Thursday, January 28, 2010

Democrats Applaud Lustily

I used to think BJ Clinton was the worst president in American history because of his open criminality and blatant dishonesty. Last night, listening to Our Barry spin his web of mendacities and crowing his shocking economic ignorance I realized that BJ was a walk in the park compared to what we have inflicted upon ourselves in a new century. After all, when BJ said the era of big government was over, that he never even met the Chicom arms dealers who spent so much time in the White House and that he had never slept with Monica or Jennifer or Paula or Jaunita we all knew he was lying and he knew we knew, he was just daring us to do something about it. He clobbered everyone who tried. Put some ice on that Newt! But BJ was on one level a lovable rogue. You could catch the gleam in his eye as he evaded another inconvenient question or launched an air strike against some hapless savages to blow the latest scandal below the fold that day.

With BJ you knew he was lying but with The Friend of the ACORNs you sometimes wonder whether he actually believes the hogwash he spouts. He can control the economy and the weather? Thats nice. It turns out that all of us Teabaggers are so blinded by ideology and hatred that we have missed this roaring economy, so much better than the one in the Horrible Bush Years when unemployment was 4%. But we all know that. The feeble 'freeze' that he has proposed after last year's huge increase in discretionary spending is about as likely to be enacted by Nutsy Pelosi and the shopaholics in Congress as Barry is likely to nominate Mark Levin for the next open Supreme Court seat. Hey, and those clowns on the Court better wise up too, Barry's not amused! You can take that First Amendment stuff a little too far.

I did feel bad about ignoring all that overwhelming science about Global Warming, oops I mean Climate Change. The overwhelming science that predicted that the Arctic ice cap will have melted by now and that the glaciers would be gone from the slopes of the Himalayas. The rising seas which arent rising...but when they do...! Well we still need Cap and Trade to tax that bad old carbon because, even if the Deniers might have a point, the tax has its heart in the right place and is much needed.

But policy isnt the main point of this little blurb. I'm in the entertainment industry and so I watch these things with a Deaverish eye. How did the speech work on TV? It was awful. A disaster. Applause lines that were so lamely delivered that no one applauded. A ham-handed and very inaccurate attack on the Supreme Court. Two thirds into it he started with a whole new way of telling us simpletons how mad he was. I thought at that point that the teleprompter guy had gotten the pages mixed up. I used to marvel at how many speechmakers looked down at their cue cards while they were on TV. Obama is worse; he looks from prompter screen to prompter screen, right to left, always a three quarter shot, never into the camera. You wouldnt have ever caught Reagan ( an excellent speaker, one of the best) doing something like that, or even BJ Clinton (who I never thought was a very good speaker).

When Harry Reid was happily chortling about a black guy who had dumped the 'Negro Dialect' he never would have thought that the day would come when we'd all be yearning for a little more 'Negro' and a little less Princeton from President Mush Mouth. Once I went to see Nelson Mandela at the LA Colosseum. The warm-up speakers were Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson. That's Negro Dialect I can enjoy. They had 80,000 people on their feet jumping up and down, myself included. We laughed, we cried, we yelled along. Mandela was better than both of them, of course, but that was because of what he was saying, not how he delivered it. You could have heard a pin drop.

Not so with Barry. No style and no substance. This was a lecture, not a call to the barricades. A part-time professor at a junior college who arrived late and found someone had parked in his space. This is the tired and desperate con-man trying to sell us clueless Eskimos another refrigerator. The Dems cant be happy about this. Old Dawg liberals like Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold are watching their 'safe' seats turn into very iffy propositions. They know what the screamin' millions think about our 'expanding economy' and they're scared about November. If they think this is an Obama problem then they are as delusional as he is. The big disadvantage they have is the liberal media whose uncritical optimism gives them the impression that the current revolution is just the usual fringe crackpots. A photo in Time or Newsweek of the nutball who showed up at the Tea Party with an 'Obama is Hitler' sign keeps them from having to show the thousand people with signs about taxes or the constitution.

