Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ring, Ring!

We need to revisit that 3am phone call. That image has been worrying me. All three of our esteemed presidential contenders dont strike me as the type of people that would have the quality that Ulysses S Grant was said to have called 'two o'clock in the morning courage'. When Sherman woke Grant up after the first day of Shiloh and told him that his army had been driven back against the river Grant replied steadily, "Thats alright, we'll whip'em tomorrow." Hard to imagine that sort of reaction from any of the three geniuses we get to choose from in this contest.

Scenario #1-- The White House phone rings. Michele's hand reaches out of the covers and lifts the receiver. Now, Michele, politically speaking, comes across as angry and argumentative. Tall and physically fit, ready to wrassle. And after a hard day of raising taxes, cutting the military and tightening the gag on talk radio what better sport for president Obama then to corner and mount this wild firebrand, using the last ounces of his already depleted energy and finally rolling over into a comatose sleep. Yes, Michele would be no Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower or Barbara Bush. She is hot, the kind of woman who needs to be tamed nightly. So the phone is raised to her ear,
"Yeah, what you want?"
"Say what? The Chinese are doing what?"
"You want me to wake him up for that?"
"Well you go tell that Secretary of Whatever The F--k It Is that I aint waking my man up for some Chinese bull---t and if he keeps on calling this late I'm going to come over there and kick his...."

scenario #2-- The White House phone rings. The wrinkled hand gropes in the dark blindly. The phone continues to ring as finally the gnarled fingers grasp the receiver and the other hand reaches into the glass for the now-clean false teeth so necessary to make one understood.
"Yeah, who is this? Who? Mr President? Who's the President? What? I'm the President!? So why are you calling me? I cant hear you. Is this Vice President Lieberman? Chinese what? Gristles? Well eat at a better restaurant! Missiles? What? Why are you phoning me? I dont have any Chinese missiles! Oh, I'm the President! Right, and dont you forget it , buddy!"

scenario #3-- She's dreaming again of the descending, corkscrewing aircraft dodging the Chinese anti-aircraft missiles the Chicoms gave to the Serbs, the ones whose accuracy increased so greatly after the five million dollar campaign contribution her and Bill had worked so hard to collect from the Buddhist Nuns-- what a fuss that doltish chump of an Algore made when we sent him to LA to pick it up! In her dreams the bullets were whizzing by on the runway as she ran for the crude, sandbagged bunker into which she dove for cover. Somewhere, in the noise of the bombardment the phone was ringing, and ringing. Even the two Vicodins she washed down with savage gulps of Wild Turkey straight from the bottle (all those years in Arkansas taught her how unnecessary a glass was when you needed to get some sleep) hadnt been able to drown out the squeals of the interns from the Lincoln Bedroom and she needed two more of the blessed little white caplets and the rest of the bottle to finally black out. But the ringing...the doleful dream of bursting artillery shells, the little girl throwing the flowers into the medivac helicopter, which explodes, the girl torn apart as Robert Duvall, standing on the skid... ring, ring
"Huuuuuuuhhhhh. Yeah. Whaddaya want?"
"Chinese what...we'll tell'em to leave the cash with, I mean Vice President McKinney...they're doing WHAT?"
"Well..."(long pause as she nods out and regains consciousness)

The rest is silence.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Brush With DEATH!

I turned the key to start my car (a favorite terrorist trick is to wire an explosive charge to the ignition) and backed out of my driveway onto the steep hillside street where cars sometimes speed murderously, unstoppably fast and drove to the stop sign. Fortunately my brakes worked, if I had not stopped I would have been squashed flat by a fast-moving garbage truck. As I continued on my short journey I continued to nearly miss other motorists by a mere ten or twenty yards in some cases and the road rage shootings so common to Southern California did not occur. I walked across the Target parking lot, narrowly avoiding being run over by dangerous mini-van driving housewives. Even though many people describe these warm, sunny days as 'earthquake weather' my entire ten-minute sojourn inside the store was uninterrupted by any serious ground tremors, the precariously balanced merchandise remained on the shelves.
In the end, I returned home safely.
I'm not telling you this so that you'll think that I'm brave, or that I worry that my lack of military experience makes me a coward so I overcompensate by living such a danger-filled existence. NO! I tell you this to make the point that maybe you did join the Marines during the Viet Nam War and were in an infantry company and you did four tours but people like me and Hillary Clinton have been there too. We've walked the walk and now we're talking the talk! We're brave in the face of imaginary snipers. So she wasnt at Khe Sanh, she still almost ran to the hanger from her luxury jet during her visit to a peacekeeping mission which had the same number of casualties as the mission that got John Kerry his Bronze Star. You guys probably think that driving down to Target to get my wife some Band-Aids is just nothing...I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED EVERY MINUTE! I think that Hillary's stint on the front lines of death cancels out that Congressional Medal Of Honor McCain got lounging around in the Hanoi Hilton, watching cable TV and filing habeas corpus briefs in the North Vietnamese Appellate System.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Ashamed Of My Racism

