Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Jerkinator Is A Total Genius

In a TV interview our esteemed Governator said that marijuana isnt a drug, its a leaf. When is a leaf not a leaf? Dude, when its a drug! Now this caused me some consternation; so much so that I dropped my pipe in mid-hit and a burning ember put a totally giant hole in my Ronald Reagan T-Shirt. Dont you hate when that happens? I mean, I got totally turned around; after all cocaine comes from a leaf, so I guess when you process it it turns into a drug. But then does that make hashish a drug?And heroin comes from a plant but not from the leaves so that is actually totally a drug. Amphetemines come from Sudafed, which isnt a plant or a leaf. But what about Peyote buttons and mushrooms? Here, wait, left me fire up my pipe and I'll get back to you on this complex problem. AHHHHHHHH..... I've decided that I dont give a shit.
In the 60's we used to often recite the wise adage, "Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope." Social Security is going broke, taxes are about to rise to levels that would make a serf in the Middle Ages go ballistic and lets face it, whatever small niches of the economy that will remain unnationalized wont be functioning very well, so we're looking at massive unemployment and a worthless currency. Now this situation might upset some people but we're just a few bong-hits away from it all being OK. We just update the old bread-and-circus routine that the Roman Empire invented to an internet-food stamps-sensemilla regime and just Chill Out! We can even download Arnold's movies, some of which are stoner classics (Conan 1&2 and the 2 Terminators, for example). Our truncated and wasted military and our nationalized energy companies will take the threat of stoned drivers off the table by immobilizing most automobile traffic;in fact, unused Hummers and Navigators would make totally awesome places to toke, the sound systems could be powered by solar panels on the roof.So, like, in this next Depression instead of getting all depressed and stuff like those old dudes did in the 1930's, lets just kick back and enjoy! Oh yeah, we could also include Vicoden and Valiums in the Free Health Care because they go really good with smoking dope.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Higher Rates/ Lower Revenues

Wrangel and the Dems have announced a gigantic tax increase in their quest to 'fix' the Alternative Minimum Tax, and one that makes the tax system much more steeply progressive.
They even describe giving increased 'tax refunds' (aka handouts) to people who dont pay taxes as a 'tax cut'. Its buying votes. Steeply skewing the tax system to milk the productive and hand out free goodies to all and sundry is a sure recipe for decline and poverty. The government's total take of the national income will go up even if you dont factor in the fact that the GNP will spiral down as a result of this bill.
How can these morons (the libs) be aiming to make the same disastrous mistake all over again? High, steeply progressive tax rates crush the economy, raising the cost of existing government giveaway programs. The European Socialist countries have 10-15% unemployment rates and zero growth. There is no example, either now or any time in history, where the policies advocated by the Dems today have not added up to economic disaster. The people who will be most affected will be the Boomer/Yuppies, smugly secure, clutching their fat 401k statements and looking at the plump, well-funded pension plans that they are a part of. That wealth and the equity in your house (already under attack by soaring property tax rates) are the most obvious targets for a greedy, desperate welfare state trying to staunch a Niagara of red ink and seeking ever more harsh means of wealth redistribution. The same dolts that complain about their rising property taxes and declining schools will happily march to the polls and vote for the party that promises free goodies at the expense of someone else. These same people will be standing in the soup line wondering what went wrong.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jindal Shows We Can Win

Louisiana has been a Democratic State since the days of Huey Long in the 1930's. Even though it started voting Republican in the national elections in 1968 the local elections, especially in New Orleans, still put plenty of Democrats into office. Enough to make it an economic backwater, depending on the oil and chemical industries to keep its economy afloat. But slowly that had been changing as the successful governments of neighboring states showed the folly of the tax-the-wealthy/give-more-handouts philosophy of government. Things were beginning to change. The Dem's started losing their edge.
In 2002 on election day, when it looked like Mary Landrieu was going to lose her Senate seat, Bill Clinton and Donna Brazile got on the phone to party hack officials in New Orleans and within an hour the school buses were out of the parking lots and into the neighborhoods, picking up Democratic voters and delivering them to the polls. But three years later, when Hurricane Katrina approached, the phones were silent. Instead of doing their duty the hack officials fled and the buses stayed in their parking lot. Karma Baby! Its funny that the state that George Bush (according to all you libs) gave the back of his hand to has become so firmly Republican. Maybe the price of decades of pure Democratic corruption (Ms. Landrieu's father being one of the worst) sunk in to the people of Louisiana as the water started pouring over the levees that were supposedly managed by the Demo cronies on the levee commissions.
And when the governor's race rolled around all the usual candidates were swamped by Bobby Jindal, a free-enterprise conservative. The once faithful and plentiful school-bus voters in the New Orleans slums had migrated to fatter welfare checks in other states and there werent enough remaining to turn the tide for the libs. Now that snivelling panhandler Mary Landrieu has her job on the line. With fewer brain-dead welfare slugs on the voting rolls her prospects look dim in '08, especially with a Clinton ticket mobilizing conservatives to get to the polls upstate.
The Corrupt Big Government past of the Dems has come back to haunt them here. We can win seats in the Senate and the Presidency on issues like this. The Dems are weak in a lot of places on the corruption/competence issue if we go on the offensive.