But its not just the Right. Its regular people who dont care that much about politics. There isnt anything that has appalled non-Right Wingers more than the way they treated that creep Abdulmuttallib, the Islamic Panty Bomber. He was going to murder three hundred people plus however many were on the ground when the plane hit. He knows the names of others who want to do the same thing and he knows who is running the operation and where they live. Those are things we dont know because that dope was read his Miranda Rights and given a taxpayer funded lawyer. They should have been pouring chili powder on his burns until he gave every word up and then they should have taken him in a helicopter up to 10,000 feet and tossed him out. Live on TV, Al Jeezera included. As soon as he hit the ground the cruise missiles should start raining down on Yemen with as much consideration shown for innocent civilians as was shown on that airplane Christmas Day.

The smarmy lies of Gibbs and Obama about this and the Ft. Hood massacre reflect on all these libs. Every eye can see what a bunch of traitors they are. Our enemies are murdering our brothers and sisters. Anyone who ever flies on an airplane has a little more fear in their brains as we board because we know not only are there crazy fanatical whackos trying to murder us but the incompetent buffoons who are supposed to be stopping them are so PC they cant even mention whats going on. There is no reset button for that, is there? There is, its called an election.

What this speech showed was a Democratic Party up on their feet applauding the ongoing disaster. They are exposed in front of the nation as bald-faced naked liars who have no intention of modifying their destructive, greedy behavior. This is Bush's fault, is it? What have you clowns done about it? People elected them because they bought the eight years of fervent anti-Bush propaganda. Things were supposed to get better and they most certainly have not. They've gotten progressively worse. The unheard-of trillion-dollar deficits and the Fed printing money by the trainload are causing a stampede to gold and offshore investments and panicking people about the future. You dont need an Ivy League degree to understand a two trillion dollar deficit. A Democratic deficit. No fiery rhetoric or soothing promises can lie that away.

Maybe the Dems will attempt to throw Obama under the bus. They did it with Carter. It wont do them any good. People hate Nutsy Pelosi and Harry 'Uriah Heep' Reid as much as they hate Obama. The libs are leaderless and paralyzed by the realization that their fondest dreams being unveiled has touched off a wave of rage and hatred unparalleled in American politics. The round of primaries this spring will bring them opponents who are riding a surge and the Dems will have to face this assault with an increasingly unpopular President Obama weighing them down. If the unemployment rate isnt significantly lower by November than there are NO safe Democratic seats.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Barbara Boxer Smell The Coffee!

What a wonderful morning! The Lion Of Chappaquiddick is finally buried with a silver stake through his left ventricle. The hapless Martha Coakley not only managed to get skunked in the bluest state in the nation but she managed to drive two of the most loathesome commies in the country, Barak Obama and BJ Clinton, off the bridge with her. Yes, Barry stood on her face to escape as the electoral car sank in the icy water and BJ is nowhere to be found, they'll probably turn up this morning in the hotel lobby with some story prefabricated by their attorneys while their aides spirit Coakley's political corpse off to avoid an autopsy.

Remember that wonderful Tuesday when the Dem's ultimate Goldman Sachs insider John Corzine lost the indigo blue state of New Joisey? They mentioned it on Wednesday but by Thursday all signs of Corzine had completely disappeared from the media. I forget which celebrity scandal the media used to turn Corzine into an unperson but you can bet that somewhere Paris Hilton or J-Lo or someone of that ilk is doing something MUCH more important than the Stalingrad of the Obamunist agenda that occurred in the Bay State last night.

The dollar is surging as the international financial community sniffs the blood from the wounded ObamaBeasts and imagines a capitalist revival in the USA. The White House is metaphorically resembling the Presidential Palace in Port Au Prince as Barry and the Gang are buried under the stimulus rubble. If this was BJ there would be a course correction but there is no Dick Morris in the ranks of the Obamunists. They are completely delusional. Are they delusional enough to try to pass the Senate Bill unaltered in the House? Are they crazy enough to attempt to buy their way out of this economic mess by voting themselves another giant chunk of 'stimulus'? These glassy-eyed fanatics are crazy enough to do this and more. Unlike the sleazy and dishonest Clinton the Obamunists believe their own bull-crap. They think they can spend and borrow their way into prosperity by humping chimeras like 'Green Jobs'. Have you ever met anyone with a 'Green Job'?