I just was reading my last post and the other I did on The Right Reverend Wright and something struck me. I criticized the wacky distortions of reality that pass for wisdom among the left-wing black political community in a way that implies that the left-wing white community is somehow more rational. That is racism. Its falling into the trap set for us all by the odious and vile Clintons.
Is the idiocy that leaps from the mouth of that mendacious waste of human protoplasm who is the Senior Senator from New York, the oily and egregious Chucky-Schmucky Schumer, any more correct or logical than that which emerges from the bug-eyed rant of a Maxine Waters? It is, in fact, not only less rational but it is much more malicious and knowingly untrue. And the Schumckster is no stranger to racism, as the disgraceful campaign his Democratic Senatorial Committee waged against Michael Steele in Maryland, complete with illegally stolen credit records and tossed Oreo cookies would indicate. The Schmuckster was deep in the Valerie Plame Affair, an attempt to put one of his political opponents (Karl Rove) in jail on a charge he knew from the beginning was false.
The Right Reverend Wright said "God Damn America" but that loathesome, hairy ball of greasy fat John Murtha accused Marines in combat of murder not only before the trial but before the investigation. This flagrantly corrupt left-wing porker represents a district of the type of older, ethnic, rust-belt, welfare-state leeches who are the target demographic of the Clinton Crime Family's anti-negro pogrom. Are Murtha's statements any different than John Conyers' ? One way to tell would be to ask yourself how often Murtha is quoted in Al Jezira, the media outlet for terrorist organizations and looney Islamic conspiracy nuts, compared to Conyers; Murtha lots, Conyers never. Murtha has taken every effort to degrade America's ability to fight the Islamonazis and help them to victory. He does this out of sheer left-wing bile. The fat slob racist union-hall radical swine that vote this so-called liberal into office every two years are exactly the people most angered by The Right Reverend Wright's offensive ravings and the most blind to the results of the radical redistribution of wealth proposed by this Stalinist wart-hog.
Little Dick Durban and his comparison of our troops as worse than members of organizations who murdered innocent people with sledgehammers to save ammunition and his constant attacks on our country, his idiotic schemes to nationalize the economy and his lust for high taxes is no more sane than Cynthia McKinney; they both have exactly the same political agendas.
The Uriah Heep of American politics, the ever-whining and cringing Harry Reid, from a state that I formerly called my home and one which used to be sensible until it was flooded with moronic senior citizens and tax refugees from California who brought with them their left wing political stupidity and voting habits; does he ever say anything worth hearing between trying to kill the Patriot Act and announcing that his pals in Al Qaeda have won the war in Iraq?
Is George Soros, the currency-trading, anti-Western parasite who funds every psychotic radical cause in the country and works every day to suppress free speech and free enterprise, is he any more savory than The Right Reverend Wright?
But there is a tie for the most irresponsible, destructive, dishonest, hateful, racist political figures in America; Bull Clinton and Lil' Miss Hilly. Tearing the Democratic Party to pieces with a racist assault after they've lost the legitimate contest to Barak Obama is just par for the course for America's First Black president and his little Wifey. The stream of lies that they have emitted for the last 16 years outdoes anything, however irrational or crazy, that any political figure, black or white, has ever been capable of in our history. Their flagrant breaking of the law, the phony anecdotes that pop up like magic to lace their tales of the socialist miracle to come under Clinton III, the snarling threats of revenge against anyone who they see as having crossed them have, up to now, been overlooked by all their fellow libs as just the Clints being the Clints. But you know, when you look at Obama, a leftist, sure, and even The Right Reverend Wright, there is not one tenth of the evil there that there is in the Clintons and in the blue collar pigs who are willing to drop all the Civil Rights rhetoric and come a-runnin' as soon as Miz Hilly stands on the porch and bangs on the swill-bucket of giveaway nirvana.
So I want to apologize to any black people who are reading this. Its not the black political culture which is deranged and dysfunctional its the liberal political culture, black, white, brown, red, yellow and in between which is, and I fell, hook, line and sinker for the lure of the racist attack on Obama by people who are worse and a thousand times more dangerous. I'm ashamed of myself.
My daughter sent me a link to make me feel better.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yellow Dog Democrats

Later, Lincoln told a friend: "I thought the best way to get rid of them was to tell the story of Sykes' yellow dog. Have you ever heard about Sykes' yellow dog?"

Sykes, as the President explained, was a childhood acquaintance who had a yellow dog he was very fond of, but the other children hated. They finally decided to deal with the dog by wrapping a piece of meat around a blasting cap. They whistled for the dog, and when he came to chew on the meat, they lit the fuze. The dog was blown to bits, and when Sykes came out to investigate, he picked up the tail and the pieces connected to it, saying: "Well, I guess he'll never be much account again, as a dog." Lincoln, having reached the punchline, added the moral: "I guess Pemberton's forces will never be much account again as a army."