Politics On Hold

Can you see my house in the photo? We weren't too close to this batch of fires. The one in Malibu was just over the ridge four or five miles to the northwest of us and the one at Stevenson Ranch was over the ridge a dozen miles to the northeast of us. The main thing we got, being in the foothills, was the wind. For four days it rushed and eddied and reshaped our plants. All the seed pods were blown off our silk tree and scattered everywhere. The wind knocked a few random branches off the big pine in the backyard and it kind of pruned all the dead wood off the larger ash trees on the hillside. The olive tree is indestructible but the apple tree lost a branch or two. The rush of air knocked over our two garden gnomes. George Bush with his fingers crossed behind his back (Susan's idea, of course) was found lying face-down in the ferns. The statue of Chac, the Mayan rain god managed to keep his feet even though his performance has been pretty miserable the last couple of years (Susan calls him 'Chuck' but I was considering calling him 'Walter' in honor of Walter Mondale's unsuccessful career as a rainmaker for a famous law firm after he left the Vice Presidency).
The wind kept the ash from the fires from settling everywhere outside like it did in the 2003 fires (when we could actually see the giant tongues of flame in Santa Susanna Pass if we walked up to the top of the hill) but dust and ash crept into the house and covered everything. As the wind died down the smoke settled, making the sunsets and sunrises and moonsets and moonrises spectacular and casting a gloomy pall during the day. Of course the local TV guys got into the usual hysteria but I have less and less to do with TV these days so I experienced this fire more as observable phenomena without the kind of insight you get from the local news. You could see the news helicopters swarming towards Topanga on the first couple of days. There weren't any of the big water-droppers overhead, their blades make a super-loud WOCKWOCKWOCK noise as they fly over. I guess they weren't flying out of the valley. Oh well.
The whole dust, dryness, smokiness and the undertone of low, intense whooshing noise gives a strange Pompeii-like atmosphere to everything; there's a tinge of orange in the pallid light, even at noon. The cats were unusually active and jumpy. Maisie treed a baby tree rat in a rose bush but it managed to escape when she lost interest. So, I just wanted to be less political for once. I get too carried away, which is why I started this blog. Nobody really ever pays attention to it and I can get it out of my system without feeling so repressed by the left-wing world I live in. If I can just scream at the top of my lungs where no one can hear me, whats the harm?Its an interesting exercise in writing. Well, the wind has died and changed direction. It actually rained a tiny bit yesterday as I was driving down to Irvine to get my daughter's car's smog certificate. So things are settling back to normal. I have a ton of leaves to pick up and today I'm going to cut down the baby trees trying to grow on the hillside. Bye!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alhamadu Lillah! On The Left

In the name of Allah The Wise And MultiCultural, Father Of Doctorate Programs, in Whose Name Be Praise!
For calling Muslims violent, Ann Coulter, may your eyeballs be plucked from their sockets and stomped on by saintly graduate students, may Zionist scum David Horowitz be drenched with gasoline and set alight, may Cyrus Nowrasteh and all copies of the vile film 'Path To 9/11' (a day the faithful and our friends in academia celebrate) be splashed with sulphuric acid, may the toes and fingers be pulled one by one from the screaming body of hate-filled propagandist Michael Medved before his evil Jewish head is removed. Hear me Oh God! Assist the Democrats and Leftists in their righteous campaign to require women to adopt the burka and accept their husbands lashes as sent by God by speeding the final victory of the righteous. The vile Christian Bible and the heathen 'Constitution' shall be consigned to the flames so that the chains of evil shall be removed from the wrists of the faithful and the Democrats.And these shall be replaced by the Holy Quran and the works of Noam Chomski as our beloved Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Osama Bin Laden has directed. All this we beg you, oh Lord, that the New American Caliphate With Free Health Care For the Children can begin in the name of Allah The Merciful in whose name be Praise!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fujian Fundraising

Clinton has enlisted the aid of Chinese neighborhood associations, especially those representing recent immigrants from Fujian province. The organizations, at least one of which is a descendant of Chinatown criminal enterprises that engaged in gambling and human trafficking, exert enormous influence over immigrants. The associations help them with everything from protection against crime to obtaining green cards.

http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na- donors19oct19,0,4231217.story? coll=la-home-center

Can you believe this? "Human traffickers exert enormous influence over immigrants." Gee, what must that be like, to have enormous influence exerted over you? I'll bet it hurts, a LOT. I'll bet you feel raped and humiliated when the pennies you earned working 12 hour days are ripped off by some thug. So the Clinton Crime Family is either gathering campaign funds by shaking down illegal alien dishwashers and street vendors or they're taking payoffs from people who kidnap young girls and force them to become prostitutes.
Nice for a Feminist.
Except I dont believe it. This is just another gush of Chicom bribe money aimed at their favorite power couple. The amazing thing is she'll get away with it. People will watch a major Presidential candidate either fundraise by getting criminals to rob helpless poor people or by using those same criminals to bundle phony donations to hide a payment from a foreign intelligence service. It's all in the open, there wont be any investigation and the mouth-breathing morons and delusional hippies who are her constituency will buy it hook, line, and sinker that this is all that big, bad, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy saying bad things about the Friend Of The Children. How can the left feel good about this? It goes beyond mere political chicanery, its illegal, its immoral and it points to a very cosy relationship with a hostile, dangerous, corrupt dictatorship that allows these human trafficking gangs to operate in China. This is just one more example of why we have to stop the Clinton menace. If the Clints have a relationship with violent criminal gangs is it not thinkable that they would use these gangs to unofficially silence their opponents once they're in power? If they'll shake down illegal aliens and take bribes from the Chicoms to get themselves in power what else would they do to keep a grip on it?
Every Democrat is totally disgraced by this.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Nobel Prize For Investigatory Excellence

If you needed to get to the bottom of a case of blasphemy or get screams from an unrepentant Jew this was your guy. A bit too religious for modern times but with the left witch-hunting Neo-Cons (aka Jews) he could be a dark horse.