Which brings me to my own blighted state of Gollyvornia. To the deliciously arrogant little dwarf known affectionately as Comrade Boxer. Call me Senator, Mofo! My district only votes for ugly dwarves; my House member is a gnarled, sawed-off little troll named Whack-man and Boxer is just as vertically challenged. How many of these Stalinist clowns could you fit in a Volkswagen? We'll never know because they demand to be toted around in giant taxpayer-funded limousines. But there is no joy in the back seat of the stretch as Babs senses her political doom in the ongoing wreck of Obamunism. All the radical dreams that they thought they had foisted on a stupid electorate by mouthing the lies that they were fiscally conservative and that the Republicans wanted to sew women's vaginas shut like a bunch of Somali camel-herders are headed for the trash-can of history.

We're coming to get you Babs! Your days are numbered! The angry mob is in the street. You've contemptuously called us Tea Baggers, referring to a vile practice common in the gay community which supports you so enthusiastically, but now, to continue your vulgar metaphor our jaws are going to tighten and the tender flesh will rip. Your ACORNy days are numbered you Soviet cow! Your lie is over, your reign totters, Frodo has thrown the ring into the molten lava of our anger and the towers of radicalism are crumbling. The Public Employee Unions can spend a billion dollars of their members pension money on lying TV commercials featuring weeping nurses, stolid firemen, pleading policemen and solemn doctors but it will not help you one single bit. We're sitting in the ruins of our formerly great state fuming and looking for a target for our rage and you'll do nicely.

So I'm waiting for that morning in November, when the Tea Party, that started with such an air of bravery in the face of what looked like an unbeatable monolith, that ragged band of people standing in that plaza in Van Nuys being sneered at by the burly cops sent to make sure that none of us flipped out from despair and ran into the traffic on Van Nuys Boulevard, the day that that Tea Party dances to victory and our nation is saved from the likes of you and your seedy, lying left-wing cronies.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

99 Cents Worth

The 99 Cent Store in my neighborhood is over on Ventura Boulevard in a shopping mall once full of bustling stores but which now contains only a hairdresser, the 99 Cent Store and a medical marijuana dispensary going by the thought-provoking name 'Private Organic Therapy'. The rest of the storefronts are empty with badly-hung 'For Lease' signs in their dark plate-glass windows, just like most of the stores across the street. Today was one of those amazing LA days that happen after a rainstorm; brilliant sunshine, temperatures in the upper sixties with a dry desert breeze that bends the tall palm trees towards Mecca and turns the air into a clear, beautiful liquid. I had been so sick yesterday from a bout of the flu that I had to phone the studio to send a runner over to pick up the work I had just done but after being locked in the house for a week I just couldnt stand it another minute...I had to go somewhere.

Is it a sign that the economy is crashing that the parking lot in front of the 99 Cent Store contained a full quota of Beemers, Mercedes and other luxury cars parked amongst the old beaters? Nah, it was the same way in The Evil Bush Years; rich people are cheap. You dont get rich by spending money on yourself, after all. You need the Beemer to impress, the company pays for it anyway, but when it comes out of your own pocket that's a different story. A Cup Of Noodles will keep you alive as well as the gourmet chow at Spagos and there's no dress code.

Especially now. I've noticed that the left-wing articles on Real Clear Politics are universal in their description of our current economic evils as all arising from the Bush Tax Cuts. I guess things will pick up when they expire. Today Comrade O is warring against the banks who have treacherously turned from crumbling institutions we need to help and support to greedy profiteers in just a couple of months. The Obama-supporting idiots on CNBC were purple with rage this morning at the thought of a NEW bank tax added onto the Evil Bush Tax Cuts expiring and the health care tax and the cap and trade tax and the value added wonder the banking system collapsed with morons like that in charge of it. What did they expect when they voted for Chuck Schumer and Barak Obama?

Now with all these swell new taxes fixing the economy you'd think I'd be pretty darned happy. After all I'm only working half the time anyway, the other half I collect unemployment so I figure I'm getting back at least as much as I put in no matter how high the tax rates go. What can those bozos do to me? I grabbed my little plastic basket and wandered into the 99 Cent Store with a smile on my face. Even in a joint like that I dont have enough dough to warrant a shopping cart. I hadnt been there in a long time. All I was going to do was grab some Ramen and maybe a plastic bottle of Morehouse Mustard, perhaps even a new garlic squasher to give my wife for her birthday.