Obama was a political candidate the voters were becoming fond of but the Clinton Children hated. They finally decided to deal with the candidate by launching an attack in the media against the dysfunctional black political culture that gave him his start in political life. Everyone always knew it was there, the Congressional Black Caucus has been talking like The Right Reverent Wright for decades. Does anyone remember Ron Dellums, a hate-filled, anti-American Marxist looney from the East Bay city of Oakland? Does anybody want to borrow my gold-bound copy of 'The Collected Speeches Of Maxine Waters'? Cynthia McKinney will provide further substantiation for this observation. The list is long. They get elected with 90% of the vote in their districts. This isnt anything that is news to anybody, either. White people just dont want to be seen as racist for criticizing or even closely analyzing the irrational conspiracy theories that abound in the black community because the basis for it is sometimes legitimate. Yes there was a Tuskegee Program. It was as sick as the experiments that totalitarian regimes run on inmates of their prisons and concentration camps. There were, up until the 1960's, real barriers to black people living a free, normal life in this country. In the intervening half-century this has become the country where black people have more freedom and opportunity than they do in any other country. A third of the population of Jamaica live here. Haitians dont sail towards Venezuela or Brazil, they come here. Some of the most enthusiastic Americans I've ever met were from Africa or the Caribbean. The funny thing is , I dont think middle class American blacks are on board with the loonies either but they're not about to get in some debate with a bug-eyed fanatic who's going to start screaming "Uncle Tom" at them.
But now, the subject has been raised by a desperate, ruthless, destructive political hack in a last-ditch effort to save her dying presidential hopes. Criticizing black political culture is not racism but trying to link your political opponent to it and stir up anger and division most certainly is. Hillary's attack through the media (amazingly coincidental that this story broke all over the media, from right to left, on the same day) is a call to White America to Vote White. The fact that this is true validates every paranoid looney in the black community and sets race relations in this country back quite a ways. Its a political and social blasting cap wrapped with a juicy piece of red meat in the form of The Right Reverend Wright's gentle sermonizing, which he was good enough to record on DVD for posterity and Hillary Clinton's opposition research team. You know, I guess Obama will never be much account again, as a candidate. Neither will she. This slimy trick has torn the Democratic Party apart and made them BOTH unelectable. Yesterday the pollster Scott Rasmussen said that John McLame was the luckiest guy since Ringo Starr. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where's The Warming?

Lets leave sweltering, dusty L.A. to the Mexicans. Its only going to get worse what with all that Global warming going on. You people are just using too much toilet paper and the wrong kind of light bulbs. In fact, I dont think you carbon criminals are ever going to change your evil ways and care about Algore's planet. What to do? Well, I dont know about you Bozos but I'm going to grab some Arctic Ocean beachfront property before it gets too expensive. Unless...
Those of us who want to profit from Global Warming have had some terrible shocks lately. National Public radio has an article on its website talking about how an intensive five-year state-of-the-art program to monitor global ocean temperatures found that global ocean temperatures went down! There's a lot of head-scratching in the article; if Global Warming is an established, incontrovertible fact then how do you explain something this big? They try but it is through a disturbing, convoluted thought process that is, ahem, somewhat unconvincing.
Which brings us to the second article in our set. This one fed random data into the climate model that got Algore's 'hockey stick' temperature graph, which showed a flat, stable climate until the late 20th century when it shoots up sharply, and found that any data inputted into this computer model will produce the same result. This 'hockey stick' business was always a bit suspicious because the historical record shows a wide swing in world temperatures over time... with the higher temperature times coinciding with times of prosperity and social stability and the cooler eras, especially the cooling in the fifth-seventh centuries and 'Little Ice Age' from 1300-1850, coinciding with times of chaos, anarchy and starvation. After all, the earliest civilizations arose in China, Mesopotamia and Egypt as temperatures increased at the end of the Ice Age and made the social organization necessary to create huge irrigation systems and more complex social organizations to regulate them.
The third article in this set is an attack by Michelle Malkin on the phony temperature data collected by NASA to back up the contention that the 1990's were the warmest decade of the 20th century. Temperature monitoring stations were purposely placed in places (on asphalt, etc.) that caused false high readings. When the data was 'adjusted' for this 'error' it turns out that the 20's and the 30's were just as hot or hotter.
So much for the science being 'established'. This last colder-than-average winter and all this contradictory data are bringing into stark relief the politically self-serving motives of the ideologues who are pushing this bogus science as a justification for a government takeover of the world economy. Well, not the world economy, because the Chicoms, the Indians and every other nation that doesnt want to live in grass huts for the rest of eternity are treating this with the contempt it deserves; just the economies of the media-obsessed developed nations whose citizens can be reduced to tears by pictures of polar bears on melting ice flows and whose educational systems have become so dysfunctional that most people arent aware of what a total disaster government-planned economies are for the people who live in them. The fact that the eco-morons who are so obsessed with greenhouse gases refuse to consider greenhouse friendly nuclear power as an option should show how politically motivated this whole business is. The chaotic idiocy of ethanol production, raising food prices and energy prices without increasing the availability of renewable energy is another good example of the stupidity of a government-mandated program to fix the weather. In the end all the Global Warming palliatives offered by the advocates of this theory seem to involve steep tax increases.
So before you purchase that beachside condo in Point Barrow, Alaska you might want to remember something; if the eco-loonies win this November they will take steps to shut down the American economy, something leftists have proven they can achieve very ably. The collapse of the economy, along with the mass starvation the end of our global food distribution system will entail, will certainly lower the output of greenhouse gases. Only a few chosen aristocrats will have any modern conveniences while the mass of surviving helots will be eking a rude, primitive existence from a harsh, unforgiving Earth.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olympic Disgrace