Antoine Fouquet-Tinville

An emotional favorite. Lenin admired him greatly. A merciless and incorruptible head of the Revolutionary Tribunal during the Great Terror during the French Revolution. Selected counter- revolutionaries were subjected to abuse during their trumped-up trials and then loaded onto carts and sent straight to the guillotine.
Marie Antionette, Charlotte Corday , Danton and Desmoilline were among his many famous victims. Hey, this guy wrote the book on show trials. Everybody afterwards were just copycats. Unfortunately his love of justice lead to his own beheading after his mentor Robespierre fell from power. Still wonky college history professors might put him over the top.

Judge Roy Bean

The proverbial 'Hangin Judge' out of Vinageroon, Texas. By the time the accused got the the barroom where the trials were held they'd been worked over pretty good by the deputies so backsass was kept at a minimum. Every trial ended with a conviction and a hanging. Walter Brennan portrayed him in a film version of his life, making him a favorite of film buffs who to this day repeat his line, " That's my ruling and I'm stickin to it."

Andrei Vishinsky
Oil industry on the fritz? Coal or meat production spiraling down due to disastrous Central Planning decisions? Old Party Pals getting on your nerves? Call in Andrei. Intimidating and bullying people who have confessed after a few months in the cells under the tender care of the GPU takes a certain kind of guy, and Andrei was that guy! They ALL confessed! They ALL apologized! Well the live ones did. Unfortunately the inventor of the Stalinist show trial so beloved of the left, then and now, was himself charged with counter revolution and Solzhenitsyn chuckles with joy in Gulag Archipelago imagining Vishinski being robbed and chased under his bunk by the criminal thugs that Stalin inflicted on his political prisoners. Older Fabians and Social Democrats could pull off a win here.

Roland Friesler
This guy was a nobody, just an average judge under National Socialism, you know some retards and cripples shipped off for disposal here, off to the dungeons for defeatist propaganda there, same old crap every day. Until the July 20th bomb plot put this guy on the map, KAPOWEE! The defendants in his show trials were beaten, had their false teeth confiscated and were given overly large clothes and no belts. And if screaming at them wasnt enough Roland would get up and give them a smack. There was only one sentence-- being hung from a tow-truck using piano wire. The leading conspirators were filmed for Hitler's enjoyment. Roland was a busy guy-- his tribunal sentenced 4,000 people and would have done more if Freisler hadnt been hit by a British bomb shortly before the end of the war. It might be the year his energy and his groundbreaking mixture of law and cinema get him the prize.

Henry Waxman

OK, he looks like a nerd. But that funny- looking nose wants to stick itself everywhere! This guy investigates EVERYTHING! Sometimes he comes up against someone like Victoria Toensing who shows him up for the malicious idiot that he is but if you like the sight of trembling corporate executives trying to defend free enterprise or like to see the low-quality Bush Adminstration munchkins get spanked on CSPAN, ya gotta love Hank. Wait'll the push for National Health Care happens, I'll bet there's an urgent need for an investigation of the drug companies. He cant jump across the table and give'em a smack but you can see he'd love to. But for keeping the show-trial tradition alive and well keep your eye on Henry.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bimbo Eruptions anyone? She's got the FBI files, she's got the IRS records! She's got the private dicks! She knows it all and she's not afraid to use it! During the Clinton Impeachment this babe even launched smear campaigns against FDR, Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington (oddly enough JFK and Warren Harding were left unmentioned)! How many of you wives can say you intimidated a woman your husband raped into silence by threatening to destroy her business? When Impeachment rolled around the FBI files were released, lives were destroyed, but the Clints survived! But being one little fiery ball of meanness isnt why she won. She cares about the children and that's what really counts.

Hey, having a morally neutral Nobel Prize criteria is really fun! Those Nobel guys had a great idea when they thought of that. They must be SUPER smart! It really opens up the field.


When I look at our fine legislators in Washington (and in Sacramento) I'm reminded of that scene in Cheech and Chong's 'Next Movie' where Chong shows Cheech a bag of cocaine but wont give him any and Cheech yells,"Dont you read Dear Abby,man? That stuff's bad for you!" and then grabs the bag and shoves it into his own face and inhales deeply. Well, the Republicans criticizing the Democrats for spending and earmarks is as sincere as Cheech's health warning, they just want to get their noses in the bag and inhale deeply.
In today's column Bob Novak gives an example of an earmark proposed by the oily Chucky-Schumcky Schumer and Her Royal Thighness (D-NY) to fund a museum (The Bethel Center) dedicated to commemorating the giant acid-party at Woodstock in 1969. You see its SO meaningful to us boomers, even though we've gone from ingesting hand-filled capsules of LSD from the hands of strangers (yes, I plead guilty, your honor) to trying to make hamburgers illegal because they're bad for your health (hey, you know, Dear Abby said taking LSD was bad for your brain and now most of these ex-hippies are mad-dog Democrats. That woman was almost as smart as The Smartest Woman Ever In History-- you know, the one behind the Bethel Center earmark. Maybe we should earmark some money for the 'Dear Abby Center'). Anyway, he goes on to list a pile of earmarks proposed by both Republicans and Democrats and refers to the campaign contributions provided to the legislators by the interested parties. Is this an incurable disease our country has caught? Will anyone elected to legislative office just naturally turn into a swine? Was it always like this but our grandfathers just couldnt think big enough? Are we just doomed to stand there, helpless, while these short-sighted idiots tax and spend us into third-world poverty?
It's too depressing. While others are debating lofty issues Novak is making the case that trading subsidies for contributions is alive, well and sadly bi-partisan. You wouldnt suspect the Dems would have brains enough to drop the earmark crap but after last year's election dont you think the Republicans would have wised up to how mad we all are about this nonsense? Nope, they're shoveling the same old horse dookey hoping we dont notice the smell. I guess none of it matters anyway, as soon as the boomers flock to enroll in Social Security the fiscal rowboat goes under the waves and all these subsidies and pet projects will get swamped along with everything else. Good! Now, I'm not one to say that half a million people taking LSD and fornicating in the mud to the overamplified squeals of electric guitars wasnt a great moment in American history (actually it was a turning point to a society based on total self-indulgence) but I will be happy to hear that a crowd of ragged New Yorkers, stripped of their possessions by pitiless tax collectors have seized the Bethel Museum and are using it as an ad hoc homeless shelter, have ingested some nameless drug and are roasting stolen hamburgers on a fire they've kindled in the foyer using debris stripped from the exhibits for fuel; it'll be what they deserve for voting consistently for liberals.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

