Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Low We've Fallen

I've just watched the You-tube clip of a ten minute rant by National Embarrassment Bob Wexler at the House Foreign Affairs Committee show-trial of General Petraeus. I am ashamed that my country contains people that would elect a person like Wexler to Congress. He had more dignity defending the rape, sexual harassment and perjury of BJ than he does sniveling and yodeling for America's defeat by the Islamonazi terrorists. Isnt it funny that the worse Congressmen represent the richest districts; Wexler, Nadler, Pelosi, Waxman, McDermott and a rogue's list of the dumbest, most anti-American traitors come from silk-stocking upscale districts. The professors in the most prestigious universities have done their work well, the minds of our executives and professionals have been effectively poisoned against our country and our way of life. These show-trials of the good general are a symptom of the rot at the very top of our society. These morons have the most to lose. Luckily there seem to be a few elements of society with an instinct for self-preservation.

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