There are two issues that separate most Americans from their elitist leadership class; open borders and our relationship with the Chicoms. While any reasonable person that looks at China can only feel disgust with their internal policies and alarm as they rapidly build their military and become more and more belligerent internationally world leaders seem happy to ignore their militaristic threats. The Chicoms have brazenly and more or less openly been handing the Clintons millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions for fifteen years and have been happy to shelter people that are under investigation by US authorities for facilitating those illegal transfers from answering any questions, possibly keeping them on tap to blackmail the sleazy Clints. The Chicoms have threatened nuclear war over Tiawan. They have shipped poison medicines, toys and pet food ingredients into our country.
Now in the run-up to the Olympic Games, a contest beloved of thuggish dictatorships since the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the Chicoms' glaring human rights and environmental abuses are being highlighted as they react savagely to anything they feel will mar their image in the eyes of the world. Of course, like all ham-handed thugs their violence-prone inhumanity leads them to commit horrors that define them as even more brutal and stupid.
While the well-educated and well-heeled in our society grovel and kowtow to the Chicoms, either for profit or ideology, the communist regime has launched an assault on the already oppressed people of Tibet. They are accusing the Dalai Lama of being a violent revolutionary, stirring up 'trouble' for the benevolent Beijing commies. They have threatened their neighbors in Nepal to close climbing treks on the Nepalese side of Mt. Everest. Stories are filtering from Lhasa of repression and massacre. Heard any denunciations by any world leader? Heard anything even approaching the meek, timid criticism of the Chinese-sponsored genocide in Darfur (usually the critics dont mention the key role the oil-greedy Chicoms play in that doleful conflict)? No you havent, and you wont. Our gutless leaders and their business cronies have too much of a stake in the continued prosperity of the Chicom agenda.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're daily accused of being environmental criminals. We use criminal light bulbs and too many sheets of toilet paper, condemning the helpless polar bears to a watery grave. We're enjoined to analyze our every action in the context of the 'carbon footprint' that we will leave. Movies like 'Micheal Clayton' and 'Erin Brokavitch' encourage us to fear the water we drink and hate the greedy capitalists who are conspiring to poison us and cash in on the results. Meanwhile, the Kyoto-ignoring Chicoms are in a crash program of building coal-fired electrical generators. The air in Beijing, and every other Chinese city are thick with poisonous fumes. Their leaking chemical plants have poisoned entire rivers and when the local authorities in Harbin were given money to purchase bottled water for the population whose water supply had become undrinkable they pocketed the money and turned the guns of the riot police on the desperate mobs of thirst-crazed citizens. No international conference has ever called, in the name of the environment, for any kind of investigation into the foul and dangerous Chicom chemical industry. Food exported to the US has turned out to be adulterated with industrial waste, highlighting the state of the Chinese internal food supply. The government and its business cronies are corrupt and greedy and retaliate with hot vengence to any criticizism.
Do you like pets? Your love is not shared by the authorities in Beijing. Worried that unsightly animals will mar the picture-perfect image these ghouls think they can project they have been spreading rumors about how dangerous and disease-ridden cats are. Thousands are being beaten to death or rounded up and sent to their destruction. Expect a wave of fur coats Made In China to appear on the shelves of your local big-box store soon. There is a similar campaign against dogs.
The athletes who are going to have to compete in this coal dust soup are already being intimidated and bullied for asking whether its safe to strain oneself in air that toxic and the various national sports authorities are also being pressured and threatened to ensure good behavior. There is currently an internet crackdown going on in China so any alternative news sources will not emerge to report any untoward occurances. Political opponents, homeless people and anyone the regime finds unphotogenic are scheduled for roundup in the weeks preceding the games. I'm sure whatever networks are going to cover the events have been thoroughly acquainted with the consequences of unfavorable reports emerging from the Worker's Paradise'.
So, should we boycott the Olympics? The inferior coverage by the US networks (concentrating only on US athletes and hopping aimlessly from event to event) makes this easy. It also would be great to discomfit the band of high-brow parasites who run the International Olympic Committee. But in the end my wife will turn on the ice-skating and a few other favorite events and I'll get sucked into it too. But the nature of the regime that is staging this year's Olympic Games should never be far from our minds, and the nature of the politicians in this country who kowtow to their agenda and even accept millions of their illegal campaign dollars should also be in our thoughts.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Much Of A Muchness