House Of Cards

There are currently more elderly people than children living in the EU, as Europe's young population has decreased by 21 percent - or 23 million — in 25 years, 10 percent of which in the last ten years alone...

Italy has the least young people (14.2%) and one out of every five Italians is more than 65 years old... However, the decrease in numbers has been greatest in Spain, where the young population has diminished by 44% in the 1990 to 2005 period...

The decrease has been most significant in new member state Bulgaria, which has lost almost 8% of its population (7.94%) in the last ten years...

On top of that, the number of births across the EU has been decreasing and in some member states, the birth rate is almost two times lower than in the US (2.09 children per family in 2006)...



Are Belgians, Greeks and Spaniards endangered species? Are Muslims, because their nut-ball misogynistic religion and its strictures against birth control, going to take over the world through overpopulation? What a rosy path our multi-culti social systems are leading us down. We've dumped all the old verities because we're so danged smart but somehow the problems created by wandering away from the truths that made us great seem bad enough to swallow us up and lead us into a new Dark Age. A Dark Green Age where inquiry and scientific advancement are looked on as threats to the environment. This society, where even the poorest citizens live better than the middle class in other countries, is derided as unfair and ecologically unsustainable. The freedom, respect for property rights, equality before the law, and the moral code which were responsible for our society's climb from nothingness to a height never even dreamed of in previous times is being forgotten in a tidal wave of consumerist noise and promises to solve all confusing problems (including changing the weather!) by bureaucratic fiat. Meanwhile the inexorable demographic erosion brings the tipping point closer. At what point will the Socialist systems of Europe collapse? I think that day is a lot closer than we imagine. If the libs get control of the US the last 'Western' bastion of strength will recede, leaving the aged Euros at the mercy of their overpopulated former colonies. But, like the barbarians that overthrew the Roman Empire our current crop of savages wont inherit the old society's prosperity and technical advancement but will live in placid squalor in the ruins. Because the Third World is far from being able to organize food production and distribution, immunization, or energy production and distribution the result will be a much-lower population. Six billion people is sustainable only with modern Capitalism, Socialism, covering the planet, will reduce the population by 90%, with the remaining survivors chained into feudal peonage to the State. The novel 1984 raised to prophecy!

New Hampshipe Yuppies Speak!

Clinton was the overwhelming choice among those polled who want a strong leader or someone who will bring about change _ 44 percent chose her compared with 20 percent for Obama and 11 percent for Edwards.

