare state mightily and handed out goodies to all his Chamber Of Commerce business buddies. Let's not get screwed again by some slickly packaged unknown quantity. The only candidates running this year who have been promenantly in the public eye long enough to have shown, by their actions, what kind of leader they would be are Rudy Giuliani and (God help us) Hillary Clinton. The rest could be anything, and we've had twenty years of damage to our country by chiseling, self-agrandizing, big government incompetents from both parties. Let's not risk it again.

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