There's a brewing controversy about Obama's minister The Right Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr and his crackpot ravings. The good Rev spins on with the usual, " Those evil white people keeping us brothers down" routine that has been spun so many times in the last forty years that it has become commonplace and boring. If Obama hadnt been an active member of his church the good Rev would have retired and sat on the St Patrick's Day revue stand with the mayor like any other local dignitary. The fact is that Obama is a grad of Columbia and got his law degree at Harvard. It must be nice for a guy who grew up in a white environment, who was then steeped in the Marxist broth of Columbia and Harvard to get in touch with a side of himself that had probably not gotten a lot of nurturing and be accepted wholeheartedly into the community. Does he share Reverend Wright's silly philosophy? Of course not. People with degrees from Harvard and Columbia have been trained, however, not to dismiss even the most irrational idiocy if it comes from the mouth of someone sufficiently ethnic or radical. An Ivy League education these days not only doesnt give you any critical abilities it attempts to destroy the critical abilities you might possess naturally. When the academic world abandoned morality in the 1920's and 30's so they could pay proper homage to Lenin and Stalin they lost the ability to judge truth from lies, sense from nonsense.
There are those that say Obama's ability to sit through the Rev Wright's sermons, or even be enthusiastic about them, means that he isnt qualified to be President.
Maybe so, but then doesnt that disqualify EVERY Democrat? Hillary Clinton was an associate of Saul Alinsky, an anti-American viper that makes Rev Wright look like the jovial crackpot that he is. Obama was an invisible extra in the Radical Movie, Hillary was not one of the stars but she was on screen an awful lot of the time. The Childrens Defence Fund was a repository of a much more radical agenda than The Trinity United Church Of Christ. Another big difference was that Rev Wright is just giving his observations on the way he sees things whereas The Children's Defence Fund has a social, political, legal, legislative agenda to actively make this country into a different kind of society than we are; an agenda that springs from the same kind of contempt for America that motivates Liberal Arts and Humanities professors in a school like Columbia or The
Trinity United Church Of Christ. The Democrats are the party that sees America as bad and wrong and that should be the issue not whether Hillary or Obama is more radical then the other. The issue should instead be the underlying philosophy of the Democratic Party and what their erroneous ideas are doing to this country. That should be the only talking point. If we dont overthrow their vision then we will become subjugated by it. It might be too late already, people seem to have lost the ability to relate their high taxes and the increasing cost of the Global Warming lunacy to the accelerating slide in the standard of living. They're yelling for more," Get rid of the evil conservatism of Bush!" Our guys dont respond by yelling back "Get rid of the evil social fascism of the Dems!" because, guess what, the people in charge of the Republican Party learned in the Ivy League schools they went to (sitting next to the Dems they now work with) to be quiet and submissive, to prevaricate, to compromise, to be reasonable while their leftist colleagues were goaded to be ever more radical. If they didnt stand up and yell, "What the hell is this CRAP!?" in Ward Churchill's 'America The Enemy Of Humanity 101' class when they were young and frisky why should we expect them to do it now that they are old and have a stake in the system?
I guess the only logical conclusion to this is that the slide to disaster is unstoppable because the people at the top, one and all, seem to have lost sight of the most elemental common sense and are pursuing a course whose end is well known to the isolated and dwindling readers of the the works of the Old Dead White Men which were banished from the Ivied Halls Of Academe in the Glorious Revolution of the 1960's. The only question left is Bang or Whimper?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stupor Delegates!

Only one task remains for the crooks who run the shady presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton: to recruit three hundred 'super' delegates who are "Too dumb to think and will do what they tell them."
Paraphrased from a synopsis of 'Three Dark Horses', a 3 Stooges short about a deadlocked convention in the hands of the 'Superdelegates'

Life does imitate art, doesnt it? It has boiled down to the 'Super Delegates'. Obama will emerge with more delegates and more popular votes even if some kind of a deal is worked out concerning Michigan and Florida, but the power-mad Clintons, who feel they've been robbed of their rightful lot by some upstart empty-suit trading on his ethnicity and his oratorical skills, have signaled that they will stop at NOTHING! to get this nomination, finish off the already pathetic McLame and get to work on Clinton III- The Revenge Years! The press dinners during Clinton III will undoubtedly be grim affairs compared to the festive ones in the Glory Years of Clintons I & II. Tim Russert and Chris Matthews will be too busy to attend; they'll be with the lawyers and accountants they will need to fend off the spurious indictments and incessant tax audits that will be their reward for their Obama enthusiasm.
But how to snatch the nomination? What kind of stories are going to start to emerge about the behind-the-scenes manipulation of the hapless 'Super Delegates'. We better hope that Hillary's meticulously gathered database includes Democrats. Remember the ex-bouncers with the thousands of FBI files? The Dems had a good chuckle when, during impeachment the Clints went nuclear and illegitimate children and skeletons came tumbling out of the closet. That sure was funny, wasnt it? BJ sure showed them what having a 'private life' was all about! Now those leftist bunnies that didnt think perjury was a big deal are looking down the barrel of Elmira Fudd's shotgun. The fall of Crusading Spitzer at the hands of the media piranhas today must send a chill down the spine of every politician, and the super dels are no exception. Politics can be a dirty business and is filled with hard-driving, self-centered people. Expecting them to behave like regular folks is just not realistic, but the public expects just that. So they pretend. And the Clints have got the files.
The question is, what will Obama (you know, the kid whose KINDERGARTEN MANIFESTO popped out of the Opposition Research files) do to counter this. A bigger question, will the wife of the 'First Black President' be able to sandbag an actual black person who won the contest fair and square and not incur the rage of the largest and most loyal voter block in the Democratic Party? We'll probably get a chance to find out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stay Strong Eliot!