But as I wandered the aisle I realized something had changed from the Evil Bush Years. Your 99 Cents doesnt go anywhere near as far as it used to. Ramen, which were eleven cents were now seventeen cents. Cup Of Noodles had almost doubled. The stale candy bars that had formerly been three for a dollar were now two for a dollar. Campbells Soup, formerly two for 99 cents were now 99 cents apiece. Even those far-out canned Mexican goodies with names like Tripas were up. Canned tamales, albondigas, all of it. I couldnt compare any of the non-food stuff to what it was because I never bought that kind of stuff myself--that's wife stuff--but I'll bet its the same deal.

Inflation. Thats the way poor people get taxed. I guess Ben Bernanke and the geniuses at the Fed who calculate the inflation rate dont shop at the 99 Cent Store often enough. It aint no three percent inflation rate in these aisles buddy! They're giving fire-sale discounts on Range Rovers and Plasma TVs in the high end stores but down here in Food Stamp Land your pesos arent buying anything near what they used to. If the sign says 'Acceptamos Cupones' then inflation is a whole lot higher than three percent. But Comrade O says there is no inflation. Social Security's Cost Of Living Adjustment was zero this year. Yeah, the Most Compassionate Congress Ever allowed Comrade O to peel a few Lucky Bucks off his trillion dollar stimulus stack and send it to the oldsters so Granny wont have to be shoplifting cans of Kitty Queen to add some protein to the diet but it didnt cover the difference.

The very understated inflation rate is just adding to the disquiet that people feel but just cant put their fingers on. Somethings gone wrong with Hope And Change. Its been a year now. The Evil Bush Years had 4% unemployment, $250 billion deficits and all these empty stores had tenants. Now we're in a much fairer and more just era, arent we? We're saving the danged planet! How come Hope And Change has 17% unemployment, $1.8 trillion dollar deficits and bleak empty storefronts? And now the one refuge we all had, the 99 Cent Store, the 401k of those of us who live constantly in the red, is jacking up the prices.

People arent as stupid as the socialists hope. They can feel in their bones and in their wallets that this isnt right. A free economy creates wealth, a command economy destroys wealth. Its that simple. An honest dollar is only an honest dollar in the hands of an honest government. The entire political class has fallen down on this one. They think they can manipulate and control and escape the consequences of their actions. Wall Street and the banks got pushed into making bad loans by the government, without, by the way, any protest from the Republicans or the banks themselves, and then walked away with a cushy bailout that preserved their plush lifestyles but has come close to destroying the integrity of the currency.

But its all good. The market is up. They just had to write off a few million of us expendable peons and move on. But it reminds me of the Tea Party I went to last April, when things looked completely hopeless. I looked around at the people here in the 99 Cent Store. Same people. A growing crowd of people. Getting angrier every minute. These elitists havent suffered at all from this. We've suffered from the stupidity and greed of our supposedly altruistic betters. Now unknowns like Scott Brown in Massachusetts are rising on a tsunami of this anger to challenge the machine candidates in a way that was never possible before. If he wins or even comes close panic will ensue. Obamunist Health Care will fail. The only 'accomplishment' of the total control of everything by the Dems will be the trillion buck stimulus rip-off and the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts by default until they are buried in the electoral avalanche this year. The Republicans will be hostage to an angry, militant faction inside their party as antagonistic to the welfare state and the political class as the statists in both parties are committed to it. Meanwhile the welfare state itself will be dissolving in a sea of inflation and red ink no matter who runs it, spawning more rage.

I guess it'll be the 99 Buck Store in a couple of years but a Cup Of Noodles will be a real treat, out of reach to us mere mortals. I dont know. I'm going to walk over and get some of that Private Organic Therapy and forget the whole mess.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indolent Expectations

"History is replete with examples where an active despair has overcome an indolent expectation of victory."
Gibbon must have been looking at the Health Scare debate when he said that. Will the commies expropriate the entire Health Care industry? You would think that after that last vote in the Senate, where all the phony Blew Dogs took meaty bribes and then cast aside the moderate image they had assumed to fool the rubes back home and marched in lock step with Chuck Schumer and Debbie Stabenow. So that's it, isnt it? Health Scare is a done deal, right?

Maybe, maybe not. On the way to Hoaxing-hagen it looked like the Glow-bull Warming religion would triumph and the UN would begin to direct the redistribution of assets from the degenerate social welfare states to pay permanent guilt-money to bloodthirsty dictators to help them oppress their helpless citizens. Not only did our own clownish leaders distinguish themselves with their blundering idiocy but somehow at the apex of Glow-Bull Warming worship an Ice Age blizzard descended on the Northern Hemisphere, a blizzard that shows no sign of abating a month later. It was so cold last week that I had to put on a sweater to go outside in the afternoon and next week they say it might rain again. Will this winter never end?

