Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chicom Hilly

R. Emmet Tyrell wrote a column today giving a seamless narrative of the purchase of the Clints by Chicom intelligence, with an emphasis on the latest shenanagans by the Hsu's and the Paws.
How can the Repubs not be making any noise about this? Are these guys completely brain-dead? This is an opportunity to connect with the Republican base like no other, we all hate and fear the Clinton's for just this reason; they will bring a collection of sleazy Socialist criminals into the Executive Branch and destroy this country. If they were ever to stand up to the Chicoms (an unlikely scenario) couldnt Hu Jintao just produce Hsu, Chung and Trie at a press conference in Beijing? A real blackmail possibility. The Democrats cant possibly be stupid enough to invest their hopes in these sleazy Clintons. And why are the Republicans having debates where they're not screaming and demanding an explanation from Mrs. Sleazeball? The Repub theme should be 'Stench Of Corruption' and they should be shouting this from the rooftops. Instead they're arguing amongst themselves about trivia. A bought-and-paid-for agent of Chicom intelligence is running for president and the opposition party doesnt seem to notice. Whichever candidate announces and makes a major speech demanding that Dragon Lady come clean will win himself a place in the hearts of Repub primary voters. The warroom generated firestorm of reaction from the Clintonista sock-puppets and their bum-crawling toadies in the drive-by media will bring this to the attention of even the most befuddled Oprah viewer. Which of our candidates is going to show the cajones needed to take on America's bitter enemies-- starting with Chicom Hilly and her perjuring, rapist husband.

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