New York State's democratically elected Democratic governor should ignore the mewling of the Puritans and boldly move forward in his voter-approved attack on New York's economy. The policies of Spitzer and his Democratic cronies in the Senate and Legislature are turning New York into a barren, depopulated wasteland where the only things moving on the landscape will be government employees and those who eke out a meager existence as recipients of state-given largess. The taxpayers, who are ignorant enough to vote for these guys year in and year out richly deserve the Michigan-like depression that is descending on them. Getting rid of Spitzer wont save them because they are terminally stupid! This is a state where they pay more in property taxes than they do for their mortgages, their roads are full of holes, their schools mismanaged and groaning under the heal of a fat and loathsome bureaucracy, a public health system overburdened giving free care to illegal aliens and a legislature that is addicted to vote-buying spending orgies. So it takes the sneering rich-kid crusader to be discovered hiring prostitutes for people to be shocked. New York's losing of population didnt shock them. New York's odious business climate and the loss of more and more jobs upstate didnt shock them. These guys were overjoyed when people like Leona Helmsley and Martha Stewart were put in prison, not because of anything they did but because New Yorkers hate rich people. Thats why they need a governor like Spitzer in charge, he reflects who they are.
Some people have even had the temerity to be more shocked that Spitzer paid the astronomical price of $5500 for services that could easily be attained for far less. Those girls that work for Emperors Club VIP (or whatever it was called) certainly also have their own websites for when chumps as fat as Spitzer arent around. You can see by this how a government run by this paragon would have overspending issues, this is the $800 Pentagon Toilet Seat writ large. I'm sure the babes down at Emperor are pretty tasty but the $5500 price tag would give any normal red-blooded American guy a permanent soft-off. If my wife found out I paid $5500 for anything, regardless of what it was, without telling her she would be the one tearfully apologizing to the TV cameras, after her indictment for murder. Those people who do participate in these kind of activities should be alarmed, however. Look what the intervention of the Spitzercrats has done to the price of medical care, gasoline (no drilling for oil offshore or in ANWR) and military toilet seats; when the Spitzers turn up the price goes through the ceiling. Even though my measly finances keep me honest, sometimes, as the diamond-bitted verbal drill possessed by all wives is boring deeper into my agonized brain I can take the trip Walter Mitty never dared to take and imagine myself in the arms of some voluptuous young floozy who is eager to please... but, alas, the thought that she's going to ask me for $5500 makes her seem a whole lot less dreamy. Now even a dream as pathetic and seedy as that is threatened by government subsidies driving the price of yet another commody sky high. Bill Clinton at least had the decency to rape state employees that his security detail brought to his hotel room, saving himself and his constituents the embarrassment of a hooker scandal. When he paid off he got Jennifer Flowers a gig behind the customer service desk at the DMV and Monica Lewinski some make-work job at the Pentagon. I'll bet the two of them combined didnt earn $5500 in a month. Ah! A man of the people was BJ, unlike rich-kid party-boy $5500 chump loser Spitzer. But dont worry, he will survive this. Why should he resign? He doesnt have to and he wont because he's a spoiled brat and a Democrat and the people who voted him in want him to stay, just like they did with Clinton. And this November they will dutifully troop to the polls and vote Democratic in the hope that the misery and hopelessness that they have inflicted on themselves will be visited on all of the rest of us. Thank God our candidate was a foot-soldier in the Reagan Revolution...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome Home Schoolers!

Once again fearless Democrat-appointed judges have struck a blow for America's children! the California Appeals Court has ruled that the reactionary practice of removing one's child from the nurturing arms of the Collective (our Federal School System) and steeping them in the toxic waste of Bourgeois Individualism, Thoughtcrime and in many cases Religious Superstition is illegal and a form of Child Abuse that can be remedied by removing the poor suffering victims from the talons of their reactionary, homophobic 'families'. Once again our legal minds have outpaced the cowardly 'democratically elected' legislators and stood up for the Educational Establishment that is leading us from the nationalistic concept of a 'great' nation to a more responsible role as a member of The Human Family!

Dont worry kids! You're going to be welcomed with open arms by your new pals! All that fascist propaganda about children being 'picked on' is nonsense. Yes a few dangerous Christian Propagandists are criticized when they try to proselytize (nothing brings a lunch party down faster than some loner in 'silent prayer') but the responses employ the courteous methods learned in Conflict Resolution Class.

After the brutal practices of the patriarchal, non-union, 'family' education, where self-esteem is destroyed by the Medieval concept of considering some answers 'correct' while others are deemed 'incorrect' the loving nurture of our well-vetted educational experts will guide your child away from politically incorrect thinking and into the New Age.