What motivates anyone to think that Hillary Clinton is anything but a corrupt, incompetent phony? These are the kind of dolts that vote to infest their local and state governments with Democrats and then complain when their property taxes go through the roof and the holes in their roads dont get fixed. She will raise taxes steeply and progressively enough to cause a depression. She will nationalize health care so that in a couple of years you will be looking fondly back on the free County charity hospitals that exist today and wishing you had them back along with the giant chunk of your paycheck deducted for 'free' health care. When the Social Security, Medicare, HillaryCare tidal wave of deficits arrives our currency will inflate prodigiously, wiping out the 401K retirement plans of the smug yuppies who voted her into office and putting even lower middle class people into the highest tax brackets. Illegal aliens will become legal and, with the integrity of our election system destroyed, they will be able to vote. Judges will legislate freely from the bench. Schools will all be run by the Federal Government (private, religious and at home schooling will be illegal) but the tedious propaganda mandated by the bureaucrats will be so incompetently taught by the ignorant and uninspired teachers (protected in their lifetime tenure by their ferocious Union) that most people will be functionally illiterate. Higher grades will be available for a small gratuity. The elite will, of course have their own schools and hospitals, creating a hereditary ruling class. Union membership (and dues) will become compulsory and secret ballots in union elections a thing of the past. Critics will have their taxes unfairly audited and be unable to receive even the inferior government health care available to normal plebes. High, restrictive tariffs will eliminate export jobs and make consumer goods more expensive and of lower quality. The open bribery at the top will penetrate down through the echelons of government as government salaries will not be able to keep up with inflation and the degraded legal system will make any criminal conviction improbable. The small military remaining after the giant cuts will not be able to protect our interests, causing a huge energy shortage. The deterioration of the power grid and its incompetent management in the hands of political cronies will cause frequent blackouts. No business will be able to operate without kickbacks to local,state and national politicians but businesses will receive compensation for that in the form of non-enforcement of worker wage and safety laws. The Chicoms will seize Taiwan unmolested. Iran will dominate the Middle East after a small nuclear war in which all Jews in Israel are vaporized. The birthrate will plummet far below replacement. Drugs will become effectively legal to mollify the vast crowds of the unemployed who will live on the dole.
Yes, she is the candidate of change!
P.S. If you think that I'm a raving lunatic, just go to any third-world socialist state and you'll see that none of this is original at all. This is the result of the policies presently advocated by Mrs. Clinton and all liberals.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today Katheryn Lopez wrote a column asking why the Clints continue to associate with convicted felon Sandy Burglar and have made him Ms. Clint's foreign policy advisor in her attempt to purloin the presidency.
How appropriate that Ms. Lopez starts her column with a reference to these two felons as characters from the 'Sopranos'. The Clinton Crime Family strikes again! How many ex-Presidents have their toadies sneak into the National Archives and steal Presidential papers? Answer, just one. The worst President in US history. A shameless blowhard, or should I say a pair of shameless blowhards, with contempt for the truth, the law and the American people. The usual liberals are on this site (Townhall) trying, as they always do, to put makeup on this pair of lawless, inept pigs as they run snorting towards terms three and four but if its not this incident then its a thousand others. Chicom cash, criminal associates, incompetence in office, endless lying and changing their heartfelt views with every shift in the political wind, all accompanied by a chorus of hosanna singers in the media; the MO of these two weasels should be glaringly obvious to all. Part of the cover-up agenda is to obfuscate, talk about the crimes of Millard Fillmore, the evil Bush, the runaway chickens in Romania, anything to change the subject away from the serial criminality exhibited by these two marauders and their gawking cohorts. The instant any allegation is made the sock-puppets start spewing nonsense to muddle the debate.
The point of the column is well made; while they were embroiled in domestic corruption and scandals these mutts dropped the ball BIG TIME in the War On Terror and Los Angeles International Airport was saved from a bloody 9/11-style terrorist attack by one vigilant customs agent.And then these gumbahs suborned a felony to cover their tracks. As Mrs. Clinton said so heartwarmingly during the Impeachment Bombing of Baghdad, "Happy Ramadan!"

An afterthought; the Clints were terribly upset that Bush got the credit for leading us after 9/11 when all BJ has for his legacy is Newt's economy and Impeachment. If that danged customs agent in Washington had just let that carload of explosives get by what a legacy BJ would have today! Maybe Henry Waxman should investigate that Republican border guard...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Global Hot Air

ONE of the world's foremost meteorologists has called the theory that helped Al Gore share the Nobel Peace Prize "ridiculous" and the product of "people who don't understand how the atmosphere works".

Dr William Gray, a pioneer in the science of seasonal hurricane forecasts, told a packed lecture hall at the University of North Carolina that humans were not responsible for the warming of the earth.

So blowhard Algore has joined Soviet spy Willi Brandt, Paris Peace Treaty fraud Le Duc Tho, the user of non-greenhouse poison gas in Afghanistan Gorbachev, the proponent of mentally disturbed suicide bombers Arafat, the man who's corruption shamed the UN Annan, the anti-semitic dictator-loving peanut farmer Carter, promoter of the Iran A-bomb El Baradei and fraudulent activist Rigoberta Menchu as the latest recipient of the "We Euro-trash Socialists Dont Like George Bush Peace Prize'. One news article talked about the Nobel Committee's 'courageous decision' as though the committee members are barricaded inside their homes waiting for the violent reaction.The IPCC's report is a joke. Half the names of scientists listed in the report were used without the knowledge or consent of the people they claim were signatories. The data in that and 'Inconvenient Truth' are questionable and in some cases already discredited. But the most hilarious thing to note with all this Global Warming baloney is that nuclear power, a renewable greenhouse-gas-free way of producing as much energy as we will need in the future, is never mentioned by these idiots because their real aim is government control of the economy (aka Global Poverty with them in charge).
In Algore's movie he describes the 'hockey stick' climate graph which proports to show a stable climate since the end of the last ice age and then a spike up in the last few years. This ignores the warmer climate in the time of the Roman Empire, the cooling in the early Middle Ages, the warming in the late Middle Ages and then the Little Ice Age from 1350-1850. Since the end of the Little Ice Age global temperatures have risen 1 degree centigrade, a rise that actually stopped in 1998. No Hockey stick there. It also turns out that there is no relationship between the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global temperature. The US Weather Service was recently forced to admit that it had placed many temperature monitoring stations in places (on asphalt parking lots for example) that exaggerated temperature readings; the readjusted figures show that instead of the 1990's being the warmest decade of the 20th century the 1930's were.
In the decade or so since this Global Warming Hootenanny started the advocates have piously announced that all scientific argument was over when it wasnt, issued phony and later discredited white papers, presented fictitious computer climate models as unarguable fact,tried to link their critics to Holocaust deniers, opposed funding and academic advancement for their critics and attempted to use this fake panic to implement oppressive, costly and useless regulations on the economies of advanced nations while they've sat silently by and watched the Chicoms go on a crash coal-fired power plant building surge. Their actions are not those of people who are confident that their data and findings are correct and unassailable.
What these people want is an end to the consumerist society, and if that means that the poor people in Tanzania dont get electricity in their mud huts, well thats just too damn bad. Get out of your car and walk, fatso! is their message. Walk to your half-acre plot that you plow yourself so you can go home to your hut and eat a raw turnip and go to sleep when the sun goes down and dream of climate stability. They'll still get to live in their mansions of course, because they care.
Could it be that the fluctuations in global temperature are caused by activity on the surface of the sun? You know, the Big Ball Of Fire In The Sky. Nahhh...

