Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reply To Mickey Edwards

The Republican Party that is in such disrepute today is not the party of Reagan. It is the party of Rush Limbaugh, of Ann Coulter, of Newt Gingrich, of George W. Bush, of Karl Rove. It is not a conservative party, it is a party built on the blind and narrow pursuit of power.

That is one of the quotes from an LA Times Op-Ed piece written by long-time Reagan associate and alleged conservative Mickey Edwards warning us that Ronald Reagan would have been with the McLame/Bush faction of the GOP in its total subservience to the corrupt, incompetent Stalinists who have bilked the gullible idiots who compose the American electorate into handing them total power. Presumably Edwards believes that Reagan would be standing tall with the excreble McLame, Arlen Spectacle, Olympia Snowjob and Lindsay Grahamnesty in sheparding through a giant, trillion-dollar 'stimulus package' composed completely of government handouts to the people whose incompetence and greed have caused this economic crisis and to people who pay no income taxes and who are eagerly standing by their mailboxes waiting for the next government stimulus check to arrive. Why he included Rove, the idiot who, with his political partner W Bush (also mysteriously included), refused to oppose the Stalinists even as they were trying to throw him and W in prison on trumped-up charges in that list of actual conservatives I'll never know. Even Gingrich has been seen on TV in an ad featuring him and the horrible Nancy Pelosi pleading for more onerous government action to fix the climate; hilarious now that the whole Global Warming fraud is becoming increasingly discredited.

"...a party built on the blind and narrow pursuit of power."
Wouldn't that be the Democrats? Didn't the Republicans show that being in power for eight years wasn't enough to advance a single one of the items that were supposedly on their 'compassionate conservative' agenda? Wasn't it shown that our ideas and leaders could be reviled by a media solidly controlled by the Stalinists without any response? Is that a total pursuit of power? When Dead Kennedy and the NEA wrote a bill that federalized education, No Child's Left Behind, didn't the cringing, spineless liberal in the White House rush to sign it and then sit quietly while the country raged at its disastrous results and blamed them on him and the Republicans?

Is Edwards, a former friend and close adviser to RWR, suggesting that there be NO opposition to whats going on? Is he suggesting that supply-siders are unpatriotic negativists who would stand in the way of measures that would prevent national collapse? Edwards and the rest of us are about to experience what a party built on the blind and narrow pursuit of power is really like. We just witnessed a prosecution conducted against the Bush Administration by a prosecutor who already knew that the people that he was investigating hadn't leaked the name of a supposedly 'secret' CIA employee and that that employee wasn't covered by the statute against leaking the names of secret agents in the first place. The party that Edwards accuses of being built on the blind and narrow pursuit of power sat meekly by while this was going on and never spoke an unkind word against the lying maggot(Armitage) who, along with her lying, bigmouthed half-wit of a husband, leaked Valerie Plame's name in the first place or his political mentor, the incompetent, egotistical and self-promoting Colin Powell. Colin Powell, a liberal bureaucrat who these days sounds as staunchly Republican in his scorn for conservatives who dare criticize the leftward trend the country has taken as Mickey Edwards.

Edwards informs us with justifiable pride that he goes back all the way with Reagan..before he was governor of California... without referring to the 1976 primary challenge to Gerald Ford in which Reagan was vilified using the same verbiage that Edwards himself is directing towards Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Reagan was described by the Gerald Ford Republicans, along with the media and the Democrats, as a hate-filled, irrational extremist. I haven't heard any overblown or even exaggerated rhetoric from Limbaugh unless you consider his analysis that the government cant spend its way to prosperity and that redistribution of wealth is damaging to society is somehow hateful. Coulter, who indulges in rhetorical excess as a comedic device, would be considered a mild milquetoast if she was a leftist directing the same level of sarcasm towards Republicans on Huffpo or any similar site where Republicans (liberal Republicans included) are routinely vilified as Neo-Nazi, climate-wrecking baby-killers.

"This is the difference between ideological advocacy and holding public office: Having accepted partial responsibility for the nation's well-being, one assumes an obligation that goes beyond bumper-sticker slogans. Certitude is the enemy of wisdom, and in office, it is wisdom, not certitude, that is required."

If certitude is the enemy of wisdom surely Edwards should direct his remarks not to the confused and powerless remnants of the Republican Party but to the arrogant and truly certain of their moral and intellectual rightness Democrats who have taken control in what is now a de facto one party socialist state. The media, the arts, the educational establishment, the federal, local and state governments, the labor unions and increasingly the fatheads who run major corporations are of one mind in this economic crisis; handing out huge subsidies, vastly increasing regulations and government control and raising more steeply progressive taxes are the way out of this problem. It is the road to bankruptcy and poverty. It is the road to tyranny. The Democrats, devoid of opposition and ready to direct the power of the state at anyone foolish enough to protest at the direction in which they are taking the country, will show Edwards the difference between Reagan's ideological advocacy, so easily abandoned in the desire to accommodate and compromise with the opposition party who held solid majorities in both houses of Congress at the time, and the ideological advocacy of the Stalinists now in complete and total control of all three branches of the government.