One of the most insidious side effects of Home Schooling is the lack of socialization experienced by its victims. Have you ever heard of Home Schoolers cutting school and learning about life in an ad-hoc peer-group collective? Federal Education gives them that chance... unless they're chicken, of course.

Those outmoded homophobic beliefs, illegally taught by the typical reactionary home school parental cabal are hard to weed out of a growing mind, but with time-wasting Math classes discontinued (too stressful for the graduates of Teacher's Colleges and anyway made redundant by the calculator feature of your cell-phone) the much more important Homosexual Acceptance Classes will help your little wallflower come out of his Christian Closet. The latest methods are available because your Federal school System can confiscate the immoral profits stolen by greedy capitalists.

Earth sciences For Life! will replace those boring and stupid 'science' classes we all hated so much. Luckily the Teachers Unions and Educrats are committed to eradicating the old dependence on 'accurate data' and the brutally racist and reactionary 'scientific method' and have concentrated on the important issue of how you feel about the world around you!

And that shy little girl you're so overly protective of? The Federal School System will get her out of that modest outfit and soon your little princess will be out with her friends exploring new career opportunities and having fun!

Thank you California Court Of Appeals! Once again we've been shown that only the unelected officials truly have the interests of The Children at heart. Yes, it will take some work to mold these damaged young minds to take their place in our New Age Of Pleasure but arm in arm with the Teacher's Unions, The Tax Authorities, The Thought Police, and The Courts your Federal School System is working for Change in America!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stonewall Clinton

Well, she pulled a comeback miracle out of her hat. Miz Hilly is not one to be daunted by long odds. When he was sixteen Barry Obama was reading 'Manchild In The Promised Land' and chasing girls at his posh Hawaiian private school, lots of delicious beach time; when Hilly was sixteen she was a Goldwater Girl, reading about Stonewall Jackson and plotting her next step to world domination. She really turned around and whacked Obama good in Texas and Ohio.
But where does that leave the Dems? She inspires even people like me, who despise and revile the inferior and liberal McLame, to run to the polls to vote for his aging carcass. Her winning the nomination through sheer brute force will be sending a message to black people and young people that the Old White Establishment wants to give them a choice between Old White A and Old White B, that it will be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton for a total of twenty-eight years, or more if Jeb or Chelsea get ambitious. Some new voters have never lived in an America where a Bush or a Clinton hasnt been President. Thats what 'Change' means. Of course the Repubs have responded to this urgent need in the electorate by offering them a candidate who is as fresh as three-day-old roadkill, but this is turning out to be an election where the endless democracy and public input have produced a slate of candidates that nobody likes.
If Obama gets the nomination it will be after he has been worked over by the Clinton Crime Family Character Assassination Squad, the experts in their field. And lets face it, he is a totally empty-headed lightweight with just a wonderful oratorical talent and some sharp organizational skills but little else. I said before that finishing off the Clintons is the ultimate resume item, but it seems that he left them for dead a little too soon.
So its time for the seemingly mild-mannered Obama to drop the harmony crap and move in for the kill. Where's her tax returns? Russert handed that one to him on a silver platter and he let it slip by. They should just play Russert's question, saying that only people with something to hide wont release their tax returns and why wont you release yours? and her non-answer-- that she is 'moving toward' releasing them. She's also 'moving toward' sicking the Rottweilers at the IRS on Russert the day she takes office but thats neither here nor there. Obama should just run that bit of tape. It says everything you need to know. She's not releasing her tax returns because her and her husband have spent the last seven years influence-peddling all over the world, selling future claims on Clinton III to a long list of unsavory criminals and enemies of our country. The Chicom connection needs to be explored. Donations to the Clinton Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor, Bimbo Eruptions to suppress the suburban housewife vote.
If the Dems dont figure out some way to keep Hillary Clinton off the ticket they will risk losing, even to the crippled old duffer she will be pitted against, when their most reliable voting block, Black Americans, stays home this November. She just possibly might be unelectable under any circumstances.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Deathless Candidacy

Just couldnt do it, could ya Sparky?
Gibbon said it best, "History is replete with instances where an active despair has triumphed over an indolent expectation of victory."
The Clintons were able to knock Obama off his game at exactly the right moment. They have the staying power of the Nazgul in Lord Of The Rings. They should have Gollum included in those endless political roundtables on the cable political networks, "No,no, you cannot kill them, Precious!"
I hope Rush knew what he was talking about by encouraging Repubs to cross party lines and vote to keep her candidacy alive. Possibly.She is most assuredly the weaker candidate against McLame because after Obama has whipped up the hopes of blacks and young people, to have them dashed by this white-faced insider is going to threaten her viability in November. But she still is the Undead Candidate with the staying power of a vampire. Obama needs a silver stake to drive through her heart. He needs to attack. He needs to go on the offensive and hurt her badly. Travel Office, Chicom Cash, Bimbo Eruptions. Go low or get crushed dude. The question is on the table, Do you have what it takes? I just watched Obama's speech and he hasnt changed it at all. When Hillary got into a corner she changed tactics and took risks. If Obama doesnt adjust to this and hit her hard he will lose. It would be destructive of the party's chances in November but Obama is going to have to decide whether he wants the nomination badly enough to do anything. She does.