"We'll look back on all of this in 10 or 15 years and realise how foolish it was," Dr Gray said.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hillary The Neo-Hawk

At some point, while she was promising to mail everyone with a newborn 5000 bucks and everybody else a thousand bucks Miss Hilly must have taken a phone call from the dude that runs her focus groups. She must have been told that even the amongst the befuddled clods stupid enough to consider voting for her that there are many who have listened to the Dem's last four years of cringing defeatism and support for the terrorists and have concerns that her and her peacenik friends might not be effective stewards of our armed forces. Of course, the reality is that the military will only be used in real national emergencies, an attack on Canada to eliminate Bimbo Eruption Belinda Stronach for example, but in truth the Entitlement tidal wave will hit in the next couple of years which might make necessary cuts in the military that will make taking on the armed forces of our Mighty Northern Ally an unachievable dream.
But that's then, this is now, when the prime objective for our Stalinist pin-up is GET ELECTED.
So, she has to overcome her loathing of anything military and present herself as some sort of born-again hawk. Any look at the pathetic military and foreign policy track record of the Clintonoids should give the lie to any politically motivated move away from her natural MoveOn.org values-- so charmingly displayed when she called General Petraeus a liar. But of course if she saw that the situation in Iran was getting dangerous she would attack. Yeah right.
The Clints have always looked on every crisis or political situation with only one question in mind, "How can we benefit personally". We had eight years of them compromising the national interests;taking bribes to provide the Chicoms with advanced telemetry information and equipment, ignoring terrorism except on the day BJ committed perjury on national TV and the day he was impeached for it,the cowardly bug-out in Somalia, delaying the air attack on Saddam until the day BJ was impeached, exploiting the Oklahoma City bombing for political purposes, the list is endless. To take ANYTHING either of these shameless liars says as anything but a tactical political move calculated to soften up one demographic group or another is lunacy. Hillary will make no moves of any sort against Iran but will scratch and cluck with the other Socialist chickens at the UN. If she did read some polls that told her she could shoot her way out of some domestic political crises by attacking I would be terrified that her inept, halfhearted approach would not finish the job and leave us in a worse situation than before.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pious Liberals

B. Hussien Obama today made the statement,
"`What role does faith play?' I say, `It plays
every role.'" Yeah sure.
Liberals are religious in the same way that
they support capital punishment; they do it
to rope in a few misguided rubes during an
election. Later on they'll nominate radical
judges who will invent new clauses in our
'living constitution' to prevent capital
punishment and further inhibit the seditious
spread of 'spiritual propaganda'
(aka Christianity) to an American youth
better occupied with the fate of polar bears
dying because Global Capitalism is warming
the planet. The most magic liberal Christian
moment in recent years was President BJ Clinton
emerging from some interminable Easter
service at the National Cathedral with a twenty
pound Bible under his arm and Mrs. Bimbo
Eruptions in tow. The Good Book and the
obviously Not So Good Wifey were dumped
off and the Presidential limo headed for the
Oval Office where one Monica Lewinski was
soon down on her knees humbly receiving her
April Shower. Someday someone with an
ACLU lawyer will sue because driving past a
church with a cross on top of its steeple
traumatizes their poor little crumb-cruncher
and some Clinton-appointed judge will rule
that public display of a cross is a form of religious
intimidation. B. Hussein Obama and all the
rest will piously nod in agreement. Now,
I'm not at all religious myself but its amazing that
any Christian doesnt see the purposeful
campaign to marginalize their beliefs in
public discourse by the leftists.
But lest you think I am politically biased
in this I will mention that our Most
Compassionate President, reported to
be a Republican (and a religious one at that)
is having a dinner to celebrate the end
of Ramadan to which are invited leading
Wahabi's and radical Muslims tied to
terrorist front groups, while moderate
Muslims and
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a woman
who wrote an eloquent book chronicling
the plight of women in Islam) were
pointedly NOT invited, Political pandering
at its worse. This guy doesnt know who
his friends are. The people that are normally
furious when Bush makes any sort of Christian
reference are silent in this case. Political
Correctness is the religion of politics.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rudy Will Win

The race for the Republican nomination has evened out. The polls are so different as to be useless, except to show that there's allot of indecision in a party burned by the failure of the Compassionate Conservative to actually DO anything Conservative. It seems that we've all spent the last six years boiling with outrage against the Republicans as they've caved on issue after issue. Now the great question is, which of these guys is the real thing? Its easy to say conservative things but when it comes down to actually cutting or even changing specific subsidies or programs its not so easy. All the candidates pledge themselves to the cause and some of them talk a good game.
Rudy is the only one of these candidates that has actually DONE conservative things. He did them under the most adverse conditions in the capitol of Liberalism, while under attack by the world's most venomous activists and the most vicious left-wing press in the nation. He showed physical heroism in 9/11. He took on the Mafia as a Federal Prosecutor which gives him experience he will need when he has to take on the Clinton Crime Family and its lapdog media minions. I will wholeheartedly support whoever is nominated by the party, none of us can afford to do otherwise least we become compulsory recipients of 'Free Health Care' to cure our anti-social hallucinations under the Castro-like Hillary regime, but Rudy is the man to whip that sag-faced,left wing harridan, her libidinous narcissist of a husband and the howling claque of fanatical Social Fascists that they lead.

