Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Peace At Any Price

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, listening to the hosannas sung by the Peace Movement as we watched our abandoned allies be marched into slavery, oppression and poverty remarked, "Its the kind of peace I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy." The Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians paid and are still paying a heavy price for their trust in us. We paid by coming very close to total defeat in the Cold War, lead by an idiot who announced that he had overcome his inordinate fear of communism. Jimmy Carter was a proud member of the Peace Movement, happy at the way things had turned out when the Communists threw the Paris Peace Agreement in the trash and invaded South Vietnam. When the same communists launched an offensive that caused bloodbaths and mass murder in Ethiopia,Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea and Benin his Secretary of State described it as a "stabilizing influence in Africa". He helped replace a mild dictatorship in Nicaragua with a far more brutal communist dictatorship allied with Fidel Castro. He encouraged and supported the uprising which placed the Ayatollah Khomeini in power in Iran, an action that led to millions of deaths and the destruction of the culture and economy of that country. He took no effective steps to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Democrats revere Jimmy Carter and would emulate his arrant stupidity if the voters, eager for free handouts and tired of hard-to- understand foreign crises, decide to walk the bloody path to Peace At Any Price and elect Mrs. Clinton.

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