Monday, March 3, 2008

In for The Kill

We sit on the eve of what might be the last hurrah for the Clints. If Barak wins both Texas and Ohio the rationale for Hilly's candidacy is gone. Too many defeats in a row. The remarks that Gloria Steinem, a withered totalitarian from a bygone age, made disparaging John McCain's Medal of Honor which were made while campaigning for Clinton, are an example of the type of nasty leftists that surround her. Even McCain's most valiant efforts to make me dislike him are dwarfed by this kind of behavior. This slur came from a 'feminist' who loyally stood by and applauded as the bimbo Eruptions Team headed by The Friend Of The Children compared a minimum-wage employee who was brought to the Governor Of Arkansas by his security detail and then was confronted by The Gov, pants down, quoted thusly, "I know your boss...get to work!!" or something of the sort, to "what you get when you drag a twenty-dollar bill through a trailer park on the end of a fishing line." She was equally appreciative of Hilly's stalker campaign against the pathetic, overweight, naive girl The Prez told he loved and then used as a human cigar flavorer.
Gloria's thoughts on The Smartest Woman In The World's personal threats to destroy Juanita Broderick's nursing home business ("You better put some ice on that") arent known at this time. Gloria certainly joined the keening about the unfairness of the 'Swiftboating' of a candidate who was in a company in Viet Nam with 200 other guys, not one of whom stepped up to his defense.
I guess McCain's five years in some foetid hellhole being tortured by Gloria's commie friends isnt as bold as The Friend Of The Women Of The World's droning Castro-length speech to some feminist forum hosted by a nation that straps eight-month pregnant women down on gurneys and forcibly aborts their unlicensed babies (that didnt come up at the conference BTW).

“Suppose John McCain had been Joan McCain and Joan McCain had got captured, shot down and been a POW for eight years. [The media would ask], ‘What did you do wrong to get captured? What terrible things did you do while you were there as a captive for eight years?’” Steinem said, to laughter from the audience.

McCain was, in fact, a prisoner of war for around five and a half years, during which time he was tortured repeatedly. Referring to his time in captivity, Steinem said with bewilderment, “I mean, hello? This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don’t think so.”


What drivel. What job is this Marxist creature expecting to get in the Clinton III administration? The MSM of course has ignored this, people using Obama's middle name is much more newsworthy. Well, we'll see tomorrow whether Barry can finally move in for the kill. I know Rush Limbaugh says its better for us if She stays in, that the Clints will tear the Democratic Party apart to get the nomination. Maybe so. She deserves to lose and lose badly. What a happy day it will be to see the whole Clinton Crewe crushed and excluded from the government regardless of whether Obama or McCain wins the White House.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Singin' In The Campaign!

As the walls close in on her in Texas and Ohio, the Clinton Campaign is adopting a strategy they developed when they found an old DVD in Vin Gupta's jet, 'Singin In The Rain'. It was a last-ditch strategy which they named 'The Lina Lamont Gambit'. In that classic old movie the shrill. obnoxious, power-hungry blonde egotist confronts the studio head and reads him the riot act. With that scene in mind the Clinton campaign announced just last week that in the thirty days previous they had taken in "more money than Calvin Coolidge...PUT TOGETHER!" A dubious claim, but who's checking? She sure didnt take in half of what the TV Messiah managed to bilk from the fists of his zombie hope-junkie followers. But still, the announcement was genius; all over America people wracked their brains...who could this Calvin Coolidge guy be? One of the Clint's wealthy contributors, no doubt, so it must mean that she's awash in cash.
But that was only for openers. Further on into the confrontation scene Lina reads from her contract, lifts the document and announces, "... and if I dont like it I can see-ooo!" Now, remember, Hillary sees Lina as the Good Guy in this; after all, didnt dashing Gene Kelly drop Lina like a bad habit and go lunging after the first bit of melodious young crumpet that appeared on the scene? It turns out the The Blonde One and The Dashing One were only linked because it helped their careers...but I digress. It seems that the Clintons are going to see-ooo the Texas Democratic Party over the caucuses that she didnt think she had to organize for on the ground. While she was munching caviar with the Chicom secret agents and career white collar criminals who form a large part of her donor base Obama was out organizing in every caucus state. He caught her with her capri pants down, so to speak. First one since Bill, probably.
There is also every indication that Clinton, Inc is going to see-ooo the DNC to force them to accept the delegates from Florida and Michigan, who had their delegates excluded for holding primaries outside the rules of the party. An aggressive legal strategy to win the nomination. This kind of thing works well when your dealing with spineless Republicans but I think Obama is made of sterner stuff.
In fact, Obama took a leaf from the 'Singin' In The Rain Strategy Book'. Here's a peek at part of his new anti-McCain stump speech:

"There is nothing I hate more than to see a filthy old whitie, a-howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as if it were a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts. I could never stand to see anyone like that, especially when they were real old like this one was."

An amazing political rendition of 'Singin' In The Rain' follows.