Mitt? I'm Not Convinced

Unknown Governors who slither their way into the White House can be a disaster.

Mitt Romney is presenting himself as a new voice in the Republican Party. He might turn out to be the strong, hard-hitting conservative who turns back the rising tide of giveaway programs and the calls for a weak, reactive foreign policy. Then again he might not.
We've had alot of unknown governors appear out of political obscurity to become President since Jimmy The Jerk invented the process in 1976. The m.o. is clear; a narcissistic but little-known governor uses either his ability to charm TV audiences or his inside connections to engineer himself into the White House. The lack of a strong ideological track-record allows them to wiggle from left to right depending on the audience, without being nailed to their past statements or actions. This process has brought us two of the worst presidents in American history; one an anti-semitic peanut farmer whose ability to overcome his inordinate fear of communism nearly lost the Cold War, whose blind idiocy help depose mild pro-American autocracies in Iran and Nicaragua and replace them with implacably Anti-American totalitarian dictatorships, and whose left-wing economic policies nearly destroyed the economy, and a Huey Long type charlatan who sat in the Oval office with his pants around his ankles taking bribes and pondering his legacy while terrorists were attacking us undisturbed and 800,000 people were being slaughtered in Rwanda. Then came Chamber Of Commerce poster-boy W, the Compassionate Conservative, except that he wasnt very conservative. His tax cuts were temporary and his creation of a gigantic Prescription Drug entitlement has taken us farther down the road to national bankruptcy. When it came time to pick a Supreme Court Justice he picked his liberal, unqualified secretary and got pissed off when the base wouldnt buy it. His Chamber Of Commerce buddies were so eager for cheap, foreign labor that Bush let Ted Kennedy and LaRaza write an immigration bill that would have given citizenship to every terrorist, felon or drug-dealer that asked for it and expanded the welfare, Social Security and Earned Income Tax Credit rolls to the breaking point.We've gambled three times on unknown governors so lets not make this mistake again. Romney hasnt been around long enough to be trusted.
The only Republican who has been on the scene and who has enough of a track record in the open and under fire is Rudy. He took the war to the enemy in the heart of liberalism, New York City. He's been cursed and attacked by race-baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and by the Democratic Party Newsletter (aka The New York Times). He has cut government, fought public employee unions and was the first mayor to attack the petty crimes that lead to major crimes, thus lowering the crime rate in a city once considered terminally dangerous. When 9/11 happened he was almost buried as the buildings collapsed. And now he's the candidate that realizes that the old pattern of winning in Iowa or New Hampshire and then using the publicity generated by your victory for the next few weeks until the next primaries to establish your brand with the public has been made obsolete by the crowding of almost all the primaries into a very short time-span in February and March. A national strategy for a national campaign. He has started this by attacking Hillary Clinton, the hated enemy who unites all Republicans. I dont have any fear of him wavering on the choices of judges for the Supreme Court. He will be tough and wily enough to deal with Iran and the Chicoms. He is a known quantity.How can we consider any other choice?

Friday, October 5, 2007


Today Oliver North wrote a column about Henry Waxman's assault on the people at Blackwater USA, a private contractor that does security work in Iraq and whose employees risk their lives every day in the war against the Whack-man's terrorist allies. While the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by the repulsive Whack-man is spending much time on this useless nonsense, little attention is being paid to the competition for the contract to build the Air Force's newest mid-air refueling tanker between Boeing (a well-run, American, but lamentably profit-making privately-owned company with a great track record) and Airbus (a disorganized, overstaffed corruption-riddled company wholly run by semi-hostile foreign governments which loses a ton of money annually). Obviously Airbus is favored because of people like the Whack-man who would , of course, never take any money under the table from an unscrupulous pack of foreigners. These guys yell every day about keeping American jobs in America and the horrors of George Bush's Globalization but somehow they lean towards the corrupt government-run conglomerate.
I am ashamed to admit I'm one of Henry Whack-man's constituents. For Col. North to express some hope that the Big Nostril will behave like a responsible legislator makes me fear for the good colonel's sanity.Possibly a fragment from a non-rice-grain injury in Vietnam has migrated to lodge in his cerebral cortex.The Whack-man hates the military and would do anything to interfere with its smooth functioning.That sawed-off humunculus is as viciously left-wing as you can get.Have you ever noticed that the most zany Marxist Representatives all come from the wealthiest districts? Pelosi, Baghdad Jim McDermott, Wexler, Nadler; what a good argument for raising taxes on the rich they are. Reading about the sloth, incompetence and corruption at Airbus (a government run and subsidized company, surprise surprise) makes me wonder why they havent appeared on any lists of Clinton campaign contributors. Maybe they just prefer the untraceable cash option of donating through the Clinton Double Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor. If they were Chinese they'd be following Mrs. Clinton around like lap dogs but apparently the Frogs, with classic Gallic reserve, prefer hanging back and just donating from afar.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Funny Money

In the last days of the Roman Republic there were endless calls for debt cancellation.That wont happen in this country but with the largest debtor in the country being the Federal Government and with the voters overpressed by their own debts and facing an ever-increasing tax burden the obvious 'solution' is hyper-inflation. It happens to all giveaway states, as the nations of South America and Africa can verify. In ten years my $50,000 monthly Social Security check might only buy a Slurpee at 7/11 but my fixed rate mortgage will be paid off. Its a great way for the government to raise income taxes without taking any legislative action. If the average school teacher makes $800,000 a week the tax code that was put into place to punish millionaires will confiscate a huge chunk of her 'excess income', leading to increasing calls for pay increases and hence more inflation. The wealth of the 401k yuppies will melt like a snowball in August. Luckily we'll have free health care, just like in Cuba. In fact we'll probably have an economy just like in Cuba if the befuddled, Oprah-watching mouth breathers elect Hillary and give her increased majorities in the House and Senate.

