Monday, September 17, 2007

Reply To Bman1

Bman1 wrote a comment to my comment entitled 'Chicom Employee'

Thanks for reminding me about the impoverished Buddhist nuns. I had forgotten about that one. but there are so many to keep up with.

As to your statement:
...where after a ludicrous anecdote about finding blind and disabled children galore during her days as a big-government lobbyist, all denied a decent life by the too-small size of government,

Are you sure she said this? because she would have had to find time out from when she was baby sitting the 'little tykes' in Alabama while the "big tykes" went out in the fields...

When she said she had come too far... yadda yadda yadda....

I was watching it on CSPAN last night. She said it. I forgot about the tykes in Alabama but ,of course, thats nothing for the Goldwater Girl who ministered to the illegal aliens in her upper middle class Chicago suburb in the early 1960's! We should count ourselves lucky that she didnt get singed by all the burning churches that young Rush Limbaugh and his cronies were setting ablaze.
I was watching this speech to see how the crowd, an obvious collection of party faithful (who else could listen to Tom Harkin and keep a fried steak down at the same time), reacted to her speech, or should I say SCREECH! Not good. Edwards was much better of a speaker and the speech was tailored to getting a reaction. The audience knew when it was time to cheer. Not so with Hillary. A shrill monotone the whole time. She mistakes yelling for passion. Another odd thing was Dodd, Edwards, Biden, Harken and some unnamed female (possibly Mrs. Harkin) all sat in a group and off to the side was Her Highness, talking to no one.

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