Yesterday, as Drudge and then all the radio talk shows were playing montages of Our Barry yodeling during the campaign about how all the Health Scare reconciliation conferences between the House and the Senate were going to be televised on CSPAN, we had the specter of Nutsy Pelosi laughing so hysterically it almost ripped her tightly-stretched plastic face and saying, "People say all kinds of things during a campaign!" Yes they do. Those would be called bald-faced lies in the case of Democrats.

But the Dems might have gone too far last year. They ran as a fiscally sane alternative to the blundering Republiclowns...a compelling scenario, one that lasted until the blunders of the Democrats turned out so much unbelievably greater that the Republiclowns have risen in the polls to the point were the Dems have shown signs of panic. The Great Takeover has flown into some nasty headwinds. The Big Lie, that some Dems are more moderate than others, has been shown to be just that and the Red State Democrats and many in the formerly blue states, stand naked and vulnerable as the overreaching radicals and spiraling deficits turn the national mood to rage. Major Senators like Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan have already committed political hari-kari on the Obamunist altar. Lesser rats are jumping ship with less noise.

Do it fast! Has been the watchword for Health Scare. They have to sell a bill that no one has read that they have refused to hold hearings on and have passed in a completely party-line vote. Dont read, just sign! If that isnt the classic definition of a swindle I dont know what is.
But time is running out. It might not be possible to pass something like this in this situation of depression and national bankruptcy. The Dems have been remarkably disciplined up to now but panic is in the air.

There is one more shoe to drop before Health Scare can get past the finish line. A recent poll shows that the race is tightening in Massachusetts, the ultimate Blue State, for the seat of the Beached Whale of Chappaquiddick, Dead Kennedy. The openly leftist candidate, Martha Coakley, was supposed to walk into Teddy's vacant seat with no opposition. This is Massachusetts after all! But now her opponent, Scott Brown, is moving closer. Rasmussen did a poll and found him within nine points of Coakley with three weeks left to go. Usually nine points is a wide margin in any election but several things are noteworthy in this case; the margin was thirty points a few months ago and Dem voters are confused and in despair and the anti-Democrats are angry and motivated. In a low-turnout election being motivated is what counts. The Gibbon quote at the top of the page might be applicable. If Dems start losing elections in Massachusetts then what of Dems from Texas and Montana?

The shape of the Health Scare Bill is looming ever larger over the disspirited Demo majority in Congress. It talks of taxing 'cadillac' health care. My wife gets 'non-cadillac' Kaiser from her job at the elementary school where she works. She wants me to switch my 'cadillac' Motion Picture health coverage to Kaiser because her hours and benefits are going to be cut next school year. ObamaScare means that we will be paying income tax on the same benefits, coming from my Union plan, that wouldnt be taxable if they came from my wife. Wait till Joe Six-Pack, whose family counts on that happy IRS refund check every April, finds out that he owes at the end of the year. Now those of us who work free lance and are soaked mercilessly are used to that feeling, walking out of the accountant's office knowing that you have to go tell your wife that you have to come up with $10,000 dollars or so for the Feds and more for the State. Nine-to-fivers expect that enough has been deducted from their paychecks to ensure a nice little delivery in the mail next spring. Delivery canceled, dumbass, on account of unexpected costs due to Hope And Change. Will they remember that in November? I think they might, especially since the taxes start four years before the 'benefits'.

So the Powers That Be know that HealthScare has to pass before the runoff in Massachusetts on Jan 19 because there is a chance, not a huge one but a chance, that they will lose their 60-vote majority on that day. If you know anyone in Mass who will vote our way phone them and plead, beg, cry, abase yourself trying to convince them to go and vote to stop this monster. If Coakley loses the entire Obamunist coalition comes unglued, the Agenda stops moving forward. Brown shows signs of being a Lincoln Chafee Republiclown but that does not matter! The defeat of the Demo candidate in Massachusetts will be the thunderclap that stampedes the herd. We need to support, with all our hearts, anyone who will damage the Obamunist Agenda and disspirit the enemies of our prosperity and freedom no matter who they are or what they say. Everything is at stake now, we cant afford to lose.