Old Senate Dogs

"a progressive disease that can cause dysfunction in the parts of the brain important for organization, decision-making and control of mood and behavior."

So old Senate dog Pete Domineci is retiring from a generation in the Senate with a disease with the symptoms described above. His recent anti-war remarks and his declining effectiveness make his retirement timely but with the Libs poised to take a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate a vacancy in an increasingly liberal New Mexico is frightening.
Yes, Pete Domineci has a terrible disease, one that has devastated families, destroyed businesses, caused wars to be lost and nations enslaved and now threatens every citizen in this country. Its called Creeping Liberalism. Have you ever noticed that the older Republicans get the more liberal they get? Barry Goldwater blowing the cover on Iran-Contra for no good reason, John Warner's many lapses into seniscient Socialism, and now even Orin Hatch backing the ludicrous SCHIP giveaway scheme.I think of Everett Dirkson's jolly relationship with LBJ. Let's not even talk about Ted Stevens, John McCain or Larry Craig. I'm not for term limits but I certainly think that conservatives should only stay loyal to politicians as long as they are conservative. Once they start handing out entitlement giveaways and earmarking government goodies for their compadres then its time to attack them in the primaries and get rid of them before we're in a situation like we are now, where we're fighting to hold back the liberal hordes with Senators that have spent one too many cocktail hours with the Massachusetts Orca.
Will the Republican party rise to this challenge? Are we going to take the fight to Dems in Red States that are pretending to be 'moderates' and then go to DC and vote with the detestable Harry Reid on every issue? Hopefully an inspired presidential candidate will energize everyone and the presence of the Clinton Crime Family in the contest will underscore to all of us just how important it is to defeat the creeping menace of Euro-Trash Socialism and save our country.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Its Here Mandrake

"That's how your hard-core commie conspiracy operates" said General Jack Ripper in Doctor Stranglove. It was a parody then but its just a factual observation now. Some poor shlub criticises MoveOn.Org by putting a few parody t-shirts on CafePress and the Social Fascists at MoveOn send in the lawyers with harassing law suits. The Stalinists in this country are openly trying to bully and muzzle American citizens while they work under cover of the non-profit charity clause of our tax code (which specifically DOESNT cover political advocacy groups). MoveOn has the open support of every prominent Democrat and openly works as an adjunct to the Clinton Crime Family. And where are those Republicans who arent hiding in airport bathrooms or secretly working on earmarks for bridges to nowhere? Cowering in silence. The party that should be sticking up for us and loudly demanding an investigation into the non-profit status of this Stalinist thug group are nowhere to be found. When the 'General Betray-Us' ad was unleashed it was talk radio that mounted the only effective reaction. This is the future writ large.
An interesting side note. In the 1930's when law enforcement caught and convicted organized crime thugs who had immigrated here from other countries and become citizens they were stripped of their citizenship and deported. Ah, to have a legal system that protected society's best interests. Now, more than half a century later our Democracy and our economic system are under assault by a criminal conspiracy led by the Clintons , who are native-born and who should just be in prison, and that repulsive Stalinist toad George Soros. Soros fled Hungary after the war to escape the Stalinist (and anti-semitic) regime that was installed by the Red Army. He went on to become a successful billionaire currency and bond speculator. Now he has become the leader of a group that engages in scurrilous attacks on private citizens and fraudulently misrepresents itself as a non-profit group under our tax code while it acts as an auxilliary arm of the Clinton Crime Family. They openly support the terrorists and work for the destruction of Israel and the death of all the Jews who live there. It would be justice to strip this creep of his citizenship and deport him to his native Hungary, where communists are hated and despised but tolerated. After all, Al Capone was brought down by tax-code violations. I know it wont happen in a thousand years, in fact this criminal clique is poised to seize power in 2008, but its a nice dream.

Monday, October 1, 2007

That's For Me!

So Miss Hilly wants to send every newborn kid a bond for $5,000 that they can use for their college education. That's great, since most people dont go to college. You'll be taxing the working class to subsidize the upper middle class. Redistributionist idiocy, if she was sincere, which she's not. The Dems win election by proposing an endless gravy train of free goodies-- all of them paid for by someone else, of course. Dont people understand that high taxes kill the economy and end any hope anyone has of bettering themselves by hard work?
I just hope that this program has the same level of scrutiny as the Earned Income Tax Credit or registering to vote in California, which is to say no scrutiny at all. I'll just fill out the form requesting that my triplets who were born at home get their $15,000 and then tragically announce that they died and were buried in my back yard.After all, the program isnt going to take it back just because the little sprogs only make it through their first week before they kick the bucket. Its a great cover story. Not that anybody's ever going to ask,the Lordly Program Giveth and it dont never Taketh Away. The moral of this story is clear, unless you are a complete hapless dummy just stop working and let the checks roll in. Cockney rhyming slang for being on the dole is 'on the rock and roll' and that's how it'll be when the Party Of Compassion takes over. All seven registered voters in my house (me, my wife, four cats and a goldfish) will be voting for this new program, and all the other free goodies that are bound to arrive!