So dont worry Mr. Edwards. Limbaugh and Coulter will soon be muzzled and Rove and Bush will be faced with showtrials and prosecutors enough to make the most fastidious advocates of comity, like yourself, as happy as clams. The subsidy and stimulus checks will flow like manna from heaven in an unbroken wave. ACORN will create enough phony ballots to control the outcome of any future election without worrying about nosy reporters or punctilious officials. The 'election' of that vile piece of human garbage Al Franken has proven that the law is no longer a factor when it inhibits the installation of Democrats in positions of power. The holy policies of the sainted FDR will be invoked, updated, made even more onerous and legislated into the federal, state and local codes. McLame and the other liberal Republican suck-ups will be co-opted and indulged to prove that a legal opposition exists. The fools in the electorate who were stupid enough to hand 100% of the government over to this claque of greedy parasites in the hopes that a stream of goodies would follow will soon discover that cutting carbon emissions means they lose their car and sit freezing in the dark, that raising taxes means that they lose their job and suppressing conservative voices means that they lose their birthright of freedom and any future hope of prosperity. It also means that the currency becomes as worthless as the rhetoric from the government and that their pensions and life savings are equally worthless.

Enjoy the New Age Of Change Mr. Edwards and make sure you tell the maid keep that photo of you and The Gipper on the mantlepiece nice and shiny so we can all recognize what a wise and non-ideological conservative you are.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Its Sunday and I have free-lance work to do so here I am at 8:00am watching Chris Wallace interview Nancy Pelosi. I should watch my DVD boxed set of old episodes of Capitan Kangaroo instead of upsetting myself watching Western Civilization collapse. Thank you, you granola-eating hippies in San Francisco, for sending us this gift to American democracy, this steely-eyed, plastic-faced harridan of a Pelosi.

The amazing thing is that people can listen to what she's saying and think that we're headed for anything but economic collapse. The twisted thinking is so completely and manifestly wrong that the disastrous consequences are easy to see. These are people who think that increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit payout is a tax cut. Pelosi states that the most expensive budget item in the Bush budget was the anemic tax cut which preceded a curious rise in revenues. But cause and effect are not going to cut much ice with people who ignore the lack of relationship between carbon dioxide levels and temperature and are poised to destroy any remaining industry that hasn't yet been completely crippled by their predatory worker's unions by enacting the same cap and trade carbon tax scheme that was such a failure in Europe. This in the middle of a decline in global temperatures; ignore the arctic temperatures, our oft-changed computer models are all you need to know.

Do you like driving your car? Well, this being a beautiful Sunday morning with temperatures in the 70's, you wont have to even put on your slippers to walk outside and gaze fondly at the Global Warming Gas Belching Menace that the Democrats are going to rip from your driveway, you climate criminal! Take the old flivver for a spin with the windows down, no phone calls, and just revel in the feeling of being able to go wherever you like, whenever you like unlike what it will be like on the smelly, unmaintained, crowded public bus which is what lies in your future once the National Resources Defense Council is done writing our pollution laws.

But thats OK. Its not like you'll have a job to go to. Hyper-inflation will allow you to afford your fixed-rate mortgage, even pay it off from the weekly Economic Stimulus payout that will be placed in your account at The Government Bank by the US Treasury's reliable computer, adjusting it for the 35% inflation that occurs every week, of course. If you're not feeling tip-top you can go line up for free Prozac and Zanex at the Government Hospital if you can stand the screaming of the untended 'patients' in the filthy, moldering wards and the blood-caked nightmare of the emergency room. For those that cant stomach that there will be dispensaries for medical marijuana produced by the Department Of Agriculture and included in your 'free medical care'. This is tricky. The Department Of Agriculture will have amazing success raising indoor cloned sensi buds but not so much success with less important crops like wheat and corn so the munchies that are caused by the medical use of marijuana might not have anything around to satisfy them. Meat and any form of transfat will be illegal of course. Cows cause global warming, you see.

So the barbarians have taken over the capital. They are dreaming dreams of instituting the Depression-curing policies of The Sacred Franklin. Except we wont be as gauche as they were in the 30's and insist that people in government make-work jobs actually work. Well, at least the sun is shining. If I didnt have to work on 'Superhero Squad' I'd be laying out on my hammock reading a book. Next week.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Empty Suit vs. The Cong

The lefties have dreamed of this day since their nightmares came true in 1980. A brief window of opportunity opened in 1992 when they controlled the Congress and the White House but Tom Foley and Robert Byrd couldn't get it together with the lying egomaniac in the Oval Office. THE AGENDA was not only not moved forward but the Gingrich counterrevolution of 1994 effectively put the socialization of America on hold...politically. Meanwhile the cultural corrosion continued and now, when a majority of the country either get their political news from 'The Daily Show' or SNL , there has been an election which has placed an angry, ruthless band of radicals in power during a time of great fear and anxiety. This clique who runs Congress are as without scruple as they are without any trace of ability to manage an economy and they are hungry for power with a burning, decades-long hunger. They will trample Obama and his refried Clintonians with a blizzard of bad legislation and underhanded political chicanery that will overwhelm the feckless empty suit that is Barak Obama. He'll be signing his little heart out on bills that will rip the guts out of the American economy. A sensible person perceiving the coming debacle can only work to abandon all attachment to material goods and learn to smile in adversity.